Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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CORPSE Husband Gaming & Clips

13 days ago

Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: usshow.info
Minx: usshow.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: usshow.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

pepe poopoo
pepe poopoo 8 minutes ago
5:00 is what youre looking for :D
k3nnachu :3
k3nnachu :3 16 minutes ago
•The Weirdos•
•The Weirdos• 19 minutes ago
is no one gonna talk about how much of a *SIMP* he is?
xtiiq 23 minutes ago
kajjafeelfree 34 minutes ago
5:04 “straight to hell buddy” The cherry on the top for the perfect betrayal
3xplain 36 minutes ago
I like how Corpse's voice is so deep but his laugh is so high :>
Kurazari Chan
Kurazari Chan 53 minutes ago
Oh neat. I also have tourettes XD
Sweatymaxel The fornite god
Sweatymaxel The fornite god Hour ago
5:00 is when he says straight to hell
Hannah Gimotea
Hannah Gimotea Hour ago
tubbo is like corpse's baby bro here tho theyre relationship is so cute HAHHAAH
益Sᴋʏᴋᴜɴᴏ益 Hour ago
At 7:41 Anita winks then does the middle finger-
Luvx ._.
Luvx ._. Hour ago
Tubbo has beast boy voice XD anyone thought that like me ?
Matthew Zoccolillo
Matthew Zoccolillo Hour ago
Me: look mom I made new friends Corpse: look mom I killed my new friends
spicy_tiger_roll Hour ago
Corpse is a savage 😂😂😂
Nikki Moon
Nikki Moon Hour ago
Your laugh sounds like Felix just deeper😂
Nelly Bully
Nelly Bully Hour ago
"Enjoy me killing my new friends again"
Allisson Vaz
Allisson Vaz 2 hours ago
your voice is too good i need to subscribe !
Aidenthelittgod☑️ 2 hours ago
I did his voice pefect
Jhinko THE PUNISHER 2 hours ago
Anita's tourretes sounds like a twitter noti
Uber Jason
Uber Jason 2 hours ago
Why don’t corpse just say sorry about this tubbo
Znar 2 hours ago
That voice Deeper
Furian76 2 hours ago
Honestly man, watching your channel has been very enjoyable. I have tried watching others, but yours just plays better for some reason. Really like the mix of other tubers you play with as well.
Moe C.
Moe C. 2 hours ago
There was so much backstory and plot in the last match, I thought I was watching a Naruto episode.
Red Sus
Red Sus 2 hours ago
My fav line: Where we going? STRAIGHT TO HELL BUDDY!
ZEthe Living arsenal
ZEthe Living arsenal 2 hours ago
There is another ze....aahh!!!!
Alexander Molina
Alexander Molina 3 hours ago
It’s not yoshi it’s the koroks from botw
Kid Fig
Kid Fig 3 hours ago
Tubbo: "Where we going, big man?" Corpse: "Straight to hell, buddy" I love it... best line ever said in the history of best lines ever said. *chef kiss*
Alex Play_Game
Alex Play_Game 3 hours ago
5:00 it is here
cookie_eleftheria 3 hours ago
Look at anita in 9:53
ItsAwoken 3 hours ago
Y corpse voice so fckin deep
Slade, Bestest Sergal
Slade, Bestest Sergal 3 hours ago
Who tf is this Ray Mak guy? Y’all see him everywhere too?
Klorox Wipes
Klorox Wipes 3 hours ago
its such a great touch that the facecams of the dead people are greyed out
JOVRN3Y :3 3 hours ago
I love tubbo too much
Ryuk Editz&Games
Ryuk Editz&Games 3 hours ago
New Video Name: Tubbo simpped the HELL out of me
Anproyo 3 hours ago
Straight to hell buddy: 5:01
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes 3 hours ago
What the frick your so good at imposter jeez what the now ima go to the hospital because my jaw just drop I have to get this fix
Mark Musembi
Mark Musembi 3 hours ago
This is y u do not keep your friends stop murdering
Stxrmy_Rblx 3 hours ago
Okay I love botez’s voice so much Idk if I spelled that right
Stephani Arredondo
Stephani Arredondo 4 hours ago
Pov: Corpes makes a vid hes imposter
yasin arobye
yasin arobye 4 hours ago
Wolf 4 hours ago
When he didn’t even do medbay scan
XuanMoOfficial玄墨哥哥 4 hours ago
corpse laugh is so addictive
nathan lutundula
nathan lutundula 4 hours ago
CourageJD :are there 2 imposters among us? Botezlive :yeah Me: 1: thats a dead give away its corpse 2: why would there be 1 ??
FG_Vexi 4 hours ago
I know who Anita is. She was on a Sidemen tinder in real life video
CETRRI 4 hours ago
My friend says I sound like you
Normal dude
Normal dude 4 hours ago
U should probably link corpse husband under channels
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 4 hours ago
It should be the other way around lmao. Corpse's main channel has so much more subs compared to his gaming channel (this one)
Caitlin L.
Caitlin L. 4 hours ago
210savageking Young God's
210savageking Young God's 4 hours ago
Why is corpse so big brain
Editor For Sale
Editor For Sale 4 hours ago
Can we talk about how cute Anita‘s tweets are? 🥺 If you didn’t know Tourette’s is a disease that causes you to make random actions like saying things/ moving your body called ‘Ticks‘, and Anita‘s tweets were ticks.
Smol Wigga
Smol Wigga 5 hours ago
Came here because of the memes. I was not disappointed.
salaisui mawng
salaisui mawng 5 hours ago
Corpse saying, " new friends" Is so cute
Miguel Freitas
Miguel Freitas 5 hours ago
Oh wow, these games were straight up amazing xD
NvC Nathan
NvC Nathan 5 hours ago
S A N S. U N D E R T A L E D E L T A R U N E S S B U
Kermit is Yes
Kermit is Yes 5 hours ago
o k
o k 5 hours ago
"Welcome to the afterlife where you get betrayed" -5up
Tororo2O9 5 hours ago
You have a voice like whiskey on the rocks. Strong, smooth, and just that lovely touch of grit. I'd pay to hear you read philosophy book.
Little MissNobudy
Little MissNobudy 5 hours ago
Why does she have the cutest tics tho 🥺
You Sus
You Sus 5 hours ago
I read the thumbnail as “Straight to hell buddy” “Where we headin”
Blue Harty
Blue Harty 5 hours ago
Tubbo: "I will keep this man alive to the ends of the earth" Me: same dude
Just Sumo
Just Sumo 5 hours ago
Y’a she’s Canadian I am 2 but there’s a stereotype saying Canadians beat each other with sticks and run around with knives on their feet lol
Jack Messier
Jack Messier 6 hours ago
Cookie tu1
Cookie tu1 6 hours ago
Do you know what kind of memes they make of you on tt?
Ivano Gamer Boi
Ivano Gamer Boi 6 hours ago
This dude is my new fucking favourite youtuber i want to listen to his voice 24/7 without interruption
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham 6 hours ago
Most epic last kill words ever Tubbo: “where we going?” Corpse: “straight to hell buddy” murders him instantly winning
Flvoq 6 hours ago
FroZen Cravey
FroZen Cravey 6 hours ago
Botez is so beautiful and I love her accent❤️😍
Yamoto Kino
Yamoto Kino 6 hours ago
Ohh my goooshhh, i love his voice, i fall in love
DynamiteD 7 hours ago
REF 7 hours ago
Hello, welcome to the afterlife, to your left is Betrayed by Corpse Anonymous
STARY GLAZE 7 hours ago
Ahhhh i love corpse laugh 🥰🥰🥰
John Hadnot
John Hadnot 8 hours ago
gazaman gamer
gazaman gamer 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who think he sound exactly as Sylvester stallone
YZEKE 8 hours ago
Courage didn't know that it was anita who was whistlin
Sans 8 hours ago
Even if I made him have a bad time he would snap my neck
rogurt 8 hours ago
Botezlive sounds like Jojo Siwa
userLG6 8 hours ago
i like how you can have secret meetings and make cults with proximity chat
SwerxyDC 8 hours ago
Corpse the type of guy to say “that’s to funny” without laughing
Andrew Heal
Andrew Heal 9 hours ago
Did you play with me before i joined someones game with the name CORPSE and dont know if it was you or not
aeen 8 hours ago
It's not him
Absoc 8 hours ago
Probably not
Frost Bite
Frost Bite 9 hours ago
Hearing Corpse say "straight to hell, buddy" made me feel things I never felt before
Gab Gargaceran
Gab Gargaceran 9 hours ago
Tubbo: "So where are we going buddy?" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy" Tubbo: *Unknown noises*
owl 9 hours ago
i love this lobby
LDShadowCat 9 hours ago
I love how noone is mentoning that corpse actually completed the swipe card
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 hours ago
Red: ay yo this edible ain’t sh- *dies* Don’t do drugs like red. You will die.
Louis Valenzuela
Louis Valenzuela 9 hours ago
Hey corpse I was in one of zmdes vids
Shashank Chauhan
Shashank Chauhan 9 hours ago
We need more videos corpse ??????
SkatingProductions1 9 hours ago
Botez 😍
Undead Justice
Undead Justice 10 hours ago
We are we going? Straight to hell buddy 😈
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 9 hours ago
Tubbo: where we heading Corpse saying it jn a creepy voice :straight to hell buddy
james L
james L 10 hours ago
how do we do this proximity thing!!!!
BlindSide o0
BlindSide o0 10 hours ago
sooooo maaaaaaany aaaaads
White Power
White Power 10 hours ago
why did anita wink multiple times 6:12
Absoc 8 hours ago
She has tourrettes
GD RubyDigger54321
GD RubyDigger54321 10 hours ago
7:01 prb should have blurred out the middle finger. Good think I don’t watch any of you
Mahmud Mərdanlı
Mahmud Mərdanlı 10 hours ago
pls corpse cam
Theophania Chong
Theophania Chong 10 hours ago
Lime: where we going? Corpse straight to hell buddy Lime: NOOOO
Salah Shable
Salah Shable 10 hours ago
I would kill Myself to be corpse plz laugh or else
Useless 10 hours ago
Bald Rat
Bald Rat 11 hours ago
daddy corpse
Dman Math
Dman Math 11 hours ago
I am such a big fan
Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr
Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr 11 hours ago
Hol' the F up,how did corpse sound when he was young!!?!?!??!
Absoc 2 minutes ago
@Taylormine ! idk it was probably still deep as he said it has to do with genetics as well
Taylormine !
Taylormine ! 2 hours ago
probably pretty normal, his voice is slowly getting deeper as the years go by because of some throat diseases he has. It hasn't always been insanely deep lol
Kimomi Chan
Kimomi Chan 11 hours ago
''i have corpse as a friend hes so trusty im glad to have him as a frie-'' *STABITTY STAB STAB* corpse:''i am a very good friend indeed''
Dd Ws
Dd Ws 11 hours ago
Tubbo: where we heading Corpse saying it jn a creepy voice :straight to hell buddy
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