Video Game Memories: 2 Funny stories from my old Final Fantasy games

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

These are two strange situations that happened when I played Final Fantasy 2 and 6 back in the day. I never did manage to beat Final Fantasy 6.

Blayne Myers
Blayne Myers 7 days ago
Wait people don’t like 9 and 10
Byron Swain
Byron Swain 16 days ago
10 is my favorite Final Fantasy
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen 18 days ago
Arguably there’s a dragon in that chest and dragons are pretty cool, so you’re not wrong
Alex Andersen
Alex Andersen 22 days ago
so far i have liked ALL the ones i have played!!!
Ole Hart
Ole Hart 23 days ago
Why didn't you just reload the save file?
Lindsey 25 days ago
But did you ever beat it? there have been 2 chances to remember the yearly chest dragon
nothri 25 days ago
I like 10.
Black Dragon
Black Dragon 25 days ago
I like final fantasy six 14 was crap
Russ Gust
Russ Gust 27 days ago
Never played 6 and was searching for the dragon in a chest, can't find it anywhere
NerdyVariety Month ago
9 and 10 are my favriotes
Corvus Dove
Corvus Dove Month ago
9 was great, it was basically oldschool Final Fantasy 1-5 style updated to 3D graphics. 10 though....when a game's point is to beat the enemy with the powers of friendship and pop music and the hero is a kinda dumb sportsball player.....
Mason Wheeler
Mason Wheeler Month ago
"As for 9 and 10, no one likes those, am I right?" Uhh... what? 9 was the most critically acclaimed game in the entire series, and many fans -- particularly the ones who were aware of the series before the PlayStation era -- consider it the best FF game of all time.
ericb31 Month ago
i can't help but think of an essay I composed (but never wrote down) called "the do's and don'ts of fighting undead in FF6." -don't: use poison. they absorb that. -do: use "pearl". that does double damage. note: Mog's "plasma" and Sabin's "aurabolt" do "pearl"-type damage! don't: use "doom" or weapons that "dispatch" enemies, like the "Assassin knife". they will actually recover health, as if someone cast "LIfe2"! do: use "revivify" items. Phoenix Down and Life MIGHT also work, i forget. note: the "x-zone" spell and Cyan's "cleave" will work on undead, as will the Scimitar. i think Petrify is also effective. don't: use "drain" or "osmose", or Cyan's similar ability. they WILL backfire. do: use "rasp". if an undead drops to 0 MP it dies (i think) also, Relm's "sketch" ability is nearly worthless, because most monsters are immune to the type of attack they use. AND i've had the game CRASH or HANG when using it! ONCE I got a GOOD bug the made the Inventory glitch and give me 255 of EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME, but they vanished when i saved and reloaded. BUT Relm herself is still useful, since she has THE HIGHEST "magic" attribute IN THE GAME! teach her a few good spells and she will MORE than pull her weight!
ericb31 Month ago
can't you get a REALLY powerful sword by beating the dragon? oh, wait, I was thinking of #5, the dragon guarding the Crystal Sword.
Kevon Fansler
Kevon Fansler Month ago
I love 7-10 the most
Captain Binome
Captain Binome Month ago
Literally everyone with taste likes FF9.
Logic Notfound
Logic Notfound Month ago
Any problem encounter in final fantasy (or most of them) can be solved by MOAR GRIND.
bcfb21 Month ago
TBF there probably is some cool stuff if you kill the dragon.
Billy Two Cents
Billy Two Cents 2 months ago
I like all the FF Games, obviously some (6, 9 T, 10) are better than others (8, 2, 1, 12, 13, 15) but they're all good games.
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord 2 months ago
I take it save games were impossibly far away from the points where you hit yourself with the sword or opened the chest, hence hwy reloading wasn't a viable option right then?
Cononsberg 2 months ago
The dragon-in-a-box thing is the same as when I fight my rival in pokemon platinum, send out my Torterra against his floatzel, think "hm, I remember I don't really like this guy" and then he uses ice fang. And murders basically my entire team, because I forgot to bring a fire type.
James Biggs
James Biggs 2 months ago
IX has had, at the very least, a resurgence. X will always be a personal fave, I love the sphere grid even if I can't find any freaking LvL 3 Keys but have LvL 4s in a abundance, and I ADORE being able to tag in Party Members in the middle of a fight because it's so much easier to keep them relatively even level even if it means I start every encounter with Riku using Hastega.
Pigtaku 2 months ago
13 fanboy here.....yes we exist
Maw Man
Maw Man 3 months ago
Final Fantasy X was one of the best but its legacy was tarnished by X-2.
Sean Peacock
Sean Peacock 3 months ago
Right at the beginning of 6 there is the training hall with a chest that is a monster in a box. There are several throughout the game so you can't say that the devs didn't warn you of the possibility. Save frequently especially when grinding levels or items. In FF7 I was once pincer attacked by frogs. They only cast frog on my party. As a frog I could only do 1 damage per attack and couldn't cast spells. It was a long pointless fight.
MonkeyJedi99 3 months ago
10, 10-2, 7. Pretty much in that order based on my enjoyment on each when I first played them. I will get around to the rebooted 7 and maybe change that order.
Frederic Schmitt
Frederic Schmitt 3 months ago
Final Fantasy VI is the best of them all. The most meaningful story and characters in the series.
Tristan Clark
Tristan Clark 3 months ago
I love 7, 9, 10, and 12.
DCdabest 3 months ago
Tbh. Final Fantasy Tactics was my fave
mircoles 3 months ago
I loved 9 and 10.
Tom B
Tom B 3 months ago
I had a simiar experience with FF 8, but with corrupted memory cards.
329link 3 months ago
5 is the best final fantasy imo, but I think the only really bad ones are 2 and 13. Never seen 14 though.
Adam Link
Adam Link 3 months ago
I love Final Fantasy XV and VII Remake....I have not played any of the others yet but I don't plan on playing XIV since it's an MMORPG and I have played both World of Warcraft and RuneScape 2 and 3 and still have a bad taste in my mouth from them.
jerlstif 3 months ago
Six is the best followed by seven everybody knows this
Silver God of ice
Silver God of ice 3 months ago
10s Great! Not my favorite (8 is) but ten is still amazing
Shiirow 3 months ago
unrelated but related comment, I beat Final Fantasy 6 in the span of a weekend after I bought it. I dont recall ever dying to a dragon in a box. then again... this is my theme song => ""
ascended being
ascended being 4 months ago
Narrator sent me with best regards.
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 4 months ago
"I have no impulse control and can't not open a chest." DM- mimics, mimics everywhere!
Sozin Tallus
Sozin Tallus 4 months ago
The brain looks like its had drugs. Really makes my skin crawl.
Rad Ninja
Rad Ninja 5 months ago
Advise pretend the chest is a mimic and will kill you
A Lich Uhh
A Lich Uhh 5 months ago
The storm dragon isn’t that bad
tigeralchmi 5 months ago
10 is my favorite
CrazyGCore 5 months ago
I like 10 and the second installment of 10
William Doomguide of Kelemvor
William Doomguide of Kelemvor 5 months ago
I love Final Fantasy 10. I played the crap out of Blitz Ball.
Dedicance Archangel
Dedicance Archangel 5 months ago
If you lvl up you can kill the dragon...
ZeeHero 5 months ago
FF6 is widely considered the best among older fans. and kefka was probably the most successful villain- he destroyed the world- halfway through the game.
Lifestream Hero TK
Lifestream Hero TK 5 months ago
Once I played Final Fantasy II, I didn’t think it was all that bad, and I didn’t have problems with Curses, I bought plenty of crosses just in case I get cursed multiple times, and in Final Fantasy VI, you can kill that dragon in a box, by spamming Phantom Rush, and Powerful Spells, believe me I tried and succeeded, I put the game down for a month because of Kefka’s Final Phase, and after I killed Neo Exdeath in Final Fantasy V, I decided to pick up VI again and try killing Kefka again, and I did a bit of research onto how, got the Soul of Thamasa, returned, and spammed Ultima again and again until he’s dead.
Joel Sasmad
Joel Sasmad 6 months ago
Hey I love ffx.
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 6 months ago
How does this work
Brent Lineberry
Brent Lineberry 6 months ago
9 was good.
stethespaniard2 6 months ago
Are you stupid? You load it, die then immediately quit instead of just loading again and going past it? Over and over? Also 9 and 10 are very much loved games 8 is the one that isn't liked as much
Bias Mushroom
Bias Mushroom 6 months ago
I can't like this video more then once. The urge to loot
jacob stallard
jacob stallard 6 months ago
Dont know why but I f*cking love the world and architecture of FF12. FFT definitely best story though.
Pannacotta Fugo
Pannacotta Fugo 6 months ago
6 is my favorite game of all time, but 9 is probably my second favorite Final Fantasy game
Casey 6 months ago
This is pretty much my story with every FF game I tried playing. Turn based jrpg games aren't for me apparently.
ShenMerrick 7 months ago
Excuse me, sir. I like every Final Fantasy...except FFXIII-2. Also you failed to beat the best one.
Rhys Velde
Rhys Velde 7 months ago
I'm a XIII man
ŤøЯTuRQuΦ!Ѕ 7 months ago
im with you man .. IX & X are the best \m/
Scherazade , Teller of Tales
Scherazade , Teller of Tales 7 months ago
I like the 1st game most.
Jason Vernish
Jason Vernish 7 months ago
Esuna leveled up to a stuped level can cure it cant it
Tabitha ludwig
Tabitha ludwig 7 months ago
Or quit for a day
Tabitha ludwig
Tabitha ludwig 7 months ago
Umm why didn’t you not quit re started from your last save and avoid the chest
GedenWilbur 7 months ago
This is the reason I restart a game is sufficient time has passed. I just don't wanna rage quit the same way I know I did when I didn't touch the game for a year or more. Hoping that when I get to that point (If) then I will be into the game enough to not rage quit.. Which isn't always the case.
KryptiiK 7 months ago
FF9 is and always will be the best in the series. if you think otherwise your wrong. just wrong. no swaying me. your wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
EggWhisper 7 months ago
Some say that even all these years later Puffin still is being killed in FF6 because of a Chest Dragon.
TheLoneTerran 7 months ago
FF9 was frickin' great.
nic thomas
nic thomas 7 months ago
kefka wins regardless
nic thomas
nic thomas 7 months ago
not only do u not have to open that chest. u dont even have to go thru that dungeon
nic thomas
nic thomas 7 months ago
ff9 the best
KujoTV 7 months ago
This is a reload right?
Sean Ripper
Sean Ripper 7 months ago
9 is my favorite, but the magic system in 7 makes me happier. So I guess it's a tie between 7 and 9 as my faves
Steve Sting Gaming
Steve Sting Gaming 7 months ago
Dude you didn't even make it to the ruined world yet.
Steve Sting Gaming
Steve Sting Gaming 7 months ago
Sleep at an inn
terrorcop101 7 months ago
Do you know what the definition of insanity is?
Joe Kline
Joe Kline 7 months ago
I like all of them pre 12 the best is 7, then 8, then 10
Justin Buergi
Justin Buergi 7 months ago
Recent poll in japan found X to be the favorite
Xavier Cervantes
Xavier Cervantes 7 months ago
FFX is great and my favorite
Curtis Wilkerson
Curtis Wilkerson 7 months ago
So puffin, next time you open the chest theres a easy way to kill the dragon. From the vid you have the original snes version, just cast vanish on it then doom. Its a slight error in the coding of the snes veriom that can kill almost anything in the entire game.
Diablo5564 7 months ago
I will defend Final Fantasy 9 as my favorite till the day I die.
Kalina Hitana
Kalina Hitana 8 months ago
I seem to remember the "dragon in a chest" being a kinda recurring theme, because this definitely sounds more like the Shinryu scenario in 5 XD but it's been a while since I played 6, very curious about where this dragon was located exactly
Drowning.World 8 months ago
I am the one who love every final fantasy :( every game is unic in its own way
Karl Sargant
Karl Sargant 8 months ago
If you want to use this sort of system make it so that you cannot self inflict wounds!
Justinian 8 months ago
*Edit: OH MAN MAJOR SPOILERS Jokes on you, Kefka would have won anyways.
2 smiley studios
2 smiley studios 8 months ago
Why didn’t you just reset? 😅
rpm297 8 months ago
What kind of spoiled little baby quits the game after one faux pas with a bad encounter with a chest?
Ian Turner
Ian Turner 8 months ago
FFVII was an awesome one 👌🏼
Pinky010 8 months ago
9 is pretty great Ben, 10... It was my first so I'm obligated to like it but I loved 9 so we gucci.
NobleWolf 8 months ago
Here's to not remembering a hard lesson several times.
Lord Felidae
Lord Felidae 8 months ago
I like 10
Matthew Doherty
Matthew Doherty 8 months ago
“What a horrible night to have a curse.”
Izak Sadowski
Izak Sadowski 8 months ago
You aren't even half way through the game of ff6 I think
MrXemrox 8 months ago
Now with this video you can go back and go beat Kafka. Just hope you remember this video before you opened it.
crazy lee
crazy lee 8 months ago
Never played the game
The Humanoid Blaze
The Humanoid Blaze 8 months ago
They were ABSERDLY expensive
DarkDracolord 8 months ago
I Love Final Fantasy 10
Ben Siener
Ben Siener 9 months ago
You should have contacted the guys at 3m and get some post its... in all honesty though the fire dragon isnt that hard. Really nothing in the game is that hard. Use vanish and xzone on the enemies. Vanish makes the next spell lands 100% .
Nicolas Pimenta
Nicolas Pimenta 9 months ago
Ffx is the best though
David Jones
David Jones 9 months ago
9 is best
Outrem Outrora
Outrem Outrora 9 months ago
X-1 is my favorite.
A Padgitt
A Padgitt 9 months ago
10 and 10- 2 are my fave
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