It's taken me years to make this video...

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Liza Koshy

11 days ago

This Party of One is now a party for all. I am beyond proud to present to you our baby, One of One. My clean skin care and makeup line with @cestmoibeauty, is now available for your indulgence. You deserve a daily celebration of your self-expression, and as a professional hype-woman, it’s my job to remind you of the powerful, playful potential in you. We lovingly created One of One to help you celebrate the only you there will ever be. Welcome to your party, the pleasure is absolutely mine.
It can all be yours now! Shop our whole collection here:
• My gift to you: Use the code BUNDLESOFJOY to get 20% off all sets. PLUS, enjoy free shipping. PLUS, get a free gift (the Glossay) on all orders $40 and up! Shop on:
• Want the Think Twice eyeliners? Sure:
• Want to Milk It? You got it:
• Want the Face Mask Artist Set? Gotchu:
• Want my favorite creation of all? HERE MY FRIEND:
Thank you for always partying with me.
I am so lucky to do this with you.
Thank you, always.
All my love,

McKayla Ujakovich
McKayla Ujakovich 4 minutes ago
The one of one rant made me feel so happy :’)
Itohan Amayo
Itohan Amayo 8 minutes ago
I love her energy forever 😭💕
Sara Gigliotti
Sara Gigliotti 33 minutes ago
so happy for u liza
Chino Ireneo
Chino Ireneo 48 minutes ago
Im a guy who doesnt do skin care (and it shows) and I still want this. I hope it delivers through it all! This brand has an amazing vision.
Kaiza Boozle
Kaiza Boozle Hour ago
What was the song in the intro?? I need to know
Pug Turtle
Pug Turtle Hour ago
Idk why but like I can just *SMELL* the *ESSENCE* Liza sprayed-
Pug Turtle
Pug Turtle Hour ago
“It’s 2020, I had to delete all my dreams, EXCEPT THIS ONE, WHOOHOOOOO!!” I-okay, um yes I mean, it is 2020-and it’s gonna end soon OSNWKW
Farhana Febriana
Farhana Febriana 2 hours ago
I miss u lizza 🥺🥲
Ma Christina Cruz
Ma Christina Cruz 2 hours ago
Lmao she is crazy🤣😂
Rachael hazen
Rachael hazen 2 hours ago
Omfg I’m in happy tears over here!! I am soooo happy and proud for you!! You are a literal gift 🥰😍
Olivia Burrows
Olivia Burrows 3 hours ago
i am proud of you
audri arellano
audri arellano 3 hours ago
I am so proud of you, Liza ❤️ I cant wait to use such a healthy alternative for makeup. Yay 💕
Hélène Laufer
Hélène Laufer 3 hours ago
I love it!! The energy, the mood, everything! BUT what’s going on with lines of balls behind you ?? Are they supposed to be upside down heart ??? I’m confused
Jemark Rallos
Jemark Rallos 3 hours ago
What title of the intro song hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahatheheckhahahahahahahahahqhacananyonesaytome
Lily-Brenda Lawrence
Lily-Brenda Lawrence 3 hours ago
our little brown girl is gone guys that’s it
justme33 4 hours ago
Thanks youtube for the notification A WEEK LATER!!!! Anyways i know nothing about makeup or skin care but i want it because its cheap its a pretty packaging its vegan non toxic fragrance free like who doesn't want that?! Thank you for your time stay safe
Danica Luna-DiGiacomo
Danica Luna-DiGiacomo 4 hours ago
Are those butts of balls on the whiteboard behind you?
Pearl Ivy
Pearl Ivy 4 hours ago
Rebecca Varghese
Rebecca Varghese 5 hours ago
This collection looks amazing, I’m definitely purchasing this
Jala Shing
Jala Shing 5 hours ago
we missed you liza
R A 5 hours ago
Wooooohooooo she's back!!!!!!!
Jenna Winters
Jenna Winters 5 hours ago
I just, I just, I love her so much -
greattvshows452 6 hours ago
I mean . . . that video opening alone was worth the wait !
Wolves 6 hours ago
"It's 2020 I had to delete all of my dreams.'" S*** could not be anymore true
May Carvana
May Carvana 6 hours ago
Wait did I just get an ad for her beauty line while I was watching this😂😂
May Carvana
May Carvana 6 hours ago
So sis runs a successful USshow channel, as an actress, and now has a beauty line😳🥳
mikaela vo
mikaela vo 7 hours ago
seeing her happy and excited and proud and all of the above just for us to have us amazing 🥺❤️
Josh Charles
Josh Charles 7 hours ago
You're too old to be this annoying
Debbie Gary
Debbie Gary 8 hours ago
MiFi4eSkIy CHELL 8 hours ago
Ничего не понимаю, но очень интересно
Nahaila Willey
Nahaila Willey 8 hours ago
Tyler Walsh
Tyler Walsh 8 hours ago
Wassup Liza koshy
the girl with the sun in her head
the girl with the sun in her head 8 hours ago
Does anyone hear that? It's Gabbies Hanna cursing jealously yet again.
aola wili
aola wili 8 hours ago
I love how she can't stop smiling the whole video! She is back to being herself and loving herself 😍
Katilyn Boyer
Katilyn Boyer 8 hours ago
I bet Hyram is so excited
Femké Wobben
Femké Wobben 9 hours ago
Omg I can see the amount of passion and love that went into this and it overwhelms me with joy how happy and proud of yourself you are!! We need more energy like this ,and people like you in this world 😍❤️
Sherima Sherian
Sherima Sherian 9 hours ago
Liza: *Posts* Me: Oh what the heck are we gonna watch now?
Alisha Kirsten
Alisha Kirsten 9 hours ago
Are those drawings of testicles in the back? Love the make up and the idea behind it even more! :)
Erzebeth Gallegos
Erzebeth Gallegos 10 hours ago
My question is what is the drawing/picture that’s on the shelf...
Joanna Gonzalez
Joanna Gonzalez 10 hours ago
First makeup will be liza’s 😌 if I ever wear makeup doe
TheMixdbeauty 10 hours ago
mo Mo
mo Mo 10 hours ago
She’s way better than lily singh
April Walker
April Walker 10 hours ago
paige alayne
paige alayne 11 hours ago
liza you’ll never see this comment but girl i am so proud of you. i feel like i’ve grown up w you being as i’ve viewed your videos ( etc ) since i was a child - how much confidence you’ve gained etc and how happy of a person you are is just so amazing and it’s so awesome to see you doing so well. STAY HAPPY PLS AND THANK YOU FOR BEINF SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR U AND THIS BRAND LIZA I LOVE YOU YOU’RE AMAZING
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez 12 hours ago
No your Mel b
Ariel M.
Ariel M. 12 hours ago
Do we have to laugh like that when we put on the first product lol
Ariel M.
Ariel M. 12 hours ago
She sounds like emma Chamberlain
Sarah bh
Sarah bh 12 hours ago
We now need a hair routine girl !!!!!
Megan McLeod
Megan McLeod 13 hours ago
wanted that cleanser since she used it in the vogue beauty secrets video ngl
MysticalHippo 13 hours ago
Its bothering me that she has her head tilted throughout this video she doesnt straighten out
Omolara Ogundimu
Omolara Ogundimu 13 hours ago
8:40 when liza blurred it out and forgot about the mirror at the back.loll
Marissa Joinson
Marissa Joinson 13 hours ago
Congrats Liza! Your passion is contagious, your products look amazing and the intro was DOPE. #longtimelistener 💝 Thank you for all you do, with that big ol 💚 of yours, You deserve the success you've created by bringing your love and fantastic gifts to the world... I just don't get why the haters got to hate, what's up with the negative comments?? You ain't hurting no one, just doing your thing! Just know that you bring joy to my family... 😘
Sas Ali
Sas Ali 14 hours ago
That intro is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen 😭
Эва Тян
Эва Тян 16 hours ago
Что я только что посмотрела? Привет из россии
AnySleep IsGoodSleep
AnySleep IsGoodSleep 16 hours ago
Wow GH is so jealous lmao
AnySleep IsGoodSleep
AnySleep IsGoodSleep 16 hours ago
Ahhhh I love this line!! (Haven’t tried yet) but foundation, lotion & spf?! 👏
Joy Mwendwa
Joy Mwendwa 17 hours ago
0:03 👁️👄👁️it flew
Jada Marie
Jada Marie 17 hours ago
Why was the end so sad when she said byeeee 🥺
Orchestre canadi Mohamed el Hilali
Orchestre canadi Mohamed el Hilali 18 hours ago
Wishing you all a happy day
whyyouneed mynametho
whyyouneed mynametho 19 hours ago
So lizas thick now
slush-o-matic mike!
slush-o-matic mike! 15 hours ago
Dude she has self-esteem problems, leave
Valeria 19 hours ago
Sad Liza became one of DOES youtubers...
QB Nicole
QB Nicole 19 hours ago
It’s the affordability....FA ME
LaPoems Fasil
LaPoems Fasil 20 hours ago
ok so like I am very happy for you and everything like ✨GIRL POWER✨ but like the reason u and david broke up was so u guys can succeed in life now that u have done that..... where is my “we’re dating again” videooooo
Miranda Padilla
Miranda Padilla 20 hours ago
It’s like she grew up... ):
Madilynn McConnell
Madilynn McConnell 20 hours ago
ive been here for years and im so proud of you liza, and im so happy that I got to grow up with you and your channel. I can't say enough how much I love you and idolize you but thank you so much for everything! 💕💕
Niya123 Amazing
Niya123 Amazing 20 hours ago
Lizza I’m your biggest fan
jaslyn windham
jaslyn windham 22 hours ago
Love this I’ve been looking for a great brand of beauty product that I can use on my sensitive skin and I’ve seen this commercial so many times but wanted a break down of these products so I’m glad you made this amazing video I missed youuuu and glad you’re doing GREAT things 🎉🎉🎉🤗
Maite Lovos
Maite Lovos 22 hours ago
Mercedes. 22 hours ago
Tell me why I genuinely thought that she was going to say "the breakup" was actually a prank 😭😭😭😭 I miss them 😔....
Jilli 22 hours ago
I actually thought this was gonna be about her loving herself
Ninja DV
Ninja DV 22 hours ago
When will you get back with David
shayli ugolini
shayli ugolini 22 hours ago
Libby Rae
Libby Rae 22 hours ago
either this is about to be the best thing in my entire life or i’m bout to join a cult
Secret Institution
Secret Institution 22 hours ago
Did anybody else think this was gonna be about D I know it’s been awhile but I just need more they took time apart but it wasn’t the end
Diamond Kingdom
Diamond Kingdom 23 hours ago
Liza is soooo cooolll
Delaney Graham
Delaney Graham 23 hours ago
"Make a fine line like I'm Harry Styles baby" YES MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canasada Wallace
Canasada Wallace 23 hours ago
I love Liza and support this and think it’s amazing and I’m not much of a makeup person but then she showed the face masks and knew that I needed it.
prettygirls world
prettygirls world 23 hours ago
what happened to little brown girl out
R Wicker
R Wicker 23 hours ago
Love it!!!!!!!!! Glad you're backaa
RC Striker
RC Striker 23 hours ago
who was looking in the mirror in the back the whole time like if u did
Meen Kiu
Meen Kiu Day ago
Her British accent is quite amazing
Paris Wilson
Paris Wilson Day ago
I thought on 1:26 she was going to say she’s pregnant
Camille Lyons
Camille Lyons Day ago
Deja Banner
Deja Banner Day ago
LMFAOO “I’MA MOM DUDE” why is meeee
Deja Banner
Deja Banner Day ago
First of all, Liza Koshyyyyy you are amazing and always make me smile
Love Spin
Love Spin Day ago
Major eye roll. Another youtuber 'business', merch, brand deal, sponsorship. 'Took me years to create', 'I never thought I'd get here'. People don't spend your money on this, invest your money to make some money. Or don't, spend it all and put it all in her pocket
Kimberlee Joy
Kimberlee Joy Day ago
To see her evolve like this I just 🥺🥺 Catch me currently buying every single product just because I'm proud and inspired by this message
Kathrine Everett
Kathrine Everett Day ago
I miss the funny liza
Francesca Martinez
Francesca Martinez Day ago
I need to know if the background art is boobs, butts or balls? Or all 3? 🤔🤔🤔
Olivia McCrossin
Olivia McCrossin Day ago
I was really excited to see that Liza had finally actually made a video, but I guess now that shes famous she doesn't care about us anymore and she only cares about promoting herself
yaremi ramos
yaremi ramos Day ago
Me... being happy like liza because I hit 20 just for that
Thankful & Blessed
Thankful & Blessed Day ago
I have NEVER been more ENTERTAINED in my life, that INTRO got me !! Love it lol lol
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Day ago
This is the content I was looking for
Czarina Bela
Czarina Bela Day ago
my love for this woman grows each day
Anna Fierce
Anna Fierce Day ago
I love you
Biro Sara
Biro Sara Day ago
Liza is giving me Carlton vibes
I know a bunch of people are upset that Liza hasn't been active. But she's living her best life for herself. She deserves so much and went through a journey of self-love. An ongoing journey, I'm sure. Let's be happy for her.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Day ago
i know david like dudes
miriam menjivar
miriam menjivar Day ago
The first minute on this!
Oteng Mogoeng
Oteng Mogoeng Day ago
The Oracle of Fire
The Oracle of Fire Day ago
sky girl love
sky girl love Day ago
By the 00:46th second, I was like "is this gonna be the entire video?" 😂
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