A Monkey That Sits Like This

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2 months ago

Links To Sources:
Hand Fight: usshow.info/watch/J_VbCPHAz2M/video.html
Sand: usshow.info/watch/1AwtwiFOal4/video.html
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Monkey: Nurul U via usshow.info
Car Accident: Matthew O via Collab Clips
Clocks by Smith The Mister smiththemister.bandcamp.com
Smith The Mister bit.ly/Smith-The-Mister-YT
Free Download / Stream: bit.ly/al-clocks
Music promoted by Audio Library usshow.info/watch/6MT6-JzUw1w/video.html
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Abdulrahman Elsharoud
Abdulrahman Elsharoud 2 months ago
That guy on the plane looks like pewdipie
ColderYT 15 days ago
True True
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina Month ago
@AxxL are you good my guy?
Liam Evans
Liam Evans 2 months ago
It looks like a cow to me
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel 2 months ago
I thought that to lmfasao
ItzLeembo 2 months ago
@Twenty-Fifth Baam alot of people did actually.
Zachary Reineke
Zachary Reineke 22 hours ago
I'm not an expert or anything but that monkey definitely does sit like that.
Aggro King
Aggro King Day ago
Better than some movies
Ace Of Spade
Ace Of Spade 3 days ago
The boy can also speak filipino Filipinos: interesting
Alex Playz
Alex Playz 3 days ago
I've seen monkeys that can salute :/
lati lati
lati lati 3 days ago
Ung Chenyi
Ung Chenyi 3 days ago
I come from cambodia
Dee Cee
Dee Cee 4 days ago
Beautiful!!! 💕 Loved the ski boarding in Finland and field of flowers. (Both "heavenly".) Also would love to own a bus like that (very nice) but without the dogs (and the smell). 👍
Endothelial 4 days ago
2:26 whats going through her head lol
Cameron Avett
Cameron Avett 4 days ago
predict this...
Avital Tagar
Avital Tagar 5 days ago
These videos are like an addictive drug but instead of an addiction to them after you're done watching, you're left with crippling depression because your brain isn't making dopamine due to cat videos
Nightmare 6 days ago
0:21 the dog:Should I do it?
Bababooey 8 days ago
When i saw that deer my brain immediately went "Horse."
zaki Belatoui
zaki Belatoui 8 days ago
m o n k e
Write with Love
Write with Love 8 days ago
Nice parking job
John Dow
John Dow 8 days ago
So he’s just going to crush and kill those flowers just a stupid video? FlowerLivesMatter
Valeriiez X
Valeriiez X 10 days ago
No one is talking about the dogs being loose in the bus while they’re driving... do they not realize how incredibly irresponsible and dangerous that is for the dogs If they were to crash?
Valeriiez X
Valeriiez X 10 days ago
That monkey does indeed sit like that
L P 11 days ago
The monkey :all I need now is a banana 🐒🍌
Gracias a ti
Gracias a ti 12 days ago
That boy is incredible... it’s a tragedy that he’s in such a poor financial situation.
MDC 12 days ago
0:35 is that just or does that look like pewdiepie?
Daiga Armone
Daiga Armone 12 days ago
0:08, you when go outside and forgot your phone.
Danielle King
Danielle King 12 days ago
I want a house tour of that bus STAT!!
crazy blue
crazy blue 13 days ago
When your dog I delayed
weder gustavo
weder gustavo 14 days ago
*Return to monkee*
toffee cat
toffee cat 15 days ago
8 y’o me when my mom was late to pick me up from school: 0:04
Alec Fleming
Alec Fleming 16 days ago
That guy doesn't need a hand with Covid...
Jiggleatron 50
Jiggleatron 50 16 days ago
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis 16 days ago
That finger fighting scene was oddly amusing to me.
Aleksas 16 days ago
They're evolving.
C0DE. ExE 16 days ago
Brenden Potter
Brenden Potter 17 days ago
Bro imagine if the wind blew all the wind art Before they got the picture
Mahesh Varma
Mahesh Varma 17 days ago
The dog: what is this my owner dropped the rope. Let’s wait and confirms that he picks it up in next 5 seconds. The distance of the stairs from me is 10meters so if I use my paws and run at full speed i can escape. 5 4 3 2 1 0 Dog: freedooooooommmmmm!!!
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva 17 days ago
the narrator sounds like such a dweeb. a rich dweeb.
Leon and Aya A
Leon and Aya A 17 days ago
I can in fact that the monkey does sit like that
Orange Tomato
Orange Tomato 18 days ago
Stylish Sitting Monkey
Butt Man 504
Butt Man 504 18 days ago
This was my picture for USshow or whatever 1:27
- Saunokki -
- Saunokki - 18 days ago
torilla tavataan!
Lucky Gwest
Lucky Gwest 18 days ago
Bro whaaat that hand fight was amazing like whaaaat
D BunDy
D BunDy 18 days ago
Those finger fighters had me Rollin...
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