Nandi Bushell | Official Theme Song

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Foo Fighters

4 days ago

Ok @Nandi Bushell....Round 2! Every superhero needs a theme song. Here’s one for you! Mad props to The Grohlettes for the background vocals.

paul johnson
paul johnson 38 minutes ago
Unbelievable. Grohl is such a legend
Bags McGee
Bags McGee 49 minutes ago
Eric Clapton on drums
Sad Panda
Sad Panda 57 minutes ago
I want Dave Grohl's 3 daughters and Nick Hexum's 3 daughters to form a group.
Sad Panda
Sad Panda Hour ago
If the same exact skills and enthusiasm were demonstrated by a 10-yr-old white boy who had American flags on his gear, no one would care at all. Not even a little bit. He wouldn't be invited to Ellen, and Dave Grohl wouldn't be writing songs for him. Please convince me otherwise. And for those of you already typing your ill-informed reply about me having an issue with Women of Color rockers: Kaneai Yoyoka deserves her accolades. Li-sa-X deserves her accolades. Nandi? Nah. Nandi is style over substance, and most of her "style" feels like it was formed by a modern marketing department. Still, it's awesome of DG to brighten some young person's day/life. I just wish I wasn't so cynical about the one he picked this time. I'd love to see the Foos prove me wrong by doing the same thing for someone like I described above (if they were equally deserving, of course).
CANAL WYA Hour ago
T_ Sprky3
T_ Sprky3 Hour ago
I absolutely love this.. Dave your a awesome guy.. u made Nandis the happiest little rocker girl ever!
Glauci Fernandes
Glauci Fernandes Hour ago
My heart!
talisbriedis 2 hours ago
This is SUPER COOL Dave! Love it!
ottoinfomusic 2 hours ago
Very nice Dave!
Svyat Kap
Svyat Kap 3 hours ago
Cinque Terre in 4K
François Delestre
François Delestre 3 hours ago
Dat1Boi629 . . .
Dat1Boi629 . . . 3 hours ago
Legendary rockstar dave grohl loses to an 8 year old Im just kidding your awesome
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 3 hours ago
We need more Nandis and Daves in this troubled world of ours. Music, honesty, passion and kindness wins every time. Bravo, bravo and a million times bravo
James Eaton
James Eaton 3 hours ago
Dave Grohl, you are a legend!
DongiorS band
DongiorS band 4 hours ago
Amazing Dave !
Mim 4 hours ago
Dave is the best thing that have happened to my life, well, the whole foo fighters actually♥
CAPUNGIN 4 hours ago
King dave
dante v
dante v 4 hours ago
Who else wants to see Nandi take on Tool songs on the drums?!?!
CRAIG IS 0K 5 hours ago
I wonder if Kurt was here what he would say
wvusmc 5 hours ago
Sounds like L7 meets Sonic Youth
sonik-boom 6 hours ago
Dave is the Keanu Reeves of music, and Keanu is the Dave Grohl of movies.
Burgers Beans and Chips
Burgers Beans and Chips 6 hours ago
When Yoyaka covers Nandi, then she's made it. (battening hatches...)
Share The Footage
Share The Footage 7 hours ago
Music is supposed to be fun and entertaining, both for the artists and for the audience. That's when you know you're doing it right! Ima go bang on some drums...
Drum Smash88
Drum Smash88 7 hours ago
That was so awesome! Dave Grohl is the best! I’m also a rock drummer and he and Taylor Hawkins are one of my favorite rock drummers ever! Foo Fighters rock!
Sourav Nandi
Sourav Nandi 7 hours ago
Richard Davenport
Richard Davenport 8 hours ago
Love love love this.. Dave you rock... Thanks for all you do!!!
Melanie Phillips
Melanie Phillips 8 hours ago
So cool! Nandi you are one lucky kid.
Firsteerr Lastmwwew
Firsteerr Lastmwwew 9 hours ago
nandi kicks your butt grohl ...accept your defeat like a man !!!ha ha ha ha i can see a set of foo fighters drums turning up at nandis for Christmas all jokes aside encouraging kids to play and get into rock and roll is the future well done dave
Vince Mesa / Boogie
Vince Mesa / Boogie 9 hours ago
U rule Dave 🤘💯
b sa
b sa 9 hours ago
bloody nutter, got to love him! and let bbc live lounge artists cover a song for NHS- give the bloke a knighthood
Deedee Big
Deedee Big 10 hours ago
This gives me hope in the world again 😭😍
Andrew Fowler
Andrew Fowler 11 hours ago
Wait...who the hell would have the sour heart to hit "dislike" for someone who took their own time to generously make this song for a young kid? Rant over! Kudos to you Dave Grohl! Human kindness...its a thing!
Joanna 13 hours ago
This girl has to be the happiest in the world right now
LLARDOVERSE 16 hours ago
GodblessYou!! DAVE!!!
Caroline Cardoso
Caroline Cardoso 17 hours ago
battlethebollocks Rodgers
battlethebollocks Rodgers 17 hours ago
Carry on ...nothing to see here propaganda.... trailblazing now....find Christ David ....rock & roll has nothing to do with the who, what , why?
Butthole Surfer
Butthole Surfer 18 hours ago
Man, what a fucking legend.
Joanna 13 hours ago
Grohl, will the Foo Fighters sound like the Foo Fighters soon?
Alexandre Laforest
Alexandre Laforest 18 hours ago
Dave grohl is just one of these guys that is impossible to hate, no matter how hard you try. Dude is just too awesome.
Joe M
Joe M 19 hours ago
That is the coolest friggin thing i've ever seen... nandi, the gauntlet has been drawn.... good luck
Noology 19 hours ago
Dave just raised the bar. Good Luck Nandi, can't wait to see your reply.