Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2020

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Many games are filled with places to explore, but only a select few truly emphasize it in cool and meaningful ways. Here are our favorite examples for this year.
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#10 The Eternal Cylinder
Platform: TBA 2020
Release Date: PC
#9 Beyond Blue
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: April 17, 2020
#8 Occupy Mars
Platform: PC
Release Date: Coming 2020
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020
#6 Biomutant
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 202O
#5 Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS5 STADIA Xbox Series X
Release Date: TBA 2020
#4 Everwild
Platform: XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020
#3 Ghost of Tsushima
Platform: PS4
Release Date: July 17, 2020
#2 Cyberpunk 2077
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE 19 November 2020
Release Date: Stadia 2020
#1 Flight Simulator 2020
Platform: PC XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2020

Flash357 7 hours ago
Everspace is the one that the other unmentionable should have and LOT CHEAPER.
Mr. T
Mr. T 10 hours ago
This is actually a pretty dope line up
MindinViolet 22 hours ago
"Surrealist" is not the right word to describe Ghost of Tsushima. Perhaps "Impressionist" could be closer to the right idea?
HawYee Day ago
bro, how many times you gonna compare shit to breath of the wild, not everything is breath of the fucking wild holy shit
Mountain Man
Mountain Man 2 days ago
If you're mostly a PC-only video game channel, please label yourself as so in all your videos. I'm a console-only gamer and I'm only interested in console gaming. PC is not gaming.
The Shadow Walker
The Shadow Walker 2 days ago
Space games are only good if you can walk around as well.
mjolnir 2 days ago
Biomutant looks good, but I dont think it will be out this year. Feels lit its becoming ever more ambitious. Btw, what happened to ubisofts Gods and monsters?
LordChen 4 days ago
lol @ flight simulator number 1.
Mush Mmm
Mush Mmm 4 days ago
Took me about 50 hrs to get the platinum in ghost of Tsushima, great game👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
MrWhiteKnight 4 days ago
i bet that guy is around 30
Kai The Guy
Kai The Guy 4 days ago
beyond blue reminded me of ABZU :)
jerome dome
jerome dome 5 days ago
where is elite dangerous ? it has 400 billion star systems in a realistic milky way galaxy
Adam Konnertz
Adam Konnertz 5 days ago
A nice channel u got here. Unfortunately there`s nothing of interest for me in this vid. Im looking for an pure space-exploration game without comiclook. Most of the games I found are either cartoonish or more spacebattlesimlations or if possicle: both. Flying through space with or without crew, sending probes to planets, landing on them. Find space artifact. More the scientific side of space exploration with a feel of Mass Effect (without the combat). That would do it for me. Possibly I`m the only one who`s looking for something like that. X4 looks nice but it`s more about trading and building and leading an company with the ambience of MS Excel. Elite Dangerous Nevertheless: Keep up the good work. Looking 4ward to new vids.
XWolven 6 days ago
What about the real Breath of the Wild looking game that was most influenced by? I forget the name but it's supposed to be coming to America very soon and looks amazing.
My ASMR 6 days ago
Maybe Genshin Impact? It’s due to launch before October 2020
XWolven 6 days ago
Wow Biomutant I forgot all about, It has been in developement for a LONG time. Im so happy to see this is still coming out and looks amazing.
Wil 6 days ago
I can't wait until Biomutant comes out, only so youtubers will stop clickbaiting with hyper saturated thumbnails from the trailers.
Christian Schmitz
Christian Schmitz 6 days ago
In a perfect world there is a game with the beauty of shadow of the colossus, the combat of Bloodborne/Dark Souls and the sense of exploration of Breath of the Wild...
jay izzo
jay izzo 7 days ago
So if you pre-order cyberpunk an they push back the release for ps5 .
dannyboy1487 7 days ago
I haven't been this excited for an assassin's Creed game in years. I'm definitely pre ordering the collector's edition
Pixel Count
Pixel Count 5 days ago
Same here
Cleverenderminejr 7 days ago
Omg it’s spot from Boston dynamics
Party Quest
Party Quest 7 days ago
dying light not gonna come this year after all?! damn!
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 8 days ago
Where’s grounded???
Kai 9 days ago
I didn’t see this but I don’t wanna search. What’s the game in the thumbnail?
Actrue 9 days ago
your voice annoyed me in this one
Rebel Without a Clue
Rebel Without a Clue 9 days ago
A few games look great. Ghost of Tsushima is unreal. Excited for Bio Mutant. But I truly can't wait to get lost in a CD Project Red game again!
confusedbutok 9 days ago
What's a "holiday season"? The seasons are called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Everyone takes their holidays in the summer, so I'm guessing you mean July or August?
Anchovy 9 days ago
Will Assassin creed have a knight main charachter
Navin Pemarathne
Navin Pemarathne 9 days ago
I have been asking all this time.. And I am going to ask again.. What is the music that starts when it comes to the Flight Simulator part? (10:00)
Stefan Jensen
Stefan Jensen 10 days ago
you still hyping cyberpunk, holy shit yall must be biggest fanboys of this game XD
SanFranXclips 10 days ago
So he said Satisfactory is satisfying... and he didnt even pause and chuckle....???? 🤔 thas shady
Hudson Bryant
Hudson Bryant 11 days ago
Anybody else think they've mentioned Microsoft Flight Simulator about 12 too many times?
Broke Boi Visuals
Broke Boi Visuals 11 days ago
Assasins Creed is trash and Ghost of Tsushima is better
ShiroKain 11 days ago
It's ironic how 2020 sparked more open-world projects, since the whole lockdown thing I CAN'T WAIT THO
Jason Strom
Jason Strom 11 days ago
Thank god..... 10 great looking games and none seem to be pushing political narratives..... It's a friggin miracle😂.... Maybe 2020-2021 may not be so bad after!
Sleman Gerdy
Sleman Gerdy 12 days ago
10:03 me going to new york: 🛩 ````` ```````` ``````````` `````````````` `````````````````🏢🏢
Simulation One
Simulation One 12 days ago
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
coole video
The JJtao
The JJtao 12 days ago
Conspiracy theory. The dude from Let's Game It Out sounds like Falcon. Lets Game It Out played Satisfactory and some of those scenes were here and Falcon didn't say he did or didn't play it...
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
great video keep up the great content
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
coole video
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
nice video keep it up
Mk. 5
Mk. 5 12 days ago
everspace TWO falcon, i.e. the SEQUEL. the first game has already been out for years
MrKuma 12 days ago
i wanna get microsoft flight simulator and crash into my house
Sven Bro
Sven Bro 13 days ago
the first mention looks like a mix of Spore and Rick&Morty xD love it really nice games in this list
Paul M
Paul M 13 days ago
11:02 That's a funny mountain
Fireknight Phoenix
Fireknight Phoenix 13 days ago
I’m excited to play cyberpunk 2077
Bravo J
Bravo J 13 days ago
Ghost of Tsushima so awesome!
shane gladfelder
shane gladfelder 14 days ago
Dude ghost is the best game on this list. If you haven't played ghost your shooting yourself in the foot.
Connor Milkman
Connor Milkman 15 days ago
samurai simulator too many s's for one sentence* its only 2 XD
Kashish 16 days ago
Why am I watching this video? I don't even play games anymore
Amerlad mad
Amerlad mad 16 days ago
Larry Bermudez
Larry Bermudez 16 days ago
Everwild seems so nicely crafted, super stoked for it on the Xbox Series X
Sanbos Realm
Sanbos Realm 16 days ago
I was very happy to see bio mutant on this list, I was really worried the devs were abandoning that game
Leony 16 days ago
Instantly bought Ghost of Tsushima.
loafhero 18 days ago
"But you swim around the ocean" Nope, nope, nope.
prince devitt
prince devitt 19 days ago
Mass Effect seems like a lifetime ago. Still waiting for a game like that.
Diablo III
Diablo III 19 days ago
My girlfriend is going to be upset this holiday season😂🤣😂🤣. It’s Open World time again ✍️✍️✍️✍️
Regular Human Being
Regular Human Being 20 days ago
2020: When real world lets you down so they make games to make up for it.
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
William Guy Thilgen Jr. 20 days ago
Though one can utilize the program know as MS Flight Sim on an console, that doesn't make it a game any more than Google Earth is a game. Yes there are various aircraft on will be able to fly, but the who, what, where, when, why is entirely up to the pilot. There's NO actual content. Choose a plane and fly it!
Danigon876 20 days ago
Wish there would be a concrete release date for Biomutant, this year has already been annoying with everything going on causing delays further
DriftAFK66 5
DriftAFK66 5 20 days ago
I’m just here wondering where alicization lycoris is
Jaiden Hart
Jaiden Hart 20 days ago
This video pops up in my recommendations... Me having last played exploration game to be RL craft : "yes am ready!"
Kamlesh Sharma
Kamlesh Sharma 20 days ago
What happened to.the effin' voice
icklekim 20 days ago
AC looks to be the only game worth buying!
Tara Buso
Tara Buso 20 days ago
Allow me to say that the problems with these compilation videos is that there's too much cinematic but very little gameplay showing. I know that some games still have to be released and such, but in this case i would recommend not to mention them, because It makes no sense talking about a game without having the actual gameplay. There are tons of examples of games exhibiting spectacular intro videos and landscapes, while having some very shallow contents.
LVX Magick
LVX Magick 20 days ago
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan 20 days ago
how cool it would be if MS flight simulator's time & weather matches real life?
Hero Syndicate
Hero Syndicate 21 day ago
assasians creed syndicate was in lundon. not 3. syndicate is like the 5th
Keith Bloom
Keith Bloom 21 day ago
Really looking forward to EVERSPACE 2.
Justbase 21 day ago
just a tip, don't use the verb "try it out" when the game - early access or not - costs money. you dont try out stuff when you buy it, you either try it out or you buy it.
william justin
william justin 21 day ago
Biomutant looks like Braith of the wild but by the look of it will surely be less boring ... Don’t get me wrong the atmosphere in Zelda is nice but the game has huge flaws in my opinion .
Mic Ifhonce
Mic Ifhonce 21 day ago
Doesn't the last game : satisfactory is a game that has released before this year?
Not Avneet
Not Avneet 21 day ago
I would argue that ghost of tsushima is the best exploration game coming in 2020
AustynRox 22 days ago
but can you fly over area 51
Unholy one Same to
Unholy one Same to 22 days ago
The question is not time but space for flight simulator 2020
MILL IONS 22 days ago
Description #10 Platform TBA2020 Release date pc
Hayden Lee
Hayden Lee 22 days ago
Ghost of tushima before elden ring what a joke
Aeroga 22 days ago
i'm sick of open world games...
Ray Ledoux
Ray Ledoux 22 days ago
Ghost of tsushima is amazing i suggest you definitely buy it the deluxe edition is actually worth it you get pretty good armor and a house that doesn't show its true beauty until after you select it and ride it its golden and this game is one of the best games I have ever played top ten lifetime for sure
Van Man
Van Man 22 days ago
Watch dogs 3?