A Really Buff Kangaroo

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10 months ago

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Ozzyrodgers22 Idk
Ozzyrodgers22 Idk 3 hours ago
when kangaroos listen to too much youngboy
xeezu 5 hours ago
She won't do that in her whole life. I've seen good ones came out of bad ones and bad ones came out of good one.
Last- TMG
Last- TMG 6 hours ago
I like yo cut G
Johnny 5
Johnny 5 9 hours ago
That Kangaroo was Roger from Tekken
Darkest Light
Darkest Light 10 hours ago
So no one’s gonna talk about how cute that cat on the second clip was?
Isaac J
Isaac J 14 hours ago
This is what the daily morning commute looks like for some people... A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
Nia-Marie Ryan
Nia-Marie Ryan 15 hours ago
I will prob do the same thing as the mom (assuming that just free Halloween candy) but it kinda made her look irresponsible when the daughter was "correcting" her Honestly I don't see anything wrong with what she did I mean it was free and she didn't take all... :P
Agιlιту 18 hours ago
Nobody: Jojo fandom: 0:03 *enemy* *stand* *detected!*
TampaTec Day ago
0:50 When a child knows better than her parent. Sad.
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue Day ago
2:27 person saying nahi nahi Sounds like hindi/urdu No no
Adam S
Adam S Day ago
No one gonna talk about the chaos of that subway or those beautiful shots??
Jack Feng
Jack Feng Day ago
Feel sad for the little girl, I hope she remains with common sense and don't become her mother... There's no good excuse for doing what the mother just did...
Mauz Asghar
Mauz Asghar 2 days ago
At 2:28 its me when i finally reach the school,
F8_Predator 2 days ago
R.I.P. Roger the Buff Kangaroo
April Brown
April Brown 2 days ago
Thank you for making these they help me sleep
Daven Sidher
Daven Sidher 3 days ago
Buff Kangaroo, you mean a, BUFFAROO
SunBunz 3 days ago
Sweet little girl's greedy mom is dressed as a cow. Suitiable, yes?
CFxToes -_-
CFxToes -_- 3 days ago
That kangaroo will knock you out 💀 Chile I-
Dyl john skehill
Dyl john skehill 3 days ago
they call it a boxing kangaroo idiot
stevenwinsir 3 days ago
obviously that kid cannot get bright future with her mom's ugly demonstration.
Emmanuel_ Dev
Emmanuel_ Dev 3 days ago
Press F to pay respects for Roger *salutes*
Dead Ass
Dead Ass 3 days ago
Okay but why was the mom so desperate for candy? She's acting like she's committing a heist too lol
The Sith Loaf
The Sith Loaf 3 days ago
Everybody talking about how terrible that mom was Me: Why is there snow?
CartoonishIdealism 16 hours ago
Joshua H
Joshua H 3 days ago
Rip roger
Purple creature
Purple creature 4 days ago
Teh ideal body
MrJLi 4 days ago
*"alladin is on his way to steal your girl"*
Nihilus 4 days ago
Lol when the child is doing the right thing but the parents aren't
Wølf KiD
Wølf KiD 4 days ago
mans can't press f
mans can't press f 4 days ago
0:14 roger got some big ass balls
Markinator 9000
Markinator 9000 4 days ago
Damm Roger is YOLKED
mohamed chebib
mohamed chebib 4 days ago
People going in train:I need a seat I need a seat
Eli Zeitlin
Eli Zeitlin 4 days ago
imagine the train during covid🤣
Kirwiioz 5 days ago
Youre not naming that Kangaroo, that Kangaroo is naming you
Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez 5 days ago
Why did the girl say she took to much I would have took the whole thing 😎
Jeff SMT
Jeff SMT 3 days ago
BRUH... ur gonna get bi*ched at for saying this lmao
Saa VA
Saa VA 5 days ago
1:17 if that landing on the hand rails had gone wrong.......
Saa VA
Saa VA 5 days ago
The moment I watched the 0:40 clip for the first time was the moment I realised that Indian transport buses in the peak hours aren't the only heavily loaded vehicles in the world.... Edit: not to forget, people climbing up the buses through the ladders to sit on the roofs when the buses are loaded inside. Edit again: also not to forget, people standing on the ladders when both the top of and inside the buses are filled. Our bus drivers here have more balance and faith in their buses than expert stunt cyclists.
AlPaint Ver
AlPaint Ver 5 days ago
Kangaroo after watch jojo bizzare adventure:
Dragonboy 1001 Films
Dragonboy 1001 Films 5 days ago
1:15 jokes on you I don’t have a girlfriend
Xscape _
Xscape _ 5 days ago
Rip roger the kangaroo
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