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Forgotten Realms History

3 years ago

The Xanathar is apparently going to release a book very soon entitled "Xanathar's guide to everything".
Well, I think that our audience should know that they are purchasing a book from a well known criminal network and that this is all most likely some sort of front for a more devious enterprise.
Outlined here is the History and Structure of The Xanathar, Waterdeep's most dangerous and deadly thieves guild.
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Chris Chapel
Chris Chapel Month ago
I love all your dnd videos
Chakra Darrat
Chakra Darrat 3 months ago
0/10 no mentions of syldar.
kenney0313 3 months ago
Sounds like U.S. PUBLIC POLICY LOL😂😂😂😂
Rodrigo Toledo
Rodrigo Toledo 3 months ago
Legendar BR pt
JanusHoW 9 months ago
So, I was playing in an Adventurer's League campaign, and our party of 1st level characters is in Waterdeep. Our first encounter is with Xanathar, one of my mind flayer assistants, and some Thugs. Luckily, he has better things to do than zap a few newbie adventurers and just leaves us to fight the thugs. Unfortunately, thugs (as described in the Monster Manual) still have two things that make them very dangerous to 1st-level characters...Pack Tactics, which gives them advantage on attack rolls if they have an ally within 5 feet of their target, and Multiattack, which gives them the ability to take two swings with their maces per attack action.
Yvonne Wilson
Yvonne Wilson 11 months ago
So each faction is set up like a pyramid scheme...while running pyramid schemes...got it.
Kuyalaw VA
Kuyalaw VA Year ago
Always thought Xanathar was a crazy Don Vito Corleone
Andy Crowley Sr.
Andy Crowley Sr. Year ago
Could you do a more in-depth video on the history of beholders and their kin?
Brent 2 years ago
I’m really liking these videos, please keep them coming : )
Pop_Bob69 2 years ago
Is the beholder in Baldur's gate Xanathar?
Doomsday Year ago
No but he has (er, had) a similar name. Xantam.
yossiharr 2 years ago
I have just subd last night Your work is beautyfull just beautyfull
TraciPeteyforlife 2 years ago
This is great the Beholders under Waterdeep are freaking awesome. Dangerous but very interesting.
Ryan McNamee
Ryan McNamee 2 years ago
Current Xanathar from "Xanathar's guide to everything" seems to be new. A very goofy persona but with the power to kill you with a stare.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Year ago
Ryan McNamee remember silgar
TheGeekadrome 3 years ago
beautiful video. love it
Graham 3 years ago
If I were to make a Forgotten Realms game, I'd want you on my team working with the writers
Graham 3 years ago
Oh, that's awesome. Is it 3d?
Rafael Portilho
Rafael Portilho 3 years ago
Wait, there is a shit ton of Beholders below Waterdeep??? Now all the overpowered novel characters, epic level wizards and active metallic dragons are justified.... (and I'm not being sarcastic)
deadbatsociety 3 years ago
so glad your back on it
deadbatsociety 3 years ago
Oh sh!# that was awesome
Kyle Maxwell
Kyle Maxwell 3 years ago
So Xanathar is the Dread Pirate Roberts...
Sam Levine
Sam Levine 3 years ago
Glad to see it going again. Hope all the house went well. What's next? How can we donate?
William Scott
William Scott 3 years ago
First video of the series I have seen, very well done, and I hope to see more. Thanks!
Carlos Pflucker
Carlos Pflucker 3 years ago
look for the ones about Halruua or Chult!!
MadHatterHimself 3 years ago
A Prayer of Oghma: "Lord of All Knowledge, Binder of What is Known: Make my eyes clear, my mind open, my heart true. Give me the wisdom to separate the lie from the truth. Give me the strength to accept what is so. My word is my steel, my reason my shield. And I shall fear no deception, for the truth remains. And Oghma has made me a lantern in the gloom, a compass in the wilds." -Dahl Peredur Basically says Subscribe.
MadHatterHimself 3 years ago
Very short note: Though all of this is the truth, it is important to note that the average Waterdhavian, though aware of the stories of Skullport and the Xanathar, consider both little more than embellished rumours and local legends, expressing the concept of such a social-structure existing within the City of Splendours, as ridiculous at best. In other words, as far as most of Faerûn is concerned, the Xanathar-Guild is little more than a fanciful legend akin to such preposterous tales as that of a ghostly dragon guarding the dungeons of Candlekeep, or the claim that a Dracolich is manipulating the majority of the criminal activity in Waterdeep and its nearby regions---........WHAT DO YOU MEAN THOSE ARE REAL?!!!
MadHatterHimself 3 years ago
Indeed. I'd definitively agree with this being from the angle of a Harper, or potentially a member of the Red Sashes. Particularly the line relating to the possible "positive" connection between the Guild and the Masked Lords cements it as such, as these organizations investigate everybody.
Adam Holcomb
Adam Holcomb 3 years ago
Great to see ya back in action with some cool lore of FR. Can't wait to see the next one🤗😎💯👍
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