Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio

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charli d'amelio

charli d'amelio

11 days ago

hi everybody! well it's finally here! dixie and I have been keeping this a secret for so long. we've partnered with Morphe to launch the new Morphe 2 collection and we couldn't be more excited!! we love so many things about this collection and in this video, we are seeing the finished products for the first time, we tell you all about the products and share which ones are our favorites. we really hope you like the collection as much as we do! you can shop the Morphe 2 collection here: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
don’t forget to use my code CHARLI for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching TODAY 7.30.2020 at Morphe. usshow.info/watch/8Ky1DdZtFJA/video.html
☁️ Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) $17 ⁣⁣
☁️ Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in 4 shades) $12 ⁣⁣
☁️ Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in 6 shades) $10 ⁣⁣
☁️ Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss $12⁣⁣
☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣
☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣
if any product on morphe.com becomes sold out, don't worry! check out Morphe stores or other participating retailers. anything that sells out will be restocked soon!

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add me on Snap: www.snapchat.com/add/damelioc
dixie's socials:
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TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@morpheofficial
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Shop The Morphe 2 Collection: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
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The_ Izzat
The_ Izzat 45 seconds ago
Тут есть русские? Отметься 👇❤️ Кстати я начинающий блогер может заглянешь
Charlize Chavarria
Charlize Chavarria 6 minutes ago
Charli my name is Charlize but you can call me Charlie
Badur Family
Badur Family 23 minutes ago
Hiiii Charli i love you so much i am a huge fan im so happy for you and i look up to you and your sister if you could just notice me on tik tok please my acc is @hai1610 and @teen.hypse.house787 please notice me and my friends it would mean the world to me!!!!!!
Ray Sistman
Ray Sistman 39 minutes ago
Make-up is for people who are insecure
Clara Senfou
Clara Senfou 42 minutes ago
Salut je suis français et aussi je me demande si vous en françe
Charlies- Corner
Charlies- Corner 57 minutes ago
Hey charli! I have a question... what are you gonna do when TIKTOK gets banned? Not to be rude or anything just asking!
Lorena Ramirez
Lorena Ramirez Hour ago
Soy el único mexicano xd
Margaret DiSalvo
Margaret DiSalvo Hour ago
~crying inside bc she has like morn subs than hard working yt-ers~
Nia Love
Nia Love Hour ago
I wish I was like Charlie and Dixie
Royale High
Royale High Hour ago
Wowwww you guys gave them so much hype for dancing and now they started their own makeup stuff they don’t even wear makeup they just want money😒😒
Kahleiana Shear
Kahleiana Shear Hour ago
hi Charli d'amelio I love you and are you and chase still together
ding dong 1
ding dong 1 2 hours ago
I like how Charli is taking everything from Dixie hahah lol and i thought it was it was Morphe 3 lol
Luna Chan
Luna Chan 2 hours ago
I admire your lifestyles you give off good vibes, are beautiful, and you are nice to everybody. #nohate #renigadeisthebest
mr. bob
mr. bob 2 hours ago
Charlies face annoys me
CoCoCream_Cookie 2 hours ago
Can u do a Q&A? My question is would u survive a zombie Apocalypse
caedon warren
caedon warren 3 hours ago
Luv u Charlie and don’t listen to the haters
seide luna
seide luna 3 hours ago
Do you Speak Spanish
Maria Sofia Boaventura Monteiro
Maria Sofia Boaventura Monteiro 3 hours ago
A Loaf
A Loaf 3 hours ago
I ain't lying to both look like men
stefany silva
stefany silva 3 hours ago
Ai love
420Ksubs Withnovideos
420Ksubs Withnovideos 3 hours ago
Does anyone know the quote people use to get subscribers?
Payten P
Payten P 3 hours ago
I bet you charli won’t reply
Reece Del Rosario
Reece Del Rosario 4 hours ago
Yasmine El
Yasmine El 4 hours ago
they are so sweet
Fabio David Godinez
Fabio David Godinez 4 hours ago
Dixie: cute Charlie 🤣🤣 Dixie is literally a whole mood
Ilir Drenesku
Ilir Drenesku 4 hours ago
I love you guys
Silvio Silvinho
Silvio Silvinho 4 hours ago
please put subtitles in Portuguese for me to know what you guys are talking about
Iris N Guevara
Iris N Guevara 4 hours ago
Why is Charlie like so shy on youtube 👉👈
Jeff Ourun
Jeff Ourun 4 hours ago
This is Motivation
Gissele solis
Gissele solis 4 hours ago
Nevaeh Yoakum
Nevaeh Yoakum 4 hours ago
Sucks its so expensive 😔 luv you both
Haziel :3
Haziel :3 4 hours ago
Charly en tik tok tiene 70 millones Y en USshow apenas llega a los 6 millones :v
Zoe 2x
Zoe 2x 4 hours ago
Why are you so quiet 🤫
Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston 5 hours ago
I really attempted to put "no you" on all your tiktok posts but I didn't have the tension span to do it
Humble Jenkins
Humble Jenkins 5 hours ago
Charlie and Dixie I saw your clothes at the mall today I freaked out your clothes are so cute
boo tutorialss
boo tutorialss 5 hours ago
Just posted some free Charli edits! :)
Aurélie Lacelle
Aurélie Lacelle 5 hours ago
love it
Yendi Young
Yendi Young 5 hours ago
Why is there only 3 million views ??????????
Rica Mae Roble
Rica Mae Roble 5 hours ago
There’s two types of people: charli: sits there smiling Dixie: super hype about an amazing accomplishment!!!
Rica Mae Roble
Rica Mae Roble 5 hours ago
Keira Heaney thank you!! Let’s support eachother
Keira Heaney
Keira Heaney 5 hours ago
Hi!! I’m a small you tuber that would love for you to support me, plus your videos are amazing!!!
روينه /ROUNA
روينه /ROUNA 5 hours ago
FSAnimation 5 hours ago
There goes cory kenshins hard work its now replaced by a dumb lazy person
Maipro diys Choraka
Maipro diys Choraka 6 hours ago
I love you Charli ❤️
Keira Heaney
Keira Heaney 5 hours ago
Hi!! I’m a small you tuber that would love for you to support me, plus your videos are amazing!!!
CsAson 6 hours ago
ew, the tik tok girl
Keira Heaney
Keira Heaney 5 hours ago
Owen Mitchell
Owen Mitchell 6 hours ago
Charli when is the colab with Cyguy
woah dude
woah dude 6 hours ago
live up the hype before tiktok gets banned and this was all ancient history
Keira Heaney
Keira Heaney 5 hours ago
Hi!! I’m a small you tuber that would love for you to support me, plus your videos are amazing!!!
10k subs before christmas??
10k subs before christmas?? 6 hours ago
Literally 99.9% won’t see this but, God bless you and stay safe during these hard times. Read my name btw☺️🦋
Keyli Nuno mendoza
Keyli Nuno mendoza 6 hours ago
charli i love u soooooo much i would love to see a ''day in the life of charli damelio'' or ''morning routine-night routine'' i love u xoxo
maybe in tik tok you have millions but in yotube ay better than you
Rosa Tank
Rosa Tank 7 hours ago
A voz da charli eh tão calminha
Mateusz Kyla
Mateusz Kyla 7 hours ago
Czeeeekamy w Polsce 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👍👍
Tethe gamer
Tethe gamer 7 hours ago
I Love you so so so so much i'm 10y old!Byee.
Crîst Moon
Crîst Moon 7 hours ago
Lya Hérisson
Lya Hérisson 7 hours ago
hi charli i'm a french fan I adore you very much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abdullah Albadwawi
Abdullah Albadwawi 7 hours ago
And I am aGirl don’t think that I am boy and a girl I like Shopkins and toys that I don’t I hate car I like Reel Kalispell
Abdullah Albadwawi
Abdullah Albadwawi 7 hours ago
I just can’t wait can you give me your numbers right her name first like Dixie and then your number and Charlie and then your number I can’t wait to call you guys until you give me give me your number
Abdullah Albadwawi
Abdullah Albadwawi 7 hours ago
Hi Dixie and I Charlie I’m your biggest fan can I get your number Tell me your number Dixie and Charlie please
Daci Ahmet
Daci Ahmet 7 hours ago
Charlie please answer I love you
Elyssa Williams
Elyssa Williams 8 hours ago
She died
Mariangel Molina
Mariangel Molina 8 hours ago
0:01 Charli is me when my crush looks at me
• dunkin charli xo •
• dunkin charli xo • 8 hours ago
Charlisvsp 8 hours ago
Im so excited to buy this!! Ily charli and dixie
#Isil. Alptekin.61 12
#Isil. Alptekin.61 12 8 hours ago
Hi Charli 😩😍❤️
Adron Slough
Adron Slough 8 hours ago
You are the best
Unsnagged Tech6
Unsnagged Tech6 8 hours ago
Thick brush
Alkandari Tiktok
Alkandari Tiktok 8 hours ago
I love you❤️
Alexa Ledezma
Alexa Ledezma 9 hours ago
Who is better Charlie or dixie or addi
RoseSymbols 9 hours ago
To the person reading this: You’re amazing stay safe and healthy during quarantine 💕 My dream is to hit 1k before my birthday I am struggling to get there.
シシ 9 hours ago
Omgggggg so so cuteeee
YES NEW VIDEOOOOO BTW my storage is running out because I had to screen record this rip.
Alanna Robertson
Alanna Robertson 9 hours ago
Charli if you can see this please respond I am a really big fan and I have an really important question that would make me really happy if you responded
Khloe Productions
Khloe Productions 9 hours ago
Everyone: wow, can’t you believe one app changed her life? Me: but... wasn’t it the PEOPLE?
life is soup, i am fork
life is soup, i am fork 2 hours ago
@Morgan Leo right, just can't wait when karma hits then lol.
Morgan Leo
Morgan Leo 2 hours ago
@life is soup, i am fork ikr all of these distractions are keeping everyone away from knowing whats going on They're like, hey ima go take a selfie of 2 this virus has nothing to do with me
life is soup, i am fork
life is soup, i am fork 2 hours ago
@Morgan Leo yea this generation has it tooo easy. Not saying its a bad thing because they are still too young and they dont know.
Morgan Leo
Morgan Leo 2 hours ago
@life is soup, i am fork tru But mostly the kids who live on the internet
life is soup, i am fork
life is soup, i am fork 2 hours ago
@Morgan Leo and the little kids
Carly Phoenixx
Carly Phoenixx 9 hours ago
Charli and Dixie, If you and others want to party, then please consider wearing a mask and maintain a good temperature and distance. I've followed you for months now and I know you and Dixie are better than this. I know some of the hype house members live together but please you and Dixie be the good influencers y'all are and stay safe and covered. Love you both.
Aesthetic Clxudy
Aesthetic Clxudy 9 hours ago
The beginning of the video is kinda like as me lmao
U_ Tube
U_ Tube 9 hours ago
Did you guys notice in the intro Charli didn’t blink ones
bilias hour
bilias hour 9 hours ago
Dixie: next we have the universal highlighting brush Charli: (drops everything) Dixie:next we have the universal highlighting brush
Delanie Hill
Delanie Hill 9 hours ago
Love you'll so much I'm you'll biggest fan
ginger gaming
ginger gaming 9 hours ago
ginger gaming
ginger gaming 9 hours ago
ginger gaming
ginger gaming 9 hours ago
bilias hour
bilias hour 9 hours ago
Hi I love your tik toks guys
hansar mahmood
hansar mahmood 9 hours ago
I love charli and dixe
Sultan Naser
Sultan Naser 10 hours ago
hajer ahmd alamre
hajer ahmd alamre 10 hours ago
Chali was like an idol at the beginning of the video Right, I am an Arab 😳😳 But I love you, Chali I hope to meet you
Lazy potato Max
Lazy potato Max 10 hours ago
The first i thinked when i saw the begining was charlie just sit there and do nothing
Даная Митова
Даная Митова 10 hours ago
I love youuuuuuu!!!😍😍😍
Miguel Ángel Montalbo Romero
Miguel Ángel Montalbo Romero 10 hours ago
Alan kumar
Alan kumar 10 hours ago
You are my idol Charli ❤️
Twat Face
Twat Face 10 hours ago
Charlie if I met u would u be nice no effence
axerii 10 hours ago
i was thinking about why alot of people hate charli then it hit me... 𝙬𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙤𝙩 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙙 𝙣𝙪𝙙𝙚𝙨...
Ella Galvin
Ella Galvin 10 hours ago
It’s so awkward at the start🤣🤣
nice girl
nice girl 10 hours ago
charli i am ur friend on snapchat omg im soo happy
Cheeky Candace Perry
Cheeky Candace Perry 10 hours ago
I love you as a TikToker can I please please please please please please please meet you ,Dixie and Addison
Meerh Alketbi
Meerh Alketbi 10 hours ago
Hi charli I’m a huge fan i wanna say that why don’t you make a music video ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳
Kenadie Vittum
Kenadie Vittum 11 hours ago
Hi I love your tik toks guys
Ali Bautista
Ali Bautista 11 hours ago
Hi Charli and Dixie! My little sister loves ur channel and it's almost her birthday. Do you know what would be cool? If you two could facetime her! That would mean the world to her. But it's fine if you're busy. I'm sorry this has nothing to do with ur video, but can u plz respond?
Samantha Bradshaw
Samantha Bradshaw 11 hours ago
Charli sounded so different in this lol 😂❤️
Simona Senciuc
Simona Senciuc 11 hours ago
Fernanda :v
Fernanda :v 11 hours ago
Aqui el comentario en español 😎👌
Sani Yordanova
Sani Yordanova 11 hours ago
Charli , America delete tik tok
Daniel ZE MBARGA 11 hours ago
You will come to France I am french Love you dixie and charli ❤❤
selman sbnc
selman sbnc 12 hours ago
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