Byzantium First Impression - Civ 6 - New Frontier Pass

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babis void
babis void 9 days ago
Gregorian chant Sad greek noises
Emerson 10 days ago
EU4 players: *exist* Firaxis: it’s free real estate
Lemmington George
Lemmington George 17 days ago
England - muskets. India - snarky comments. Spain - nice clothes. Russia - stout constitution. Byzantium - Nukes. Gaul - More Nukes. Early game, should be a fair fight then...
Alex Somers
Alex Somers 20 days ago
I played a game, i certainly didn't play it as well as I could, but it seemed like the only counter my AI opponents could find was to delete their army so i couldn't spread religion as easily
Swedish Ghostface
Swedish Ghostface 23 days ago
A few days ago I won on immortsl for the first time, it was with byzantium, even without the crusade belief, I love byzantium they are so strong and fun!
William Brown
William Brown 29 days ago
The irony of Constatinople being powered up by the Crusade belief....when the city was sacked by Crusaders, is palpable.
Bun Eang VINH
Bun Eang VINH Month ago
We will make Byzantine strong again! We will make Byzantine safe again! And we will make Byzantine great again!!!
Mr_Tourist de'Whalebrough
Mr_Tourist de'Whalebrough Month ago
So, take me back to Constantinople "No, you can't go back to Constantinople " Been a long time gone, Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Byzantines
Flarezap Month ago
Remember in Civ V where Byzantium was kinda poo? Seems they leaned way harder in the other direction for Civ VI
Kerry Pfinder
Kerry Pfinder Month ago
Dude the developers just broke the game by introducing this civ. Byzantiums are insane
klyffjohnson Month ago
I wonder what his Agenda is going to be? Basil doesn't like Cities following his religion that he doesn't own?
Carson Llorente
Carson Llorente Month ago
I can tell this guy is gonna snowball like no other
DEUS VULT17 Month ago
This civ is dumb. Balance wise. Other civs have some strong bonuses, but they are hard to mesh or they have downsides. Look at the Gauls who are also in this update: cant build next to their city centers. Byzantium?? Naw, they are a religious civ that pretty much is guaranteed to get not just a religion, but pretty much the first religion, they snowball insanely hard and they get free units that are basically great generals, which could also be maintenance free. Who designed this???
Xardaras Month ago
Istanbul was Constantinople Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night Every gal in Constantinople Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople So if you've a date in Constantinople She'll be waiting in Istanbul Even old New York was once New Amsterdam Why they changed it I can't say People just liked it better that way So, take me back to Constantinople No, you can't go back to Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks
Peter Magro
Peter Magro Month ago
Amen! When does the never ending crusade start?
Artr Thormodr
Artr Thormodr Month ago
Love these guys! Strong Civ with awesome music. :) Thanks for the analysis.
Charles Paape
Charles Paape Month ago
It’s almost like they really wanna sell these things so they make the new cigs busted as hell
Eamon Bell
Eamon Bell Month ago
Potato before the video: This seems interesting Potato during the video: Seems good Potato after: ... DEUS VULT
kfiros 24
kfiros 24 Month ago
Theres just one thing, aren't you afraid they are *too* op? Like gran Colombia
Nathaniel Lapp
Nathaniel Lapp Month ago
Seems kind of broken? It will require good timing and taking advantage of the situation in the classical/medieval eras but how will the AI do when they’re playing this civ? These narrow victory civs seem fun but they also feel like we’re leaving others from the base game behind! Surely they must change Spain
The Right
The Right Month ago
"What?!" - PotatoMcWhiskey, Sept 17, 2020
John Karvounis
John Karvounis Month ago
I'm surprised they didn't have Belisarus justinian or Constantine the great as byzantine leader
Gnome Month ago
THUN3D3R Month ago
at 4:06 you can see they added the statue of Zeus (beneath encampment district)
Finwaell Month ago
I can think of a half a dozen civs out of my head that can deal with this no problem, don't know what the fuss is about. Great new civ :)
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 Month ago
B.C.R Byzantium Crusade Revenge
Otto Dandenell
Otto Dandenell Month ago
You (Spain) vs The guy she says not to worry about
kombajndosalatek Month ago
thumb down, not enough "WHAT" and "THATS RIDICULOUS!" that was no analysis, that was a reaction video
Gergő Soós
Gergő Soós Month ago
Heeey, how about making a civ that converts the enemy defeated unit with 1 hp to your civ? I think that would be the next overpowered :)
Gergő Soós
Gergő Soós Month ago
First special stuff: overpowered Second: Especially with combined with this Third: Ooookaaaaay... that is brutal! Tagma... Ooookay... I am sensing the Spiffing Brit just overpowering everything... Fifth: "Yep, perfectly ballanced" Character ability "Oookay, I think I have just broke the game..."
Nasri Bassous
Nasri Bassous Month ago
Its not a gregorian chant🤧😱 Its a byzantium chant
H5Jev Standard
H5Jev Standard Month ago
too many wtf, New unit this, New Religionpowerup there. Come on, this one is even better than Bolivar
Joshua张志鸿 Month ago
It's Byzantine Chant not Gregorian
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason Month ago
This civ + crusades faith ability = holy s**t
Itsyaboi Tavino
Itsyaboi Tavino Month ago
I think Byzantium is gonna be awesome but I have a few questions for TSL maps. Considering Istanbul and Constantinople are the same city
Bub Huynh
Bub Huynh Month ago
"What? That's ridiculous! That's insane"
Armchair Magpie
Armchair Magpie Month ago
Byzantine Chant is actually a choral tradition original to the Eastern Orthodox Churches which have their roots in the church tradition of the Byzantine Empire. Its tonal system actually dates back to the Ancient Greek one. Also it is basically in its core the predecessor of the Gregorian chant that came much later although the harmonics have slightly evolved over time. The differences to the Gregorian should be notable. There are many examples for this over the internet most notably the ones of the monks of the Mount Athos monasteries.
Juraj Lachký
Juraj Lachký Month ago
1 civ to rule them all
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Month ago
Civ 6 is pay to win now.
garga farg
garga farg Month ago
What, why give byzantium a knight unique unit and then not make it the cataphract?!?!?!?!?!?
X.A.N.A Month ago
Here’s a transcript of the video: What?! That’s insane! That’s crazy! (x7)
Aliensinnoh Month ago
So what happens when you put the Ottomans and Byzantines together on a TSL map?
Vasile Vlaicu
Vasile Vlaicu Month ago
The Gregorian chant at the beginning in the background isn't Greogorian, it's actually a Byzantine chant dedicated to the Virgin Mary called "Ti Ipermaho" ('Τῇ ὑπερμάχῳ in Greek) which could be translated into "To the defender" in English, still sung by the Orthodox Christians to this day, that's what makes it so cool :) What's even cooler is the true meaning and origin of the song: It was sung after successful battles or during wars to ask and thank for the devine protection given by God intermediated by the prayers of the Virgin Mary as she was seen as the one protecting and praying to God for Constantinople. Wherefrom the title "The defender" given to her. So they nailed the style of the background music but also the context :) Really cool.
Luke Popadics
Luke Popadics Month ago
@Noah literally did that
Noah Month ago
If I another Civ gets Orthodoxy before I do I’m restarting the game, it’s the only way
Matthew Month ago
Oh yes it itched me to hear him say Gregorian Chant
Победник Month ago
True story. Greetings from Orthodox Serb☦️🇷🇸🇬🇷
Luke Popadics
Luke Popadics Month ago
v much triggered by him saying gregorian lmao
Mr.DoublePlus Month ago
The knigh unit is kind of awkward, because you have to unclok it in divine right civic, which needs tons of culture and giving up the mercanary
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Month ago
I dont play this game a lot but it seems to have a crazy power creep
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr. Fox Month ago
I love the "cant go back to Constantinople" reference
donutsnwaffles Month ago
do you think the bonus of the no maintance cost will work with upgraded units and late game tanks?
Ryan Beatty
Ryan Beatty Month ago
Everyone complains about early game stuff like special units in early game not mattering much... i play marathon and epic and early game is much longer so I find early game units super handy
Grand Poobah
Grand Poobah Month ago
If the heavy chariot costs no maintenance, it should use a horse.
Jonas Kircher
Jonas Kircher Month ago
This is a civilization streamlined for religious domination gameplay. Everything ties together and combined the abilities take away literally and hurdle for a world conquest win. A thing not mentioned at all in this video is that going for a religion in a domination game is the loyalty issue. Conquering cities of a different religion makes them flip independent faster. The Taxis ability completely turns this issue into ypur advantage, rewarding you with a loyalty bonus and combat strength bonus... combined with the incredible amount of amenities you can have really loyal happy cities in a world-spanning empire exhausted by war. It honestly looks far too powerful but very fun to play. The only thing I do not like is that for a long, long time during the medieval era Byzantium was also a technological and cultural leader. This part of history is not represented here at all and I hope that they will eventually give us another leader based more around religion and culture/scientific gameplay.
A Syme
A Syme Month ago
Looks cool but... insanely broken. I'm not sure why it's being made so fantastic instead of buffing some of the weaker older ones.
Civfanatic !
Civfanatic ! Month ago
definetly op
Alexander Hammond
Alexander Hammond Month ago
I think something a lot of people overlook is that you get faith per extra great prophet point after you get a religion. So just having more fath overall is a decent plus too
Velius Month ago
Is it just me or does Basil REALLY look like Timothy Omundson?
Gjorgi Gjorgi
Gjorgi Gjorgi Month ago
can anyone help me with civ 6 the AI's are not agrresive at all can i do somthing they just denouncee
PK VANU Month ago
Livestream please. ASAP 😀.
Simon Seibold
Simon Seibold Month ago
yes another S tier we need to ban away :( sad stuff. Maybe a option for new players because op op
Markus Month ago
the powercreep, ooof I thought columbia with the movement bonuses was already insane xD
Charles V
Charles V Month ago
Me and the ottoman bois already conquering Constantinople
Platypusbill Month ago
I'd like to point out that the Tagma is behind the Divine Right civic instead of Stirrups... which normally unlocks just the Knight. Which makes me wonder, does Stirrups unlock regular knights for Byzantium (mostly useless) or literally nothing (which makes it an entirely dead tech)?
Erik Torgler
Erik Torgler Month ago
They pronounce all of the words here extremely strangely. Biz-an-TEA-um? I thought it was BY-zan-tea-um
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Month ago
*Gangsta's Paradise Chore starts*
Burning Coal
Burning Coal Month ago
Only civs I can see that are a direct threat to Byzantines are Rome since they have high map mobility and defensive options and the Mongols. They'll have a field day killing all your cavalry units and can quickly build offensive momentum against you.
Parrot Month ago
Byzantium: Alright This is called, death *Pulls out Minigun that fires explosive armor flame rounds with 6x scope and can shoot thru dimensions*
Grant Shearer
Grant Shearer Month ago
One this I do wish is that buildings and units cost a little less production, I just dont have enough time to train lots of units before they become obsolete while still managing the city upgrades
TED CRUZ Month ago
I’m getting the frontier pass
billygoods22 Month ago
New religious great people would be nice. Religious great generals please!
Mawel 21335
Mawel 21335 Month ago
Hey I love your videos, I really enjoy watching you play and I feel like I'm learning to play myself just by watching you, keep on going:3
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan Month ago
Bah!!! No Ireland Civ Yet. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
UnholyXeras Month ago
this civ's definitely overtuned...having their religions pressure drop when they lose units would help quite a bit, as then you could defend against the inevitable crusade with smart military play. And honestly I think the unique entertainment district would still be powerful if it only gave a free heavy cav when the district was built, and not the district and each building. Would still be an S tier domination and religious civ with those changes, but they'd bring it in line a little
Finwaell Month ago
Ueee_Pooom Month ago
Ranklist for every civ theme (every era)
guillacyrano Month ago
Quite overpowered civ. I got the feeling that with each new dlc and upgrade they make playing on deity much harder. 😱
Tigran Avagyan
Tigran Avagyan Month ago
idk I'm still waiting for Armenia to be added one day hopefully with some ridiculously overpowered religious victory abilities. I mean Yerevan is already an overpowered city-state why not have a civ :(
Greg P
Greg P Month ago
6:30 Porr-fearo-yen-ETos, obviously.
Martin Hendry
Martin Hendry Month ago
He heard the lassie saying it: I reckon he likes mispronouncing stuff to put us on tilt.
Greg P
Greg P Month ago
5:11 pfft. The way she haphazardly rolls her first -r in Porr-fearo-yenetos makes we wonder if she's a racist that needs to be cancelled.
Isaiah Gentle
Isaiah Gentle Month ago
Summary of this video: "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?"
Jagor Jurekovic
Jagor Jurekovic Month ago
they gotta stop making new civs extremely, game breakingly powerful, seriously
Skyes Month ago
The next leader is definitely Sid Meier himself, the final boss in the New Frontier expansion
Seb Schavoir
Seb Schavoir Month ago
"There's not much analysis to be made other than 'they're going to be insane'".
Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett Month ago they do Poland better than poland., What will Poland be good for?
László Jenei
László Jenei Month ago
Attention, if you haven't seen it: Tagmas are unlocked with the divine right civic, not the stirrups tech like the knights
ano niem
ano niem Month ago
This civ has "Score victory" possibilites :o
TerranDominion _
TerranDominion _ Month ago
He didn't change his intro this time.
Piotr Kordula
Piotr Kordula Month ago
Now the question is how broken Vencirgetorix will be? :P
Finlay Wallbanks
Finlay Wallbanks Month ago
KaghoeGaming Month ago
they dont get the knight until divine right tho, which holds them back imo
DarthRaptor22 Month ago
Honestly surprised Potato didn't just lose his mind like Saxy did
GoodEvening Month ago
Domination and religion fans heavily nutting rn
portland573 Month ago
Hilariously OP. Going to have to give these dudes a run.
Jos De Lijster
Jos De Lijster Month ago
Big fun for reli domi players... For all others overpowered competition
William Howes
William Howes Month ago
Mongols could flip the knights back on them with their ability. Only Civ that I could see doing anything in the Medieval Era vs. these guys
LALFAST Month ago
The default colour scheme for the Byzantine civ looks a bit too much like the Roman empire. It could become confusing.
MonsterNSide Month ago
"Taxis" also help your citizens get where they are going faster.
onions Mc
onions Mc Month ago
ok but will I be able to conquer them as the Ottomans or are they better than the Ottomans. Because if I can't conquer them as the Ottomans i dont see why i'd buy this
Bill Psiris
Bill Psiris Month ago
0:42 that is actually one the of the most beautiful psalms in orthodox christianity called "τη Υπερμάχω Στρατηγώ" translated to "To you, invincible champion" adressed to Holy Mary. It is also called Akathist Hymn meaning a hymn where you're not sitting down because, well, we don't sit down during the chanting. It has great significance to the orthodox church and honestly the history behind it is really cool and you should look it up!
james McDonald
james McDonald Month ago
This is unfair dude, balance went out of window, I feel pity towards Georgia, Khmer and even Spain and Samaria, previous civilizations need a good buff, this new civ is even more hardcore compared to Gran Colombia 😑 The only way to stop this civ is playing Korea and attacking them with GDR while they are still in industrial 😅
Johnny Woo
Johnny Woo Month ago
That's insane and really damn imbalance.
Thiago Bernardes
Thiago Bernardes Month ago
Is Tagma a heavy cavalry??? OMG!
Jayden Liberty
Jayden Liberty Month ago
I wonder, now that the Hippodrome encourages building one in every city, and the Theater Square gains adjacency off of it, if there’s a way to do a MAXIMUM CULTURE grid system, like the MAXIMUM PRODUCTION Industrial Zones
Daniel Cuevas
Daniel Cuevas Month ago
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