Rod Wave - Rags 2 Riches Ft. Lil Baby & ATR SonSon (Official Audio)

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2 months ago

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YUUTO MOSHII 35 minutes ago
fries and chicken
Ty Rian Guns
Ty Rian Guns 3 hours ago
broke to rich
Michael Southerland
Michael Southerland 7 hours ago
Love this song
Derick Walker
Derick Walker 7 hours ago
Calvin Tidar
Calvin Tidar 8 hours ago
I knew this song from ball in instagram
miltonsimpson1 8 hours ago
LilBaby is the GoatMc just ask Me the 2020 into 2021 GodEmcee
Taylor Mccord
Taylor Mccord 15 hours ago
This shit stay on repeat
LaNardo Beverly
LaNardo Beverly 15 hours ago
Lil baby went off 😂
Panda Roblox
Panda Roblox 15 hours ago
hehehe... Read more
young jit
young jit 16 hours ago
who else think lil baby did that on this song‼️❌
Harold Crespo
Harold Crespo 17 hours ago
I can’t get out of my head the fries and chicken
Denise Simmons
Denise Simmons 18 hours ago
Kia O'Bryant
Kia O'Bryant 18 hours ago
what sup rod wave what sup lil baby i really like your videos
Marw Mimi
Marw Mimi 19 hours ago
Blacc Panther
Blacc Panther Day ago
I haven't been here for awhile I've been listening to the fries and chicken parody. Anyone else?
ashley orange
ashley orange Day ago
my shit
itsrexxe !
itsrexxe ! Day ago
Fire 🔥
Samantha Lemaster
Samantha Lemaster Day ago
I love this song
Patricia Vines
Patricia Vines Day ago
I like this song my boyfriend cheated on me he made me real sad
jadonyia williams
jadonyia williams Day ago
Addiesworld Day ago
I’m sorry listening to this all I cloud think about is I want some fried chicken-
Samaria Stamps
Samaria Stamps Day ago
i love this song
Jason Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez Day ago
ya gotta hear this
Pancho. Loco
Pancho. Loco Day ago
When he said my girl the realest I know how to pick them.... I didn’t feel that
Ahmad Khalid
Ahmad Khalid 2 days ago
1:58 ngl thats kinda sus
Thabadkidzeditz 2 days ago
i’m here before this hit 1m🔥
Christopher William
Christopher William 2 days ago
Praid for that more than anything then got handed a joker gone wild !
Bobby Little
Bobby Little 2 days ago
This lit
Dorothy Tramun
Dorothy Tramun 2 days ago
This hit the spot cuz me and my bro got jumped
No stattus
No stattus 2 days ago
Who still watches this rn in 2020 the 10 hours?? Like u will be rich in 20 days
Tresean Gore
Tresean Gore 2 days ago
My Favorite part is the when that beat Drop!!!
Michael Fernandez
Michael Fernandez 2 days ago
Me when my mom asks what me and my friends were up to 1:56
Perfect Illusion
Perfect Illusion 2 days ago
It’s the hook for me 🔥🔥👌🏽
Margaret Sanders
Margaret Sanders 2 days ago
I like it when he said cause that type of s don't face a player this type of s is what make a hater I like song's on USshow Im 7 years old That's why i can't say the s word I like your music NBA youngboy.
Willy May
Willy May 2 days ago
Texas Hottie
Texas Hottie 2 days ago
This and that lucci made for me are my motivators
Denise Bellamy
Denise Bellamy 2 days ago
toflyjay123 Nafield
toflyjay123 Nafield 2 days ago
Rod wave
Jessica L.
Jessica L. 2 days ago
This song is on 🔥
Kenneth Reasons
Kenneth Reasons 2 days ago
Dre Ducharme
Dre Ducharme 3 days ago
Txmmy Terrxr
Txmmy Terrxr 3 days ago
Jose Montero
Jose Montero 3 days ago
All I can hear from rod wave is “I want some fries and chicken a side of biscuits that ain’t enough for me I want a number 3”
Noah Abrasley
Noah Abrasley 3 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 rod wave and lil baby
Tenaya Simpson
Tenaya Simpson 3 days ago
Sherrell H
Sherrell H 3 days ago
Love this song I listen to it everyday❤️
Target094turbid Lopez
Target094turbid Lopez 3 days ago
Victoria Salinas
Victoria Salinas 3 days ago
I will forever love this song❤️
Pancho. Loco
Pancho. Loco 3 days ago
This best hit harder then what my daddy would hit me when I got in trouble
CrazyBoutMoney Entertainment
CrazyBoutMoney Entertainment 3 days ago 4kt
Krystal Jeffries
Krystal Jeffries 3 days ago
Frazier Family8
Frazier Family8 3 days ago
Hans and the Zeibs
Hans and the Zeibs 3 days ago
My girlfriend didn't like this song... now she's single.
Micheala Jones
Micheala Jones Day ago
MOE SAVAGE 2 days ago
She at my crib now
Madeindade All
Madeindade All 2 days ago
kodak kodak
kodak kodak 3 days ago
Why yall take lil tecca shii den leave em out
Pookie Corleone
Pookie Corleone 3 days ago
Lil Baby Verse 🔥
Glizzy Ghoulzy
Glizzy Ghoulzy 3 days ago
give me some fries in chicken
amber reddic
amber reddic 3 days ago
Nelson Martinez
Nelson Martinez 3 days ago
He needa put Rick Ross on the REMIX 🔥🔥🔥🍔🍗🍕
Maria Halle
Maria Halle 3 days ago
Robin Grant
Robin Grant 3 days ago
first amendment audit
Brian Henley
Brian Henley 4 days ago
This song fire
LTM NINJA -_- 4 days ago
Claim yo 1 subscribe ticket here
Shanta Hollie
Shanta Hollie 4 days ago
Mane sum serious frfr 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 4 days ago
His cute
Justin Pardue
Justin Pardue 4 days ago
Cyrus Wooten
Cyrus Wooten 4 days ago
Cyrus Wooten
Cyrus Wooten 4 days ago
Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson 4 days ago
Love it ❤️ my grandson listens too this song
Cyrus Wooten
Cyrus Wooten 4 days ago
Rags to riches!🙏🙌🙌
steve condon
steve condon 4 days ago
Cool boy pray you
Marcus Navas
Marcus Navas 5 days ago
Remy January
Remy January 5 days ago
xuhysvuydazt7ysgy Thats all i have to say
Jamire Warner
Jamire Warner 5 days ago
This jawn smack. But I can't relate. Im still rags lol.
marquetta betts
marquetta betts 5 days ago
Very good song
Nevaeh Watson
Nevaeh Watson 5 days ago
turn up on it
Richetta Worlds
Richetta Worlds 5 days ago
Vera Aaron
Vera Aaron 5 days ago
Like and reply
Sade Williams
Sade Williams 5 days ago
Love how it start and lil baby went in
L.E.X Koupe
L.E.X Koupe 5 days ago
Aaaaa🔥🔥I like bro
Danica Crayton
Danica Crayton 5 days ago
rags & riches
Lakisha Jones
Lakisha Jones 5 days ago
My favorite song love this one 😘
Malik Barnes
Malik Barnes 5 days ago
Sp33dyBeanz 5 days ago
rod wave is like a fatter r kelly
Jamesha Watson
Jamesha Watson 5 days ago
what is it even a thumb down button dis song is FIRE!!
Shayleen Pranks
Shayleen Pranks 6 days ago
Capricia Barbour
Capricia Barbour 6 days ago
On repeat
Hxpnotix REAPER
Hxpnotix REAPER 6 days ago
Jk best song ever lesting everyday
Hxpnotix REAPER
Hxpnotix REAPER 6 days ago
April Flowers
April Flowers 6 days ago
I'm here
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 6 days ago
For the money and
Marshaun Palomares
Marshaun Palomares 6 days ago
Fries & chicken
Nashby Saint Jean
Nashby Saint Jean 6 days ago
justin holloman
justin holloman 7 days ago
Check out 4e-Smoke-4Eternity🔥🔥💫
Alex Faatz
Alex Faatz 7 days ago
Real deep💯🔥💪🏻 die in these streets are get saved by the system🤐✌🏻
Cake’n Up Tv
Cake’n Up Tv 7 days ago
The Elite Dragon
The Elite Dragon 7 days ago
I play this everyday
The Elite Dragon
The Elite Dragon 7 days ago
Can't wait to turn nothing into something
Kenesha Hampton
Kenesha Hampton 7 days ago
Christie Seibert
Christie Seibert 7 days ago
New Tupac!!!! We needed this kid
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