Nah Nah Nah

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Kanye West - Topic

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Nah Nah Nah · Kanye West
Nah Nah Nah
℗ 2020 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC Distributed By Def Jam, A Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2020-10-16
Producer: Kanye West
Producer: Dem Jointz
Composer Lyricist: Kanye West
Composer Lyricist: Dwayne Abernathy Jr
Composer Lyricist: Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
Composer Lyricist: Tauheed Epps
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epedos Hour ago
the king is back i'm so glad he lied about being done with "secular music"
ochoa fam memories
ochoa fam memories Day ago
Let it get to 35 it startas sounding goos
Kanye dont drop nothing that dont make u get up....real club bangers...but I dont club!
Blizz Day ago
This song is really growing on me, I’m actually starting to like it a lot.
Rastko Wellthatisgr8
Rastko Wellthatisgr8 Day ago
speaking in the context of kanye's songs, this is not only good but amazingly great; it isn't just a great song for kanye, he completely ripped it to shreds here; he ripped all them malicious attacks on him referred to indirectly or directly in the song to shreds, he killed 'em, dude, for whatever it may be worth, he destroyed them, he imposed superiority in the context of mainstream hip-hop expression. And you gonna sit here and pretend it's bad, or not so great? you? kanye west fans, ever, in any shape? hahaha! i can't BELIEVE what the top comment underneath this video, second top comment, third, etc. is, and all the top articles on the free internet... you got, for what it's worth, a supreme kanye west work, but you definitely don't deserve it. peace out and about
Dexter Wilson
Dexter Wilson Day ago
This is Kanye's worst single for sure
dnwilliams Day ago
It's trash, but it's better than all of Jesus is King still.
S l o w e d Films
S l o w e d Films Day ago
This a good song we just aren’t ready yet
Cristi 2 days ago
i love you kanye but this is trash... but donda is going to be way better
Aspect Dank
Aspect Dank 2 days ago
Don't jump, Anakin, I got the higher ground
Aspect Dank
Aspect Dank 2 days ago
This fire wtf is up with y'all?
shunda smith
shunda smith 2 days ago
shunda smith
shunda smith 2 days ago
AD 2 days ago
yah yah yah
Dub itdown
Dub itdown 2 days ago
hey new music on my page
Jomppa 2 days ago
Tbh this has grown on me a little. I'm starting to like it.
The Real Zach
The Real Zach 2 days ago
Probably the worst song I've heard in the last decade. What is this?
Cristi 2 days ago
i'm a kanye fan but yeah, this is trash. but his album donda is coming and the album is going to be so much better than this. it has alien and hurricane/80 degrees from yandhi also, and now its renamed to hurricanes and its featuring lil baby
Patrick Delany
Patrick Delany 2 days ago
I’d rather suggest anything on that new green day album or hopsins happy ending as the worst song
Giovanni Puozzo
Giovanni Puozzo 3 days ago
I’m calling it. This is the rickroll of the future.
Thokozani Ngcobo
Thokozani Ngcobo 3 days ago
I'm being honest, this shit dope. Futuristic movement, when the Travis Scotts and Tylers pick it up and make it relatable yall will appreciate it more. listen to song properly and stop looking out for hard bars and fluid melodies. try listen to what he sayin, his chopin is actually good, the cadence is there, and what he's saying has substance. Yall need to figure out what in music you actually like, sounding like casual fans in the comment section.
Orwa 3 days ago
this is what it feels like to be anthony fantano
Jim Web
Jim Web 3 days ago
this song is just so genuinely terrible, what the fuck is kanye doing
xoxbrandon 3 days ago
Ft. Ludacris
_Arty_ 3 days ago
this is actually fire, i didn't like it a t first but it grew on me
Joker 3 days ago
THIS SUCK!!! 😡😡😠😠😠😬🖕🖕😠😠😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕🖕
The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ
The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ 3 days ago
I try to defend listening to Kanye by saying he's shit at lyrics, but good at producing. I don't have that defence any more.
Michael Childress
Michael Childress 4 days ago
Doesn't Feel Or Sound Christ Like...??? #FakePeople #UsePeople #MoneyPower
Jaden Coley
Jaden Coley 4 days ago
Kanye West x DaBaby x 2 Chainz 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Relentless Entity Records
Relentless Entity Records 4 days ago
I see you Ye
## 4 days ago
The best is nice but Ye the lyrics suck.
Trinix 4 days ago
this is high quality music..yet kanye just sounds like sound cloud rapper
Razy S. A Hutabarat
Razy S. A Hutabarat 5 days ago
0%: bad beats 0%: bad lyric 100%: i’m lying
Tibor Tibor p
Tibor Tibor p 4 days ago
0% True 100% Also Lying
DARIO FG FG 5 days ago
My FAVOURITE 3 songs from each Kanye project: The college dropout--> Jesus walks, all falls down, never let me down Late Registration--> Hey mama, roses, bring me down Graduation--> Homecoming, flashing lights, cant tell me nothin 808 & Heartbrake--> Robocop, amazing, heartless MBDTF--> Dark fantasy, all of the lights, runaway Watch the throne--> Otis, Made in america, welcome to the jungle Yeezus--> Black skinhead, new slaves, on sight The life of Pablo--> Ultralight beam, famous, waves Ye--> Ghost town, violent crimes, no mistakes Kids see ghosts--> Free (ghost town part II), reborn, cudi montage Jesus is king--> Selah, follow god, closed on sounday (¿? i dont really like this songs )
kappa kuppa
kappa kuppa 4 days ago
@DARIO FG FG its just kinda mid imo thats all
DARIO FG FG 4 days ago
@kappa kuppa why is that a problem???
kappa kuppa
kappa kuppa 4 days ago
really all of the lights?
Senif 5 days ago
1:46 all jokes aside, this part of the production was heat. Wanna see more of this typa stuff mane
Groove 5 days ago
dead lmao
Aman Deep
Aman Deep 5 days ago
This music is stupid mad good 😌
f p
f p 5 days ago
He's just ahead of our times, kids are gonna be rocking this shit in 2030s
MrRiccardo3 5 days ago
This actually slap yall trippin. The uncensored remix with dababy and 2chainz hit a lil better tho but ITS LIT.
That Guy
That Guy 6 days ago
Nah Nah Nah
Daniel McKinley
Daniel McKinley 6 days ago
You underestimate my power
Yuan Ming
Yuan Ming 6 days ago
This generations closest thing to Einstein
Shah of Iran
Shah of Iran 6 days ago
This song is such shit that it’s amazing
Sessival 6 days ago
Umm this is fire tho...
Martin 1888
Martin 1888 7 days ago
What the fuck bruh
Ralnyx 7 days ago
Sounds like I'm consuming Supreme, Gucci, autotune, gold chains, and expensive cars.
Yung Skang Official
Yung Skang Official 7 days ago
The bamboo flute girl sent me here
Munashe Chigaba
Munashe Chigaba 7 days ago
Honestly it’s not that bad, but we have high expectations for Kanye so I guess it makes sense when people don’t like it🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Makinita Silva
Makinita Silva 7 days ago
テンッチ 7 days ago
this sounds like a 16 yr old soundcloud rapper trying to imitate kanye
Dark Child
Dark Child 7 days ago
Me: This is bad Kanye Stans: Nah Nah Nah
ZestySauce 7 days ago
Buttercup Jones
Buttercup Jones 7 days ago
Verbal Rift
Verbal Rift 7 days ago
yall don't like this? This is fire
Virtual_Letters 7 days ago
I love how they get it! Anomoly Nah Nah nah
CozmikVibez 7 days ago
Arrbisius 7 days ago
Beat hard af but wtf Kanye..... lol
Mister TwentySeven
Mister TwentySeven 7 days ago
listen to it playback speed 0.5 haha you know everyone does that slow shit but yea it's awesome i'm stoned :)
J S 8 days ago
Kanye said nah to yandhi but yes to this shit 😂😂
Avzarathustra 8 days ago
I remember this from a few weeks ago, nah nah nah.
Xx_MrCheezyPenguin_ Xx
Xx_MrCheezyPenguin_ Xx 8 days ago
Wow he just keeps up making th best tracks I love this guy man
Me Gongaga
Me Gongaga 8 days ago
How tf can he be bad a a awesome beat tf happened to Kanye
Matt_2X 8 days ago
On sight no.2
Obvious Torch
Obvious Torch 8 days ago
Kanye has a song like law of attraction unreleased but he decided this would be better?
Foolish Kyle
Foolish Kyle 8 days ago
Perfect troll song
Steven Antunez
Steven Antunez 8 days ago
Can’t wait for this track to impact the industry in the next 5 years just like 808s and Yeezus did
Joel Romero
Joel Romero 8 days ago
This shit is TRAAAAASSSH ive heard sound cloud rappers spit better bars. Kanye has fallen and can't get back up... lyrically.
ICONIC WORLD 8 days ago
Man, i hope they didnt clone Ye and this is his clone trying to catch up to him 🙏🏾
Senpaiii Diagram
Senpaiii Diagram 8 days ago
My favorite part - they wanna rewrite the STAURY
clinton jackson
clinton jackson 8 days ago
The track had so much potential
Tyler Matthews
Tyler Matthews 9 days ago
Songs pretty fire 🔥 you all just love to hate Kanye 😂
M_ Nevin19
M_ Nevin19 9 days ago
If kanye dropped somat like power or stronger would be do good
Delaine Duffey
Delaine Duffey 9 days ago
#KanyeWest #Yeezy This track creates a feeling that I should write more music. I've been designing apperal lately. It's been all designing, GTA & Watch Dogs 2, jogging a few miles or watching my favorite tv shows. Such as Boss & LA's Finest. Should I write new music? Apple Bee's has been my primary focus and I'm hoping H&M hire me so I have two jobs. Allowing me to change my wardrobe and get some dental work done...
chief P
chief P 9 days ago
Listen to the words. Overthrow , send the drones in 🔥🔥🔥
Zixon 9 days ago
MT promote your remix on this comment I dare you
Starfruit 9 days ago
i wouldnt go so far as to blame this doesnt sound like kanye and stuff. just a one amid that transitional period.
Starfruit 9 days ago
is this that bad? hmm
mclean 9 days ago
why are yall complaining this is fire
m b
m b 9 days ago
how can you not instantly love this?
The Pogitos
The Pogitos 9 days ago
Low-key reminds me of the titanic flute fail. 😂
L A W D 9 days ago
this version is better than the remix imo
20og 9 days ago
30 rope nah nah nah
Ashton Dugas
Ashton Dugas 9 days ago
POV: you only came for the high ground verse
Ghost Ryda
Ghost Ryda 9 days ago
The worst part about this song is when it gets good. He had the layout for a good song but he just didn't use it. Kinda like Jay Z entrupenur. Song was trash but the beautiful part makes it worse bc it had potential to be song of the year.
Cesar Christie Marti
Cesar Christie Marti 10 days ago
AD- Lid
AD- Lid 10 days ago
Honestly this goes hard, it’s odd and sounds unfinished but that’s what makes it cool imo
Yeah Chapel
Yeah Chapel 10 days ago
This and lift yourself are just pure Kanye at his finest
Tally Ho
Tally Ho 10 days ago
Imagine harshly criticising an artist that penned and produced College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808's & Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne just because you don't like *one or a handful* of his newer songs. The ignorance...
Matija Kovačević
Matija Kovačević 10 days ago
jesus christ kanye fucking sucks so much rn
Lonbsbetr Lsibet
Lonbsbetr Lsibet 10 days ago
This is the first bad ye song
5DFrank1 10 days ago
It’s extremely whatever
spurs 3103
spurs 3103 10 days ago
Feel Like a disappointed parent
The Raccoon
The Raccoon 10 days ago
1:45 This is fire though
The Raccoon
The Raccoon 10 days ago
10/10 and 0/10 at the same time.
e s
e s 10 days ago
This is like Frank Oceans rapping flow with Kanye's voice.
chilling-boy 11 days ago
Genius Masterpiece its like ice cream with poop
Thomas Kathros
Thomas Kathros 11 days ago
This man really never released last name or city in the sky but came out with this, some people do really wanna watch the world burn
Amar Kurjakovic
Amar Kurjakovic 11 days ago
hella yeezus slander in this comment section that cannot be tolerated smh
FlyInFlyOut 11 days ago
Yeezus top 3 Kanye
Eneas Makaya Benito
Eneas Makaya Benito 11 days ago
Why is dababy isnt rappin
Pacific Sharpeye
Pacific Sharpeye 11 days ago
Where's Dababy
inigo igor
inigo igor 12 days ago
it's such an underperfomance, but idk why I listen to it so much
DRGN LAKE STUDIO 12 days ago
노래 개좋구만 왜 악플을 다 나나나
in J
in J 8 days ago
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