*THE ROOMMATE* is the WORST horror movie I've EVER seen

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Dylan Is In Trouble

Month ago

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Here are some resources for those that are going through dark times - just remember things ALWAYS get better! Never feel ashamed to reach out for help!
Suicide Prevention phone number: 1-800-273-8255
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indigo bleu
indigo bleu 3 hours ago
To the girl and anyone in her situation: you are so wonderful, you are important, your life is valid and meaningful. I know that things seem hard right now, but I promise you that it will get better. Please stay on this earth, you have so much more life left to live.
Madeline Ramirez
Madeline Ramirez 3 hours ago
To the girl The darker the shadows, the brighter the stars. So even when you feel that you’ve hit rock bottom just know that it’s only up from there. 💖✨ you’ve got this ! Just take your time and go at your pace:)
Rhoda Shanks
Rhoda Shanks 18 hours ago
To the girl: There will be times when it feels as if everyone and everything is against you. But you are not alone, no matter how much it may seem that way. There are people around you that love you, that need you and would be devastated if you left them. God put you on this earth for a reason, He has a purpose for you. So don’t ever give up. Don’t quit. But be victorious by keeping on going, keeping on getting out of bed every day. Xx
Aislinn Kavanagh
Aislinn Kavanagh 23 hours ago
It’s the evil fiancé or boyfriend from titanic
genesiscda Day ago
Hey, that girl plays North in Detroit: Become Human! I hated North in that game 😅
Wiktoria Day ago
Plague Potato
Plague Potato Day ago
To the girl: I know it feels like everything is terrible and it'll never get better but I want you to know that it will. When I was feeling like that my family and friends helped lift me up. Talk to someone you trust, could be family, a friend, or even a teacher. Talking and getting how you feel out there is the 1st step to healing. Just know everyone has people who cares for them.
ourwrld 2 days ago
I’ve been where you are and I promise you there is a life after these moments. Always here to talk.
moomoo noonoo
moomoo noonoo 3 days ago
Can you do more gameplays for episode plz 😭🙏
Angel Aguilar
Angel Aguilar 4 days ago
To girl: I'm sorry that's where you're at. Definitely been there and still am a lot. Sometimes it's just about making it through the day to get to the next. Focusing on the little things that you enjoy and celebrating the small victories. Hope you're still with us. Side note: Really happy I stumbled on this page and these amazing videos. Always make me laugh even on a bad day.
Tina Tiffen
Tina Tiffen 4 days ago
I love Dylan but he did NOT just say Nina Dobrev's acting is bad.
Mickey Altieri
Mickey Altieri 5 days ago
I love you as a fan
Karen Nakye
Karen Nakye 5 days ago
May Jesus give you a reason to live because He loves you a lot,😊
Zimirah W
Zimirah W 5 days ago
to the girl: i’m always hear to listen or to talk, much love babes ❤️
Spectre King2105
Spectre King2105 5 days ago
4:01-"Put a cork in it, Zane!"
RandomGaming2.0 6 days ago
at least this is better the midsommar or heredaity
Lyndsy Carson
Lyndsy Carson 6 days ago
Also Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress! she’s amazing and this director did her dirty!
Lyndsy Carson
Lyndsy Carson 6 days ago
this movie is just a poorly executed idea like yeah roommates being crazy is horrifying but the two main actors being shitty and the three amazing supporting actors not reaching their potential.
Elisa G
Elisa G 6 days ago
Damn Dylan looks hot today.
Gee Gee
Gee Gee 7 days ago
Killing or mistreating a Kitten in ANY way is unforgivable
Trinity Huggins
Trinity Huggins 8 days ago
God puts everyone on this earth for a purpose. And one of the greatest ways that He shows love to people is through the people around them. Thankfully with the internet, a friend is never that far away. 😊 I hope anyone who is having harmful thoughts is getting the help that they need. I myself am pursuing a psychology degree so I can help people as much as I can. So hearing stories about people who are struggling but don't give up motivates me to continue. I want to help more people be able to do that.💙
Brylee Huber
Brylee Huber 8 days ago
I don't know if you've seen it, but Split is pretty fucked movie
Kapioleilanionalanielua 9 days ago
The worst movie I ever saw was The Crow 4. I think it was either 3 or 4. It is the one with Tara Reid, it was AWFUL !!
Ruin your childhood
Ruin your childhood 9 days ago
... she got her sister name as a boob tattoo
Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick
Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick 9 days ago
The creepy teacher is the same dude who played Rose's asshole fiancee in Titanic.
Luísa G.
Luísa G. 9 days ago
hey girl, hope you're still here. some days might be tough but I promiss you that days WILL get better, God loves you ❤
cadettipk 10 days ago
Why is half of the cast from the CW?
cadettipk 6 days ago
@RandomGaming2.0 Teen melodrama central (i.e.: Arrow-verse, Riverdale, All American [although that one's pretty great], Legacies, etc.).
RandomGaming2.0 6 days ago
whats CW
nerdlandia 10 days ago
Whoever you are: I know exactly how you are feeling. It takes time for that feeling to go away. I'm not going to lie. But we are ALL here for you and love you so much. Please talk to someone and talk to us. (Genuinely reply to this comment and we can email stay safe we love you)
Dane Cranberry
Dane Cranberry 10 days ago
To the instagram girl, the world is better off with you in it. I suffer from depression, but I try to find things to deal with my emotions. I write. I read-including modern classic Archie comics. Sometimes, I play with silly putty. I don't know what works for you, but you'll find something right
Luana M Jantz
Luana M Jantz 10 days ago
What happened to the cat, did it stay ok?! (I jumped th sceen) Did he stay ok, plz someone tell me!! 😖
Luana M Jantz
Luana M Jantz 10 days ago
Wow, nice intro. 👏👏👏
A Mira
A Mira 11 days ago
Try watching some good movies ♥
Connie Leonardi
Connie Leonardi 11 days ago
Hey hey hey To this girl Sometimes it’s ok to be a glow stick because sometimes u have to break before u can shine! It’s gonna get better ! There is lots of people that care about you ! And lots of people that want u around! HOW COULD SHE KILL THE CAT HE CUDDLES NOTHING!?! Nina dobrev “ we were never friends “ Dylan “they did not just do a dramatic zoom in”
ellie 12 days ago
why is no talking about the girl that plays the lead play lyla in Friday night lights?
BC87 12 days ago
Have there been any updates on fellow trouble maker? I hope you are doing well! Better than before! I've been in that space, kinda still am but keep on trucking on! You aren't alone and you are worth it
Ivoire Punk
Ivoire Punk 12 days ago
I saw this in theaters with two of my friends and it was just us predicting exactly what was about to happen, laughing, and trying to see what the hell was going on.
Emily Bell
Emily Bell 12 days ago
*big ass internet hug* There's so much worth sticking around for!!! We love you!
Kendall Thompson
Kendall Thompson 12 days ago
John 3:16-For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. King James Version Bible
Joey Potter
Joey Potter 12 days ago
Am I the only one who knows Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights and cracked up at her talking on the phone to Jason? Just me? Ok. This movie looks horrible, glad I only had to sit through these 10 mins. Minka's a good actress, I hope she can make better choices in the future.
Alix Hudspeth
Alix Hudspeth 12 days ago
I'm very very late but the girl who dmd him. *massive hug* Just remember that even fairytales have bad chapters that you have to get through .