7 Genius Life Hacks Put To The Ultimate Test - Orbeez Pool Obstacles & How To Survive for 24 Hours

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Collins Key

Month ago

Learn how to make 7 genius life hacks and put them to the ultimate test to see who will survive in a giant, real life orbeez pool backyard obstacles challenge for 24 hours! You will finally answer the question everyone wants to know… Do life hacks actually work?? You won’t believe these shocking results! Last time, brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself candy making competition filled with gummy food vs real food, fake foods, and tasty edible ice cream. Today there is an insane wipeout style obstacle course where the floor is over 1 Million Orbeez instead of hot lava, there are impossible Dude Perfect level trick shots you don’t want to miss, a TikTok art challenge on an Avengers Captain America quality shield, a homemade squishy tutorial, watermelon hacks, amazing science experiments, and even a few pranks. Trying and testing the craziest hacks is so hilarious you will want to see your friends react! It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this satisfying comedy entertainment and easy tutorial life hack and prank compilation series.
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Collins Key
Collins Key Month ago
How many Orbeez do you think we used??
Wolfies Gaming Challenges
Wolfies Gaming Challenges 5 days ago
1 Billion 2 Thousand 83
ratna shah
ratna shah 7 days ago
Aiden Krupa
Aiden Krupa 8 days ago
child's player
child's player 10 days ago
I think about 7k
Fluffy Chewbacca
Fluffy Chewbacca 10 days ago
1 .-.
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19k subscribers With One video challenge 35 minutes ago
this is how many times Collins says YEET per day l l
Ellie-may Grimes
Ellie-may Grimes Hour ago
You should play mincraft suvival
Game hack's
Game hack's 6 hours ago
Rose's are red violets are blue deven is neat everything goes flying when Collins say YEET!!
Cole Fire
Cole Fire 6 hours ago
roses are red devan is clean collins says he doesn't break stuff till he goes YEET!
gdjftdtkvn 6 hours ago
Can u pls do a house tour
Kimberlea Penney
Kimberlea Penney 6 hours ago
katlynn woodward
katlynn woodward 7 hours ago
Graziella Tanggaan
Graziella Tanggaan 8 hours ago
My friend has that glove
Hana Vorel
Hana Vorel 8 hours ago
he loves me ooo
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 11 hours ago
Collin: I just got clocked by a mystery ball! Me: what the h*ll!
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams 11 hours ago
Collins what are does
Micah Sawyer
Micah Sawyer 18 hours ago
for your next video you should give a tour of your house
Charlene McDonald
Charlene McDonald 19 hours ago
I just realized that Collins hasn’t done magic in forever
Karissa Sanders
Karissa Sanders 19 hours ago
Keyper squad
Superstar Cybernetics
Superstar Cybernetics 20 hours ago
Babalwa Mgcushe
Babalwa Mgcushe 20 hours ago
Shane Hixks
Shane Hixks 20 hours ago
Collin is right squishys are everything
• • V U R R • •
• • V U R R • • 21 hour ago
I almost died laughing to Collins going through the first obstacle course
Chamunorwa Kahari
Chamunorwa Kahari 21 hour ago
Colin you have to be sensible 😓
Evie and josies Entertainment
Evie and josies Entertainment 21 hour ago
You went on America’s Got Talent before I just watch the video you are so good at magic
Brandi Crabtree
Brandi Crabtree Day ago
did you say the sh word
Scarlett Quinn
Scarlett Quinn Day ago
This is so cool
Pranjal Bhadana
Pranjal Bhadana Day ago
Imagine how much pain Collins will be in when he was in the Lego pool
Martel Thomas
Martel Thomas Day ago
1 million
Matthew Miles
Matthew Miles Day ago
Ali Akbar Cabunto
Ali Akbar Cabunto Day ago
Darn I'm late but I gotta say I felt bad for Collins like when he went to the painful Lego pool and baloon hitting his kidney
j Chukwukere
j Chukwukere Day ago
Collins' life hack is busted
j Chukwukere
j Chukwukere Day ago
how many times did Collins say that it is a useless life hack
terrell capdeville
terrell capdeville Day ago
Why do things keep on getting in callin eye?🤔
terrell capdeville
terrell capdeville Day ago
Keeper squad
Shawntaine,Rosemary Shorter
Shawntaine,Rosemary Shorter Day ago
First Squad
Edna Quevedo
Edna Quevedo Day ago
20:02 I heard a swear word
Bouncily Tk
Bouncily Tk Day ago
Remember Collin and glozell did ostrich egg challenge
Shaun Laffey
Shaun Laffey Day ago
I love your videos 👍💖
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Thomas DiFiore
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Katty's Own
Katty's Own Day ago
Why can't you say the name of that thing
Leona Djurhuus
Leona Djurhuus Day ago
Jaaaaa yeeeeet
Lilpuppy Lia
Lilpuppy Lia Day ago
Did it’s Collins say sh*t
alan menth
alan menth Day ago
i weash i was a youtuber
ltrickel Day ago
10 trillion Orbeez within a hundred
Rachel Andrews
Rachel Andrews Day ago
What in tarnation did collins say? 9:10
shannon jones-billings
shannon jones-billings Day ago
Is it cold
denise nelson
denise nelson Day ago
wait realplay wen collens gets hit wth a water ballon he says somthin...
Natalia Navarro
Natalia Navarro Day ago
This is how many times Collins has broken something | | V
isobel xox
isobel xox 2 days ago
Niga Niga
andrew queddeng
andrew queddeng 2 days ago
oh big fire 🔥 🤣🤣
Tessa G
Tessa G 2 days ago
You broke it
Mandira Sarkar
Mandira Sarkar 2 days ago
Do the wow challenge
Mandira Sarkar
Mandira Sarkar 2 days ago
10000 I guess 😅
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Caden Michael 2 days ago
uhh i just started watching
Keighley josh Anore
Keighley josh Anore 2 days ago
Please do a candy lego hack
Keighley josh Anore
Keighley josh Anore 2 days ago
200.2 orbeez
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little sandwich 2 days ago
10000000000000000000000000000 orbeeeeez :D
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Kitrina Evans 2 days ago
1 Like = 1 Doctor For Collin's Right Eye
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Kosala Mani 2 days ago
collin keys you're the best
baseballislife 2 days ago
Hey collins and devan I am a huge fan of y'all can you say hi 👋 that will make my day
Alauna Reynolds
Alauna Reynolds 2 days ago
I love you so much and you are so funny