Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid (Official Video)

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3 years ago

Download/Stream "EVERYBODY" here: smarturl.it/LogicEverybody?iqid=yt
Director - Andy Hines
Executive producer- Luga Podesta & Brandon Bonfiglio
Producer- Andrew Lerios & Alex Randall
Director of photography- Jeff Bierman
Production Designer - Hannah Beachler
Edited by Joe Calardo
Casting - German Legarreta
Assistant production supervisor - Kai Lusk
Assistant Director - Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz
Sound- Joe Bartone & Eric Ballew
Gaffer- Theodore Rysz
Grip- Matthew Lim
Stylist- Antionette Messam
Color by Sean Coleman
Additional footage by- Justin Fleischer, Mike Holland, Josh Rimmey & Zach Williams
Production Assistant Alec Schweitzer
Written & Directed by Andy Hines
Music video by Logic performing 1-800-273-8255. (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Ryan 36 minutes ago
I’m Ryan, & today is Tuesday 20th October 2020, sad to say Depression defeated me again.
Samantha Mouery
Samantha Mouery Hour ago
I’m now going in to a deep depression I fell and I love this song and now it just hits different
Samantha Mouery
Samantha Mouery Hour ago
Demon Saucy
Demon Saucy 2 hours ago
anyone else in their feels
Inama 2 hours ago
Im sorry, but i don't think I can watch this music video anymore, im to depressed for that...
TheRealGanger Pxr
TheRealGanger Pxr 3 hours ago
nah gayyyyyy
Wise Girl
Wise Girl 3 hours ago
Anyone facing family abuse here ?
Cardoso 4 hours ago
0:43 isn't that one of the bad dealers in Narcos (Netflix) "that died"?
Akseli Junttila
Akseli Junttila 7 hours ago
Im here 4 meme
Syn7e7ic. 7 hours ago
I don't know if i will survive
Abdullah __
Abdullah __ 7 hours ago
War machine is that you🥴
Pineaaronapple 7 hours ago
This needs more happy comments: SURPRISE DON CHEADLE!
Dangerous Heist
Dangerous Heist 7 hours ago
I don’t think I can take it anymore. My life is getting harder and harder...
Tusken Drill
Tusken Drill 7 hours ago
I’m near death already
NAVEENVINAY 12A 8 hours ago
Rezhan Noori
Rezhan Noori 8 hours ago
honestly this song gives me hope, lately life hasn't been kind to any of us, i hope everyone here makes it to the other end of the line, stay strong
Triston Romero
Triston Romero 8 hours ago
2019, February 14th.
Jayden Chan
Jayden Chan 8 hours ago
100 reasons why you should stay alive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The salty smell and calming sound of the beach 2. You would hurt a lot people that love you more than life itself 3. Hot chocolate on cold winter days 4. Your mom's smile 5. Your best friends laugh 6. Your little cousins, nieces, and nephews that look up to you 7. The feeling of the sun against your face 8. Hearing the words “I love you” 9. Not being able to sleep/the feeling you get the night before a holiday 10. Birthdays 11. Quiet late night drives 12. Missed opportunities and adventures 13. The feeling of lying in bed after a long day 14. Long hot showers 15. Music that you connect with 16. You have a purpose 17. You can change somebody’s life 18. Snowball fights 19. Concerts 20. Watching people fall 21. As long as your heart is beating, there is hope 22. You will regret dying 23. What if Heaven isn’t real? 24. Marriage 25. You are enough 26. Pain is only temporary 27. Late-night food runs with your friends 28. The sound of rain 29. Reading powerful quotes 30. Eating your favorite foods 31. Stars 32. Good movies 33. Having children 34. Staring at clouds and finding pictures within them 35. Meeting new people 36. Your struggle will make you stronger 37. You have a lot of people that love and support you 38. Being able to say, “I made it” 39. Genuine smiles 40. Bonfires 41. You matter 42. Time heals most wounds 43. Your first apartment/house 44. The crunch of leaves in the fall 45. Finding your soul mate 46. Meaningful hugs 47. Being in/attending someone’s wedding 48. You are worth it 49. Sunday night football 50. The smell of Christmas trees 51. People care about you; lots of them in fact 52. Sunsets 53. Ice cream 54. You are brave 55. Things really do get better 56. Dogs 57. Cats 58. Pets in general 59. Rainbows 60. You are amazing 61. The city 62. Traveling 63. Vacations 64. Road trips 65. Hearing awesome stories 66. Inside jokes 67. Coffee/Tea 68. Snowmen 69. Your talents 70. You’ll disappoint the people that love you by letting your illness win 71. The feeling of pure joy/happiness 72. You will be happy one day 73. All-nighters with your friends 74. Cuddling 75. Reunions with your friends/high school/college 76. Re-connecting with someone you haven’t talked to in years 77. Smiling 78. Seeing someone else smile 79. You are beautiful 80. Decorating your house/apartment 81. Capturing perfect moments on camera 82. You would be missed 83. Quiet bookstores/small restaurants 84. Your favorite hobby 85. Swimming on a hot day 86. Being cozied up with blankets 87. Feeling refreshed after a nice nap 88. Helping other people 89. Watching the people you love become successful 90. Becoming successful yourself 91. Babies/little kids 92. Cute old people 93. Love stories 94. You are strong 95. You will be proud that you continued to live 96. The feeling of grass under your feet 97. Telling crazy stories 98. The smell of rain 99. Watching lightning 100. YOU ARE LOVED 101. You deserve more than you really do.
Miłosz Śniady
Miłosz Śniady 8 hours ago
ThunderCat54 9 hours ago
I listened to this song when depression was opening its heavy jaws at me and just recently listened to it a year later and made me think wow it’s been a long journey through this and thought about when I did not know I was depressed and it makes me think I was the same I was awkward but bought about myself a lot never thought of loving my self then when I turned 11 depression shit it’s heavy jaws into my soul never to let go till this day I’m depressed every day there’s a situation that makes me think should I just end it I’m suffering everday let me tell you the happiest people are always 97% of the time depressed like me get close to those people and help them while you can don’t let depression bite you and never let go like I did😞
AshleyPearls 9 hours ago
omg this song made me cry damn I guess I never get what it's like to be depressed or want to kill your self base on personal things about your self that you change. this song was deep.
SheGoinSteppa 9 hours ago
when i threw my backpack on the street and started hitting my head on the wall
SheGoinSteppa 9 hours ago
its so sad bro its like my life im always gettin bullied
Pretty Star
Pretty Star 9 hours ago
i've been singing this song since the year it was released, came the same time im struggling with depression. Now, I'm fully recovered. And just yesterdey, i finished starting Modern Family, and Nolan is here. I mean, i just cant believe it's been three years.
Masen Judkins
Masen Judkins 10 hours ago
This song means the world to me, my gay freind committed suicide.
Jon Seen
Jon Seen 10 hours ago
Sorry for your lost
shoji edits
shoji edits 10 hours ago
today is October 20, 2020. 12:00am and I am drowning. my mom always wants me to be perfect. there's too much pressure I can't handle it anymore, please this might be my last time here, someone help me, I'm drowning.
Jon Seen
Jon Seen 10 hours ago
Please don’t
Jon Seen
Jon Seen 10 hours ago
Don’t do it
memet abac
memet abac 11 hours ago
çok yoruldum
Ke 11 hours ago
When the girl you never dated gets a bf
Tori Neilson
Tori Neilson 11 hours ago
I myself have never had to use this hotline but fuck I have come close and so have my friends this shit hits so much harder than it did my freshman year
ClutchAspect ツ
ClutchAspect ツ 11 hours ago
My manz forehead is different
Hollagrl0999 11 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together......
Joseph Stallin
Joseph Stallin 13 hours ago
>have bad day >listening this song >feeling better >Click "read more" in comment section >Day ruined again God damn it, just stop spaming that f*cking long comment again and again...
Nick Gore
Nick Gore 13 hours ago
Hey y'all. Who still here
Vertigo Music
Vertigo Music 13 hours ago
Just realised he's on house of the witch
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu 13 hours ago
Listening to this song again and scrolling through the comment section just got me sobbing,, the fact that u had to smile through the pain pretending ur ok because u don’t know how to tell friends or family and not everyone will understand what u felt,, it feels good to cry i kinda forgot when the last time I cried
StephenPlayz 15 hours ago
Someone answer this question. Why don’t no one want me ?
Wachin Facherin
Wachin Facherin 15 hours ago
no homo
xxxsniper wolf
xxxsniper wolf 15 hours ago
Anyone 2020
wolfhowler 45
wolfhowler 45 15 hours ago
Who can relate 🙋‍♂️
mariana romero-lopez
mariana romero-lopez 15 hours ago
can someone make this a movie
Griffin zzstu Gallaher
Griffin zzstu Gallaher 16 hours ago
"They say every life precious but ain't nobody care about mine" That hits hard
Dark Vader
Dark Vader 16 hours ago
I am sorry but not you make it like it all people hate gays or some shit like that but in real life 90% of people dont give a fuck
sailor_moon20 17 hours ago
1. You come into my life 2. I fall for you 3. you break me 4. i keep on trying to make you feel better 5. you throw me away like trash 6. you tell your friends how much you hate me 7. i try to make it all better 8. you dont care 9. i get depression 10. i start to cut 11. i bleed out 12. someone gets called 13. you say its your fault and that you loved me 14.it's too late 15. it's too late it's too fucking late
MUB's channel
MUB's channel 17 hours ago
Why would you be gay
Wonderbred 17 hours ago
lil nas x?
Bertolina Lopez
Bertolina Lopez 17 hours ago
Praying for those who feel helpless specially during these hard times in 2020. Prayers and talking to God is what will help us through this. Stay positive. There will be a rainbow on the other side of the storm. Be patient and have faith things will get better 🌷
Scrunch 18 hours ago
I remember when this came out in 5th grade LOL
Neto Martins
Neto Martins 18 hours ago
As vezes só penso em desistir... muito cansado!!!
luis rodriguez
luis rodriguez 18 hours ago
Pov you get last in Mario kart
redeomej asf
redeomej asf 18 hours ago
This fking girl.....
LegoMyRobo 18 hours ago
In 2020 I know some of you people out there might be feeling something that makes you wanna stop moving. Please don't even though its hard
Queen Tomboi
Queen Tomboi 19 hours ago
Bella and the Bulldogs 👉🏽👈🏽
5HELOVESME 19 hours ago
i msick of living im just taking pills right now i hope i can overdose so maybe people owuld realise how hrut i truly am no one takes me srious
Ecstasy And Heroin
Ecstasy And Heroin 19 hours ago
Why are there even dislikes on this?
ApexRPpAnda 20 hours ago
why is this so sad im literally crying
Aaron Campechano
Aaron Campechano 20 hours ago
what homosexuals are silent, I wish there was already gender equality
Deen Shams
Deen Shams 21 hour ago
The people who actually searched these numbers are savages
Panda Gaming1122
Panda Gaming1122 21 hour ago
닉뭐로하지 21 hour ago
한국인 ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇
Michaella Spottedhorse
Michaella Spottedhorse 21 hour ago
This song right here hits different 😔❤️
Marcus Aschettino
Marcus Aschettino 22 hours ago
went through it all and this song was my go to during all the bad times...coming back here hurts and makes me smile remembering what happened then knowing it’s over
creepy Vintage Reacts
creepy Vintage Reacts 22 hours ago
To all the LGBTQ+ community you are loved even by God if you believe in him, don't listen to the hate, it's not worth to your future husband or wife. Same goes to gender non binary and gender neutral people
William Darwon
William Darwon Day ago
whoever disliked, square up
Xavier Day ago
Hi I'm Xavier, and on October 15th 2020 I survived. I am still on the LONG road of recovery, but slowly things are getting better. I am able to smile and laugh without a lot of effort being put into it now! I know it hurts, and it feels like the hurt will never end... It does. Slowly yes, but it does. I love you, you matter, and you are going to be okay. Put away the knife, the rope, the pills, etc; and breath. It will eventually be okay. I promise.
Kitty S
Kitty S Day ago
Incredible song and video.
Raden Fatahillah
Raden Fatahillah Day ago
This song didn't save many people, but it made the desire for LGBT people to increase even more
Kristen Andersen
Kristen Andersen Day ago
No comment just a masterpiece
wish_ translucent
wish_ translucent Day ago
If anyone needs someone to talk to pm me on instagram @wish_translucent
naiari Haskin
naiari Haskin Day ago
Nobody: All my gen z kids: it's the not accepting the LGBTQ community
Help Me To Reach 1k Subscribers
Help Me To Reach 1k Subscribers Day ago
I know 99% people wont read this but..... to the 1%, You are strong. NO MATTER WHAT DON'T GIVE UP!!! We love you and you're important to us! If you cannot find a way, call the suicide hotline number or have a chat with your family. i know i'm a stranger, but, we can feel the pain you might going through... So, stay strong You'll be just fine :)
重信大隈 Day ago
I'm a high school student in japan.i'm a reader of brass band club. I like music but i don't wanna go to club. I'm hated by teacher. I'm said something terrible every day. The teacher is very scary. So nobody to help me. It's hard for me. It's very hard for me. I always listen to this music before I go to club. I don't wanna be arrive like this movie's boy. But this music makes me strong. I wanted to enjoy club.
memet abac
memet abac 11 hours ago
you are strong and special dont listen to anyone
memet abac
memet abac 11 hours ago
Hans Kiting
Hans Kiting Day ago
All of you Guys thinking about saving life from this song me : how tf did they had a baby
Mxrk.-R6 Day ago
i hope everyone going thru depression gets the help they need all love
Google Earth
Google Earth Day ago
How can i call the name of this song ?
Amar Adithya
Amar Adithya 20 hours ago
I think they changed the number
。瀬う Day ago
Your Favourite Frank
Your Favourite Frank Day ago
My name is Frank and I'm still fighting to survive
Frostyy Day ago
Imagine having war machine as a dad
Jeff Dundat
Jeff Dundat Day ago
Coming back to this song after years. I've suffered enough from "fibromyalgia". When you think the bests are the greatest, one day you wake in immense physical pain. The feeling of pain and not being able to walk, all you can do is seclude yourself and cry. No explanation for it other than "we see extreme inflammation". I want to give up, but I take care of my daughter, niece, and .....soon ..... our baby boy, my wife and I. I am tired of it and just hit 30. My wife and I have been together 10 years. She understands but the world...makes me feel a lot differently.
Katherine Navarrete
Katherine Navarrete Day ago
My name is Katherin and I survived May 16th 2020. 🖤
Ahoora _AP3X
Ahoora _AP3X Day ago
You are strong . so proud of you . Always remember that good days are on their way . Don't give up on yourself.
Im HistoriK
Im HistoriK Day ago
I wish I didn't want to die
Frost tony
Frost tony Day ago
More than friends they have feelings for each other
Ashley Tello
Ashley Tello Day ago
yumyumbumblebee Day ago
I'm 41 & this is the first hip hop song to make me weep like a child 💗
FedEx Gamers
FedEx Gamers Day ago
Pass me the gun plzzzz
DankLightning Day ago
that boy sus
Desz Day ago
Lo que transmite está canción es impresionante....
Calder Osborne
Calder Osborne Day ago
This song actually made me cry .....:((
Calder Osborne
Calder Osborne Day ago
@Mäpłe Angëł same
Mäpłe Angëł
Mäpłe Angëł Day ago
I remember watching this music video a long time ago and it still makes my heart shatter
Calder Osborne
Calder Osborne Day ago
This song really just hits the spot....
aesthetically opinionated
aesthetically opinionated Day ago
please be nice to people. check up on the people you hardly talk to. call the person in your class that has no friends. talk to the person that gets bullied. ask someone how they're really feeling. you may save a life
RANGE Day ago
I actually can barely watch this video. The ripping emotional tones and heart wrenching storyline can bring anyone to sobs. EVERYONE needs to see this.
ExplosionMusic Day ago
Eric, we don't want you to die! Eric, give life a try!
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Day ago
1:15 wtf ironman
Vince Day ago
Awesome job! But watch your language
Not Aplic
Not Aplic Day ago
TEEHEE Day ago
It sad that I can’t relate to when he said “ I finally wanna be alive”
Cassidy Sander
Cassidy Sander Day ago
I’m Cassidy. September 17th, 2018 I survived. Someone cares about you. Someone would be crushed if you were gone. It gets better. I promise.
Ninjadestructer Day ago
Hi My name is Ninjadestructer (not gonna say my real name) This October screwed me up because my Dog of 3-4 years had been put down and I had been asking myself why it could not be me. I hate that he had to go so soon and it kills me but thank you for being here people and thank you for living through out the pain.
Mesghina Abraham
Mesghina Abraham Day ago
Vincent Bernat
Vincent Bernat Day ago
thank u for this wonderful song
Cristal Jose
Cristal Jose Day ago
How people start to care about you More When ur dead I'm suffering from depression but I'm battling against it and I just want to say to everyone that never lose hope
CaliqYoutube13 Day ago
my new song
Trapsleepz Day ago
Sorry by Joyner Lucas hits hard having a deeper meaning 🤷🏻‍♂️
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