YoungBoy Never Broke Again - One Shot feat. Lil Baby [Official Music Video]

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Atlantic Records

Month ago

The official audio of One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) by Youngboy Never Broke Again from the Road to Fast 9 Mixtape.
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Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records Month ago
#RoadToFast9 Mixtape out 7/31. Pre-order now:
Lakesha Rue
Lakesha Rue 7 hours ago
Atlantic Records Atlanta water which
Lakesha Rue
Lakesha Rue 7 hours ago
Atlantic Records 🐍🦈
Lakesha Rue
Lakesha Rue 7 hours ago
Atlantic Records 🐍
Janet Fairman
Janet Fairman 3 days ago
Not his best song
Janet Fairman
Janet Fairman 3 days ago
Not even his best song
Ry Fromdavill
Ry Fromdavill 2 hours ago
This shit should be on da radio
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens 2 hours ago
Soooo good
DaveisOriginal 4 hours ago
wheres the explict version cause im tryna curse up a storm
DaveisOriginal 4 hours ago
" If they tell that I got one shot im on go " bru once the move come out its clipped for any other movie fr
Darrell Jackson
Darrell Jackson 6 hours ago
Jamyiah Mccline
Jamyiah Mccline 7 hours ago
this song go hard
David Lockhart
David Lockhart 10 hours ago
Prince Jr
Prince Jr 11 hours ago
People have
Sonicbrotherz 2
Sonicbrotherz 2 12 hours ago
Please shave yo beard bc we like u better without a beard
Jordan Brewer
Jordan Brewer 12 hours ago
Jordan Brewer
Jordan Brewer 12 hours ago
my favorit car
Kenbre Skinner
Kenbre Skinner 13 hours ago
ParrallelEditzzz YT
ParrallelEditzzz YT 13 hours ago
Y’all wanna know every song yb make when he smile 😊 in a song I’m smile 😍.!
I wish people would leave YB alone like let him be. he's a good rapper and person >3
Ngb_ Nyah
Ngb_ Nyah 14 hours ago
Iaaa take all dem herpes😩
Messiah D
Messiah D 14 hours ago
This shit 🔥
bts jimin
bts jimin Day ago
Domingo Johnston
Domingo Johnston Day ago
who every was texting yb cant spell thhey said u have three mins
Timothy Stevens
Timothy Stevens Day ago
..I love you Family reunion 10/02,pm Sept 20,2020
Dewanda Jacobs
Dewanda Jacobs Day ago
When it swarved
Dewanda Jacobs
Dewanda Jacobs Day ago
The hellcat allmost crash
Esteban Zazueta
Esteban Zazueta Day ago
This would be 2x harder if they aint censor it
Devone Gibson
Devone Gibson Day ago
Lil baby should’ve been in here bruh🤦🏾‍♂️
Erica Marks
Erica Marks Day ago
I love the song
Erica Marks
Erica Marks Day ago
I’m not sure if I gotta get this soon
Ty Reid
Ty Reid Day ago
i wonder whats going trough dodge heaf right now.
Demario McCullough
Demario McCullough Day ago
Where is Lil baby
kaicie slime
kaicie slime Day ago
im up next #SGK
iRATE _Vic
iRATE _Vic Day ago
this song would be way better if he cused
Marissa Bailey
Marissa Bailey Day ago
🔥🔥😍 i love young boy yoo..#DOPE💕
Ikeria Scott
Ikeria Scott Day ago
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14❤️ Please don’t take this lightly guys repent today, no day is promised so do it now, here’s the sign you’ve been looking for. God loves you and so do I❤️
Judon Pierre
Judon Pierre 2 days ago
This fresh
HockeyLAKings119 2 days ago
Lol, I love how it "shows him shifting", when its just an automatic lol
Andrea Gadsden
Andrea Gadsden 2 days ago
Valaire Conner
Valaire Conner 2 days ago
i know
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 2 days ago
i like this song
William Thompson
William Thompson 2 days ago
Where lil baby
young dagger dick
young dagger dick Day ago
He died
Zireon10 Fuller7
Zireon10 Fuller7 2 days ago
Tara Brooks
Tara Brooks 2 days ago
Drop Zone.