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Jennelle Eliana

9 days ago

Sup dude and dudettes,
The time has finally come for me to start my RV build. I completed step one, which was to tear out all the dated, crusty, musty, dusty and rusty interior of this 1991 Toyota Hiace mini RV. Now that this camper is nothing but a fiberglass shell, I get to rebuild it as my own:)
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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dragon slayer
dragon slayer 6 minutes ago
okay but like drop your hair routine
KevTV 24 minutes ago
Arlan Haak
Arlan Haak Hour ago
Holy Smokes! You are sexy and useful. I'm over 50 and I never ended up meeting a female that would even consider doing what you did in this video. Awesome work!!
Stich Pelekai
Stich Pelekai 14 minutes ago
Marianne Uptegrove
Marianne Uptegrove Hour ago
Would you ever do a course/mentor people who have no prior knowledge but want to get into can life?
Louis Cusack
Louis Cusack 2 hours ago
How do you get mail
KT Lindelani
KT Lindelani 2 hours ago
Wow she actually did that by herself πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ
kafuka megumi
kafuka megumi 2 hours ago
Jennelle should get a sponsor for some of her big items!
Josiane MΓ©nard
Josiane MΓ©nard 2 hours ago
Yay! Bravo! 🌺
michaela rose
michaela rose 2 hours ago
WHO ELSE HAS BEEN A FAN SINCE BEFORE 2020??πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ small youtuber here
KeDe Glow
KeDe Glow 2 hours ago
I have absolutely nothing in common with you, and no aspiration to live in anything that moves. However. You are hysterical, I laughed and cheered the entire way through this video, and therefore have subscribed. You Go Young Ladyl!!! This old Lady will sit and watch while you whip this RV's hiney.
argile5 3 hours ago
Holy Jesus that's alot of work. I would a just left it, sat down and drink something cold
redcandi nunya
redcandi nunya 3 hours ago
Anxiety to the max watching this... but props to her for doing all this work
kafuka megumi
kafuka megumi 3 hours ago
I'm so excited for her!! Its gonna feel great to walk into her rv home and be able to stand comfortably no matter what ,, im sure crouching down all these years in her van didn't help her back much
Jamia Lachel
Jamia Lachel 3 hours ago
I’ve been waiting like forever
Coming Islamic Antichrist
Coming Islamic Antichrist 4 hours ago
*If you're a Muslim you should watch this video. Christians are starting to warn the world AGAINST Mahdi* ⬇️ πŸ•‹πŸ•Œβ˜ͺ️
Taylor Henson
Taylor Henson 4 hours ago
The way she is talking is like when the TikTokers are doing something like this and are like β€œcome back for day 2!!!”
Tiki1k 4 hours ago
Why does she have to be taller than me πŸ˜”
Palsms Eightytwosix
Palsms Eightytwosix 4 hours ago
I need you to get your concealed handgun permit.....
Zombie Fox
Zombie Fox 5 hours ago
hard work... IN FASHION
Michelle P
Michelle P 6 hours ago
I am definitely under achieving...
adam king
adam king 7 hours ago
something about a pretty woman gettin dirty is hot πŸ˜‚
Pin Yi Fong
Pin Yi Fong 7 hours ago
I’m still waiting for another one or renovating I’ve been watching this over and over again and can’t stop
Lennart F.
Lennart F. 8 hours ago
Good Job. But 1 Tipp for your health USE A PROPER MASK and GLASSES while working on fiber glass or mold !!! You can realy fast posion yourself. Trust me you wont regret it :)
kireem jeter
kireem jeter 9 hours ago
She is a queen .... purr
Ivy Natalia
Ivy Natalia 9 hours ago
who else has been coming here every day to see if she has posted episode 2 of building
James Durett
James Durett 10 hours ago
Sooo you got rid of anything useful....
tim 10 hours ago
wheres alfredo
Diego Salas
Diego Salas 10 hours ago
I love how it says β€œactuallyβ€πŸ˜‚
Marvin Li
Marvin Li 10 hours ago
Chloe E.
Chloe E. 11 hours ago
girl this could have been hours of content and I would have eaten it up. why so sped up?
Rusu Gabriel
Rusu Gabriel 11 hours ago
A friend of mine did your intro, but instead of a snake, he pulled out his D. Wildest funeral ever
We willl won Won ton soup
We willl won Won ton soup 11 hours ago
We stan an independent woman 😁✊🏼
Letty SingingShopaholic
Letty SingingShopaholic 11 hours ago
How much did you pay altogether for the RV?
yuno gasai
yuno gasai 12 hours ago
*ive been waiting for this one*
Tasha30 12 hours ago
Josephine Pereda
Josephine Pereda 13 hours ago
great work!!! ❀ love your video
Findy Artistry
Findy Artistry 13 hours ago
Jennelle : Cleaning the actual mess, (floor, dust n everything) meanwhile Me : can't breathe
Connie Rowlands
Connie Rowlands 13 hours ago
So satisfying!! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
smackdatascot 14 hours ago
That is awesome. Also... "mad wedgie" ... hahaha so candid. :)
LIFE WITH JANIYAH 14 hours ago
I was here since your first vids
g bonita
g bonita 14 hours ago
She could've done this demo simply smashing the "RV" against a street light pole πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚why spend so much time and agony?!
Kali Pay
Kali Pay 14 hours ago
Love how you just got into it! Go queen πŸ‘‘
gene miller
gene miller 14 hours ago
How cool 😎 Wish I had all that knowledge. Some deconstruction knowledge is there but not all that.! Makes me want to get an old rv and fix it up. Can't wait to see what this turn into.
Ezorah Etnel
Ezorah Etnel 14 hours ago
Her:staring everything out of her RV me:still trying to open a water bottle
Billiefanforever 15 hours ago
Why is this on my recommended?
StarArtAngel 15 hours ago
I'm so excited to see this transformation Janelle!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸπŸ
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 15 hours ago
Love you! Please do a "hair routine" video cause my curly hair is an absolute MESS
Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures
Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures 15 hours ago
Where did You buy that EV looks was some kool
Amelia The Stormy Panda
Amelia The Stormy Panda 15 hours ago
Do you have parents
H a d a s
H a d a s 15 hours ago
The thumbnail reminded me of animal crossing for some reason lol
Mike T
Mike T 16 hours ago
Damm. You kicked ass on that. Great job.
Katara Queen
Katara Queen 16 hours ago
Another 5 sec video ☹️
Solyn Goddess
Solyn Goddess 16 hours ago
This video proofs, women don't need a man.
krvnjrcbs 16 hours ago
I wish there were women like you all over the place. That would be dope.
Arma Cassamajor
Arma Cassamajor 17 hours ago
the start was amzing
bakudeku shiper
bakudeku shiper 17 hours ago
bakudeku shiper
bakudeku shiper 17 hours ago
(How is she single )when she's///-pretty, /nice, cool,/smart, /responsibleness/(!!like how!!) ;O
devyn myles
devyn myles 17 hours ago
BRUH i am dieing here can you hurry and place episode two i have been waiting a week for episode two and i am not a paient can you hurry up PLEASE i am pulling my hair out. why are you so intresting its your fault because your a likable person -_-
Toxic Flower
Toxic Flower 17 hours ago
Gurl where u Been!
Genevieve Miller
Genevieve Miller 17 hours ago
Me still wondering where alfredo stayed