D&D Story: Last Orders At The Yawning Portal Tavern

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This Dungeons and Dragons Story is from the epic I ran for a convention: Last Orders At The Yawning Portal Tavern. It was a crazy wild ride with the players taking a dip in a vat of ale, a fight with Hallistair and some thuggish Eladrin. Hope you guys enjoy!
Edit: A lot of people are asking what the "winning" table won. They got a story award saying that they had a portrait of the group hung in the Yawning Portal Tavern.
Artist Credits:
Pau- suzukiPCArt
Adan- BirdCyclops
Dartsy- Dartsy_Art
Music Credits from the USshow Audio Library
"Gaia In The Fog" by Dan Bodan
"Gypsy Dance" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
"Thump and Jump" by Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
“Tiptoe Out The Back” by Dan Lebowitz

IsiahTomas Day ago
Hm. Jimmy kraken and I don't care. Couldn't resist.
Nekuia Ostergod
Nekuia Ostergod 2 days ago
Well. There was that high level table, right? While they have more options to do things, they also have harder encounters, making them use more of their powers, yeah? Or have things take longer, 'cause higher health pools. You could have had that sweet spot, were you were just leveled enough to do things well enough with out having things strong enough to really slow you down. While being a swift DM, with of having a seemingly good natured party, all on top of having easy tasks/taking the easier paths. 'Cause 9 points is a bit of a steal. No matter how you slice it. I don't think it was just you, but the the group its self. Players and DM. The players knew what to ask and worked well together and the DM gave clear instructions.
gripping raccoon
gripping raccoon 4 days ago
No. It was NOT bad. Think about it. You guys didnt even know you had 12 points. You had to check with your table. Not only that you did ALOT of the missions. You're players must be smart and quick witted. Like the stair idea hell who else would think of that? XD
gripping raccoon
gripping raccoon 4 days ago
And hell if you had fun who cares who wins :P
Gandalf Stormcrow
Gandalf Stormcrow 7 days ago
Ruri Rotaru
Ruri Rotaru 8 days ago
All that matters is you and your group had fun. Don't worry about other dms and tables and the what ifs. Just ask your players how they felt and for suggestions.
Chelsea Fleming
Chelsea Fleming 9 days ago
juice world
TheGreatSeraphim 11 days ago
Did your players have fun; If yes you didn't do anything wrong.
the op kingdom
the op kingdom 22 days ago
I actually LOLd at "get crackin'". That was such a dad joke.
Virgo 24 days ago
The animation for how proud he was after his "let's get kraken" pun is the best thing in the world
Viper3220 25 days ago
Man this sounds like the dumbest shit ever. I hate to be snobby but I really don't see how people can enjoy AL.
Built2Fast 26 days ago
The Gangsta Feywild voice is hilarious!!! I’m dying over here..
virdus7th 26 days ago
New comment on an old video, still hope this helps answers your question. It isn't a case of moving fast or slow, it is a case of consistency in pacing. Something that is common in games is for a scene to get deadlocked, time getting frozen as the game steps out into OOC territory while players decide and debate over something like actions. Players willing to work together helps, but a DM that can keep a consistent flow to the game will keep it interesting. Games don't take longer by having a better narrative, they take longer by being halted by indecision and debates. Your sense of flow and desire to keep it is a good thing.
Magnus Ludvigsen
Magnus Ludvigsen 27 days ago
One thing I think comes down to how concise the information given is. I've noticed in some games that if we have next to no information we will go off on tangents. It also comes down to the players, some players like to "play chess" in that they consider every move and every outcome. This can take a lot of time, because you end up with a party that overloads themselves on possible outcomes. Pathological Rist Aversion, or something. That's where concise info really helps.
Tolen Tarpay
Tolen Tarpay 29 days ago
Just be thankful your group missed the "Sand-bears"!
hal hibben
hal hibben Month ago
Stephen Wilcoxon
Stephen Wilcoxon Month ago
This is one of the worst tier 4 epics. I disliked it enough that I never tried a lower tier version.
wintern101 Month ago
This sounds like a fever dream
Toa nuva
Toa nuva Month ago
What was the Prize?
Carlo matismus
Carlo matismus Month ago
I thought our Aleventures would have to fight a Beerholder. Also known as a coaster...
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator Month ago
2:12 I remember this video. Ben's table came first, despite his best efforts for it to come dead last
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
Thomas takes a toll for the dark Month ago
*Ben wins* Ben: I didn't win! I merely failed to lose!
air null
air null Month ago
Sounds like one of swamp snipers RP airsoft events
Adam Cole
Adam Cole Month ago
"Some are more winners than others"... What is this? Animal Farm D&D edition?
yamiyotenshi Month ago
Only right answer to any of that is if you and the players had fun you did it right. The whole point of any game is to have fun. Winning is just a bonus. (granted it’s a very good bonus that everybody wants but still a bonus) So if you had fun you did it right. I have a number of games that it took me forever to even be because I got so sucked into all the side stuff I can do. Namely Skyrim and Oblivion.
Elenorefangirl Month ago
What did you win by the way?
Trollololol Month ago
*listens to dancing competition rules* hmmmmmmm *strips into assless chaps* *starts playing **usshow.info/watch/KRogDxQzHEI/video.html*
jmm1233 Month ago
hare and the tortoise
WAH luigi45
WAH luigi45 Month ago
What I'm hearing is team work makes the dream work and roleplay is better than no roleplay
Coolio Month ago
kain541204 Month ago
To be fair, i prefer a game with events and story lines happening rather than a table being stuck at one event for the whole night. My thoughts are that because your table enjoyed what you did to try to increase time (ie cards, role playing) that they flew through some of the material because they where in character. I find at my table, my players will get so into there roles, they react like there character would almost right away.
The Great Owl
The Great Owl Month ago
What'd you win?
haloballz158 ROX!
haloballz158 ROX! 2 months ago
Wizardxeze 2 months ago
From experience and random snips of information that I have accumulated over the years I think that when there is a problem "WE MUST SOLVE THIS" people get stupid. When you are under a pressure you do worse. Examples I can pull of: Totalbiscuit often talked it is harder to play when you have to also talk at the same time. Many games that are competitive you can look your replay and ask your self why the F did you do that? How about my D&D group, aroun 14 other people :D They often stop and do really really cool things but moment you throw them under the bus all they can think of is freezin and getting hit by the set bus :^) Like when given option to surrender no player is going to surrender. There was this story on youtube (maybe animated spellbook?) where you enter a room with door on other side there is small rised platform in middle of this square room and a hand mark on something that looks like a button. The moment you press the button AHAA! trap! the door where you came in shuts down and above the closed door lights up spiral with numbers from 20 19 ... 3 2 1 and all them light up. Then 20 shuts down. 19 shuts down. In the story they spend hours solving that mystery, solution and spoilers is that you have to wait 20 seconds to let the timer run out. Holding the button keeps all numbers lid and way out is to wait 20seconds. Then there was this Dark Souls board game where I made a mistake . . . it was layered with 7 different mistakes and it took me 5min to realize the correct solution . . . it was game over so I decided to see if there was anything I could have done to solve the problem and yes, there was solution. Stupid mistake but still, you had to go and figure it out. Making decisions is not easy. If you let players make the hard decisions in relax environment they will do it faster and better than under a pressure. Example "YOU ARE DOOMD IF YOU DONT WIN MUAHAHAHA" while your group is swimming in ale
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld 2 months ago
"Let's... Get *kraken!*" Commercial of a guy drinking from a mug.
IcedFate 2 months ago
7:00 - 7:37 i'm always hearing stories about how a particular group of players gets into an encounter that was "seriously stacked against them" or a battle they "weren't supposed to win" and yet they win anyway. like the person telling the story recounts all the way the battle was unfair...then just skips to the end like "anyway...after they won the fight. . " and nobody ever explains how their players win these fights so easily, because whenever i played 5e, my characters always get hit by attacks that take off 50-80% of their hp in a single hit, and those are "normal" encounters. so when i hear a story about players being forcibly deposited into a tight little area, which funnels them in to a small area, so a dragon can hit them all woth its breath attack and they are surrounded by bullet spongy monsters with no opportunity to escape..and yet they still somehow survive... I don't get it.
Richard Meunster
Richard Meunster 2 months ago
Depends on the people. There are people who want to take it slow and go on long roleplays then therr are people who want to speed run it likes its a quest in a game.
Platypus 2 months ago
I think being at the table with 1 point wouldn't have been the most fun, getting stuck is almost never fun, at least for me anyway. Also, cheesing encounters is one of the best feelings, so I reckon that your table probably had at least as much fun as any of the others, but I don't think it's because you were fast
Heather Schoonmaker
Heather Schoonmaker 2 months ago
Hey if the players had fun and you had fun it’s fine
L3 K0
L3 K0 2 months ago
I just think as a DM if the players have fun it does not matter how fast or slow we are not to mention it does not matter if other people had "more" fun
Voxelgon 2 months ago
here's the pdf if you're like me and want to play this thetrove.net/Books/Dungeons%20&%20Dragons/5th%20Edition%20(5e)/Adventure%20League/S8%20-%20Waterdeep/DDEP08-03%20-%20Last%20Orders%20at%20the%20Yawning%20Portal.pdf
Ridgerunner21 2 months ago
Honestly I don't think the pacing matters much; if you and your table are having fun and actually enjoying yourselves, that's really all that matters.
Wisdom Seekers Larp Guild
Wisdom Seekers Larp Guild 2 months ago
Ale kraken?? Potion of ale breathing?? Fae dance off??? Bowling with Halistar?? What the fuck is all this retarded shit???
PrinceLuigii 3 months ago
Personally, I don't think it matters about the speed, fast or slow, you got to ask your PCs....are they having fun?
itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv 3 months ago
Beer Kracken?! I guess ale-boleth was taken...
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin 3 months ago
I like it how he's so worried about him doing it wrong when even form what he explained he did pretty good of keeping the table engaged.
OpiatesAndTits 3 months ago
I was sitting outside, at night, so when he said: “let’s get kraken”. There were literal crickets for the duration of the joke 🤣
Samuel Muller
Samuel Muller 3 months ago
Low level tables always get more points for these things is a lot of it.
1103 Hawk
1103 Hawk 3 months ago
Slow and steady wins the race
nem tudom
nem tudom 3 months ago
3:30 And Ben never mentioned that point again
Mr Guppys
Mr Guppys 3 months ago
A good game's a fast game.
wolfclaw719 3 months ago
as someone whos played way to many games the devolved into PvP (at times even Actual real life PvP that ended in bloody noses and bruised cheeks) i think a game where the players are able to work together well enough to blitz through challenges sounds a lot more fun then six people bickering over how to go about opening a door to a tavern for three hours...
Leif Andersson
Leif Andersson 3 months ago
He seems rather anti-pun, and I personally like puns a lot. Even when others do them :) Assuming he's mostly joking, but it seems like a mood killer to joke about killing the character because the player made a pun :/
kereminde 3 months ago
One group I remember just had a rule amongst themselves: Don't take the *easy* pun. Work for it. It helped the chat audience would come up with ones you simply couldn't see coming.
The Weird and the Wonderful
The Weird and the Wonderful 3 months ago
So...do the mermaids poop in the beer ? Cause......why.
Peter Lantz
Peter Lantz 3 months ago
I prefer faster. I think the reason I got bored of DnD was because my sessions would devolve into just waiting for the story to move along, especially when it came to combat.
ManQTE 3 months ago
The Description of the module sounds a lot like Hollow knights plot
WarsawEagle 3 months ago
"Jeez, I would hate to be the table that won." Sometimes, foreshadowing is relatively obvious.
Nicholas Houzenga
Nicholas Houzenga 3 months ago
So..... there was a dragon fight. It stepped on one of the players and was super adorable. The players had to roll a twenty sided dice to keep from getting charmed by it.
Илиан Алексиев
Илиан Алексиев 3 months ago
Task failed successfully alright.
Dr. Faust
Dr. Faust 3 months ago
A party every DM dreams for
Suiteki Mizu
Suiteki Mizu 3 months ago
I think, it is most importent that you all had fun playing the game together! :D
Venom Hudson
Venom Hudson 3 months ago
You guys just had that much fun as long as it was fun then does it matter
TheEverythingTheorist 3 months ago
There's a solid eight seconds of silence after "Let's get Kraken" and it's perfect.
flynn stubbs
flynn stubbs 3 months ago
Does this remind any one of tog?
Fan Of Stuff
Fan Of Stuff 3 months ago
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt 3 months ago
Ya see booze kraken is funny because around where I live there's a type of rum called kraken
Taylor Hancock
Taylor Hancock 3 months ago
No matter how many times I watch this video, I always feel that the Booze Kraken should instead be an Ale-boleth, but that may be a crime with a punishment worse than the "Let's get Kraken" comment
ChBrahm 3 months ago
Dude..... Did you have fun? yes or no No need to compare yourself with the others Having more or less points, taking less or longer in the same quests... It doesn´t matter. Each table goes at its own pace You cant quantify fun. Each group has its own rythm you just gotta find it and ride it Maybe a speed you´d consider boring is the most fun for another table and vice versa
midnightduck 3 months ago
Missed a "let's booze this!" Pun!
Zachary Ormond
Zachary Ormond 3 months ago
I feel like a booze kraken belongs in toriko
Alex Dietz
Alex Dietz 3 months ago
Could be that the other tables were full of idiots or rebels
Amateur Programmer
Amateur Programmer 4 months ago
3:59 This shall henceforth be known as the Puffin Forest Pun Face.
The Detective
The Detective 4 months ago
I bet someone went fast and skipped over important material
Tenebris 4 months ago
This is the living embodiment of “Task failed successfully”
mathybrain8 4 months ago
Sweet Blossom and Dancing Tulips are clearly Summer Eladrin, 'cuz that conversation was HEATED. Also because Summer Eladrin are more aggressive than their Spring, Autumn, and Winter counterparts.
Mr.Bagelsworth 4 months ago
What was the prize
Josh Shapiro
Josh Shapiro 4 months ago
I have a solution on how to make the black dragon fight easier, a Jar of infinit Dirt.
mariusmage 4 months ago
Fun description of the session. And your animation and descriptions on things like "Let's get cracking," "We're from the meadows," and the dance competition were hilarious and made me laugh out loud. Thank you! :)
that random kid
that random kid 4 months ago
what did you win
Cuppa _
Cuppa _ 4 months ago
Thought it was gonna be an Aleboleth tbh
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 4 months ago
Love the recurring punster
The Card Game Masters
The Card Game Masters 4 months ago
But I liked the dad pun... they’re funny. I guess I have an unpopular opinion
Noah Gordon
Noah Gordon 4 months ago
You are good dm. I lick vid
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 5 months ago
epics sound so cool I would love do that stuff
Ltdash 5 months ago
"They just threw the lich out, I dunno how other tables handled it!" every other table "And roll initiative"
JAGraptor 5 months ago
9:55 My theory: You and your parties thoroughness resulted in your table outshining everyone else.
TheDarkTemple 5 months ago
So undermountain is just the abyss from made in abyss or vice versa
Sozin Tallus
Sozin Tallus 5 months ago
always get ring of free actions
Cleanestorc LOL
Cleanestorc LOL 5 months ago
0:25 Literally Elder Bug at the beginning of hollow Knight lol
Blue Flame
Blue Flame 6 months ago
The beginning sounded like the start of hollow knight
Merauder777 6 months ago
Ale mermaid? More like MERMEAD!
Fede 6 months ago
Been there, you got cool players
Blue Ink
Blue Ink 6 months ago
This entire campaign sounds like a hardcore version of Wii Sports
The Condescending Goomba
The Condescending Goomba 6 months ago
Aleboleth > booze kraken
Triodore U
Triodore U 6 months ago
Did you and your Table have fun? Yes? So its the right amount :-) And im pretty Sure your Players had fun kicking a Liches butt by throwing him out of the bar :-)
Isriel Rojo
Isriel Rojo 6 months ago
You can't hide the amazon alarm sound from me! 0:21
Richard Duryea
Richard Duryea 6 months ago
If a player makes a bad pun, do I have to do a wisdom saving throw?
Seeking Origin
Seeking Origin 6 months ago
Did your players have fun? You're not making sense here. "I wanna disregard the contest" and then you proceed to fret over the minutiae for the contest. If you're the DM, then part of your job is keeping ppl invested in the game (plot, setting, NPCs, or whatever other form that investment may come in), the players' job is to interact with the things you give them. There's give and take on both sides, but ultimately, the highest concentration of fun resides in the style played and *that* depends on the how the players choose to play. A DM may have a potent influence on what they decide, but ultimately, you can't force fun any more than you can force funny.
theHedgex1 6 months ago
those level 17th are slaves now
Doc Graves
Doc Graves 6 months ago
I love how overthought the ending lol. Keep at it puffin
Renegade Marbles
Renegade Marbles 6 months ago
I think Puffin's table was probably the best table. PCs where working together where other tables sounded like they just weren't co-operating
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