Nash & Kobe Duel For Series Lead | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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2 months ago

In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back at the duel between Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash from May 27, 2010.
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Gemini Day ago
Steve Nash the greatest player of all time
AJ RX 2 days ago
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Matthew Linares
Matthew Linares 2 days ago
Jose Zoza
Jose Zoza 2 days ago
Mark andrew Dominguez
Mark andrew Dominguez 3 days ago
this game is unforgettable for me. RIP KOBE THE BLACK MAMBA BRYANT . KOBE FOREVER
Wu Ganesh
Wu Ganesh 3 days ago
Miss kobe
Jendelle Shayne Lagadew
Jendelle Shayne Lagadew 6 days ago
Two Cents *
Two Cents * 7 days ago
Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and be saved
asencion divinagracia
asencion divinagracia 8 days ago
nash and dudley became a lakers...nun laos na....ahaha richardson.....ahaha
Cristiano 9 days ago
old days when so-called clippers fans of now cheering for Lakers
Liquidmetal702 9 days ago
Crazy seeing players who can do more than shoot 3s. Did I see a big man in the post? This is so much more enjoyable. Tougher, gritty, better ball movement, etc
Divyu Gupta
Divyu Gupta 12 days ago
RonsteR AK
RonsteR AK 13 days ago
wtf dudley...
Kairong Li
Kairong Li 13 days ago
Rip Kobe
Layered Onion
Layered Onion 14 days ago
Unpopular opinion. I think Dirk deserved the mvp in 2006. I think Kobe really only deserved his 2008. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But hey I’m sure I’m gonna get flamed for this comment if people even see it.
BattleBunny 16 days ago
i very much enjoyed watching the game, but everytime I glanced at the livestream chat I felt some braincells die :(
Roger C
Roger C 16 days ago
Freedom for Hong Kong
Matteo Patti
Matteo Patti 16 days ago
There are more ads in this than the ace family tour
Jeremy Couch
Jeremy Couch 17 days ago
This game hurt I was rooting for my suns SMH my boys fought hard tho RIP Mamba
Ridho Wiranatakusumah
Ridho Wiranatakusumah 18 days ago
old nba is gold
Anas Mohamed
Anas Mohamed 18 days ago
i miss kobe
Toney Orange
Toney Orange 20 days ago
Balller Jordan
Balller Jordan 22 days ago
Bro Kobe gave it to them love kb man 👌
Mackenna Walker
Mackenna Walker 22 days ago
why didnt the chicken cross the road?*
Mackenna Walker
Mackenna Walker 16 days ago
lol 5 days ago i forgot my joke.. but why the fuck would a chicken cross a road anyways
M -fruit 🍉
M -fruit 🍉 16 days ago
Don’t know
Weston Prescott
Weston Prescott 22 days ago
Nash has biggest flop I have ever seen
Cesar S
Cesar S 23 days ago
This game was uggggly in the first quarter. Paint so clogged but they kept jamming it in there lol
rip Kobe
Anthonnio Estabaya
Anthonnio Estabaya 27 days ago
Referree sucks. Nothing I can hear now's NBA.
Алексей Мяделец
Алексей Мяделец 28 days ago
Я не знал об этом. Это полный пиздец
Jay Misa
Jay Misa 29 days ago
Why is nash guarding kobe in this game?
Charles Oyeyemi
Charles Oyeyemi 29 days ago
Peep ron artest try to fight dude that slapped his ass at the end lmaoooo
Jonathan Laurince
Jonathan Laurince 29 days ago
Artes save the game for Kobe
Jonathan Laurince
Jonathan Laurince 29 days ago
Nash was so good
Tyler Olson
Tyler Olson 29 days ago
some of them fouls at the beginning... sheesh
ug Month ago
Suns deserved this one
Young Guu
Young Guu Month ago
Fwm Y'all
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
1:13:09 the lakers bench on sync
Гэри Пэйтон
Гэри Пэйтон Month ago
1:13:13 Girl aping Gentry lol
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
14:51I thought that was bill gates force second
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
the foul at 3:42 Fishers reaction was hilarious
XEN Addict
XEN Addict Month ago
3:45 how is that a foul just somebody tell me
M -fruit 🍉
M -fruit 🍉 16 days ago
XEN Addict ikr
Rajay Uppal
Rajay Uppal Month ago
Matija Istenic
Matija Istenic Month ago
magic game kobe and nash a'love you
Triple JC
Triple JC Month ago
I wish that I could have enjoyed the legacy of one of my heroes Kobe Bryant, who recently passed mind you without having to see a Disney commercial for Hamilton the musical every 5 minutes... Have you no shame that you advertise off a dead man's legacy? No offense but take Hamilton the musical and jam it sideways
K Stewart
K Stewart Month ago
Artest literally made 2 buckets and one of them was the biggest shot of the game!
Elham Dobrova
Elham Dobrova Month ago
Alvin Gentry coached the suns?
Coothie is cool 23
Coothie is cool 23 Month ago
Rip Kobe rip Gianna and rip Craig sager
tobyberrymusic Month ago
19:55 but there are only 195 countries in the world
大明锦衣卫 Month ago
iMerkzzU Month ago
Wow. I did not expect the ending!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mouse On Feet
Mouse On Feet Month ago
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim Month ago
Goran Dragic and Jared Dudley look so young.
JBizzle SQUAD Month ago
Wow Ron artest took a bad shot at the end but then comes up with the W 😂😂😂😂😂
Axis Power Diesel
Axis Power Diesel Month ago
lol andrew bynum
You know it's 2010 when you here Eminem not afraid
TheUndefeatedOfTheEast Month ago
But Kobe never had good players in his second championship run. Gasol, bynum, Odom, artest. I guess those are just run of the mill guys
Chanel P
Chanel P Month ago
LOOK AT HIS ISO BAG! Nash is amazing. ⚡️
Jason Keef
Jason Keef Month ago
Artest fouled the crap out of richardson on that offensive board to win it. Suns just another great team that always got robbed by the refs in preferential treatment of the big market teams. SMH. NBA been rigged af.
Jason Keef
Jason Keef Month ago
RIP to one of the best to ever do it.