45 Real Gay Celebrity Couples in Hollywood (2020)

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These are the relationships of 45 famous gay couples. They are men who within fame decided to bring their homosexual relationship to the public light. Most of them got married, created a family, and are still together.
These men who live as gay couples are worthy of admiration and respect. They are successful men famous for their personal achievements.
Celebrities Who Came Out in 2020: usshow.info/watch/afFyd6t8y0w/video.html
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Tamera Coates
Tamera Coates 4 hours ago
I’m trying to find out why the emphasis o how “happy” and beautiful every couple is. Even when they break up they regretted it and were so committed!🤣 Gay couples have problems too. This annoyed me so much.
KJC TV 10 hours ago
KJC TV 10 hours ago
it is funny that not only is this "person" identifying these couples ... the words are being framed to push acceptance of the lifestyles with the subliminal adjectives ....
John Kelvin
John Kelvin Day ago
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robic lusdoc Day ago
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I Need The Krup
I Need The Krup Day ago
Eek, one might ponder on vetting the quality of information and/or editing of your resources prior to posting a video.
Carlos Erick Garduño Ruelas
Carlos Erick Garduño Ruelas Day ago
Zachary and Miles Its broken
The Best
The Best 2 days ago
The best guys in the world💕✨_numl.org/BnU
JAV X.X.X LOVE 2 days ago
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Rairga Itzren Revenja
Rairga Itzren Revenja 2 days ago
Semakin banyak Aktor Gay Hollywood yang berani nikah, mereka tidak mau memaksa diri mereka sendiri untuk menikah dengan lawan jenis hanya untuk menyenangkan orang tua mereka dan menyiksa batin mereka karena tidak bisa memiliki hasrat mereka
Ethel Chinelo
Ethel Chinelo 2 days ago
These innocent children growing up in these ungodly circumstance!!! Who is the dad and who is the mum!!! Jesus have mercy. Lord Jesus have mercy.
Diaz lorenzo
Diaz lorenzo 2 days ago
Holly shit..wtf
Mayo Lee Evan
Mayo Lee Evan 3 days ago
Looking for couple hehehhe
Yesenia Rivera
Yesenia Rivera 3 days ago
Elegantes bellos
AK 47
AK 47 3 days ago
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Esteban Guerrero
Esteban Guerrero 3 days ago
pongan los de mexico...
Christophe Martini
Christophe Martini 3 days ago
Christophe gays 💪💪🌹♥♥♥🍢🍢😘😘🤓
Shan abdul bast
Shan abdul bast 3 days ago
Thank you for telling me hollywood don’t have men’s for any women 👍🏻
Lisa Shipp
Lisa Shipp 4 days ago
1 why is it anyone’s business 2 who cares gay or straight
MsBerry 4 days ago
I smiled during this clip happy for all
The Bear 29
The Bear 29 4 days ago
His name is Matt Boomer not Matt Bomer
kakitipid addy Abergido
kakitipid addy Abergido 4 days ago
Amazing i wish me too
meiya the B
meiya the B 4 days ago
so depressing to see that all these beautiful men are taken... by each other 🙄
Blanc Tanerlau
Blanc Tanerlau 4 days ago
Jesus christ coming soon repent
Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 4 days ago
Skip. Or pretend that, oh, 93% of the people listed here are "celebrities" or "famous" or "known" or "prominent" or "beautiful" when they're not, and when you and 99% of the world's population have no idea who they are. P.S. The robo-voice is weird; the auto-translate from whatever Asian language is the original ("Lane Nathan"? "Michel Kors"?) is annoying. P.P.S. Just the usual crapola from TOP List.
Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 21 hour ago
@da96103 Lol. You need to be on a celebrity Jeopardy show.
da96103 2 days ago
Are you correct? Let me see how many couples that I know at least one of them. Know: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 40, 41, 43 Don't Know: 4, 10, 11, 12, 16, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 36, 38, 42, 44, 45
Darlene Graham
Darlene Graham 4 days ago
Love you.
nudnikjeff 4 days ago
These gay coming out videos are awful. Don't watch!
Chantee Brown
Chantee Brown 5 days ago
Wow that's beautiful that's successful they're building a life together well that's what relationships are about but where's the brothers I know it's some some successful Brothers black and brown and all colors of the rainbow couples out there that's that's doing it doing it doing it but y'all are beautiful much respect for your lives and your families is beautiful thank you for letting me share
Gulp Boys
Gulp Boys Hour ago
Mike Faustini
Mike Faustini 5 days ago
this had to have been written by a 5 year old - then translated to English before being fed to a computer. its almost hard to listen to there are sooo many mistakes and i suck at grammar
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid 6 days ago
when they want a kid.. they have to get woman. 🤦‍♀️
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid 3 days ago
@franck Kléber is my statement right or wrong. please be matured. you have no point.. in natural way..you cant denied.. only male and female relationship you can make a baby. So there is nothing wrong with my statement.
franck Kléber
franck Kléber 3 days ago
In where country do you live ? Your comment is homophobic and deserves to be report on USshow customers rights advisers
أنور أنور
أنور أنور 6 days ago
الحب هو الحب
Maureen Gannaway
Maureen Gannaway 6 days ago
Trolls go away, go away, go away
Maureen Gannaway
Maureen Gannaway 6 days ago
The first problem is the robot voice The 👎 is from the trolls who are lonely and sad they don't have anyone
Derickroyong Sales
Derickroyong Sales 7 days ago
Wow...it so nice couple...
Herman Widjaya
Herman Widjaya 7 days ago
Singgle men
StevyD 7 days ago
The dialog was written in Chinese, translated to Serbian for an Inuit (Alaskan Indigenous People) speaking audience before being adapted to English. Furthermore, it was then spoken by a computer, programmed by Russian Elves to be spoken only before Patagonian Sheep. Otherwise, it was interesting?
Wild flower
Wild flower 7 days ago
Huh...lots of gays..???
Cori Akbar
Cori Akbar 7 days ago
You want married me...you follow friends me' IG .hazhimjonardo..
Cherry Macabre
Cherry Macabre 7 days ago
John barrowman played Jack Harkness AND Malcom Merlin .. People seriously need to do their homework before spouting shit! 🙄🤦‍♀️
Anne Suzy
Anne Suzy 8 days ago
Gdness , oh my oh my .. 😑😑😑😑
Tales Eternia
Tales Eternia 8 days ago
vali68 chrysler
vali68 chrysler 8 days ago
.......well that was gay......
velantino 8 days ago
lot of anal sex here.
pearl 9 days ago
Shame 🙄
yanS seL
yanS seL 9 days ago
Colton haynes?? Trully 😧😱😱😱
Jimson Latorre
Jimson Latorre 9 days ago
So sweet😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Jo Bond
Jo Bond 9 days ago
They're happy Good for them.
None of your Business
None of your Business 9 days ago
LOL just from the thumbnail 2 of the couples have been separated for months to over a year
Tomi Moon
Tomi Moon 9 days ago
Tonny Phangestu
Tonny Phangestu 10 days ago
Anyone Know the background song title?
Sandra Arcenviel
Sandra Arcenviel 10 days ago
Waw all the planet is becoming gay what's the hell!!!???
fpbrunei 7 days ago
animal also have gay sex, not only human. You do not know? Study more.
Rebecca Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca 10 days ago
So shocking to see ,never realized so many handsome guys are mostly gays , omg🙁😯😯😯
Rebecca Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca 10 days ago
It is so dissapointing to see my fave handsomeSpanish Topmodel, Jon Kortajarena is really gay, omg
Christy Brandt
Christy Brandt 10 days ago
Anyone else that doesn't even know most of these people?? Btw, you mentioned one couple twice and that's only one of the many mistakes in this vid 🤨
Roseadhiambo93 Adhiambo
Roseadhiambo93 Adhiambo 10 days ago
I feel betrayed... the way i admire n love some actors thinking they were straight... they should just give them gay acts
Hipolito Shepherd
Hipolito Shepherd 10 days ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Heverson Moreno My Channel
Heverson Moreno My Channel 10 days ago
wow wonderful couple 😄😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤🌈
Al Fath
Al Fath 10 days ago
Inilah dia golongan orang2 penghuni neraka. Silahkan bersenang2 di dunia sesuka hatimu Kelak di neraka kalian menangis melolong disiksa Allah dg tiada berkesudahan Naudzubillahiminzalik
Jupi Eulalio
Jupi Eulalio 11 days ago
Like them, it's not too late to have a lovelife .
Ralf Strauch
Ralf Strauch 11 days ago
4 & 42 are the same 👎
Jelo Bagalihog
Jelo Bagalihog 11 days ago
I'm Shocked
Patrick Franken
Patrick Franken 11 days ago
Artificial “intelligence” needs a lot of work. Or at least one person reviewing the video before posting to remove multiple inexcusable errors. But I guess it’s all about selling ads rather than content.
I guess it so hard to look the way I see it. Have it had has a life full of satisfaction . Till it come till die.
Why must you always look for the negatives? Ignore the nonsense. This is about guys who marry! Let’s celebrate!
Sipur 57911734
Sipur 57911734 12 days ago
salut sii ad yg udh 25 thunn bersama
Edilanja Martins De Oliveira
Edilanja Martins De Oliveira 12 days ago
Sanjith Rongpi
Sanjith Rongpi 12 days ago
1 & 22 I love it couple ❤️❤️ I'm also need boyfriend 👬🌈❤️
Jane Air
Jane Air 13 days ago
Clare Antonia
Clare Antonia 13 days ago
God have mercy on us.
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid
Nurulhuda Mohd Norashid 2 days ago
@Clare Antonia this is open to comment.. there is no restricted.. what ever she/he want to comment also. 🤔
Clare Antonia
Clare Antonia 3 days ago
@ifluvinguiswrong bro this is an open site I didn't know, we were restricted on what to comment. My bad. God bless you.
ifluvinguiswrong 3 days ago
Clare Antonia. Why should God have mercy on you? Live your life to the fullest and mind your own business. What others do and how they live has absolutely no effect or bearing on you.
Shahidin Hapis
Shahidin Hapis 13 days ago
Actually,i just want to know abt gay young couple here
D C 13 days ago
Jenny wu
Jenny wu 13 days ago
I don’t know any of these couples.
Tobias Kluke
Tobias Kluke 9 days ago
You must be living under a rock then or never watch TV or go to the movies.
Shirley Cameron
Shirley Cameron 11 days ago
Emma Raven
Emma Raven 14 days ago
One couple is repeated, so it should be 44 gay couples
Rave do Viva
Rave do Viva 14 days ago
Anita White
Anita White 14 days ago
Don’t know who 1/2 these guys are. Cheers to you all!
Ashiraf Buyondo
Ashiraf Buyondo 13 days ago
Trevor Clausen
Trevor Clausen 14 days ago
Bunch o picklelickers.
Ye Ye
Ye Ye 14 days ago
Duh!! #Couple #4 is NOT Jason Landau and Cheyenne Jackson!!!
Aireen Born
Aireen Born 14 days ago
Aireen Born
Aireen Born 14 days ago
krazy cat
krazy cat 14 days ago
2:14 "who was been her lifelong partner" HER??
pjatkinsonsc 14 days ago
I keep expecting the voice to tell me that my ssn has been suspended and warrant is being issued in my name if I don’t call soon...
Jenamick John
Jenamick John 15 days ago
Too many false information, and by the way, how did they give birth to their babies? Sodom and Gomorrah is repeating world cannot escape Bible.
Kate B.
Kate B. 15 days ago
It's the city of California for me😩😂😂
wolf guy
wolf guy 15 days ago
John Paul
John Paul 15 days ago
1:20...I'm pretty sure they are Nate and Jeremiah with their baby poppy.
ËlêktråThęMønstēr -_-
ËlêktråThęMønstēr -_- 15 days ago
🤦🏼‍♀️😱kadaghag bayot sa kalibutan oi
Gio Box Singer
Gio Box Singer 15 days ago
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Follow me I follow you usshow.info/on/qBz1fIFSSX6wnTutDAJ3Cw.html
Lino Silva
Lino Silva 15 days ago
ícaro Calixto
ícaro Calixto 15 days ago
7:43 estoy suscrito al canal de Tom pero desde que me enteré del rumor de su infidelidad no puedo verlo de igual forma :´-( ¿ustedes creen que esto sea cierto? www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/2898976/olympic-star-tom-daley-had-secret-18-month-affair-with-hunky-6ft-6in-male-model-while-fiance-dustin-lance-black-was-away/
lexie flippence
lexie flippence 16 days ago
Never heard of many of them so not all that famous but awesome for them for being real and finding love
Owneee S
Owneee S 16 days ago
"They got married in the city of California." Really?
Pheonic 14 days ago
I was like really now ?
ccrn359 16 days ago
Hahaha....so funny that they totally changed Colton Haynes ex husband last name from Jeff leatham to leatherman 😂 It doesn’t matter cause no one knows who he is anyway. But even funnier is the narrator saying they thought of divorce 6 months after marriage but later regretted it. Ummmm.. they are DIVORCED, lmao.
OP 1000
OP 1000 16 days ago
Is Chris Colfer dating his brother?
prowelsh56 16 days ago
prowelsh56 16 days ago
Ash TV
Ash TV 16 days ago
Stupid fake
Felipe Costillas
Felipe Costillas 16 days ago
Good luck to the couples...
Jean-Paul Le Frenchinese
Jean-Paul Le Frenchinese 16 days ago
1:20 Apparently it’s Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.
r lg
r lg 16 days ago
english sucks, pictures and names are not correct please do this right and repost
4th Grader
4th Grader 16 days ago
Stop saying beautiful couple...
Nick Michael
Nick Michael 16 days ago
This is horrible so is the person's voice who is "narrating" the video"''
mi madre me enseño hace muchos años que lo importante de la gente es como es la persona no con quien se acuesta, pues esto pertenece al ámbito privado de ella ,y así se lo e enseñado yo a mis hijas, un saludo desde España
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