NoCap - Free Durkio (Official Music Video)

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Year ago

NoCap - Free Durkio
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jody Day ago
Ladei Sailor
Ladei Sailor 2 days ago
King Osama
King Osama 17 days ago
No cap x Future will be a hit😂💪🏾
Tron Mandela
Tron Mandela 20 days ago
My guy on Allah!!!! Keep goin younin!!!!
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 29 days ago
Ik dukeio irl. He left his girl pregnant to go to prison and me and my family are helping her raise HIS BABY that HE left. I stg I hate him. His kid so so cute and Jaz was there for him through EVERYTHING
Newlegendz Productions
Newlegendz Productions Month ago
soon as i make it he gone be my first feature this my favorite artist rn been like that since he came out
SaiyanGodBeavis Month ago
2:22 is that yung mal?
Carl Whitaker
Carl Whitaker Month ago
India Byrd
India Byrd Month ago
Boston Georgio
Boston Georgio Month ago
When it’s beef you got enough money to move your moma out that crib?
Johnson Lalgie
Johnson Lalgie Month ago
More to cum
Johnson Lalgie
Johnson Lalgie Month ago
My bars.. Started out strong ended deep You will never catch me on my knees asking for something they call forgiveness am all about money and f* pleads
Twin Tweezy
Twin Tweezy Month ago
So fucking smart u know u going herer
Bineaux Gyt
Bineaux Gyt Month ago
Deezy Dinaero
Deezy Dinaero Month ago
Boy him an future need a song asap I thought he was on this bih for a min🤣🤣
Latrevor Alpha
Latrevor Alpha 2 months ago
whos still here
Halsted Black
Halsted Black 2 months ago
U made her scream whaa 😳
Ghost Boy
Ghost Boy 2 months ago
Had To Come Back And Enjoy This 💎 .. #Legend
Carl Whitaker
Carl Whitaker 2 months ago
Too hard !
YWN Sházer OFFICIAL 3 months ago
Underrated song🔥💯
DA JIPPA 3 months ago
Da realist inna industry 💯🙏🏾
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 3 months ago
No kap no kap different
Edubiel Marines
Edubiel Marines 3 months ago
Diss me once then i send a message 😷💯
Jamal Kpoto
Jamal Kpoto 3 months ago
Pocket full of money do your ma fucking thing
Lifegoeson100 3 months ago
I like his music, it’s not full of violence like a lot of other rappers that are similar to him
Anita Holcombe
Anita Holcombe 3 months ago
Baeeeee 😍🥰
Aye Cash
Aye Cash 3 months ago
Only street niggas understand this one💯
via Dot Dot
via Dot Dot 4 months ago
#upcomingproducer rappers fw me 🔥💪
6less 4 months ago
this still so lit the beat is such a vibeee
Aye, WÅMA1
Aye, WÅMA1 4 months ago
Old town idk
Roneshia Johnson
Roneshia Johnson 4 months ago
Who still here
Solo Dee
Solo Dee 4 months ago
We really didn’t have no problems till I started balling without you🤝
Cooleycool Yvngking
Cooleycool Yvngking 5 months ago
Papi800blk 5 months ago
lil Durk needs to make a free NoCap song and video
Young Kadeo
Young Kadeo 5 months ago
This song still ah vibe📌
Jake Paul
Jake Paul 6 months ago
Free Capo Asap no cap 💯💔
khi Cooks
khi Cooks 6 months ago
Omar Mejia
Omar Mejia 6 months ago
Free NoCap TheBackendChild
King Scrizzy
King Scrizzy 6 months ago
Free NoCap💯💯💯
Porchell Grant
Porchell Grant 7 months ago
" That I'm gonna be here for ah long While (yeah)" " I Switched Up my flo, They took the Whole Tile (yeah) 💯💯💪🏾 #Dame🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨💨💨 I just happened Upon you 🤔 Now I'm Stuck 🤷🏾‍♀️Ur like ah Drug #SideAffects 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💥
Nari Lar
Nari Lar 7 months ago
Free cap neighborhood hero
trulyundeniable 7 months ago
2:22 looks like yung mal
bill hicks
bill hicks 5 months ago
trulyundeniable it is
Samuel Rondo
Samuel Rondo 7 months ago
I put my trust in god ion trust nothing thats not solid and if I die tonight I know they gone cry and miss me but it’s gonna be too late to say sorry and appreciate everything I did for yo
yung vo
yung vo 7 months ago
I’m gonna be here for a long while 😏🙏🏽
Jaidan Samuels
Jaidan Samuels 7 months ago
One of the GOATS Right now !!!!!
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 8 months ago
rzongler 8 months ago
GoonieLiFE TV
GoonieLiFE TV 8 months ago
Where the instrumental ?????!!!
Falcoblick5 Mihawk
Falcoblick5 Mihawk 8 months ago
Ever since i took a pill i been high, got niggas thinking bout them appeals/pills that they aint got🦅⛈😇
Oni bitch
Oni bitch 8 months ago
Pee wee longmoney used this beat
Valid._ Xero
Valid._ Xero 8 months ago
Free nocap
Jaylin Johnson
Jaylin Johnson 8 months ago
Do you know tenereon
Jaylin Johnson
Jaylin Johnson 8 months ago
That’s dat dude from reggiebaybaby
Eli Lorenc
Eli Lorenc 8 months ago
:40 best part of the tack
trulyundeniable 8 months ago
So much soul in his songs 🙆🏽‍♂️
Brandie Jones
Brandie Jones 8 months ago
Ohio is a fan#937#freedurkio#👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵@durkioworld#nocappin#
Jermal Washington
Jermal Washington 8 months ago
I never even noticed my boy yung mal in my nigga video
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo 9 months ago
Is that Yung Mal at the table in the blue????
taniah armstrong
taniah armstrong 9 months ago
Lol his clothes all over the place u right can’t nobody dress you BABY 😂
C Royce
C Royce 9 months ago
Long money 🤔
Josh A.
Josh A. 9 months ago
Durk gotta make a song Called Free Cap
victor lara
victor lara 9 months ago
“I know all the lights green but I still don’t want to let you go”-No Cap
Isiah Carter
Isiah Carter 10 months ago
Atlanta kodak black
keanuu reeves
keanuu reeves 8 months ago
He from Alabama not ATL
Isiah Carter
Isiah Carter 10 months ago
Bre P
Bre P 10 months ago
DREAD 6 months ago
Bre P me?
Mister Don't Play
Mister Don't Play 10 months ago
I tried but I can't feel him fr...I'm glad he doing his thing but I'm not a fan...The streets need Doe B back asap and they sleeping on that young nigga TRIPP from Montgomery that young nigga cold!!!
brykwan black
brykwan black 10 months ago
I play this song every mf day💯❗️🦅
brykwan black
brykwan black 10 months ago
Slim Montana got to 💯
Slim Montana
Slim Montana 10 months ago
brykwan black same😤
Wispahh 10 months ago
I was singing “when I started of I was small then I became colossal” and all I heard was pocket full of money 😂😩🤦🏽‍♂️
Wispahh 10 months ago
Another song uses this beat and the advert popped up before this song, I can’t be the only one
Noton Thisone
Noton Thisone 10 months ago
Peewee longway and money man song is called long money
Val Cimino
Val Cimino 10 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 👌👌 💪
Carlos Del Rio
Carlos Del Rio 11 months ago
Long money
Carlos Del Rio
Carlos Del Rio 11 months ago
Carlos Del Rio
Carlos Del Rio 11 months ago
Monterrio Houston
Monterrio Houston 11 months ago
Joe Rukavina
Joe Rukavina 11 months ago
Create some space levitate spray da k don’t hesitate
pesomario 11 months ago
Free Cap
Antonio Banks
Antonio Banks 11 months ago
No cap go hard #OnGod 🔥
LilLaj & MdotSosa
LilLaj & MdotSosa 11 months ago
Rain Smith
Rain Smith 11 months ago
No Cap is the most lyrically talented young man out here. I salute u
Elzie Ona Beat
Elzie Ona Beat 11 months ago
Create some space levitate Spray that k don’t hesitate I’m here I guess it’s safe to say 💯 was that a fortnight punch line? 😂
JB2 WAVY 11 months ago
Elzie Ona Beat lmaooo “ I switched up my floor they took the whole tile” =somebody stole his wall 🤣🤣🤣
Steven Crawford
Steven Crawford 11 months ago
Cap got the thug highs and future mids/lows.
Ray Trillz
Ray Trillz Year ago free NoCap😪🖤💯✊🏾
Pocket fulla money do yo muhfukin thang now‼️🔥🔥
Meaning ahhunded
Meaning ahhunded Year ago
No cap boi i miss u free u
antony thelismond
antony thelismond Year ago
if anyone found a beat like dis lmk
antony thelismond
antony thelismond Year ago
played this song everyday of my life since I heard about it ON my birthday June 26
antony thelismond
antony thelismond Year ago
damn dawg free NoCap no cap dis nigga a young goat and GodSent(Idk if he is fa sure, cause idk the gy personally) but he's so real I hope there aint no illuminati business going on , free him
John Bear
John Bear Year ago
this is the sound of his last two brain cells rubbing together do people really like this shit
Matthew Brazier
Matthew Brazier Year ago
Shit still hits 🔥🔥🔥
Tj 24
Tj 24 Year ago
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph Year ago
Shit fire bro🔥
VonCho VonCho
VonCho VonCho Year ago
What beat is this.?
Devon Moor peewee longways ft money man “do your thang”
Levar Kizer
Levar Kizer Year ago
Check out Levar Kizer on USshow it's on me
Svxz Year ago
THE REAL JOSE Year ago 🔥📀🥶🥶🥶🥶
Rich Click peso
Rich Click peso Year ago
Yea durk better make a song for him
Renold Vottier
Renold Vottier Year ago
So, this is america's children,...they warn us through their videos,...much luv,................No cap makaveli
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Year ago
Song fye
Brandon Kidd
Brandon Kidd Year ago
Free the neighborhood hero
BIG BILL Year ago
Here after ghetto angels remix
Brandon Cantey
Brandon Cantey Year ago
What Is the sample in this beat, and where can I get it from?!?!
Jackson Joyner
Jackson Joyner Month ago
Peewee Longway and MoneyMan Long Money is what the beat from man
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown Year ago
Free NO cap 🧢
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