World's Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

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Mark Rober

Year ago

I'm not a chemist.
Science Bob's Elephant toothpaste recipe-
Here is Science Bob’s behind the scenes commentary:

0:01 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
0:15 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
1:08 - Dansez - Fasion
1:35 - Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba (Matt Cherne Remix)
2:25 - Dive - Lvly
3:49-6:40 - Dansez - Fasion
6:44 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
8:16 - Salamanca - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
9:47 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
10:12 - Q - Blue Wednesday
11:06 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: Elephant toothpaste (aka slime foam) has sort been done so many times I wanted to do it really big. We did a ton of testing.

They are soft-

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Year ago
I'm finishing out 2019 real strong with some BIG videos so be sure to subscribe, bell, donate a kidney, etc.
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I am here in 2020
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• Brooks Shelley • 5 months ago
_donate a kidney_
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DECKOKO401 Games 6 months ago
Pullin on some heart strings with the gummy lego logo. I know I’m late to hear but still, Rest In Peace Grant Thompson.
Daisy Savage
Daisy Savage Hour ago
That is sooooooo cool
gigabitemadness !!!!!!!!!!
gigabitemadness !!!!!!!!!! 3 hours ago
2:35 we'll be right back
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 5 hours ago
hippie_razerepic 7 hours ago
who is watching this after they tried it them self.
XxGacha_SofiaxX 12 hours ago
That is sick
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Jordyn Minifie 14 hours ago
Ibriell Sheppard
Ibriell Sheppard 17 hours ago
That's me after Taco Bell
Riley's Toy Box
Riley's Toy Box 19 hours ago
It's coming up, the great tsunami!!!! Mark rober 2019
:-D 19 hours ago
Eat it
Caramel Custard
Caramel Custard 22 hours ago
Imagine being this guys neighbour and your friend comes over and like what in the world are they doing and you’re like oh it’s just mark rober filming an elephant toothpaste experiment don’t worry it might spread across the street but it’s fine
template xt_games_tx
template xt_games_tx 23 hours ago
9:10 à kid Makes a dance fortnit
Yogurt Jr
Yogurt Jr 23 hours ago
That pool would be so fun to skate
Moon Light
Moon Light Day ago
im speachless
Boróka György
Boróka György Day ago
Omg bob
Aaron Stitz
Aaron Stitz Day ago
Man you do carzy staff and that cool
Unknown And unneeded
Unknown And unneeded Day ago
Looks like mr beast beat him
MythicScientific Day ago
You broke your own world record to your own world record to your own world record of elephants toothpaste WHAT
lil_frenchbulldog Day ago
"Come on out they said, It will be fun they said!" -Science Bob 2019
James Arslan
James Arslan Day ago
crap now I have to make a elephant toothpaste gun
Ella Aidey
Ella Aidey Day ago
The elephant toothpaste is mad thats why its hot
kof0605 Day ago
2:02 SHAMOOOO Get OFF me!
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Isabella Fister Day ago
One day this man gonna make the word full of this stuf
Alejandro Arboleda
Alejandro Arboleda 2 days ago
Wonder some friends of the kid of mark didn’t got invited to the party
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Elsa Farley 2 days ago
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Rachel Le 2 days ago
Your such a good uncle
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Logan Serrone 2 days ago
I Love This Mark
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Alexandra Quinn Raya 2 days ago
What the heck is that OMG
ChibiiCherries :0
ChibiiCherries :0 2 days ago
who else came for a second time cause it was amazing?? 😀
고양이비눗방울 2 days ago
6:11 “약속”
You are reading my name
You are reading my name 2 days ago
“You need some hydro-“ Me: 😐
YEET ! 2 days ago
Well last pass regrets sponcering this guy
Ryan Robertson
Ryan Robertson 2 days ago
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Brianna Gomez 3 days ago
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n l 3 days ago
AedenPlayz 3 days ago
10:06 RIP
MaxTDM The Dog // IW9K&KA&GSBCWYS Anime Girl•YIPE!
MaxTDM The Dog // IW9K&KA&GSBCWYS Anime Girl•YIPE! 3 days ago
9:01 I don’t think it’s gonna float either des!
DepressedDude ._.
DepressedDude ._. 3 days ago
King of random merch 👑 love it
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Bradley Tomlinson 3 days ago
Bradley Tomlinson
Bradley Tomlinson 3 days ago
Bradley Tomlinson
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Bradley Tomlinson
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Привет я из России мне нравится подобный контент и да мне 11
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He likes TKOR
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Gael Bautista 3 days ago
u playing minecraft I like ya cut g
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Rudinei Dias 3 days ago
Its not anymore
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The Amador 3 days ago
Most satisfying part 7:29
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Clark andrei Navarro 3 days ago
"sees king of random shirt" im jealous
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കൊറോണ കാലം കാണുന്നവർ ഉണ്ടോ
SoJan Playz
SoJan Playz 3 days ago
RIP grant
Awesomeness364 3 days ago
It’s literally all fun and games until you have to clean up
Oakley W
Oakley W 3 days ago
“Only time and chemistry I don’t understand will tell” Mark Rober 2019
Ciel phantomhive
Ciel phantomhive 3 days ago
I love your TKOR shirt :3
sammythek9 4 days ago
Dude the song 2:25 is a vibe
Addison Tuohey
Addison Tuohey 4 days ago
Max Xu
Max Xu 4 days ago
imagine seeing his backyard in google maps LOL
Mr Stuffyluffy
Mr Stuffyluffy 4 days ago
Cooper Ford
Cooper Ford 4 days ago
Mr. Beast: Hold my Exploding House
Maran Gaming
Maran Gaming 4 days ago
I am so disappointed in myself that I am 1 year older... Endsup you came to our school to do a presentation the year before I came to the school....
honest unboxer
honest unboxer 4 days ago
See u guys in 17 years
林 勇
林 勇 4 days ago
What have you done
commander jakub gaming
commander jakub gaming 4 days ago
2019 a pool 2020 a house 2021 a plane 250000 a planet
Shankari AB
Shankari AB 4 days ago
I got a dream like this once.. only the foam was a growing monsterous organism.. propably an algae...
Kaydi mare Green
Kaydi mare Green 4 days ago
Nice 😊
tHe gReEn mAn
tHe gReEn mAn 4 days ago
Who else thought the dinging was going to float 🤦‍♂️
Himadri Mukherjee
Himadri Mukherjee 4 days ago
Not after MR BEAST buddy😂😂
Reach to AFORMENTIONED # 4 days ago
You’re so funny
ToxzyT 4 days ago
👋 Hello there, for the few of you who see this comment. I just wanna wish that you make it though 2020 safely. These are hard times. But stay safe.
Abraham Pena
Abraham Pena 4 days ago
Just comment pog on my videos
Chad Christensen
Chad Christensen 4 days ago
Hi I’m Dean May you want to do a race
Glitch 4 days ago
someone "what did u do this summer?" mark "made the largest elephant toothpaste experiment" also someone "huh"
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 4 days ago
meanwhile my mom is looking for yeast at costco
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 4 days ago
imagine if mark was ur uncle i would love that
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 4 days ago
look at alllll that bread food
Wade Nissley
Wade Nissley 4 days ago
I love saints
ASHTYN ZAMORA 5 days ago
Who’s here in 2020......... MEEE
Armaan Guha
Armaan Guha 5 days ago
How do u clean it up
K hits bombs08 C
K hits bombs08 C 5 days ago
Did you do one with mr beast
Gytuj 5 days ago
Thought it was elephants foot for a second and you were making something highly radioactive.
Ethan Osborne
Ethan Osborne 5 days ago
Where does Mark get the awesome background music? Can somebody tell me?
Rosie Unicorn
Rosie Unicorn 6 days ago
Remind me only person that notices that he only uses two songs of his videos like what 👁👄👁
Davani Hendrickson
Davani Hendrickson 6 days ago
You are awesome with science
Via Peterson
Via Peterson 6 days ago
hi i love your Chanel my fiends do to
John pacific Jularbal
John pacific Jularbal 6 days ago
Thank you mark I finished my son's birthday with that sorcery
❤️Charlie❤️ 6 days ago
7:19 thank me later
Innovative 6 days ago
Mr beast has break his record
Jeroen Spitzenberger
Jeroen Spitzenberger 6 days ago
Nathan Friedman
Nathan Friedman 6 days ago
An Animator.
An Animator. 6 days ago
0:42 Go onto 0.5 speed Dragonfly: Hi-
Gokulraj Thakadiyilsuresh
Gokulraj Thakadiyilsuresh 6 days ago
hai mark i am a new watcher of your channel
Mr X
Mr X 6 days ago
Mom: Kids who do you like more mom or dad? Kids: uncle Mark
Selena Sias
Selena Sias 6 days ago
Wow cool 😎
Cleford Alingasa
Cleford Alingasa 6 days ago
Can you answer may math quiz ehhehe
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The BossMan 6 days ago
I want mark in smash lol
Denis DESOUZA 6 days ago
Bruh dis rocket science @-@
Cormeko Gates
Cormeko Gates 6 days ago
Dj Panda
Dj Panda 6 days ago
His son's friends:LMAO
LUCK33 6 days ago
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