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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

9 days ago

Some people say we're not savvy my business people. But my brother can suck it. #MintMobile

Lil Shiro
Lil Shiro 5 hours ago
Ryan if deadpool 3 ever come out, and at the credit scene of deadpool 3 can you break the fourth wall enter the last of us 2 game and kill abby for the alternative ending. XD Sincerely lil shiro.
The Blue Camo
The Blue Camo 9 hours ago
When is free guy coming out?
Joam 13 hours ago
This guys totally makes my day.
North Drake
North Drake 14 hours ago
Ryan where is Deadpool 3?
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 22 hours ago
Can we all just agree that this "Free Guy" has a smoking hot wife?
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Day ago
Can we all just agree that this "Free Guy" has a smoking hot wife?
JD six
JD six Day ago
Does anybody remember when he stared in the movie Just Friends
David Ibarra
David Ibarra Day ago
The first ad that people intentionally clicked on
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 22 hours ago
I support anything Deadpool is involved in.
10k subsriber not video chalange
10k subsriber not video chalange 2 days ago
I want deadpool 3 i very very big fan
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Day ago
I love your voice !
Duane Rancourt
Duane Rancourt 2 days ago
I want some of that Aviation Gin. But IDK where to find it. :(
YTP Master
YTP Master 2 days ago
When coming up with ideas for deadpool 3, you could add into it all the under-appreciated heroes, i.e Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Blade etc.
Operator 020
Operator 020 2 days ago
Yeah my comments keep getting deleted so. . . Love you Ryan.
Sk miganoor Rahaman
Sk miganoor Rahaman 2 days ago
I just love you bro, Your speaking attitude has been made the ad. Interesting #cool I waiting for #Deadpool
Azim Sharkar
Azim Sharkar 2 days ago
Wait when did Ben Affleck learned to write?
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 days ago
I think Ryan Reynolds should teach advertisers "How to make ads"
The Good
The Good 2 days ago
I want to know who has a mint mobile line
Dave 2194
Dave 2194 2 days ago
Dear Ryan, stop being a sell out.
L U C I F E R 2 days ago
Ryan should do covers of ads.
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 days ago
Oh, i want it! :)
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 3 days ago
This man is brilliant
alida flus
alida flus 3 days ago
He's on different league when it's come to advertising.
Bonnie Nutter
Bonnie Nutter 3 days ago
Hey Ryan, I have heard whispering on the net that "Goodables" on twitter may be connected to child trafficking. I went to the site and noticed they do have the "two hearts" which are listed as pedophile symbols on the FBI Child Trafficking website. I'm just curious as to what you know about them since you are one of the 27 they are following. I'm hoping you will speak out for the children if it is proven that "Goodables" is another child trafficking service. The Soldiers are picking up these Traffickers and Pedophiles. Thank God for that, Right? Also, Ghislaine Maxwell was also a wonderful environmental enthusiast. You have something in common. Who would have guessed that when she wasn't protecting our environment she was raping children and passing them around Hollywood. The days of keeping secrets is over. Aren't you glad these scum are being exposed. I Am.
ashton hills damm
ashton hills damm 4 days ago
can u do more deadpool films its one of my most favourite films and also im only 12
alida flus
alida flus 3 days ago
I just voluntarily watched an Ad! The power of Ryan Reynolds knows no bounds!
Thomas Sosa
Thomas Sosa 4 days ago
I support anything Deadpool is involved in.
לאה אייאלאו
לאה אייאלאו 4 days ago
I love your voice !
Cuttest Cat
Cuttest Cat 4 days ago
Milliardo5 4 days ago
Would love to see your reaction to the interactive Deadpool head recently released...
The good son 123
The good son 123 4 days ago
I bet you a 1000$ Ryan Reynold will not notice this comment
Paul Richard Stroud
Paul Richard Stroud 4 days ago
Only Ryan Reynolds could possibly make a Raid Shadow Legends ad actually enjoyable
The Okayed Boomer
The Okayed Boomer 4 days ago
Wrinkly Pikachu tells like how it be
Bunny BunBun
Bunny BunBun 4 days ago
Technically touching himself as Deadpool with a baby hand is pedophilia.
D34D 4 days ago
You have contributed to my death i hope you are happy as i am. xD
D34D 4 days ago
I agree good job.
monika laosi
monika laosi 4 days ago
Oh, i want it! :)
Vladislav Petkov
Vladislav Petkov 4 days ago
E tu brute! It good that he have Lively next to him, not marry like jew recently to make wierdly accomplished success. Or.... But leave that how come alcohol company as asset and then telecommunicational company advertising.... You are hitting the points bro...
Melissa Tanner
Melissa Tanner 5 days ago
Ryan Reynolds I'm Steven reynolds
monika laosi
monika laosi 4 days ago
Best phone company EVER! LOVE it!!
كربلائيه 5 days ago
Mirac_67 x
Mirac_67 x 5 days ago
If i were in USA i'd buy that If it is even real cuz i dunno if this is a real ad (Seems to be too good to be an ad)
LaKraven Studios
LaKraven Studios 5 days ago
I just voluntarily watched an Ad! The power of Ryan Reynolds knows no bounds!
v1d300 5 days ago
At this point Ryan Reynolds is super successful marketing agency.
NITESHADOWx2 5 days ago
Man for a second there I thought he passed away or something that opening photo had me like oh no 0.0 but thank god hes not
Jarod Hart
Jarod Hart 5 days ago
Now this is marketing!
Delvin Perez
Delvin Perez 5 days ago
Hello Rayan Reynolds
Lexus Gre Ramirez
Lexus Gre Ramirez 5 days ago
Ryan reynolds should get that deadpool head toy from hasbro
Julian Obo
Julian Obo 5 days ago
I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is an elite
Taz S
Taz S 5 days ago
Can you run for PM of Canada?
Chilli Insanity
Chilli Insanity 5 days ago
This should clearly state that is an ad either in the description or during the beginning of the video. I know that it is obviously an ad but there are such things as ethics and in some countries laws.
Yasser Boubetra
Yasser Boubetra 6 days ago
well only Deadpool can convince you to click on an ad watch it . rewatch it read the comments than watch it for a 3rd time .
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 6 days ago
Ryan's Brother: Look at My Horse, My Horse is AMAZING Ryan: Yea, I know...
Bojo David
Bojo David 6 days ago
I’m switching to Mint
Default Vibez
Default Vibez 6 days ago
Karyn Dossenback
Karyn Dossenback 6 days ago
Best phone company EVER! LOVE it!!
AGamingChannel 6 days ago
the fact that I fucking despise ads and will use adblock to stop them from appearing before the start of videos but I actively click on advertisements that ryan reynolds make is telling
merfwriter Hiley
merfwriter Hiley 6 days ago
I love how they used Camden Yards in this Mint Moble ad. I'm from Maryland. I noticed it right off the bat, hehe. BAT haha lol.
Kenneth Fegley
Kenneth Fegley 6 days ago
I appreciate the note under the video
PTERODACTYLUS manufacturas
PTERODACTYLUS manufacturas 6 days ago
que coño fuck es esto
Ahmad Faiz
Ahmad Faiz 6 days ago
who's the girl
Louis Chen
Louis Chen 6 days ago
This man has figured it out. He's the only channel where I'm excited to watch an ad for.
ZombieDanish 6 days ago
Wtf is this
Steven McFly
Steven McFly 6 days ago
Damn horse riders. What is he, a mounted Canuck Cop? :-) SideNote: he must have no Mintality.
tenryuta 6 days ago
In darkest day, in mintiest night, no overpriced carriers shall escape my sight...
Pritesh Eazysolution
Pritesh Eazysolution 6 days ago
Ryan Reynolds should change his id to "Marketing Lessons from Ryan" :)
EmKay 6 days ago
Ryan! You are kidding.
Blaze 6 days ago
you are my favorite actor ryan thanks
Chethana Ram
Chethana Ram 6 days ago
Hey Ryan, if u spent the same amount of time in the making of deadpool 3 instead of performing a whole "campaign" for mint mobile or choco chip mobile or whatever, we would have seen it in the cinemas a thousand times, even before the pandemic🙄
Deidre Green
Deidre Green 6 days ago
I am stuck in West Memphis, broke and living in my car or anywhere I can. They took away my family and friends , and read my mind and mess with my body. They won't let me work or use my degree or have anyone as a friend. I am handling this very well. 💯🗣️🌍💡🤔🗣️ AND THEY EXPECT ME TO BE NICE AND GO ALONG WITH IT 💯🗣️ I pay no attention to the insults of the BOMB NIGGAS AND UGLY HOES I HAVE HELPED 🗣️They better Remember they life before they used me 🗣️ Lauren Washington UGLY NOBODY ASS. Tell LAUREN WASHINGTON AND THE REST OF THE HOES I. KNOW TO KEEP MY NAME OUT THEY MOUTH 😂😉😊💯💯💡💡🗣️🗣️💯 THEY USED ME AND FUCKED MY MAN❣️❣️❣️🤬🤬🤬❣️😵❣️💯🤬🤬THEY GETS NO LOVE 🤬🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🤬🗣️🤬🗣️🤬🗣️💯💯🗣️🗣️💯💯🗣️ THEM HOES TALK ABOUT ME FOR NOTORIETY 🗣️🗣️💯💯💯👸🏼👸🏼
Dramatic Studios
Dramatic Studios 6 days ago
Classic Ryan
Randomly In accurate
Randomly In accurate 6 days ago
Hmmm! That’s my Reynolds tank recharged for another few days. Gotta pace myself in a lockdown.
Elizabeth Weeding
Elizabeth Weeding 6 days ago
do you know lannan eacott
meme me
meme me 6 days ago
Still bailing out rioters?
Ecig Accessory
Ecig Accessory 6 days ago
No they don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising but they spend millions of dollars for you to talk about it
Bernard Lawrence
Bernard Lawrence 6 days ago
Show of hands; how many of you have absolutely nothing to do with mint mobile?
pschotron 2025
pschotron 2025 7 days ago
I ordered a phone for my autistic son on the 15 th of June it got shipped from Florida to California and now it can't be found lost and no insurance on the item .called both USPS and mint mobile asked what happened I'm from Minnesota wtf.
Koli 7 days ago
idk man ryan reynolds kinda sounds like deadpool
Travis Larson
Travis Larson 7 days ago
Mint is the best
Kallum McKee
Kallum McKee 7 days ago
Hello dumb question but what are the odds this service is available in Canada.
K It
K It 7 days ago
I think if you eat enough mints it can make you feel different.
ALijAh JaMeS
ALijAh JaMeS 7 days ago
Can I get a Free Guy dvd for free please? I can’t wait much longer.
Nice Nice
Nice Nice 7 days ago
They should just get deadpool to do their ads. He can sell anything.
Sarah B
Sarah B 7 days ago
Any plans to expand into Canada? After all, you are a Vancouverite... would make sense to have an actually affordable telecommunications company in your country 🤷‍♀️
aradhya gupta
aradhya gupta 7 days ago
I literally thought that the actress was scarlett Johansson
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