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Sid Meier's Civilization

Month ago

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The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.
Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
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Sid Meier's Civilization
Sid Meier's Civilization Month ago
Thanks for watching! Be sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on any First Looks or other content. What do you think of Byzantium? What do you think about Basil II? Are you excited to try Byzantium?
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 24 days ago
I love it
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner 27 days ago
I think you are russian trolls trying to call your bugridden malware Civilization
Eaglestrike7777 29 days ago
What a tard its the EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE !! !!
Entertainment for the Dead
Entertainment for the Dead Month ago
all I can say is the way she pronounces Byzantium (Bee_Zantiuhm in her case) hurts my brain its pronounced (Bye-zan-ti-um)
Димитър Иванов
Димитър Иванов Month ago
I think Bazil 2 is an ass
T W 32 minutes ago
Wish they made him look like an actually Byzantine , he looks very westernized. It’s truly disappointing. And cig has yet to introduce oriental orthodox or an Armenian civilization.
Μιχαήλ Βαχαρόπουλος
Μιχαήλ Βαχαρόπουλος 3 days ago
2:00 you can't go back to Constantinople, no take me back to Constantinople 🎼🎶🎵🎼🎶🎵. Thank Jesus they didn't put THAT song for Byzantium ost😁😁😁😁😁
furkan bilici
furkan bilici 3 days ago
Del B
Del B 5 days ago
Where's my boi Justinian tho
Ryo Tanada
Ryo Tanada 5 days ago
I like how Vatican is the city being converted by the civ's ability and demonstrated by Basil's...
Able Jacobson
Able Jacobson 11 days ago
Shoulda been Irene of Athens.
GafanhotoGamer 11 days ago
So it's basically Spain, but good
Ole Fredrik Skjegstad
Ole Fredrik Skjegstad 12 days ago
Fun fact: Norway's leader in this game, Harald Hardraada, actually served in the Byzantine Empire before he became King of Norway, and he did so as the Captain of the "Varangian Guard", an Imperial Bodyguard unit founded by Basil II.
Ole Fredrik Skjegstad
Ole Fredrik Skjegstad 12 days ago
_"Past Emperors designated for themselves other burial places._ _But I, Basil the purple-born, place my tomb on the site of the Hebdomon, and take sabbath's rest from the endless toils which I satisfied in war._ _For nobody saw my spear at rest, from when the Emperor of Heaven called me to the rulership of this great empire on earth. I kept vigilant through the whole span of my life guarding the children of New Rome._ _Marching bravely to the West, and as far as the very frontiers of the East. The Persians and Scythians bear witness to this, and along with them Abasgos, Ismael, Araps, Iber._ _And now, good man, looking upon this tomb, reward it with prayers in return for my campaigns."_ - Epitaph on Basil's Tomb
Emperor Basil the Bulgar Slayer
Emperor Basil the Bulgar Slayer 13 days ago
Look it's me!
Arty Cuen
Arty Cuen 13 days ago
I hate how the narrator pronounces "Byzantium".
filippos papadopoulos
filippos papadopoulos 14 days ago
I just want to say thnks for this beautiful game and that I have some ideas that might be good. 1 Napoleon as a secondeader if France. 2 Justinian as a second leader of the Byzantium. 3 Greeks were-are very good with their navy so if it's possible make them a naval unit for the early game period or a policy(I trust you with changes) . 4 Armenians as a civilization.5 Portugal as a civilization. 6 Spain naval unick unit. Again thanks for the game, the graphics and the soundtracks of each civilization,also thanks if you read my letter until now and I want to say that I would be really thankful if you take those thoughts into consideration.
Basil2 16 days ago
Win Ko Ko Aung
Win Ko Ko Aung 18 days ago
better spain!
Thiago Pereira
Thiago Pereira 19 days ago
1:13 Is that the statue of Zeus?
A literal raven
A literal raven 22 days ago
Usually I would be offended that you did not choose Justinian but his music is dank
Sohan The pro
Sohan The pro 22 days ago
the music is great
Able Jacobson
Able Jacobson 22 days ago
Finwaell 23 days ago
I gave them a go and they are not OP at all. Actually it's quite difficult to play as them. You HAVE to get a religion or you are fucked. You HAVE to get the crusade belief or you are fucked. You HAVE to have a decent production/science/culture to get to the Tagma or you are fucked. You HAVE to have a nearby civ you can stump on or you are fucked. You HAVE to have a solid income (Tagmas still cost a lot of gold to upkeep, even the "free ones") or the enemy HAS to have a lot of gold infrastructure to plunder or you'll go bankrupt. All they have is that one push in late medieval/early Renaissance era and if you screw that, you are fucked. As soon as the Ai unlocks musketmen and cavalry and gets Renaissance walls its pretty much over. All they have is that one trick up their sleeve and they have to hope it all goes well in a very limited time window or they are ... fucked :D Which is pretty much how it went with the real Byzantine Empire btw :D :D They lack any sort of long term bonuses except from Taxis (which is only helping so much and is very situational), the Dromon is pretty much useless (who ever takes time to build quadriremes anyway), and they lack ANY sort of early game bonuses as well. I am playing on Deity exclusively that is, I am sure on lower difficulties they feel invincible. But so does ANY other civ as well :D
StevieWho 23 days ago
Me: Ooh damn Byzantium! Civ 6: They focus on a religious victory. Me: Well fuck guess I'm never using them then.
Cihan YILDIZ 23 days ago
This civ look good but I think it will be better if Constantinople has a defensive bonus
Joaquim Boadella i Coll
Joaquim Boadella i Coll 26 days ago
I wish we could get Irene or Theodora as 2nd leadder ^^
Maroboduus Caeruleus Corvus
Maroboduus Caeruleus Corvus 27 days ago
Oh wow I've missed some new content.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner 27 days ago
Every new update crashes my computer more. These are russian trolls trying to get you to download malware. Beware
citizen 27 days ago
byzantium is so op
nixneweraccnt 28 days ago
Goddamn, I love the pronounciations by the narrator. *chefs kiss
Eaglestrike7777 29 days ago
What a tard its the EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE !! !!
Ferrer Mihkael
Ferrer Mihkael 29 days ago
No Varangian Guards, forged by the alliance between Basil II and St. Vladimir of Kievan-Rus? :(
yanomamo89 29 days ago
They are going to have to add Justinian at one point or another right?
Hellenic Daemon Λανσε ランス
Hellenic Daemon Λανσε ランス 29 days ago
Hail Basileus!
ntwynn Month ago
I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay into this. Good work team.
Kati Reei
Kati Reei Month ago
This video called "Civilization VI - First Look: Byzantium", except you are Burgarian, then is last look...
Thomas Kurc
Thomas Kurc Month ago
Atakan Month ago
Where is Turkish / ottoman.. Even if you hate the turks, civ can not be complete without turks
Малин Алько
Малин Алько Month ago
Ничего не понял...но очень интересно!
Gabriel Clisham
Gabriel Clisham Month ago
Dejan Jakobovic
Dejan Jakobovic Month ago
Couldn't we just get Justinian...
Prussian Hamster
Prussian Hamster Month ago
Should have been Justinian 1 or Constantine 11
Isaac Paul
Isaac Paul Month ago
What about justinian
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιούμας
Κωνσταντίνος Τσιούμας Month ago
"Can't go back to Constantinople" Sad byzantine noises
Collins Agyeman
Collins Agyeman Month ago
Mr_Tourist de'Whalebrough
Mr_Tourist de'Whalebrough Month ago
So, take me back to Constantinople "No, you can't go back to Constantinople " Been a long time gone, Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Byzantines
Wolfgang Month ago
the way you say Byzantium makes me want to die
The Emperor
The Emperor Month ago
Am I the only one who just had to look at the thumbnail to know it was Basil the Second lmao
Yiğit Ali Tepe
Yiğit Ali Tepe Month ago
Suleiman: It's free real estate.
Abbott V
Abbott V Month ago
Not Justinian or Theodora :(
SHIN RUI Month ago
진짜 갈수록 문명은 dlc로 장사짓하는거 꼴보기 싫어진다.
Димитър Иванов
Димитър Иванов Month ago
I can't imagine how nobody has complained about the fact that they chose the "Bulgarian slayer" to lead eastern Rome
The Game Changer
The Game Changer Month ago
OP domination civ.
ѕͭᴘͪʌ̵ͥʀ͛тͥʌ̵͛! Month ago
Cool now off to see PotatoMcWhiskey tell us what all this means.
Joan Romba
Joan Romba Month ago
Why is her accent so funny? Is that actually how you say byzantium?
Señor Sirowatko
Señor Sirowatko Month ago
Make Hagia Sophia a Cathedral Again.
Resqwec Month ago
How are they going to pronounce Byzantium then?
wil rees
wil rees Month ago
Buy-Zan-Tee-Um or BEEE-Zun-Tium
Fredy Hermann
Fredy Hermann Month ago
Deus Vult intensifies
Javyroo Month ago
When is this dropping
natecarlo45 Month ago
Alright you people really need a better narrator. Is that an automatic voice messaging system?!
EC KIM Month ago
Civilizations which Civ6 has to add(my opinion) Portugal Tibet Vietnam Thailand Dravidian civilization Huns Israel Armenia Morocco Songhai Balkan nation (such as Servia, Romania, or Albania) Austria Denmark Native North American nation(such as Suu, Shoni, Iroquoi) Mexico
EC KIM Month ago
@Son of EvropaBut there are two native North American civ in civ 5, and I think civ 6 should add one or two more orthodox civ. Mexico and Aztec are quite different like Inca and Gran Colombia.
Son of Evropa
Son of Evropa Month ago
poundmaker is a native american civ, macedon is a balkan civ, aztec are a mexican civ, Phillip the II for portugal
Iasonas Strike
Iasonas Strike Month ago
Basill ll the bulgar slayer is an emperor and (porphynogennetos is the surname of Konstantinos porphynogennetos)........just wtf this game
Fhf Fvgju
Fhf Fvgju Month ago
Include Bulgaria pls
GeneralPing999 Month ago
Javyroo Month ago
Michał Muniak
Michał Muniak Month ago
I would drag my balls through mile of glass for civ 6 with graphics from 5 :(
limited wisdom
limited wisdom Month ago
There is a mod for that already
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky Month ago
Damn if it were Alexios Komnenoi I would buy the game but nope it's Basil the Bulgar Slayer lol
German Lord
German Lord Month ago
It’s eastern rome....
Keem winning
Keem winning Month ago
If he's supposed to be faith military does his military have to be so offensive strong, i feel like once he hits knights it's going to be a nasty fight for anything he controls.
A random seal
A random seal Month ago
Me: *hears about Byzantium* Also me: *happiness noises*
Kekero Month ago
Rome: *exists already* Byzantium: "Hi let me introduce my self I'm you but with JESUS"
Kekero Month ago
Ah yes Basils true dream to not need an heir.
PreppyDelicious Month ago
the way she said Byzantium really irritated me.
jon quizhpe
jon quizhpe Month ago
No theodora with huge boobs awwwwww
Daddy Kaiser
Daddy Kaiser Month ago
Just wondering.....Can Constantinople get those good walls they had historically
Tequiladooper 27
Tequiladooper 27 Month ago
Should have been Justinian instead of basil
Sina M
Sina M Month ago
Bees an tea, yum!
MisterScrambles Month ago
Javyroo Month ago
Deus vult
Chandler Bradley
Chandler Bradley Month ago
Why is she saying Byzantium like that?
묵묵 Month ago
Constantinople is separated by Greek and Turkish in this game again.
Ziuk1990 Month ago
Wait... Byzantium... Basil II... The Bulgar-Slayer... And no furious Bulgarians commenting?! I'm a bit shocked.
마언 Month ago
so when can i bomb them?
Bun Eang VINH
Bun Eang VINH Month ago
We will make Byzantine strong again! We will make Byzantine safe again! And we will make Byzantine great again!!!
Choong-hee Jo
Choong-hee Jo Month ago
아 나 어째서.. 눈물이?
The Pression
The Pression Month ago
well shit i thought bolivar was broken with horses
Josh Friedman
Josh Friedman Month ago
I hear Mvemba sheading tears!
شق داوسون
شق داوسون Month ago
Where's my waifu Theodora!?
Atakanos Games
Atakanos Games Month ago
Bulgarian Butcher - Killer of Bulgarian - Bulgaroctonus - Bulgar Kasabı (Basil) (976-1025)
Flying Tonk
Flying Tonk Month ago
Tagma more like nerfed aoe2 cataphracts
AnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelp
AnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelp Month ago
Sulieman mains: *Heavy Breathing*
Trajan Danubius
Trajan Danubius Month ago
It's too much *Roman* to handle!
Blaze Month ago
Drakon590 Month ago
This ladys pronunciation hurts my ears
Coffee Succubus
Coffee Succubus Month ago
Good they chose a GOOD Roman Emperor and not the overrated Justinian and Theodora
Mironian Month ago
@Димитър Иванов based
Димитър Иванов
Димитър Иванов Month ago
And at the sight of his men the tsar had a heart attack.
Димитър Иванов
Димитър Иванов Month ago
How can you call this monster a good leader. The guy after defeating a Bulgarian army blinded 99 ot of 100 and left only one of them with one eye so that he can lead the others home a
RascalJ Month ago
I think Justinian is famous due to his accomplishments being overshadowed by the shitty events which took place.
Serdar BİÇER
Serdar BİÇER Month ago
Conquering Constantinople one more time with Suleiman will be fun!
Gavin Ayling
Gavin Ayling Month ago
I'd love to have this on Stadia, just to make my PC quieter!
Omar Hanafy
Omar Hanafy Month ago
Where is Paul's video ?
Girthy Big Mac
Girthy Big Mac Month ago
Love the Vatican City attack as an illustration. MEND THE GREAT SCHISM!!!! hahaha
Iqi73 Iqi73
Iqi73 Iqi73 Month ago
This civ is so strong that I dislike it tbh
Yuval Gilad
Yuval Gilad Month ago
100% they will decrease this civ power... it's by far too powerful
Nitroman 97 bittlent
Nitroman 97 bittlent Month ago
Ireland would be a good one to add. Just saying
S2C9T5 GameIN
S2C9T5 GameIN Month ago
My andriod which is 6giga ram with 100plus giga space still not compatible wtf is this game?
Javyroo Month ago
@S2C9T5 GameIN the only official civilisation game on play store is civ 2
S2C9T5 GameIN
S2C9T5 GameIN Month ago
@Javyroo no you can play i seemed it on playstore
Javyroo Month ago
Lol u can't play civ on an android phone my guy
GMusicTV Month ago
Man I had sleep 2 hours because of this game yestersay lol. I was playing as japan and I said One more turn at 12 am and that 1 turn ended up at 5 am 😂 Looking forward to play it in my switch tho since I' not sure where to get the expansion packs for pc. 😋
Javyroo Month ago
Rio Pratama Martin
Rio Pratama Martin Month ago
And This Emperor fighting againts the Bulgars
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