10 Unsolved Mysteries in Minecraft!

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5 months ago

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Sub shows you 10 UNSOLVED mysteries in Minecraft's history! From Herobrine, to floating trees, to new mobs, you will be shocked what he discovers!
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Welcome to Sub's World! Here, he'll (try) to show you some cool Minecraft Builds, Minecraft Redstone, Minecraft Top 10's, designs and way more stuff!
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Builds by Entity Builds: www.entitybuilds.com/
Voiced by Blake Swift: usshow.info
Inspired by PrestonPlayz, Unspeakable Gaming, Logdotzip, Dream, Mumbo Jumbo, Magma Musen, GrianMC, and more fantastic Minecraft USshowrs!
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khushi grover
khushi grover 16 hours ago
when we die in end a enderman spawns which is our last soul
Epic Storm
Epic Storm Day ago
Most mysterious Thing in minecraft 1.Cave Sounds
Callum Stokes
Callum Stokes Day ago
I'll never sleep again
Emma Hayes
Emma Hayes Day ago
lol disk Xd
Pierce Vaughan
Pierce Vaughan Day ago
The game theorists already solved disc 11
Luivico Eusef Javines
Luivico Eusef Javines Day ago
You don't know entity? Search him in google
Luivico Eusef Javines
Luivico Eusef Javines Day ago
Herobrine is a killer he is a warrior and he likes hunting down entity
Kartik Haldar
Kartik Haldar 2 days ago
i think some villager eat something another so they are grey and some villager have some power,i also think that villager don't whana friend whit pilager,and villager get out the pilager so they are angry and want to take revange so pilager don't like villager i think
molten mineman
molten mineman 2 days ago
In creeper is skulk sensor😂
dr iqbal ahmad
dr iqbal ahmad 2 days ago
Notch and Herobrine are brothers 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
ryan Thompson
ryan Thompson 3 days ago
And there were ancients builders before steve
ryan Thompson
ryan Thompson 3 days ago
Herobrine is the brother of notch
Nawrah Imanina binti sayed abdul halim
Nawrah Imanina binti sayed abdul halim 3 days ago
i think the soul are the mobs in the nether
Madeleine Guangco
Madeleine Guangco 3 days ago
Creepers see green in there vision You can see what they see in spectator mode...
guesty bacon
guesty bacon 3 days ago
Quasi Kitten
Quasi Kitten 3 days ago
Look at game theory :p
Sangma Anand
Sangma Anand 4 days ago
1:06 you mean herobrine is terminator
HerobrineRulez With Entity303
HerobrineRulez With Entity303 4 days ago
I am from the future
HerobrineRulez With Entity303
HerobrineRulez With Entity303 4 days ago
I want is a witherstorm pet
HerobrineRulez With Entity303
HerobrineRulez With Entity303 4 days ago
I am Steve with white eyes
Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog 5 days ago
I’m back!
shannon pollos
shannon pollos 5 days ago
Herobrine mod ???
KZac Battad-Solon
KZac Battad-Solon 6 days ago
I know who is herobrine
Lucero 6 days ago
1:01 What The Frick Is That Moon?
Eden Suyapto
Eden Suyapto 6 days ago
I think that herobrine is a player but with something
Yellow Dragon
Yellow Dragon 6 days ago
I saw herobrine spawn ans pick up the disk 11 infront of my eyes
Lola _rose
Lola _rose 6 days ago
Sud : we answered every thing Me: no problem solved
Corran Tasco
Corran Tasco 6 days ago
When ever a animal doe's in minecraft it spawn's in the nether
minecraft green blood
minecraft green blood 6 days ago
Far land ???????
minecraft green blood
minecraft green blood 6 days ago
Hero brine is a mob found in minecraft he's nocht brother
Henry Boudreaux
Henry Boudreaux 6 days ago
I’m the 4,000 comment
subir kumar manna
subir kumar manna 7 days ago
Solve entity 303 mystery
Xylan Rhoj Danas
Xylan Rhoj Danas 7 days ago
I dont now steve is a mod i only see red steve i dont want red steve in my world
Kaede L
Kaede L 8 days ago
This is dreams unsolved mysteries
JustA GamingWhitey
JustA GamingWhitey 8 days ago
I have a theory about the soul sand and soul soil. The screaming poeple in the soul sand is either the pigmen or a player that couldnt escape Soul soil is soul sand but the souls have manage to be set free This is a popular theory btw I just told it
D’Elemenz Show
D’Elemenz Show 8 days ago
Actually your missing one animal and its a fox
ssjDerek 9 days ago
Now with the news from the new version, the disc 11 It can be linked to the new mob maybe, maybe they programmed ti add a mob like him a long time ago
nganji and gaby sonic and roblox
nganji and gaby sonic and roblox 9 days ago
Sub: what is herobrine? Me: once i was in a cave and after heard screeching so I ran away
Ella Bracken
Ella Bracken 9 days ago
Creepers are robots!
Lansellon 10 days ago
What a theory, i wish we could get some answers by 2.0, for am sure 1.7,8&9 will only feature minor changes
Maximus Rogers
Maximus Rogers 11 days ago
you shoud whach game thery about minecraft so you can learn the past about minecraft start about how steve and the enderman
Praveen Karn
Praveen Karn 12 days ago
Far lands is full of monsters
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez 12 days ago
Never look at enderman eye or they will kill you
Entei Borkinson
Entei Borkinson 12 days ago
You Sound like a happy chills
coolguybrick 12 days ago
Hero brine is notch brother
Rudysfuntime 2.R
Rudysfuntime 2.R 12 days ago
Herobrine is not real
Jamie Deng
Jamie Deng 12 days ago
1:02 did anyone see the chicken up there
Hrithik Balaji
Hrithik Balaji 13 days ago
"who are the enderman" Beings who like to ruin and steal other players build
Glenda Zinnerman
Glenda Zinnerman 13 days ago
Personally I think creepers are really robots in the game
Cale Rex Baracol
Cale Rex Baracol 14 days ago
That's me
Kalya Ravelo
Kalya Ravelo 14 days ago
This makes me think 🤔 alot
Tan Bengsiew
Tan Bengsiew 15 days ago
When you use the soul speed on the soul sand look behind the soul will come !
tillie dizon
tillie dizon 15 days ago
one of the builds in the woodlinmansion is a illiger head that has a lappus block in its four head and has a unibrow that is the same as the villigers ok
you kinda sus
you kinda sus 15 days ago
Its not round its SQUARE
Jose Antonio Lucero
Jose Antonio Lucero 16 days ago
I’m not sure what the story of disc 11 is but some people think it was made by Herobrine
Jose Antonio Lucero
Jose Antonio Lucero 16 days ago
The Minecraft world is about 30,000,000 block wide and its not round unless you’re using mods
Jose Antonio Lucero
Jose Antonio Lucero 16 days ago
Notch says that Herobrine is the ghost of his brother that died. It seems like he got his way into Minecraft.
TNT The Best video maker
TNT The Best video maker 16 days ago
I tryed spawning herobrine by useing command /summon
Sunae Kim
Sunae Kim 16 days ago
Sub, thank you for being concerned about disc 11 and 13.
Nat’s Gacha life
Nat’s Gacha life 16 days ago
I love it when he goes like ‘heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy Suuubbbb’
Dark Fire X Clan
Dark Fire X Clan 16 days ago
Enderman noises: hey hi whats up Also enderman: Earrape sold with headphones Headphone users hearing endermen: 3fdigiyeebiybeihibvebyuvedugfubgicbeigbefhibvyibvefbbbbbzbzhnojnihnihexnihcecnhice ecdhi chu ebuhec e Also Headphone users: thanks Mojang
プリンセルパンガノロン 17 days ago
The soul in the soulsand can be free when you use a soul speed enchantmet in your boots sub
Itz_Regina 17 days ago
Actually, you are right. there is a seed that is said to have many Herobrine sightings in it, and disk 11 is said to have abilities that will CALL Herobrine if you play the disk in his seed. And there are also rumors that Herobrine was the developer's brother. The day that he was angry at his brother when he created the game and his brother put a hack in the game that was supposed to make people stop playing his brother's game because they thought it might be a virus or something. And that he also put in disk 11 so that when the developer was ready to apologize, he could face him in his own game. I don't know if anything these things are true, It just what I've seen people saying and rumors I've heard
Itz_Regina 2 days ago
@asumbohday Hey, we don't know whats happened behind the scenes of Minecraft xD I can believe what I wanna belive
asumbohday 2 days ago
They aren’t true. This is a game.
gacha Candy
gacha Candy 18 days ago
The nether is the death world in minecraft
gacha Candy
gacha Candy 18 days ago
Gun powder is in side of creepers of course
I don’t believe you
Axil Atienza
Axil Atienza 18 days ago
Mojang: herobrine doesn't exist Minecraft Nether Update: are you sure about that?
Zayani Shallaita
Zayani Shallaita 19 days ago
Herobrine is cool
James basty Villegas
James basty Villegas 19 days ago
Minecraft is infinite that's why while your creating "my world" you get to choose what type of world infinite,old,flat
James basty Villegas
James basty Villegas 19 days ago
Endermens are the past humans cause,how they speak is English that is messed up and how the heck the villagers build the ain't have no hands
Antonios Christodoulou
Antonios Christodoulou 19 days ago
About floating trees, I have an explanation(and it's not Minecraft logic).In other universes, our physics are not the same as ours. Please, Sub, put me in your next video.Please.
Md Rohan420
Md Rohan420 20 days ago
Wjy our Minecraft pe dont on chets
soundra bala suppuraj
soundra bala suppuraj 20 days ago
acualy the mincraft enderman are humen becauese they talk english a little bit
Clmzii 21 day ago
But why can't we hear the music played on mobile?
Yuel Isaiah Calimlim
Yuel Isaiah Calimlim 21 day ago
Disc 13 + Disc 11
Yuel Isaiah Calimlim
Yuel Isaiah Calimlim 21 day ago
Disc 11 is solved
Marly canoy
Marly canoy 21 day ago
The farland has darkness or a mob never solve in minecraft
Yahya Alaa
Yahya Alaa 22 days ago
Wait a second what if umm like an endermen or a zombie was chasing him it's clearly not herobrine I mean if it's herobrine like he will be immediately died in a sec
Yahya Alaa
Yahya Alaa 22 days ago
This creeper looks like grass or something
mizific 22 days ago
i have a answer for number 2 at the end of the game it talks about how steve is a part of the universe creating his own world thats really a dream
Louie Emmanuel
Louie Emmanuel 22 days ago
Creepypastas:Villr,Lick =MINECRAFT VERSION JASON,Herobrine,cant sleep entinity or entity,Eyes in the dark.
NMonique Anderson
NMonique Anderson 22 days ago
Hero brine is mojangs brother but mojangs brother died so their is no hero brine maybe
kevin xue
kevin xue 22 days ago
disc 11 is like a person running from herobrine or a monster 👹
kevin xue
kevin xue 22 days ago
Disc 11 background is found herobrine face in it
Eve Orbita
Eve Orbita 24 days ago
Wtf herobrine just fall into a hole
Shani Smart
Shani Smart 24 days ago
I have one, how do the evockers and illigers move their hands? Maybe the villagers can too, but they were cursed
SpaceCat 24 days ago
DISC 11 HAS BEEN SOLVED Disc 13 cuts off for 11 seconds and that's where you put disc 11 and it turns out that it is a creeper or something else but NOT an enderman attack because disc 11 and 13 were made before endermen so its most likely a creeper attack and the miner survives he just falls into water but then gets out to dry off.
SpaceCat 24 days ago
And the reason why disc 11 is broken would be the explosion of the creeper
kaden marie
kaden marie 24 days ago
waaiit did HEROBRINE make the creeper? cause the creeper is a nutral mob most ppl dident know but when u get to close they go boom. but... is the creeper a robot monster thing?
Lee Playz
Lee Playz 24 days ago
Herobrine is a hacker
Mia Ambrose
Mia Ambrose 25 days ago
Narrator: Steve is the only human player Alex: Am I a joke to you?
Zaira Miku Via Hatsune
Zaira Miku Via Hatsune 25 days ago
I love your convincing voice
Darth Caedus
Darth Caedus 25 days ago
Umm, herobrines core origination is the nether before minecraft alpha dum dum
Greg Bays
Greg Bays 25 days ago
Is this show for 7 year olds? No offense to 7 year olds because this is so badly written but professionally produced. Feels like you should be selling bad breakfast cereals or action figures every 90 seconds.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 26 days ago
What makes crying obsidian cry?
Andrei Games
Andrei Games 26 days ago
Onyil Gaming
Onyil Gaming 26 days ago
i love youre vids
Mileva Dodik
Mileva Dodik 26 days ago
Matpat solvet every ting game teorey
Cooper Sheehan
Cooper Sheehan 26 days ago
0:00 heeeey sub (This creeped me sub)
Legendary abhiguy
Legendary abhiguy 27 days ago
My theory is that soul sand souls inside traped form years and screaming for help but perhaps we cant but 1.16 update we can free by soul speed
Cherry Licious
Cherry Licious 27 days ago
There is a way to free the souls wear soul something enchanted boots and you will see some blue souls come out each time you walk with those boots in at biome
Legendary abhiguy
Legendary abhiguy 27 days ago
*soul speed*
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