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Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou

Month ago

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Piper Anquetil
Piper Anquetil 5 hours ago
Ur cat may have not like it but my said u wanna see some realspeed bish
Gabrielle Parker
Gabrielle Parker 7 hours ago
So looking forward to this one😂😂😂
Lilly Izquierdo
Lilly Izquierdo 11 hours ago
No One: Not even God : Nessa:Im WaNt To JoIn ThE hYpE hOuSe
RyAnna Begay
RyAnna Begay 11 hours ago
Pls pls nessa
Celine Siagian
Celine Siagian 16 hours ago
i loves his laugh.
Andiekae Iglesia
Andiekae Iglesia Day ago
Was mia floating?
Omar Castillo
Omar Castillo Day ago
Was that chase or jaden
Anais Bhullar
Anais Bhullar Day ago
Boxing match
Luyanda Ncube
Luyanda Ncube Day ago
Why do u name a video never mind
Niamh Carr
Niamh Carr 2 days ago
Boxing match
Paige Legree-S
Paige Legree-S 2 days ago
I’m not going to ignore that Thomas said babe
artsygirl73 love any art
artsygirl73 love any art 2 days ago
Please make the videos longer
karina witwer
karina witwer 3 days ago
This is for no reason but my birthday is on August 6th witch is the same day as nessa’s birthday
Gaming With Lucia
Gaming With Lucia 3 days ago
I feel bad for nessa😭😔😢
KOKO A 3 days ago
bahahahahahhaa i cant rn
The Cupcake fam
The Cupcake fam 3 days ago
Boxing match
Mackenzie Chartrand
Mackenzie Chartrand 3 days ago
BEAMAX!!!! Not whatever Michael said
Muntha ali
Muntha ali 3 days ago
5:00 the glitches
Steffie Milligan
Steffie Milligan 3 days ago
I wish your videos were 10 mins long
excuji me hello
excuji me hello 4 days ago
why do i ship michael and uhh idk his name
melanie martienz fan
melanie martienz fan 5 days ago
My fav person in the hype house is Addison rae and tony
Brittney Munoz
Brittney Munoz 5 days ago
Ondrez and Jake when Mia walked in with the unicorn costume 🥺🥺🥺there so sweet
Angel M
Angel M 5 days ago
Khloe gd Olvera
Khloe gd Olvera 5 days ago
Victoria Jagneaux
Victoria Jagneaux 6 days ago
i wanna hug jack
Alexis Roy
Alexis Roy 6 days ago
Nick cheated on tony
Shivaya Sabajo
Shivaya Sabajo 6 days ago
Dank god
GG Vexx_ttv
GG Vexx_ttv 6 days ago
Nevermind nevermind nevermind nevermind
mango sea
mango sea 6 days ago
"Nevermind" LMAO
Rayan Amar
Rayan Amar 6 days ago
I Thomas I see this video but already see it every time you post a video but I have an idea there's a fake Obama I see you and Brent Rivera OK you need to bring it from your friends to surprise him he legit look like Obama love you and can you do a shout out for me to enter a video
Norah Gloria
Norah Gloria 7 days ago
Boxing match
Minna Fathima
Minna Fathima 7 days ago
I ❤️ hype house so entertaining
Laura Muhr
Laura Muhr 7 days ago
Why nooooooo
lil koodie
lil koodie 8 days ago
Laura Muhr
Laura Muhr 8 days ago
Aleena Sotelo
Aleena Sotelo 8 days ago
Tash’s Life
Tash’s Life 8 days ago
Just so ya know it’s bay max baytoven is a dog
Safari Sun
Safari Sun 8 days ago
Should message join the hype house? *nevermind*
Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison 8 days ago
boxing match lol
Olivia Spencer
Olivia Spencer 8 days ago
Why did Micheal say "Hi I'm Beethoven," First: It's Baymax Second: Beethoven makes classical music.
Dustin Ortega
Dustin Ortega 9 days ago
Yes she shoulde not
lvnar_ eclpise
lvnar_ eclpise 9 days ago
This is way more funny with bay max
Lauren Truell
Lauren Truell 9 days ago
Iayanna Raina
Iayanna Raina 10 days ago
Why the f*** would you want Nessa in the hype house anyway
ahahana snanaj
ahahana snanaj 10 days ago
Lol .... .... .... ..... What
Aishath Ali
Aishath Ali 10 days ago
god your laugh is annoying
FARAH STARS A.S.M.R 10 days ago
I don’t know if anyone saw this but I saw on the Alixis neck that he had a hickey
Alyssa’s Vids!
Alyssa’s Vids! 10 days ago
like I don't know what to comment I liked my own comment
Warthog Volgs
Warthog Volgs 10 days ago
Jesus loves you pray to god!
skorpia g
skorpia g 10 days ago
Everyone needs a hug from a unicorn 🦄 right now
acey matiu
acey matiu 11 days ago
Can I come to the hype house for my bday
Silver Silvy
Silver Silvy 11 days ago
No one wants Nessa to join the hype house
editsbyc 12 days ago
Glizy Mendez
Glizy Mendez 12 days ago
Too tokens be like: Hi am Baytown and am your personal healthcare assistant
Glizy Mendez
Glizy Mendez 12 days ago
John Carlos Santos
John Carlos Santos 12 days ago
Mia stole Ross Geller’s piano
Luis Sanz
Luis Sanz 12 days ago
Who's been on tiktok room refreshing for the like 2 hours getting all that TEA 🙋
ᴋᴇᴋᴇ 12 days ago
No 💓
Imigen Sococo
Imigen Sococo 12 days ago
5.02 the glitch
LylaSmiler 13 days ago
Yeass nessa I sent joinen because I like the origenal og hype house group
Rhianne Silvano
Rhianne Silvano 13 days ago
Nessa not tiktokers datt houes is for tiktokers
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