20 Amazing PS4 Games to play right now

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6 months ago

There's never been a better time to check out all of the amazing titles the PS4 has to offer. Here are 20 of our favourite PS4 games that you can play right now!
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Erica Rosa
Erica Rosa 13 days ago
NieR: Automata ❤ A must have, if you don't have it go buy it asap! The story is pretty deep, also the soundtracks and places are truy wonderful! Combat style is really fun, but again its personal preference!
angie luna
angie luna 22 days ago
I wish we could play phasmophobia on ps4
Courier Six
Courier Six Month ago
Mentions: Fortnite Me: *Peace was never an option*
Zmurf Month ago
Days Gone should be on top 10, just finished it and it’s slightly better than Spider-Man that I played before.
phưmgangam nguyengamga Musics
phưmgangam nguyengamga Musics 2 months ago
paternity court
Darin Herrick
Darin Herrick 2 months ago
It's so interesting to me that half of these games I have no interest in whatsoever.
Jon Moore
Jon Moore 2 months ago
Fortnight call of duty I pass
tooke 3 months ago
Damn no love for gravity rush series
music man
music man 3 months ago
7:58 that was lowkey kinda hot
GoodPlayer 2 months ago
😂😂😂 wtf
Shrexy 2 months ago
Ryan Clair
Ryan Clair 3 months ago
For me my list would add: Doom 2016, Ratchet and Clank 2016, AC Origins, Borderlands 3
Ryan Clair
Ryan Clair 3 months ago
I’ve had nier on my ‘I gotta play that next’ list for what seems like forever. I really gotta pick it up
Adventure Man
Adventure Man 18 days ago
If you havent beat it by now you absolutely have too! I just fully beat it and im completely blown away.
Timmy Squibs
Timmy Squibs 3 months ago
All these fucking lists are the fucking same!! I don't want to see...THE SAME LISTS MY WHOLE LIFE
Kofi Lokko
Kofi Lokko 3 months ago
Strange. I have all these games, but I’m still bored. Suggestions?
Kimberley Potter
Kimberley Potter 3 months ago
James Younger
James Younger 3 months ago
You've never played the division 2, or talked to many of the people playing, have you? I agree, I enjoy the game, but theres always a buncha people pissed about some shenanigans the devs trying pulling with every patch.
ProffesorMeme 3 months ago
What about gravity rush 2
wesley brilhante
wesley brilhante 3 months ago
No nioh 2? Wtf
Don Tortelli
Don Tortelli 3 months ago
First game I'm getting is final fantasy 7 remake
TheBeaverInHD 3 months ago
Here’s the games I still need to play, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Resident Evil 7. Those are the main games, here’s a few random ones:Control, Hollow Knight, Batman Arkham Knight, The RDR2 campaign(I’m almost done), Persona 5(Hours into it), BioShock 2, Borderlands 2, Fallout 4, DOOM, Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, and a few others. I have a lot of games to play and I feel like from the trailers and gameplay clips that I’ve seen and I have most of them purchased I’m just going to do a marathon.
Matthew Colwell
Matthew Colwell 3 months ago
Also, once you learn the controls turn off the huds to fully dynamic ! Game is gorgeous
Matthew Colwell
Matthew Colwell 3 months ago
My favorite game of my lifetime was LOZ Wind Waker. It took all these years, but I've finally found at the very least it's equal in my heart. Horizon Zero Dawn may be the best game I've ever played. Insanely immersive and the best combat I've ever enjoyed. Jealous you can play it for the first time lol
Christiann Bonillaa
Christiann Bonillaa 3 months ago
When she moan
Bruno Sousa
Bruno Sousa 4 months ago
Last of us remastered and days gone should be on this list
Metal Meggers
Metal Meggers 4 months ago
Monster hunter world is awful.
Horizon _mf
Horizon _mf 4 months ago
Ff7r is nice too
FLYER 4 months ago
No Knack 2.... Instant thumbs down 😅
Slowitdown 4 months ago
Go crying in a corner or something
Justin Etre
Justin Etre 4 months ago
Nope the man is he’s strong.. got to say man some might agree or not but feels like females are runnin games (last of us two) look at that shit movies. Why when a man hits a woman he gets locket up and not the other way around even proven stop this fuckiiinnn sex war u should b fired ///100
Corwin Roberts
Corwin Roberts 4 months ago
Battlefield 1 it's garbage
YBSx 4 months ago
Control A Plague Tale: Innocence Judgement Those would my top 3 recommendations. Others: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor & Shadow of War Nioh 2 Devil May Cry 5
wesley brilhante
wesley brilhante 3 months ago
I like your list but also nioh 2 should be included
ezra bartlett
ezra bartlett 4 months ago
Your mother is gay
Yosukei22 4 months ago
Wow...no arkham Knight?
rockkiller124 4 months ago
I'm done when they put Fortnite on this list
Slowitdown 4 months ago
Yeah but honestly it is an enjoyable game, loads of people like it, it seems to be a trend to say you dont like it....
Amir Case
Amir Case 4 months ago
Why does everyone love God of war....I fucking hate that game....the graphics were good...but the game was linear like a straight line...the plot was predictable and the puzzles were ridiculously easy...
Ky Ky
Ky Ky 4 months ago
Just like assholes everyone has an opinion. Unless you don't have an asshole.
sphincter blaster
sphincter blaster 4 months ago
so no BBC simulator? aite
John Spartan
John Spartan 4 months ago
I'm returning Monster Hunter World today and getting Metro Exodus instead. Don't get me wrong, I like a good JRPG but that one is not for me.
Lord Trowa
Lord Trowa 3 months ago
It’s more than just a jrpg, it’s a very good skill based game with online and offline content which you can play for a very long time. Metro exodus last me only for around 15 hours on normal difficulty
ishaan sharma
ishaan sharma 4 months ago
so no skyrim?
Rafael rodriguez
Rafael rodriguez 4 months ago
Assassin's Creed SUCKS
AR 15
AR 15 4 months ago
Some of these are questionable to say the least.
Chouette 4 months ago
Don’t forget for honor... 😂😂thé most addicting and annoying game on earth
Saucy 4 months ago
**cough** last of us **cough cough**
Jesús Alberto Vargas Castro
Jesús Alberto Vargas Castro 4 months ago
Fornite? Are you serious? It screwed the whole video. Nice other entries though.
ANTHONY 4 months ago
Just played ff7 freaking amazing . I killed. 60 hours in one week lol . Can’t wait for the next part
ANTHONY 4 months ago
just another account when ff7 came out in 1997 it blew everyone’s freaking mind away . That’s why it’s recommended. You can say it revolutionized rpg games at that time. It was probably one of the greatest games ever made at the time.
ANTHONY 4 months ago
just another account yes I’ve played every every final fantasy on the year it came out. Ff1-15
just another account
just another account 4 months ago
ANTHONY have you played a FF game before? Ive always turned a blind eye to FF thinking its not my thing, but 7 gets recommended so much.
Ps4ify 4 months ago
Mentions fornite...skips to next game
Onion Head Guy Guy
Onion Head Guy Guy 4 months ago
Anybody else here have a giant physical ps4 library that your embarrassingly proud of?
gizme123 4 months ago
monster hunter world? dislike and unsub
Philly The Kidd
Philly The Kidd 4 months ago
No way BF1 is in this noooo waaay
White-Tip Shark
White-Tip Shark 4 months ago
Last of Us? No?
Caps Break
Caps Break 4 months ago
Spiderman Last of us Horizon zero dawn God of war Uncharted Witcher 3
zig zag Z
zig zag Z 4 months ago
Days gone too
felipe rivera
felipe rivera 4 months ago
And Persona 5 royal???? This list is for casual gamers.
santiago chaparro
santiago chaparro 4 months ago
Persona is in the list
Daniel Tanto
Daniel Tanto 4 months ago
Dogs and Gooses forever
Dogs and Gooses forever 3 months ago
Litreally best game on ps4 how could they forget , guess they only add new games
Fencepost55 5 months ago
She said bloodborne has “first person melee combat” wtf did you not even watch a video of the game? It’s third person. Also said monster hunter has “endless weapon types” which also is dead wrong. I’m halfway thru the vid as I type this so I’m waiting for her to say something else wrong 😂
jcammon1 5 months ago
And if you got a Switch, Zelda is King.
jcammon1 5 months ago
Mass Effect Andromeda.
Arsene Lupin
Arsene Lupin 5 months ago
Divinity: Original Sin 2 🤷🏼‍♂️
Arsene Lupin
Arsene Lupin 5 months ago
Ever heard of Apex Legends? Fortnite is trash.. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Brazy Cinco
Brazy Cinco 5 months ago
Detroit is a good but frustrating game. One bad move or decision (you have to make in 5 secs) and you alter the whole storyline smh
Fabzinho 5 months ago
Forgot about The Outer Worlds too
AF- King
AF- King 5 months ago
The biggest thing that gets me is Epic said Fortnite save the world would be free to everyone by the end of 2018, its still not free. At what point is that false advertising?
Imad Khristo
Imad Khristo 5 months ago
She missed last of us
mr hunter
mr hunter 5 months ago
spoiler ahead
ebtehal bukhari
ebtehal bukhari 5 months ago
Thanx for the info
Jack Blakeney-Swanson
Jack Blakeney-Swanson 5 months ago
If you guys want a truly punishing medieval game, kingdom come.
Otto Middleton
Otto Middleton 5 months ago
I was blown away by Detroit. And I’m usally into FPS and RPGs
Tiffany Heart
Tiffany Heart 5 months ago
I just got The Witcher 3 complete edition a week ago! I’M SO IN AWE OF THIS GAME! I’m just taking my time and enjoying every minute of it! Perfect time to play! I will be playing this game for weeks if not months lol. Played Resident Evil 7 twice, I really enjoyed it, first time after release in VR and a couple of weeks ago. Uncharted is one of my fave game series! Good video!! 👍🏾
Tiffany Heart
Tiffany Heart 4 months ago
FMF Doc that’s happened to me at times during the game. The problem I deal with the most, is controlling Roach, getting him to keep at a good pace and not get stuck into things/objects on the side of him. And he doesn’t jump over things good or come to me each time I call., but this is minor and doesn’t take away from how much I enjoy the game. feel like the world is very decent and nice size, and I’m not half way through it. I have actually been considering Skyrim.
FMF Doc 4 months ago
With regards to Witcher 3, plot and lore is good but the mechanics and graphics are blah on ps4. I was swimming along an island with a steep cliff and am completely unable to look up at it while in the water. Likewise, while on a cliff at the edge, am unable to look straight down. Unable to even jump while wading shin deep in water lol. Also unable to freely wander the mountains. Often, even if there's a perfect ledge, Geralt is unable to grasp it to climb up if the developers didn't intend for it. So it's not nearly as open world as skyrim or ESO tamriel unlimited
black vlogs
black vlogs 4 months ago
I just got it and I’m trying to get used to it but it handles kind of weird
Tiffany Heart
Tiffany Heart 5 months ago
jcammon1 I understand, most of my friends just can’t get into it. Once I gave it a try I really liked it. I think too...I’m more impressed with the content and thought put into the game. Even side quest are in depth. If only all rpg’s would have as much content! Never a dull moment lol, from the story, to side quest, or just wondering around in the dark corners! And the weather system and graphics are detailed! But yea again I still see how some just can’t get into it!
jcammon1 5 months ago
I just couldn’t get into that game.
Carfx 5 months ago
Ewwwww Fortnite🤢🤮
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny 5 months ago
i want to replay some earlier amazing games i already have but before i get to it comes along some new amazing game that steals my attention, damn these first world problems
Pa1n k1LLeR
Pa1n k1LLeR 5 months ago
I have 4 of them odyssey god of war rd2 spiderman, the most enjoyable is rd2 then spiderman odyssey and Gow
THE DARK LORD 3 months ago
@Naufal Khairullah It may have actually deserved game of the year for 2018, but this game is almost always reviewed as the best game for PS4 in general. That's what I don't understand. To me, that's just giving it way more credit than it deserves. I can think of at least six other games that are way more fun and just all-around better games than God of War. That's just my opinion of course. Everyone has their own taste.
Naufal Khairullah
Naufal Khairullah 3 months ago
@THE DARK LORD i know u have different opinion and i respect it. yet, the great thing about gow is lies on how polish the game is in terms of story, combat , graphic, acting, and action. I can safely say that gow is not overated and deserve the goty award. dont get me wrong, every single game he mention is an amazing game and i love every single one of them.
THE DARK LORD 3 months ago
@TheBeaverInHD GOW is overrated. There isn't much to do in that game lol
TheBeaverInHD 3 months ago
Did you just put GOW at the bottom? If anything it’s 2nd or 1st.
Vrushabh Bhavsar
Vrushabh Bhavsar 4 months ago
Yepp this games are masterpiece
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 5 months ago
Massage bump store
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 5 months ago
Upser cant b w you big twat
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 5 months ago
Turnaround fight sweep talk ove r
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 5 months ago
Calm down
Noah O'Neal
Noah O'Neal 5 months ago
Dying light???
Matthew 5 months ago
fortnite....? Are you kidding me...
Sean Henderson
Sean Henderson 5 months ago
I played most of these games and got platinums for it. HZD, MGS5, Spider-Man, Witcher 3, Detroit Become Human, Uncharted 4, GOW, and GTA V. Great list.
mohammad Reza Jafa Ri
mohammad Reza Jafa Ri 5 months ago
I've played some of these great games , but Bloodborne is always in my heart...
Stephen Atiyota
Stephen Atiyota 5 months ago
Assassin's creed Odyssey felt better as Alexios
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 5 months ago
Spider-Man the GOAT next to god of war of course lol
Yaseen Gaffoor
Yaseen Gaffoor 5 months ago
God of War is overrated. RDR2 deserves that top spot
Gaby N
Gaby N 5 months ago
Noble Phantazm
Noble Phantazm 5 months ago
Senua's blood sacrifice (or w.e). So basically Dante with psychosis goes to the underworld to save his...I mean HER lover. Okay. Call me sexist. Call me mysogynist. I don't give a fuck. Most gamers are men. Not women. That's an undeniable truth and "most" is literally 95%. Not "a bit more than half". Not "3/4ths" but almost ALL of console/PC gaming is male dominated. Women play puzzle games. That shit is not the same as a first person adventure game. What male, who understands his own masculinity (and masculinity as a developed natural inclination) -- would ever want to play a game where the genders are a swapped Dante's inferno? What the fuck? A woman going to hell to save man she loves? First of all, women aren't capable of that. Fundamentally because that idea and philosophy of protecting and saving; IS A MASCULINE, MALE PHILOSOPHY. MEN protect. MEN defend. MEN sacrifice themselves in romantic ways like that, in stories and in real life. Women, DO NOT. A woman would look for the next best thing. Not save her man from the underworld. Like what in fuck. That's taking something rooted in the natural evolution of human beings, and flipping it completely on its back. But that's not even issue, regardless of that being a completely, fundamentally mind-bending, gender-bending feminist fuckery of a plot and character incentives; it's real problem is just that...no male, man, boy, man-child should ever enjoy a game where he masquerades as a woman who then evokes Dante's inferno....as a female. That's ridiculous. That's pathetic. Thats not progressive. That's society breaking. That's socially constructive propaganda. That's nonsense. Never will I play a game where I play as a female who, for all the feminist shit put aside, is actually just a masculine character dressed up as a female for feminist points and sjw "clout".
elnino gamersteyn
elnino gamersteyn 5 months ago
How did battlefield 1 make it on this list🤔
elnino gamersteyn
elnino gamersteyn 5 months ago
@NINJA NICK I hear you. bf1 is by no means a bad game, but cmon man top 20? but I understand what you mean, its purely subjective
NINJA NICK 5 months ago
I liked bf1 had a great time even though are great single player games like uncharted, Spiderman, red dead, and god of war. Really fun multiplayer game is why I loved bf1.
Matt Malone
Matt Malone 5 months ago
Gets ps3 *xbox 360 is better* Gets xbox one *Ps4 is better*
Cracker Ice Production's
Cracker Ice Production's 5 months ago
Dying light
Marcio Silva Queiroz Silva
Marcio Silva Queiroz Silva 5 months ago
Xbox one please!!!!
Andrew M
Andrew M 5 months ago
Final fantasy vii remake
Joey Mustang
Joey Mustang 5 months ago
Fantastic games, fantastic console. You only forgot three important games: Last of us Remastered, DMC 5 and Final Fantasy VII Remake.
JOE 94
JOE 94 5 months ago
I got bored of rdr2 tbh.
JOE 94
JOE 94 5 months ago
@Eric Law Yuwei yea that's got me bored tbh
Eric Law Yuwei
Eric Law Yuwei 5 months ago
Too much riding
JOE 94
JOE 94 5 months ago
I wanted to buy Arkham city. But sadly it's so old and outdated
Nobody 5 months ago
Lol that's the dumbest reason to not buy a game. It may be old but it's still gold. Get "Return to Arkham" it includes the first two game in the Arkham series, then play Arkham Knight. You won't regret it.
Kelly Harris
Kelly Harris 5 months ago
@JOE 94 Yeah. Arkham City is still great too. It's also how you find out how one of the most important characters of the franchise died.
JOE 94
JOE 94 5 months ago
@Kelly Harris i only remember playing Arkham knight but didn't finish it. Iam thinking of playin Arkham city
Kelly Harris
Kelly Harris 5 months ago
No. None of Arkham Knight is outdated. It's still an amazing game and I either you to buy it even in 2020. It's got amazing characters, story, combat, and stealth. Not to mention the tank battles and upgrade tree. Also, the side missions are rewarding and hard to find which only makes it better once you find them.
Tom Alphonso
Tom Alphonso 5 months ago
Titanfall 2 should be here
john king
john king 5 months ago
spiderman , bloodborne , fallen order kingdom hearts series
St0ku 5 months ago
"...you could be playing spiderman for months..." 4 days later GIVE ME MOAR DLC
The homie Xd
The homie Xd 5 months ago
She has a nice voice like and sun
strikeblade 666
strikeblade 666 5 months ago
The last of us? still trash fortnite!!!
Cynthia S
Cynthia S 5 months ago
Eww, The Witcher. Everyone said it was good, so I got it, but 40 minutes into it and I was bored out of my mind. Cram the story and dialogue, I want to play a game, not play out a story. It's for girls.
stephen g
stephen g 5 months ago
Play it a little bit longer I promise you .. You will love it
gonira 5 months ago
Great list!
KAIRO 5 months ago
Have you cracked up the brightness on all the gameplay clips?
u l t r a
u l t r a 5 months ago
Nier automata is a masterpiece
L C 5 months ago
Wow, yeah let’s chastise her for saying that Bloodborn has “first person” melee. Get a life you losers, who cares if a mistake was made. Move along...
Matthew Santos
Matthew Santos 3 months ago
shut up 🌞💆‍♂️
Slowitdown 4 months ago
Rojasitis its not simping
Its called blasphemy, try it sometime
Its called blasphemy, try it sometime 4 months ago
You a simp
Rojasitis 4 months ago
Will Dendy Racing
Will Dendy Racing 5 months ago
Days Gone too!
TheKingSlayer745 5 months ago
DMC 5, Apex Legends, Call of duty warzone, Days Gone
javo2005 5 months ago
I'll be playing dragonquest
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson 5 months ago
Im hooked on dragonquest builders 2...i initially bought it for my kids. They haven't touched it yet...lol
Last and first name
Last and first name 5 months ago
Yes cuz uncharted is that bad to be put on the 5 minute mark did you even play it
Randall Miller
Randall Miller 5 months ago
I have to stop you at monster hunter. That game was trash and you know it!!!