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3 months ago

This is the 100th Episode! We could not have done it without you guys, thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us on this journey so far... You guys are everything.
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No One
No One 21 minute ago
david is like the sugar daddy
Griffin Shortsle
Griffin Shortsle Hour ago
I’m in fifth grade and I already know this stuff 25:17
Jake Nixon
Jake Nixon 8 hours ago
Vardan Sounds like the fat kid from The Goonies
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 12 hours ago
27:46 best clip ever
Ese Bappo
Ese Bappo 12 hours ago
1:41:22 a little time stamp for myself.
Josh Park
Josh Park 21 hour ago
Why is there only girls in Vardons math class.
Xavier Rangel
Xavier Rangel 22 hours ago
why couldindt the girls take there close off
Melanin Frost
Melanin Frost Day ago
No breathing apperatauses
Jordan Crowther
Jordan Crowther Day ago
How is the doctor just okay with that😂
Alecia Brianna Coduto
Alecia Brianna Coduto Day ago
12:18 When did Jason Nash become Abby Lee Miller
Nbg H
Nbg H Day ago
Out of all the Vlog squad including David’s blogs I think Scotty makes the best videos but I don’t like him in David’s blogs but I love Scotty he’s the best
Caley Wickham
Caley Wickham Day ago
I tear up EVERY time I see mariah get the money
Josh Gaming
Josh Gaming Day ago
8:50 😂 laughed my fucking as out
La Daniels 0
La Daniels 0 Day ago
3:30. Omg I lost it 😂
me xbed
me xbed Day ago
So this is what happens when young people earn a shit ton of money... look like real fun, low-key jealous lol
Summit Day ago
Did Nattlie and Jeff KISS WTF
Manor's Pillar!
Manor's Pillar! Day ago
The new grown ups movie
Gerardo Deleon
Gerardo Deleon Day ago
David is so humble he remembers where he came from
Wyan Sir
Wyan Sir Day ago
Why the fuck did I watch the hole thing
Life With Fish
Life With Fish Day ago
13:58 lil pump in the background playing lmao
Sweetestjenna Day ago
David is so kind hearted it melts my heart
VoiDPenguin451 Day ago
I only liked this because of Jason getting his ears pierced
Eli Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez Day ago
wonder if david ever went back to hug that girl like he said he would.
Dannny Moon
Dannny Moon 2 days ago
Go to 10:10
Feigned Cube
Feigned Cube 2 days ago
I just imagine the one time the fault line actually ruptured they will be sitting there like oh it’s another one of David’s pranks
Pandas Wrld
Pandas Wrld 2 days ago
1:04:25 is that syndicate?????
Ese Bappo
Ese Bappo 2 days ago
8:45 is probably the most chaotic neutral shit I will ever see
Ese Bappo
Ese Bappo 2 days ago
I can't believe I just smiled for an hour and 43 minutes straight. My cheeks hurt 😂
Vince Valbuena
Vince Valbuena 2 days ago
you should've put the 10mil sub party at the last and end the vid.
princess Corrin Valla princess
princess Corrin Valla princess 3 days ago
*jason screaming to the women like a little girl* Do you want a lollipop? Jason: yeah I'll take the lollipop
• AUDRIANN09 • 3 days ago
8:46 I still don’t understand why Jona was taking a shower
Babybotabby Lxughing
Babybotabby Lxughing 4 days ago
Well,time to go to bed now....😂😂😂😂😂👁👄👁
Date me pls H
Date me pls H 5 days ago
Zain is always drunk that he thinks he is a muslim
Ezubus33 5 days ago
What vlog is 1:20:20 I can't stop laughing 😂
Subscribe or badluck on 2021
Subscribe or badluck on 2021 6 days ago
broooo my nameeee
Kaden Storm
Kaden Storm 6 days ago
what is that song called that Davids friend made
Caroline Kenderski
Caroline Kenderski 6 days ago
David Dobrik just keeps me going
H Rated
H Rated 7 days ago
Why the fuck isn’t my life like this like what tf
Chilled Eclipse
Chilled Eclipse 8 days ago
4:48 me and the homies before bed
45 Boss
45 Boss 8 days ago
I have watched the clip of heath and Zane breaking the lights 100 times and I still don’t understand how heath broke that 😂