Motionless In White - Creatures X: To The Grave (Official Audio)

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Motionless In White

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Motionless In White's official audio for 'Creatures X: To The Grave' - available now on Roadrunner Records.
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We sung our lungs out to reach you
Spilling our guts on the pavement that we roamed (far from home)
This is my life’s work
Forever grateful that you made your hearts our home
Cursed, damned, and broken
With the sum of my failures all declared in a moment
Cursed, damned ,and broken
Lost, sick, and left unspoken
I will take this to the grave

I was waiting for my chance to find the life I was chasing.
My god, what have I become... a decade in the making?
I wore my shame on my sleeve
and put my pain on display for all to see
This is my life’s work
What felt like fire but without a thing to burn turned into a scorched earth
Step through the door
10 years 10 more
I’ll take this to my grave
There's always a struggle you don’t see
living in fear I proved myself to me
Forever stepping through the door to the unknown
10 years, 10 more.
I’ll talk this to my grave
With no stain washed away
We were waiting, for our chance to find a life of salvation
My god, what have we become a decade in the making?
I’ll take this to my grave

chelsea humphries
chelsea humphries 5 hours ago
'10 Years 10 More' 💜
Kathie Dillon
Kathie Dillon 16 hours ago
i love the intro so much
Dom and the machine gun
Dom and the machine gun 17 hours ago
Honestly Ricky should sing more Just like Chris does It’d make songs Hella lit but I do love Chris just as much
Marcos Quispe
Marcos Quispe Day ago
Alguien q hablé español.? Xd
Roman Zapata Drums
Roman Zapata Drums Day ago
LOVE THIS SONG! So much that I just uploaded a drum cover on my channel :D!
Gentry Moseley
Gentry Moseley Day ago
Ok not sure if this would be a dumb question or weird to ask but.... would anyone know where to get dark art paintings?? I love the dark paintings I think there beautiful and they have a deep meaning to them. But not sure where I could purchase them? Would anyone on here maybe able to answer my question? I do like other paintings by Picasso and da Vinci but my favorite ones are the darker paintings.
10 out of 10
Nicole Mateus
Nicole Mateus 2 days ago
Ame esta canción
Carboncrossroads 2 days ago
1:32 Did it for me.
Ryan Marchese
Ryan Marchese 2 days ago
Man, I really hope they continue this direction and get back to the heavy roots and away from the radio-friendly format stuff they've been doing. This song is pretty killer!
Melissa soares
Melissa soares 2 days ago
Perfeitooss demaiiisss 💐💞✨🇧🇷
Phillip Cloud
Phillip Cloud 2 days ago
CAPTAINRAGEV1997 3 days ago
lets gooo everyoone fuck i miss this type of sound
Kostantinos Efstathiou
Kostantinos Efstathiou 3 days ago
Gerardo 3 days ago
Son los mejores✌🏼✌🏼
Gerardo 3 days ago
Muy buena música
King Of The Ozone
King Of The Ozone 3 days ago
With Asking Alexandria, BMTH, ADTR etc getting soft on us, thank Satan we can depend on MIW.
Jacob Harp
Jacob Harp 3 days ago
God chris's screams are demonic and i love it🖤👀
Claudia Horton
Claudia Horton 4 days ago
This song is fucking bad ass. Love it.
nolonger available
nolonger available 4 days ago
Is there a heavier song on the album? I'm really looking for something heavier if anyone can help. Thanks, in advance.
INFINITE DRIP 4 days ago
You guys never disappoint such a good song 🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 4 days ago
This is a banger bro.
Jenn L'alien
Jenn L'alien 4 days ago
So sad about the cancellation of your concert in Montpellier i had my tickets since the opening, wish you could come back in France after pandemy :)
peyton sings and some time's play on pc anime
peyton sings and some time's play on pc anime 5 days ago
Okay so last night my cousin sent the video puppets the first show to me and I loved it in fact it even helped me get over my breakup so if you can actually notice me if any of y'all can notice me that would mean the whole world to me and this band motionless and white means the whole world to me I would die if something happened to this band.
SarahOnyx midnight
SarahOnyx midnight 5 days ago
#ChrisMotionless Oh Chris Cerulli, hadd kezdjem azzal, hogy SZERETTELEK. Téged akarlak, szükségem van rád ... Mégis továbbra is az arcomba köpsz. Odaadom a LinkedIn-t a VALÓS számommal, szöveg nélkül és telefonhívások nélkül. De az a helyzet, hogy nem maradhatok el tőled, számomra a hasonló szerek, mint függők. Nem számít, hányszor köpködtél az arcomba, a napok egyikét még mindig az ujjadra akarom tenni. Troy ikertestvérem csodálatos sógor lenne ... ITT van valami, amit nem tudsz, hogy ex-keresztény vagyok. De rendben, azt hiszem, csak ezt kell tudnod. Ha abszolút mindent tudni akar, keresse meg a LinkedIn-t, mert ez az igazi kapcsolatom.
Winter Morningstarr
Winter Morningstarr 5 days ago
Ricky’s voice thooo
Potato Troll
Potato Troll 5 days ago
I just know all the old members are listening to this and thinking. Hell yeah ricky
Walyson Adrion
Walyson Adrion 6 days ago
Motionless In White e muito bom vai se f de * - *
Davido RenaCello
Davido RenaCello 6 days ago
This song sounds like a combination of Punk & Metal.
Tim Stout
Tim Stout 7 days ago
Absolutely love you guys thanks for the music!!!!!! Legendary status!!!!!!
Brandon Kelley
Brandon Kelley 8 days ago
These guys have done it right. They didn’t have to lose their edge do bridge into the mainstream. Releasing this and undead ahead two in the same time frame as voices and another life, just proves that.
Becca Kocher
Becca Kocher 8 days ago
Love this song!
Becca Kocher
Becca Kocher 8 days ago
Huge MIW fan and love almost all their songs 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Oscar Abornoz Seven.7
Oscar Abornoz Seven.7 8 days ago
I love this song
Natalii Stefanova
Natalii Stefanova 8 days ago
Amazing song and lyrics.
Rocktinius 8 days ago
You guys should make a song with Falling in Reverse, think that could be epic! \m/
Jona Bologna
Jona Bologna 8 days ago
I am heavily inspired by these guys to make my own horror content
Deathp6rts 9 days ago
Fernando Santos Franca
Fernando Santos Franca 9 days ago
Foda demais mano parabéns eu só fan dessa banda.
Gulyás Dávid
Gulyás Dávid 9 days ago
New best MIW song... more song like this!
Jenn Douglas
Jenn Douglas 9 days ago
Cameron Walls
Cameron Walls 10 days ago
I can hear so much of Justin's influence on this song... INK 2
AtisH 10 days ago
Super nuta chłopa!
Thomas white
Thomas white 10 days ago
The creatures album will always be their greatest album...every once in awhile they come out with a song that sort of hits the heart n is like yea we're heavy but not really lol..they'll never be able to capture that creatures feel ever was the perfect combination of that like generic post hardcore scene sound with horror elements and they killed it...that shitty band ice nine kills have been trying and cringely have been failing...but anyways...creatures is their Beatles hats their white album n they'll never top it....n honestly after this album came out the genre started to get so ft...that 2000 to 2010 decade was the best...emo screamo post hardcore metalcore whatever the hell u want to call it was the greatest music ever...if we want something hard like that we have to unfortunately dig up some idk death metal and black metal shit or sumthin...atleast they're still singing bout harming themselves and others lol ...pandemic kill this world...2020 to 2030 decade is going to disappoint in every aspect with everyone's politically self righteous ways...nobody can have or share opinions anymore without hurting someone's up bitches
Thomas white
Thomas white 8 days ago
@G.O.R. lol my point was though even though it was generic that Joey sturgis formula was the best...and y fix with isn't broken..everything the genre is trying to do is so cringe worthy...its almost like they are going backwards instead of forwards...all their new shit sounds like fucking Breaking Benjamin or some shit lol...idk maybe it's just me but I miss the genre that sings about hurting others and themselves...i like the extreme over exaggerated element of the music...rock has died..everything is poppy and non offensive...who wants to listen to that...
G.O.R. 8 days ago
You said it yourself, creatures was generic. It has some really good songs but it's mostly boring.
Nina 10 days ago
my love for this band is growing immensely deep...
Adam W
Adam W 11 days ago
The start goes straight in, HEAVY as always!
Sara Carmo
Sara Carmo 12 days ago
Reminds me of Asking Alexandria with Dennis and I love it!! 😍
FlaW 12 days ago
nitro goose
nitro goose 13 days ago
This shit is dope as hell 🤘
Ross Curry
Ross Curry 13 days ago
The chorus sounds like it's sang by Stevie T
The Nostalgic Blader
The Nostalgic Blader 12 days ago
Holy shit!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mega_Rage124 _
Mega_Rage124 _ 13 days ago
This will be there song that the “ten years part” part will change live like slipknot and spit it out, in ten years they’ll be saying 20 years 20 more lmao
Cristhian Ribera
Cristhian Ribera 14 days ago
My song favorite is Virtual Privacy of Forget My Silence
Cristhian Ribera
Cristhian Ribera 14 days ago
My band favorite is Forget My Silence
Cristhian Ribera
Cristhian Ribera 14 days ago
10 bands the Metalcore,Deathcore and Post-Hardcore 1:Motionless in White 2:Bullet for my Valentine 3:Asking Alexandria 4:Black Veil Brides 5:Bring me the Horizon 6:Suicide Silence 7:Chelsea Grin 8:Oceans Ate Alaska 9:When Venus Weeps 10:Forget My Silence
monse camaho
monse camaho 14 days ago
Dise 10 años 10 años mas
wtf isthis
wtf isthis 14 days ago
This is my favorite band!!! Has been for so long now! I hope when this pandemic is over they come to Australia, I need to see them live now 😍😊😊
killyshot ff
killyshot ff 15 days ago
Joanna Ciszewska
Joanna Ciszewska 15 days ago
Oh God yes! I've missed this, can't wait for the rest 😍
IX_Killsw1tch_XI 15 days ago
Ricky's VOCALS 😍 This SMASHS ✊
Kris Parker
Kris Parker 15 days ago
Holy shit is MIW about to come back? Everything since Creatures has been pretty bad.
Daniel Nowka
Daniel Nowka 15 days ago
I was not there for the first 10 years but I'll be there for the next 10.
Dawn of a New Pain
Dawn of a New Pain 15 days ago
Motionless In White like I love them!
Newova 16 days ago
Miyuki Niina
Miyuki Niina 16 days ago
take care about mind voice all will sent you to penalty days if you say not good things in your show.that penalty days continue between about 5 days are very hard to penalty people.
Reza Ruki
Reza Ruki 17 days ago
I prefer MIW to have heavy songs like this
Scott Carr
Scott Carr 17 days ago
Damn! This was awesome! Edgy!
Finn Taylor
Finn Taylor 17 days ago
Anybody else get polyphia vibes from the chorus?? (Not a bad thing, sound sick)
Zækk2720 17 days ago
Ohhhhh fuck... yes
Jimmy Gray
Jimmy Gray 17 days ago
Definitely digging the new MIW song🤘😊
Syam surizal
Syam surizal 18 days ago
Best from you are guys
Mick Dundee
Mick Dundee 18 days ago
Good mix of heavy and calming chorus
Jericho Russell
Jericho Russell 18 days ago
this is the illustration of what we believe....
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 18 days ago
Ok someone please give me an example of where Ricky comes in I just hear chris lol I liked a couple of songs off creatures when it came out but i didn't get big on them until reincarnate came out that whole album is fire and so is graveyard shift so someone please drop me an example when Ricky comes in I would love to hear it
Winsen Omega
Winsen Omega 19 days ago
Oli sykes Son
Oli sykes Son 19 days ago
The Spethal One
The Spethal One 19 days ago
Sounds kinda like their older stuff
Naota Haley
Naota Haley 19 days ago
Renan 19 days ago
That's the Motionless in White I fell in love with! @_@
alexisxstetic 19 days ago
kenta 19 days ago
yo this is dope asf
Sarah Swiss
Sarah Swiss 20 days ago
Hey you guys Any chance of gettin the new song on Amazon? I’d like to buy the single
Christopher Hickman
Christopher Hickman 20 days ago
Motionless in Djent
Paul DM
Paul DM 20 days ago
Yesssssss back to the "creatures" sound ♥️
C Sexton
C Sexton 21 day ago
I gave up the life I was chasing.
TylerNOS386277 21 day ago
It's songs like this that make a man want to paint is neck, torso, and arms with black paint.
Motionless 21 day ago
Just in case anyone missed or couldn't watch the stream I uploaded i think, every song to my channel.
TheUnknown1102 21 day ago
When love met destruction/creatures. Glad to see you guys brought some of that sound back🤘🏼🤘🏼
I feel lost, IN MY CHEST
I feel lost, IN MY CHEST 21 day ago
A new fine addition to my "Songs to play in Halloween"
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose 21 day ago
Mahalo Nui Loa for this song! Cheeehuuu to 10 more years!!🖤🖤🤙🏼🤙🏼
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose 21 day ago
Love the growth! I hear your souls pouring out in this song! I love it! Sending my Aloha’s always! 🥰🤙🏼
Lendon Dumdum
Lendon Dumdum 22 days ago
Finally! something to listen in 2020
Elven Ranger
Elven Ranger 22 days ago
It's so easy to listen to this song 1000 times in a row.
Miel Reyes
Miel Reyes 22 days ago
Hoping we have a music video on this 🖤
Human Skeleton
Human Skeleton 22 days ago
Aggression is the flame of hell, sorrow is the path to death, where is love? Have you forgotten about love? Why then all these screams? Whom will you take revenge on? Don't you know that gentleness and love will save your souls. Didn't God speak to you? Turn to God!
AliceQueenOfMadness 22 days ago
This is fucking amazing!!!
L. Sadi
L. Sadi 22 days ago
I heard this play so many times before I realized it was MIW, I thought it was Crown the Empire playing at first
KOFFIN nails
KOFFIN nails 22 days ago
Motionless in white live forever so everyone see the most amazing band ever. Happy anniversary
matagarcharubers modofacha
matagarcharubers modofacha 22 days ago
Ricky 👉👈❤️
AdrienShadow 22 days ago
Man, I got nothing to say but hell yeah! For sure, I'm wishing for a possibility of a 10th year anniversary remaster of Creatures!
Jade Battaglino
Jade Battaglino 22 days ago
Chris + Ricky ❤
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