I Filled Charli's Room With Pictures Of Chase!

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Thomas Petrou

2 months ago

I Filled Charli's Room With Pictures Of Chase!
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Ella Soffe
Ella Soffe 8 hours ago
Chase: hAy bAbY Charlie: get out
cake london
cake london 14 hours ago
Why do i just see black
saliya wilson
saliya wilson Day ago
thick thomas
Mia! Day ago
Lusi Muli
Lusi Muli 2 days ago
Thomas: Why do you have 40 phone cases? Charli: Ok I just personally feel, Like you came to my room. Im ligit ded LOL
Nathasia Kate Garcia
Nathasia Kate Garcia 2 days ago
I wish cha cha come backk i love them
Ada Visentin
Ada Visentin 2 days ago
3:14 👹✨ 4:09 AJAJAJJAJA
Alyssa Dumbrique
Alyssa Dumbrique 2 days ago
I love jack because he is so positive and loving and a good version of awkward lol........ThIcK ThOmAs
Shervonne Tan
Shervonne Tan 2 days ago
Go to 3:50 I love it when Thomas put my ex boyfriend al over LMAO
Ondrej Lipták
Ondrej Lipták 2 days ago
Eunbie Ssi
Eunbie Ssi 2 days ago
I’m sorry but chase is charli’s boyfriend?
Jorja Avery
Jorja Avery 3 days ago
Omg 😂😂
James Galen Sundiam
James Galen Sundiam 3 days ago
Thomas:Charlie why do you have 40 phone cases Charli:I I don’t-LIKE U CAME INTO MY HOUSE ME:dying of laughter😂😂😂❤️
l l
l l 3 days ago
Thomas: its stick man version of chase! Chase : im the stick verison of me-
FaZe Dust
FaZe Dust 3 days ago
Michal is so funny
caroline tannouri
caroline tannouri 3 days ago
In this video u can see that charli was still real hurt but BABE SHE GOT OVER IT
Izabelė Graužinytė
Izabelė Graužinytė 3 days ago
Cha cha is back??
Izzy Schneider
Izzy Schneider 3 days ago
awwww so sweet
isabeli augusto
isabeli augusto 4 days ago
Certeza que a charli guardou uma foto dessas pra ela 😅
Claire Davis
Claire Davis 5 days ago
thomas: why do you have like 40 phone cases charli: i just personally don't feel like... * realises * hey YOU CAME to MY room lmao why does that gotta be so relatable
Farishta Sakhi
Farishta Sakhi 5 days ago
when Charli stomps on chases photos'
R Gabriella Fernandez
R Gabriella Fernandez 5 days ago
Chase:hugs char me:eeeeee CHA CHA FOREVER
Jays Vlogs
Jays Vlogs 5 days ago
I should fill Dixies room with pictures of Griffin
astethictingz 1234
astethictingz 1234 5 days ago
Vampire man😭😭😭😂😂
Carrie Segura
Carrie Segura 5 days ago
why would you do that you dumb
Olena Aguilar
Olena Aguilar 5 days ago
la que sale en tiktok
Rosalia Gomez
Rosalia Gomez 5 days ago
can i get other likes like dem :(
MoMo Readirs
MoMo Readirs 6 days ago
Charlie still have feelings
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones 6 days ago
She was acting mean lo
Scarlet Mercada
Scarlet Mercada 6 days ago
andreavsp 6 days ago
charli be blushin 😏
edits wjade
edits wjade 7 days ago
I love how chase and charli are so chill with each other I love it
The ghetto dog
The ghetto dog 7 days ago
why does Chase sound like Nikita dragun😭😭😂😂
Julia or RODRÍGUEZ 7 days ago
Sou love Charli and dixi I love love love love Charli and dixi
Madi 05
Madi 05 7 days ago
It’s incredible 😂
Lumynist 7 days ago
Charli be like why are there a lot black man on my walls
Ready Red
Ready Red 7 days ago
Fill Dixies room with pictures of Noah
Roblox_Babys! 7 days ago
He already did the video they announced they dating
Maricruz Canela
Maricruz Canela 8 days ago
Cuz there a cute couple 😏
Maricruz Canela
Maricruz Canela 8 days ago
Are they actually dating or not
Bts Fan
Bts Fan 8 days ago
3:48 chase got exposed
Bts Fan
Bts Fan 8 days ago
3:14 her reaction though
Ready Red
Ready Red 8 days ago
Charli: I love it when Thomas shows up to my house with pictures of my ex boyfriend all over
Lavida Manygoats
Lavida Manygoats 8 days ago
thick thomas
TEE HEE 8 days ago
Charli when she walks in *charli blushes*
Genevieve Trinh
Genevieve Trinh 8 days ago
like you came to my room!
Chezzy Bee
Chezzy Bee 8 days ago
Chase:love y'all Charli:👀 👀 👃 👄
Gabriela Siarez
Gabriela Siarez 8 days ago
Thick Thomas
OCEANWXVES 9 days ago
Chloe Romero
Chloe Romero 9 days ago
i think chase still loves charli like if you think so to
Stojanovic Inès
Stojanovic Inès 9 days ago
Elle a bien dit boyfriend
Florally Aesthetic
Florally Aesthetic 10 days ago
Chase: cHArlI iF u tAkE iT dOWn I sWEar
Amanda Liddle
Amanda Liddle 10 days ago
I think we can all agree that Thomas is not the best camera man XD
Angela Cindy Umlas
Angela Cindy Umlas 10 days ago
Am i the only one who sees thomas as the father of their group😂
Saul Saucedo
Saul Saucedo 10 days ago
Gems 💎 is hs was a kind a good yeh but it jerry was James was a jey me and I had the time here lol I had a js was the
sp00ky_ lqv
sp00ky_ lqv 10 days ago
chase:I hope you like it “buddy”😏 Charli:get out.
Gacha.cookiess. 11 days ago
😂 lol 😂
Milisa Mvambo
Milisa Mvambo 11 days ago
Do pictures of griffin in dixies room
Sunflower Princess
Sunflower Princess 11 days ago
Can i keep one asking....AM ASKING FOR A FRIEND...ish
・Ani_playz• 11 days ago
Charli: okay I just don’t personally like o- you came to MY room XD
Mariah May
Mariah May 11 days ago
ya'll they broke up because chase is a cheter perio i know nessa but chase you did not have to do that to charlie
Best friends Play
Best friends Play 11 days ago
I miss cha cha :
Lama Mousa
Lama Mousa 12 days ago
اين العرب
Kayla Tregloan
Kayla Tregloan 12 days ago
Thick Thomas
KHALI YOUNG 12 days ago
Chase: *Hugs charli* Charli in her head: We aint getting back together probaly Chases mind: I love you baby Charli:Steps in THICC THOMAS
Teedy Tears
Teedy Tears 12 days ago
Chase still loves charli 🥺🥺🥺
It’s Gigi Nation
It’s Gigi Nation 12 days ago
U should jack room of seianna and sienna room at jack
Adriana Camila
Adriana Camila 12 days ago
arme bts
arme bts 12 days ago
مين من التيك توك 😂
ᴠᴀʟᴜ ʀʙʟxx
ᴠᴀʟᴜ ʀʙʟxx 12 days ago
2:37 Marc: I like Chase. Chase: YEAHH MARC LIKE CHASEE 🥺💖
sasha badruddin
sasha badruddin 13 days ago
I am chacha for life if u are then give a like!!!
Val H
Val H 13 days ago
I love it 😂😂
destiny segura
destiny segura 13 days ago
thomas in every thumbnail: 😧
Maria Romero
Maria Romero 13 days ago
I was funny when chase said yeah he likes chase!
sanyogita satpute
sanyogita satpute 13 days ago
Wait did charli forgive him??? Hmm i am kinda confuse
jayda huntley
jayda huntley 12 days ago
Yeah they’re friends again also he never cheated but he did kiss nessa after his breakup with Charli
Janai Mcclain
Janai Mcclain 13 days ago
they are actually so cute together
droso stamiri
droso stamiri 14 days ago
are you greek?
Mercy Joy Ngun Tha Par
Mercy Joy Ngun Tha Par 14 days ago
Why do you open ur mouth ?????
Catherine Shamel
Catherine Shamel 14 days ago
no one: jack: thick.... Thomas.
Julie Gaming 101
Julie Gaming 101 14 days ago
Yo 3:53 that tension tho
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez 15 days ago
😂love 😂IT😂
Daniela Mello501
Daniela Mello501 15 days ago
Mano,eu achei totalmente desnecessário e sem noção fazer isso, dava pra ver q a charli tava desconfortável,o Chase n pq foi ele q fez a merda. Ela até falou numa parte: Legal,eu entro no meu quarto e me deparo com várias fotos do meu ex-namorado. Gente,plmds. Esse ship tá arruinado e os amgs fazerem isso pra tentar reatar é ridículo
B G 15 days ago
Mia: can I just text him Thomas: No, he needs to find out through the vlog Mia:but he’s just such a little dumpling 😂😂😂😂
Shreya_ Gandhi
Shreya_ Gandhi 15 days ago
My favorite Thomas vlog of all time! I can’t even explain how happy this vlog makes me🥺❤️❤️
Angel is An Angel2
Angel is An Angel2 15 days ago
👁 👁 💧. 💧
Mingui Huezo
Mingui Huezo 15 days ago
Cha cha
Angel is An Angel2
Angel is An Angel2 15 days ago
3:14 is the same as the beginning
Taylor Briggs
Taylor Briggs 15 days ago
thomas: why do u have like 40 phone cases Charli: personal i just dont ... um fhdhh.... YOU CAME TO MY ROOM!
elle asmr
elle asmr 15 days ago
Cn y say hi ele
VICKIE MEDINA 15 days ago
I got a hype chain
m0ist b0i
m0ist b0i 15 days ago
Thomas: its the stick version of chase Chase: *I'm the stick version*
Subbing Everyone who Sub me
Subbing Everyone who Sub me 15 days ago
They broke up 😭
Genesys Garate
Genesys Garate 16 days ago
this video was so funny
Valeria Bolotskikh
Valeria Bolotskikh 16 days ago
were they still together when this was filmed?
jayda huntley
jayda huntley 12 days ago
Natascha Lachaussée
Natascha Lachaussée 16 days ago
Umhhh sa veux tout dire 👉👈
Mely Rivera
Mely Rivera 16 days ago
I miss chase and Charli being together 😭
Atheena Babasa
Atheena Babasa 16 days ago
Like he is like in love with charli when he said me and charli then she is gonna love this he pointed himself even when they hugged
Carolyn Rich
Carolyn Rich 16 days ago
"Why do you have 40 phone cases?" "Well I..i just..hey you came to MY room" LMFAOOO ME
Carolyn Rich
Carolyn Rich 16 days ago
"Eboy problems" IM CRYING BYE
TheUnicornGirl Krammy
TheUnicornGirl Krammy 16 days ago
Is he the leader of the hype house just asking?
D3MON_Charkyy 17 days ago
This is how much pictures there were in charlies room👇
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