Bringing Home My New Puppy! Puppy Reveal!

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Month ago

I picked up my puppy! This was such an exciting day to finally get my new puppy that is my very own! I love him so much and can't wait to share him with you!
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JustJordan33 Month ago
I’m so excited that you guys finally got to see my puppy for the first time!!! Tons of other puppy videos are coming soon so keep on the look out! What are some name suggestions for my puppy?💜
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 26 days ago
you should name him snicker or snickers cuz he kinda looks like a snickers bar
Sheila Hill
Sheila Hill 27 days ago
I have gone threw tons of Aussie names and here are some of my suggestions, bear, and Benji
Brianna Williams
Brianna Williams Month ago
@#1 Norris Nelson Gem YouTub3-Fizz I love your names
Cute Kaawaichicken
Cute Kaawaichicken Month ago
Amazing Dragon
Amazing Dragon Month ago
@Idiot Snow love them lol
Jiayi Liang
Jiayi Liang 8 hours ago
Awwwwwwww your puppy is so cute I wish I can live with you guys Your puppy should be called Oreo
Lucy Dial
Lucy Dial 16 hours ago
I'm getting a new puppy too!!!!
Aderike Ojedokun
Aderike Ojedokun 16 hours ago
What type of dog is it
Josh Blowes
Josh Blowes Day ago
Jordan made me decide what dog I want
Mackenzy Rodriguez
Mackenzy Rodriguez Day ago
Reese Harvey
Reese Harvey Day ago
That’s my dream dog
Alyssa Sweatt
Alyssa Sweatt Day ago
My toy Aussie has a blues and brown eyes and her name is ruby sue
Alyssa Sweatt
Alyssa Sweatt Day ago
I have a toy assie
tknotek1976 Day ago
He is he CUTEST!!
Camila M
Camila M Day ago
Jordan's nails said:👉👈😥
Crazy Kayleigh
Crazy Kayleigh Day ago
Jordan Atlas is sooooooo cute you deserve him ♥️ HE IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE 🗯 like if agree 👇🏼
Trevion Dedeaux
Trevion Dedeaux Day ago
Where did you get him from
Margaret Simms
Margaret Simms 2 days ago
Editing with Pembsadmin
Editing with Pembsadmin 2 days ago
is there a cut on ur eye or is that an eyelash/eyeliner?
soma 2 days ago
she is so cute ❤
Tina Stallard
Tina Stallard 3 days ago
Ice berg
Tina Stallard
Tina Stallard 3 days ago
Ooooooo it’s a mini Australian shepherd
Tina Stallard
Tina Stallard 3 days ago
Now I want a puppy
Tina Stallard
Tina Stallard 3 days ago
What type of puppy is it
Cali Williams
Cali Williams 3 days ago
Name ideas! Boy: blue or benny Girl: Rain he is so cute ♡︎♡︎
Fatima Drammeh
Fatima Drammeh 3 days ago
Asher so cute
silvia altamirano
silvia altamirano 3 days ago
The. Geander of the dog
Bull Muffins
Bull Muffins 3 days ago
He is so cute🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Sar rat
Sar rat 4 days ago
What dog is he
Chloe Angela Lamocha
Chloe Angela Lamocha 4 days ago
Name him benji
LouDan070608 4 days ago
You are ssoooo nice and sweet
LouDan070608 4 days ago
Your puppy is so cute he is amazing
Giana Lawrence
Giana Lawrence 4 days ago
hes so cute when I got my goolden doodle we saw a Australin Shepard
Zoey Johnson
Zoey Johnson 4 days ago
Breeder or rescue or is it just the foster mom
Zoey Johnson
Zoey Johnson 4 days ago
You got the dog from a breeder or a rescue?
Troy Scott
Troy Scott 4 days ago
I cried when you did I am happy for you I bet you feel the same way I did
Gavin Magnus Fan page
Gavin Magnus Fan page 4 days ago
I thank his name is Atlas
Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen 4 days ago
Atlas , Williams is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute please coment back
SAB Gaming
SAB Gaming 5 days ago
Do you still care about logan
Meryn & Efryn
Meryn & Efryn 5 days ago
Jordan and her puppy is just soo adorable 😍😁
Meryn & Efryn
Meryn & Efryn 2 days ago
What is your puppy's name 🐶🐶
Calia Chisholm
Calia Chisholm 5 days ago
I also have a mintier
Calia Chisholm
Calia Chisholm 5 days ago
Mintier osie and he is all brown and his name is fin and he looks like a little bear
You're a eejit
You're a eejit 5 days ago
Can we just say goodbye to that white rug in her room ;-;
Alya C'esaire
Alya C'esaire 5 days ago
Awwwww so cute
Alya C'esaire
Alya C'esaire 5 days ago
I'm your biggest fan
Alya C'esaire
Alya C'esaire 5 days ago
He sounds cute
Joanna Briones
Joanna Briones 5 days ago
How do you find a breeder because ima get a dog soon but I dont know how to find a breeder
Frankie Ledesma
Frankie Ledesma 6 days ago
You're dog looks like my dog a little
Ella Birkla
Ella Birkla 6 days ago
i got a miniature Australian Shepherd yesterday a a surprise. I love them !!!!
DONIKA KADRIA 6 days ago
krysia wojcik
krysia wojcik 6 days ago
when u said we love u to logan it was so cute and is logan a golden doodle
Shopie and Yaya
Shopie and Yaya 6 days ago
Brush why is everyone getting Australian shepherds
Ella _Extra Gaming Gaming
Ella _Extra Gaming Gaming 7 days ago
Also with the dog toy it’s not just missing people it’s also atlas teething
Mary Fred
Mary Fred 7 days ago
he is the CUTEST puppy ive EVER seen!
liza 7 days ago
Louise Stokes
Louise Stokes 7 days ago
i love your puppy
Amanda Bethune
Amanda Bethune 7 days ago
you all ready told us the breed ???
Leyla Duman
Leyla Duman 8 days ago
Name him hank
Hina Usman
Hina Usman 8 days ago
U r the best jordan
CHLOE MARTIN 8 days ago
They look the same too
Abbie Phelan
Abbie Phelan 8 days ago
You should make an action for the new dog
UwU_ Afton
UwU_ Afton 8 days ago
Your puppy us do adorable
UwU_ Afton
UwU_ Afton 8 days ago
Judith L.
Judith L. 8 days ago
U can name the dog pepper
Heaven Ousley
Heaven Ousley 8 days ago
it is so cute, i have one to her name is Luna we call her lulu
P. J.
P. J. 9 days ago
Um what is his type
Charlotte Oellermann
Charlotte Oellermann 9 days ago
Stop I can't take it my dog died and I'm crying he's so cute and my family cant get one cause of lockdown
Tammy Groves
Tammy Groves 9 days ago
Meredith Talbot
Meredith Talbot 9 days ago
He is so cute😇🤗😍
Anah Reyes
Anah Reyes 9 days ago
Kaaya sadana
Kaaya sadana 10 days ago
The way go curls up his tongue is adorable!!!
Rhyleigh Harrington
Rhyleigh Harrington 10 days ago
I was crying this entire video because soon I'm going to pick up my new puppy
CNicolePlays 10 days ago
Australian shepherds are so cute. Their eyes are so beautiful. So glad you got one.
Lucinda Killington
Lucinda Killington 11 days ago
He is so cute 😃
Elli 11 days ago
Australian shepherds are my favorite type of dog so when I saw this video I clicked it as soon as i could
Brylie Waywood
Brylie Waywood 11 days ago
I have a Australian sheaped to
Harerta Yaried
Harerta Yaried 11 days ago
Think his name should be rex
Leah J And Tamsygirl
Leah J And Tamsygirl 12 days ago
you should make him a youtube channla
Kyleigh Rajner
Kyleigh Rajner 12 days ago
I might get the dog just like him 😃
Saydee Brooke
Saydee Brooke 12 days ago
A name suggestion is Oliver if it’s a boy and rosey if it’s a girl
Allie Catt
Allie Catt 12 days ago
Allie Catt
Allie Catt 12 days ago
You deserve that puppy soooooooooo soooooo much
Debbie Woosley
Debbie Woosley 12 days ago
Hi im savanna I just got a minerature Australian Shepherd mix i dont know what he's mixed with tho he is mostly white a little reddish he's is SO fluffy his name is Cooper🐶🐶
aji abraham
aji abraham 12 days ago
I was thinking the name jayden
Mery angalista ratnarajah
Mery angalista ratnarajah 12 days ago
Maybe Cooper or Charlie as a name
Ahwbree Owen
Ahwbree Owen 12 days ago
Me and my rabbit we're like twins she's just like me mostly
Áďa Největší Mmer světa
Áďa Největší Mmer světa 13 days ago
Awww Soo very cutee ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Charley Sweeney
Charley Sweeney 13 days ago
Dallas Brown
Dallas Brown 13 days ago
What kind of dog is it
Hxney Rp
Hxney Rp 14 days ago
Atlas maybe
Hxney Rp
Hxney Rp 14 days ago
Give me the puppppyyyy
Tasheena Howerton
Tasheena Howerton 14 days ago
How old are you
Celebwetti 14 days ago
That was the Dog I was going to get
Emma Micco
Emma Micco 14 days ago
valentina corbin
valentina corbin 15 days ago
you said the dog breed in your other video wich is called puppy shoping haul but the puppy is cute!!!
Delaney CimFam
Delaney CimFam 15 days ago
when she cried it made me soft ugh 🥺
tigersGal2003 15 days ago
Your puppy is so cute
R Richardson
R Richardson 15 days ago
R Richardson
R Richardson 15 days ago
Emma Baartman
Emma Baartman 15 days ago
He's so cute
Chelsea Deskins
Chelsea Deskins 15 days ago
boy name. Oscar Ethan. Aden Flynn Girl name. Lexie Joy. Skyler Abbi
MidnightWolf Gaming YT
MidnightWolf Gaming YT 15 days ago
sorry jordan i fint watch ur video cuz i need to ficus school and its mah bday so mah dad give my cellphone only for one days so i need watch this 😬😄
Meals Platz
Meals Platz 15 days ago
Hi I have questions what dog is it
Katelynn Garrett
Katelynn Garrett 16 days ago
Lucy Johnson
Lucy Johnson 16 days ago
you should name him clover!!
Olivia Diorio
Olivia Diorio 16 days ago
I have two dogs and they are so cute and so is yours byw love your yt
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