WARNING PS4 8.0 UPDATE Freezes Up the System "VERY BAD!" Error Crash

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Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 20 hours ago
Is anyone experiencing this issue as od recent? I got a new TV and it worked just fine the first time. Turned off and came back turned back on and said I had issues. 1) followed the reset beep steps to get to system update 2) did the update and let the ps4 do its thing. Accepted the terms etc ps4 does it normal restarts 3) now ps4 is stuck in that I follow the steps properly and then it tries to restart and keeps saying, " cannot start the PS4. Connect the dualshock 4 using the USB cable, and then press the PS button." So then I do that step and it says I need to connedt a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation version 8.01 or later ....." When I do that it won't install or recognize the file. So what the heck is going on , is ps4 basically trying to force people to upgrade when we don't want nor have the cash to do so????
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 20 hours ago
" cannot find the update file . (SU-41350-3) ".....thanks ps4 I just bought the new star wars game to have my ps4 stuck in a loop.
kami gamer
kami gamer Day ago
My ps4 is freezing just after i close a game help meeeeeeeeee
Jessica R. Medrano
Jessica R. Medrano 2 days ago
How do I fix it I have the same thing
Samuel Reyes
Samuel Reyes 4 days ago
My ps4 has been fucking up like crazy for the past like 4 months and idk what to do I’ve do literally and I mean literally everything nothing works just waiting till I probably get the stupid ps5
Kerbecs 5 days ago
It’s happening to me right now, I couldn’t play Cold War because it would crash every second and I couldn’t access my friends list. Everything was crashing. Even the PlayStation app wouldn’t let me access my friends list
BnH Gaming
BnH Gaming 6 days ago
My PS5 Froze Whilst I Was Making A Video On Problems With My PS5 LOL. And I Uploaded It.
Nico Bailey
Nico Bailey 7 days ago
They bugging the game so we can't play we shouldn't play cancel all ps4plus accounts no money for them next month please they cheating us let them stick to there ps5 users
Nico Bailey
Nico Bailey 7 days ago
All I could say no one should support these people anymore I think we shouldn't buy these games
Logan Meazey
Logan Meazey 8 days ago
I was lucky, all I had were slow load times, lag spikes and that's it I feel sorry for everyone who got worse
Drgn Gawd
Drgn Gawd 9 days ago
Great I didnt know that's why i cant turn off my ps4
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 9 days ago
Switching to Xbox ..
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 9 days ago
Mine was perfectly fine , never damaged , after the ps5 came out, it started freezing more and more when playing games, then even trying to access menu options. Only had mine for 2 years now, coincidence?
Havds 6 days ago
Same and i haven’t had my for even a year it’s still new :/
LT-1 R3X
LT-1 R3X 9 days ago
It was fine till yesterday goddamn it Sony you need to fix this we all have spent probably millions on your ps4 consoles and your going to ruin our faith in your company
Twin Shades
Twin Shades 9 days ago
Alright, can Someone explain WTF is going on? I got launch ps4 and i never had a single issue with it, aren't you guys little overreacting, blaming it on Sony, while your system might have other issues based on the way you use it? I regulary clean my vents and fan, change thermal paste Every year, and my ps4 never even had to rebuild system nor format disk or enter save mode, and system runs quiet and cool. Maybe open case, clean it nicely with Caned air and rubbing alcohol, and change thermal paste-should help a little bit, i dunno
Eric Tijerina
Eric Tijerina 13 days ago
I only can’t access notifications section anyone else?
Ghost Central Gaming
Ghost Central Gaming 15 days ago
Hey bro I'm going through the same thing with my ps4 my ps4 had mess up in told I had to do a usb reinstall but I had to delete everything got back on but everytime I try to log in or type anything it crash wats the problem n can you fix it please help me
Kid 50
Kid 50 15 days ago
My playstation got unplugged while on after 8.0 and now I have to download the update via a computer and external device, wtf? I DON'T OWN A COMPUTER!
sircartier 16 days ago
When i open a game either it doesnt load or it just crashes and when it does work its super laggy and freezes alot i just bought cold war and cant even enjoy it lol
Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez 17 days ago
Installed 8.0 on my ps4 pro and now it's unusable. Smh.
Nicolas Jawhary
Nicolas Jawhary 19 days ago
so is sony planning to fix or they will leave us suffering as usual
ArthixIsphinx Roblox
ArthixIsphinx Roblox 19 days ago
I have not turned my ps4 on for months and now ive installed the update and my ps4 is fine
ArthixIsphinx Roblox
ArthixIsphinx Roblox 19 days ago
This is why they made the PS5 :) but somebody's ps4 pro got bricked because of call of duty warzone and now im scared to play it on my ps4 slim even tho i was so happy to play call of duty warzone
Aaron McKinnon
Aaron McKinnon 20 days ago
*PS4 8.00 Update Issues overview & possible solution* So after installing the update I am experiencing the following: Operating system: -Oringinally could not find the PS- Operating system (Fix - Boot into safe mode connect to LAN & download the update, then rebuild database & then initialise PS4 & install update) -Completely freezes in and our of game( has to manually disconnecr from power source to shut down the system) - Lagging when browsing the system & scrolling around settings etc Games: - Texture failure ( missing or warped) - Game cutscenes ( Speaking & wording of in game characters are either silent or say everything they need to say all at once - Complete game freeze / major frame drop ---‐-------------------------------------------------------- Possible solution: After trying every possible avenue from safe mode I believe the errors in which I am having is HDD failure, most likely caused by SONY & this isn't a cheap fix. If you're having all the issues described as above then you may also have HDD failure & can easily get back to gaming by either: 1, saving up for a replacement HDD/SSD 2, Throwing your console out of the window ( no lower than the 2nd floor) & save up for a PC.
Ernest Odom
Ernest Odom 20 days ago
Man I've hard reset my ps4 5 times and it still freezes and crashes when I even try to download a game.
LeleyNAsuna 21 day ago
My ps4 is dead 😂
Ah shit, here we go again.
Ah shit, here we go again. 21 day ago
Broooooo my games always freeze now!!! I have to repair my extended storage every time i turn on my ps4.
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 3 days ago
same bro..i have no issues like this before...
Fawaz PlaysYT
Fawaz PlaysYT 21 day ago
CROdigital / Virus Gaming
CROdigital / Virus Gaming 21 day ago
this is so fucked up, this update broke two of my playstations and i still have same problem, and i even changed new hard drive but i have same problems
XATHER 22 days ago
Serious question is this update bad for your PS4 like can it do something bad?
Joynal Hussain
Joynal Hussain 23 days ago
My PS4 keeps restarting and it keeps on saying data corruption. I keep rebuilding the data about 4 to 5 times. Finally it starts working but whenever I switch it off and then turn it back on again after, it does the same thing over and over again. I had once already done factory settings it worked fast for one day and then it started all over again please help.
Frank Cox
Frank Cox 24 days ago
Should I put in rest mode when I am not using
Frank Cox
Frank Cox 24 days ago
My playstation 4 pro and update 8.0
Caleb Shively
Caleb Shively 25 days ago
I was updating it and it showed up mid update “an error has occurred” and it’s frozen and I’ve unplugged it a bunch turned it off and nothing works and it won’t even let me turn on my controller. What do I do?
Trevor Colston
Trevor Colston 26 days ago
My main problem has been CE 34878 on many, many games. Anyone else?
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen 26 days ago
Games freezes to much after this update
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra 26 days ago
I know freezing and lagging everytime I rebuild database and now guess wat ps4 has virus
Menace A1
Menace A1 26 days ago
My PS4 is fucked rn. I can’t appear online or offline and all my messages don’t load and also I can’t speak in party chat... I don’t know what’s going on and I need help for this
EastCoast Justo
EastCoast Justo 27 days ago
My Ps4 won’t boot past the ps logo :(((( wtf is going on. My ps4 has been so buggy
JaMichael2x 16 days ago
@Glock22s _ mine doing the same
Glock22s _
Glock22s _ 16 days ago
have u fixed if so how?
Yukari Takeba
Yukari Takeba 28 days ago
I can’t play my games because freeze all time after of update
Yukari Takeba
Yukari Takeba 26 days ago
@Blacky The Crow what we should to do? reset system over and over again?
Blacky The Crow
Blacky The Crow 27 days ago
Ij Mero
Ij Mero 29 days ago
I cant play offline even do the game is offline.. after updating to 8.00 ..
Anna s
Anna s 29 days ago
I've tried restarting mine several times, and today I completely reset and reformatted it. But I still can't play anything as it either freezes a few minutes in, or freezes on the start screen of any game (except JJBA Eyes of Heaven for some reason). I had at least been able to access Netflix but today that won't even open. edit to mention I only play single player games, I don't even use the friends or community features.
kaguya shinomiya
kaguya shinomiya Month ago
I lag hard now,and sometimes my wifi wont even connect to the ps4
Demetri Bain
Demetri Bain 9 days ago
It's Intentional.... Fr Fr
O JC 15 days ago
Dont worry dawg i lag too on modern warfare and on fortnite
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay Month ago
My games (except Minecraft and Digital ones) aren't loading anymore
Fax M
Fax M Month ago
My ps4 pro is soft bricked after this fricking update. Did not know sony is the new apple
Fax M
Fax M 23 days ago
Yeah sony does not even adress something...we just get ingnored like for real ? Apple = Sony now ?
Jared Miranda
Jared Miranda 23 days ago
Basically all cut scenes in games lag and freeze
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay
Epsilon Centauri - Neil Nilay Month ago
My games (except Minecraft) aren't even loading anymore
YR Todd7
YR Todd7 Month ago
Haven’t played COD since the update. My system crashes when I try to download any game . My system is literally FUCKED SINCE THIS UPDATE
YR Todd7
YR Todd7 Month ago
Which I could post my video here . Mine does the same
Thatkid OG
Thatkid OG Month ago
I can’t even play on my ps4 no more
Thatkid OG
Thatkid OG Month ago
It is bro
Jordan Taveras
Jordan Taveras Month ago
My game was working a week after the update then one day I decided to update the god of war game and my ps4 hasn't been the Same .it went to safe mode and I took me forever to get out of it .I had to delete everything and start over. All i can do is watch movies or shows I can't play any games without crashing smh .Sony sucks
I am the hidden one :v
I am the hidden one :v Month ago
I think this is Sony work, Sony make ps4 broken so ppl buy ps5
Titan K1lls
Titan K1lls Month ago
Playstation promote ps5 and broke ps4 :|
Unlucky Devil
Unlucky Devil Month ago
wonder if its corporate espionage from microsoft...
MM 32
MM 32 Month ago
Mine is lagging and freezing .I defrag it and reinstalled the update and is still lagging and freezing . This 8.0 update makes me feel like what apple does with their iphones so people can update to the next device. I only had my ps4 for about a year and 6 months always worked fine and after update i cant even use it. Is so frustrating.
Diego G.
Diego G. Month ago
Apple doesn't launch updates that break the iPhones - they only slow down, and understandably, like, 5 years of updates, man. This is FAR FAR FAR worse than Apple.
Norwegian WolfPlayer
Norwegian WolfPlayer Month ago
I was updating my PS4, right, and it didn't work. So I had to restart the machine, initiate system, which didn't work. So I deleted data, which took 5min maybe... Then after Sony logos loaded, and I was trying to choose a language, the machine just freezes, half way, black screen happens, and then it all just repeats itself!
evelyn Gonzalez
evelyn Gonzalez Month ago
I know how to fix it happening to me , I can help fix it better but it still freezes for me . Message me on insta Unitedlorde
Norwegian WolfPlayer
Norwegian WolfPlayer Month ago
I was updating my PS4, right, and it didn't work. So I had to restart the machine, initiate system, which didn't work. So I deleted data, which took 5min maybe... Then after Sony logos loaded, and I was trying to choose a language, the machine just freezes, half way, black screen happens, and then it all just repeats itself!
Norwegian WolfPlayer
Norwegian WolfPlayer 16 days ago
@Glock22s _ no😤 annoyiannoyingly no. I'm borrowing my sister's PS4, (my old one) which she never uses, so it's no big problem for Me about that... but it truly annoys me because I bought it last summer, in 2019. It worked perfectly until three weeks ago when the said problem (☝️) happened😤
Glock22s _
Glock22s _ 16 days ago
same did you find a fix??
Ivan Wyatt
Ivan Wyatt Month ago
My PlayStation wouldn’t shut down its lagging nothing is working. I tried going to safe mode and restoring my database error like really this is crazy.
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson Month ago
*CORE.TEC* on îg ability to hack and fixed any errors is just so amazing. My account has been lagging and freezing after messaging some many hackers which the all failed to fixed my account. Core.tec fixed my account effortlessly
Keannie Rivera
Keannie Rivera Month ago
Yeah that update KILLED my ps4 :(
valfodr gg
valfodr gg Month ago
When I search for other gamers and view their trophy list from my console, I can only see the date and time the trophy was achieved. However, there is no screen shot of the trophy being obtained and the trophy icon is still locked. Is this because of the update is it just me. Can anyone view other gamers trophies from their ps4 console?
Mike Camz
Mike Camz Month ago
I guess ill still wait to update sux
james punch
james punch Month ago
They have totally stuffed my game play, slow to load, I saw a glint from a scope just like black ops cold war beta. wtf. I will get rid of my ps4pro and buy an xbox. NUF SAID.
Captain Ferris 17
Captain Ferris 17 Month ago
I want your background/desktop!! Where did you find it??!!
Death Month ago
I managed to get offline with my PS4 pro before the 8.0 update. I just happened by chance to see a video over the 8.0 issues while I was looking for movies to watch. I immediately went to my network settings and disabled my wifi and then logged out of ps network. As long as your console is set as primary you can play all your games without network.
Telimaktar Month ago
Constant freezing since version 8. I will not purchase another ps.
the one eyed king
the one eyed king Month ago
Wait does using a lan cable possibly fix the issues with this update ?
william mason
william mason Month ago
I guess im lucky i never play online games. I preffer single player story focused games.
HesDeCedre Month ago
My ps4 pro lag a lot
Rαγ Month ago
Im downloading a game and it froze 3 minutes away from finishing after 3 hours of waiting. The controller isn’t is working for some reason and it’s plugged in and I don’t know how to turn it off. Right after I got the update my ps4 kept crashing and the screen turns black.
Brooks Carlson
Brooks Carlson Month ago
You are level 346????? Holy Jesus. That is by FAR the highest I have seen.
Damien Wise
Damien Wise Month ago
Mine crashed, and only opens in safe mode 😶
smell ya later soaps
smell ya later soaps Month ago
I can not get my ps4 to display on my tv at all! Blue light flashing and can not enter safe mode.
J J Month ago
Is anyone experiencing their ps4 keep disconnecting from the WiFi??....
Simon Ellis
Simon Ellis Month ago
Hi monkey flop if you get your freinds on got to games & look at games it says my freinds have no games & party chat doesn’t work
Kylie Lovatt
Kylie Lovatt Month ago
Carnt sign in psn
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Month ago
Yeah mines got corrupted and stop working and had to get a new one
whoami 2020
whoami 2020 Month ago
I cant see my friends either.... Thats cause I don't have any lol
Anderson Logan
Anderson Logan Month ago
Contact Josh _tech1 on IG if your still battling this issue like I did he just restored my ps4
Play2Lose56 Month ago
My ps4 cant even start up anymore and when i made it turn on somehow i could stay on the home screen for 5 mins and then the screen turned black with the ps4 still on but not doing anything and doesnt make a sound the white light is still on but nothing happens Edit: Please help me with this i want to play on my ps4, for now the only options i have are to either reinstall the update with usb or inistialise the whole ps4
King Flops
King Flops 15 days ago
This is what both of mine are doing. I've wiped it and it only works short periods. I just did the usb thumb drive reinstall it lags and freezes but so far still comes back on when I restart it. Sony is some chit for this
Samuel Soto
Samuel Soto Month ago
The biggest issue with the update 8.00 on ps4 is trying to access the profile, and friends to check something. It cause it to go back to the main menu, and can't access it no more. Omg that's the worst update ever.😓
Ryan shew
Ryan shew Month ago
This update completely crashed my hard drive I get error code and tells me it cannot start ps4
ʟᴇᴏɴ 2 days ago
Same 😐
ReeceOnKeys 5 days ago
@João how did u fix it
Nico Bailey
Nico Bailey 6 days ago
@João I tweet Playstation last night and asked whh are they so wicked to us and boom as I turned back my game on it updated and start working good again.. they literally bug d ps4 console bro im telling you it only will work only if they fix it
João 6 days ago
@Bigmyke84 forgot to say, blow the dust out of the hd
Bigmyke84 6 days ago
@João Ill give it a try
Scissortail Gaming
Scissortail Gaming Month ago
My PS4 is totally locked out no matter what I do due to the update 8.00
Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron Month ago
It also locked my other user account games on the same PS4. Prior they were all unlocked with my Plus subscription. Now you have had to bought the game on under that account and cannot share. Restore License and Activate do not help. Any help appreciated.
Igor Beuk
Igor Beuk Month ago
I have no issues, maybe you are fake
FineArt Gaming
FineArt Gaming Month ago
After updated it crashed. I just reinstalled the full system software again.
Layne Boy
Layne Boy Month ago
I thought I was the only one
Resistance Month ago
Your correct, it freezes the system alot. Far too much, alot of errors when downloading updates or just going to friend list.
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen 19 days ago
@Donnchadh Broderick Try starting it in safemode and update the system from there, if the reinstall doesnt help try safemode again and select rebuild database
Justine Clark
Justine Clark 19 days ago
My is stuck on the ps4 error 800
Donnchadh Broderick
Donnchadh Broderick 19 days ago
It’s telling me update software but I’m on 8.00
Donnchadh Broderick
Donnchadh Broderick 19 days ago
Same I actually had no problem when the update came out but the last two days my PS4 is just done it’s freezing takes years to turn in and off do u guys know what to do ?
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen 26 days ago
Me too, several games freezes when playing and even the menu is freezing up some sec. Always something when Sony update something. Same with their phones.
Emperor Jahrome
Emperor Jahrome Month ago
This is a walk in the part compared to the last two updates 7.50 (which bricked my console throughout the whole of crappy lockdown and 7.55 that also bricked millions of consoles. I have had a smooth run this time round since my new ssd drive touch wood.
π Month ago
help please when I try to download Minecraft in my ps4 it says "Update the system software to use network features" please help I want to download minecraft while in 7.55
π Month ago
​@MonkeyFlop can I install minecraft in my ps4 via USB? or I have to wait for the 7.55 jailbreak?
MonkeyFlop Month ago
You won’t be able until you update to 8.0
the stats VA
the stats VA Month ago
What is that theme
cnpastro club
cnpastro club Month ago
How could you Ps4
Ya Boi Zack -
Ya Boi Zack - Month ago
I got on today and my notifications won’t load and my quick menus says msg_quick_menu_title and my PS4 keeps getting blue screened and idk how to fix it
A. B
A. B Month ago
Same but I don't see it anymore but when I go to custom list I hover over 1 and he/she is online but the blue symbol is not there
Nerd GamerGr
Nerd GamerGr Month ago
I was having problem with my friends list not showing the first days after the install but I'm trying to open a community page and automatically closes and dont showing friend party's this firmware update sucks
AnGeL DAnNyXx Month ago
AnGeL DAnNyXx Month ago
After the 8.0 update my Ps4 pro is in black screen and the tv not power on😭
MrBeefy Month ago
Sony going start ban ton of people when ps5 out when they go onto party chat when they get toxic or say a word that is bad to sjw and green hair freak so be careful about do a party chat
Jade West
Jade West Month ago
Is there anything you were able to do about the corrupted data game files? Mine is doing that to one of my online games and I’ve tried everyone and don’t know what else to do.
Emperor Jahrome
Emperor Jahrome Month ago
Manually delete the game you know for sure is the corrupt file- Bad news is yes you lose all that agme data unless it is archived on the companies clouds aka like Ghost Recon for examples. Its the only way if it is in online storage. The other options to simply not use that game or data. Other than that there's absolutely nothing you can do.Happened to me with COD WW2 so I ditched the lot. and wiped the game off my storage and console.
quangtran527 Month ago
My Netflix and Hulu stop working correctly after this stupid update....
Jon Woo
Jon Woo Month ago
MY PS4 WILL NOT RESTART !!!!!!!! WTF I unplugged, reset and everything and still BLACK SCREEN!!!!!! what do I do?
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia Month ago
i keep getting kick out of games with blue screen and sometimes it just straight up freezes mid game
Vicious_ Beauty
Vicious_ Beauty Day ago
Yessss same here
Jake Malinowski
Jake Malinowski Month ago
8.0 is a horrible update. I can't see anyone's chat parties anymore, because I'm not in any of their groups that they've created. And they can't see mine unless I specifically add their name to the group. This essentially makes everyone's chat parties private by default. You can't kick people out of parties anymore. You have to leave the group, make a new group, and have everyone re-join. Also, I can't send friends multiple invites, I can only send them one. If I want to re invite someone, maybe after a game match or something, I have to delete them from the group and re add them. What sense does that make? My message box is now full of past groups I've created, so I have to sift through those to find actual conversations I'm having with people via messages.. I used to be able to make a party by myself, I would do this sometimes just as an easy way to mute everyone from the game. Now if I wanted to do that, I have to create a group to make a party, which means I have to invite at least one person to create a party intended for myself. Dumb And when you mute people, they can still hear you. That is ridiculous Forget being monitored, or the initial bugs. This update destroys the party chat interface and improves on NOTHING.
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