4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

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Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

Day ago

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - usshow.info/watch/9knuThtA_io/video.html


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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie 20 hours ago
No Cavities if you don't chew. 4044 IQ p.s.- You guys hit the 50k Likes/20k Comments on the Thick-It video!! Raising Canes challenge on it's way!
Carson Lecornu
Carson Lecornu 4 hours ago
You mean 4040 iq
Yash Vardhan Bhadauria
Yash Vardhan Bhadauria 4 hours ago
Thats what i was thinking, you were swallowing them.
Mohamed Hannaoui
Mohamed Hannaoui 5 hours ago
damn thats smarrrttt
Brawler- Einhorn
Brawler- Einhorn 5 hours ago
Emirhan Tekin
Emirhan Tekin 5 hours ago
Stomach: Disagree.
Kelvin Liao
Kelvin Liao 4 hours ago
Dude is taking 4k pills of sugar and chocolate...........
Nathan Morales
Nathan Morales 4 hours ago
Anyone else want a Mr. Beast and Matt stonie collab? Every three pounds he eats is a thousand dollars?
rex peterson
rex peterson 4 hours ago
Imagine death by mnm od
Danny Waheed
Danny Waheed 4 hours ago
My name jeff😆😆
baldeep bhatia
baldeep bhatia 4 hours ago
Whenever matt stonie stops for a while he is adjusting his different stomachs😂
Angela Bahn
Angela Bahn 4 hours ago
Kid: I can eat the most candy out of everyone. Matt Stonie: Hold my giant toothbrush.
Brett Mann
Brett Mann 4 hours ago
Hes gonna poop all colors if the rainbow.......
Luke Freeman
Luke Freeman 4 hours ago
Boooo! Kevin already did this challenge.
Illu 4 hours ago
Skittles 🤤 >>> M&M’s🤢
Brett Mann
Brett Mann 4 hours ago
WaIt hez not chewing.....
Sir Black
Sir Black 4 hours ago
Oh my god I was suffering
diabetes:leme introduce myself
Some Dude
Some Dude 4 hours ago
4044 eminems😂😂😂😂
CHILL BLUE 4 hours ago
CNN Breaking news: Matt stonie overdoses after taking 4044 M&Ms
AsHrraf :
AsHrraf : 4 hours ago
He started in 3:02 and you're welcome
Zeyad Hariri
Zeyad Hariri 4 hours ago
69 nice
Roarsome 65
Roarsome 65 4 hours ago
He didnt even chew!!!!🤯🤯🤯
Phsh Gaming
Phsh Gaming 4 hours ago
You could have just used a clicker count thingy
Albert Pagaoa
Albert Pagaoa 4 hours ago
Somewhere out there an obese american saying: thats cute hun
Mac Nil
Mac Nil 4 hours ago
Cartels using this as an instructional video for mules...
typerespekid 69
typerespekid 69 4 hours ago
Matt stonies poo is gonna look like those m&m's brownies
Nikki Powell
Nikki Powell 4 hours ago
He gave up
Babes & Board Games
Babes & Board Games 4 hours ago
Why 4044?
Adam Rust
Adam Rust 4 hours ago
I hate swallowing my One a Day vitamin & Fish oil, Stonie swallows 30 M&M's like its nothing.
Jacínto Castillo
Jacínto Castillo 4 hours ago
Forget chewing just gulge them down ith water I can feel the m&m's siding down my esophagus
Trouble H
Trouble H 4 hours ago
I’d finish this a few Netflix episodes
Адиль Аллагулиев
Адиль Аллагулиев 4 hours ago
Fu gavniuk why to burke
Jamal Tyrone
Jamal Tyrone 4 hours ago
I noticed one of the M&Ms had a chip out of it, making it 4/5 of an M&M, I demand a recount!
Khadija Muntaha
Khadija Muntaha 4 hours ago
I can’t take one paracetamol......
Fernando Alfaro
Fernando Alfaro 4 hours ago
Rainbow poop
Berkah Sosmed
Berkah Sosmed 4 hours ago
Lambungnya gimana ajig wkwk
S matern
S matern 4 hours ago
If he were to jump around he’d sound like a maraca
Earth Man
Earth Man 4 hours ago
"Poop the rainbow taste the rainbow" Vomit the rainbow taste the rainbow
Kevin 4LoKo
Kevin 4LoKo 4 hours ago
Next video: Watch me inject black tar heroin into my veins!
Reapex Gripz
Reapex Gripz 4 hours ago
Clickbait!!!!!! Not 4044
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 4 hours ago
@eriktheelectric show him how its done 😂
ICE Chilly
ICE Chilly 4 hours ago
Twizz Graphixity
Twizz Graphixity 4 hours ago
video starts at 3:02
Bobby Kirk
Bobby Kirk 4 hours ago
Itachi’s_girl 4 hours ago
He really counted ALL them M&Ms..😂
VBJJ Team 4 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the two random purple M&Ms?
Cute Cuty Official
Cute Cuty Official 4 hours ago
Mat stonie after taking all the m&m :*OVER SUGAR KIDS
Moses Yee2
Moses Yee2 4 hours ago
Your gonna be pooping black m&m
Dhrishit Shahi
Dhrishit Shahi 4 hours ago
He will dominate the Sidemen calory challenge BTW, they shoul collab for one
Mr Popara
Mr Popara 4 hours ago
Pathetic only 4044???
Brian Tryin
Brian Tryin 4 hours ago
I dropped a like just because of the pain for counting them, and you destroy it ever single time.
Notaveragecr 4 hours ago
During the counting at the beginning 4 different numbers that were my home address were shown.
Sumiran Kc
Sumiran Kc 4 hours ago
Me watching this at 3 am be like: Damnn!!
TheRonyRahsab 4 hours ago
When he's gonna poop rainbows after that, can we call him a Unicorn?
r e d
r e d 4 hours ago
Ohh, no no no no no no
D.B. PLAY 4 hours ago
Diofer Rondaris
Diofer Rondaris 4 hours ago
Dang I can't even imagine next day if I eat that all
stephanieee ольсен
stephanieee ольсен 4 hours ago
I can't believe he ate eminem! 😔
Dega Gebre
Dega Gebre 4 hours ago
Damn. He's going to have a pouch of M&Ms just sitting in his belly for hours, lol. Imagine the crazy insulin spike haha. Pretty crazy to think about.
Cute Cuty Official
Cute Cuty Official 4 hours ago
Mat stonie :taking all the m&m His stomach : da fuk u think i am ?im not a blender
Snow -Agario
Snow -Agario 4 hours ago
That’s not 4,000🤣
TobiRs 4 hours ago
Maybe should've put M&M's in cups and drink them too.
Dylan Sotomayor
Dylan Sotomayor 4 hours ago
Hey Matt Stoni how do eat all this food and not get too fat please tell me
Henry Ash
Henry Ash 5 hours ago
I only just realised he has 2 different coloured eyes, that's epic.
Dhrishit Shahi
Dhrishit Shahi 5 hours ago
This is worse than drugs
Dhrishit Shahi
Dhrishit Shahi 5 hours ago
He isnt eating M&M's for a year now
Its Me
Its Me 5 hours ago
Hat's off to your counting skills🤣
Севинч и Азамат
Севинч и Азамат 5 hours ago
See this videos ☺️ usshow.info/watch/XG7hEPu8LgY/video.html
JSmithVids 5 hours ago
Who else ate M&Ms after watching this?
Liban Shifara
Liban Shifara 5 hours ago
What if he lost count
Neil Degrasse Tyson the III
Neil Degrasse Tyson the III 5 hours ago
Wait what the fuck he swallowed it faster than me taking my pills
J.C 18
J.C 18 5 hours ago
You should try eating 5 or 10 baskets of fries from McDonald’s
Neven Nakič
Neven Nakič 5 hours ago
Also if im not mistaking M&M are expensive right ? How much it cost
Ranya SY
Ranya SY 5 hours ago
لا استطيع فهم ما تقول ولكن أتابع لأرى بعض الترف الذي تعيشه ونحن محرومون من ابسط الأمور..
Grahamm Motherwell
Grahamm Motherwell 5 hours ago
Lol he gonna shit the rainbow.
BERAT BÖLÜK 5 hours ago
USshow king is the matt stonies
NATHAN 5 hours ago
ı want make a beat with your burps and speically wit your 2 literrs diet coke challenge video :)
Esteban Munoz
Esteban Munoz 5 hours ago
I have never seen a purple m&m
Karan Preet 126
Karan Preet 126 5 hours ago
The way he swallowed all those candies, absolutely dissatifying! Argh ,all that choco inside those candies...!
Arkin Tariang
Arkin Tariang 5 hours ago
Did you really swallow them like vitamins tablets!? 😂
Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon 5 hours ago
Didn't finish but still super impressive. Tried to eat a half pound once, and was sick all day.
Just j.c xX 2412
Just j.c xX 2412 5 hours ago
Were you eating them like pills 😳🤯🙊
Jadeeen 5 hours ago
How do you just swallow them like that
DeathEgg666 5 hours ago
Should have done it with chopsticks
CRUSTY SMURF 5 hours ago
I wouldn't even last a pack the last time I ate a whole pack I ended up getting sick
Jude Khatib
Jude Khatib 5 hours ago
I would be trying to drink the mnm s
Matthew Chau
Matthew Chau 5 hours ago
U shoulda just put them in a scale
Job Klein Velderman
Job Klein Velderman 5 hours ago
He is eating the m&m’s like my grandmother is taking her 4044 medicines 4:46
AmongUs Cemuola
AmongUs Cemuola 5 hours ago
if theodd1sout comes here, he's probably gonna say "mmm"
Ayveh 4 hours ago
lmao right XD
Jubert Hubberly
Jubert Hubberly 5 hours ago
😭he’s literally swallowing them by the mouthful
Hi I'm Kalib
Hi I'm Kalib 5 hours ago
It is wierd, the eater (Matt) is skinny The Drinker (Badlands) is bigger
Neven Nakič
Neven Nakič 5 hours ago
Guys maybe im stupid but why is he not chewing them ?
Yuvraj TG Point
Yuvraj TG Point 5 hours ago
matt:m&ms subtitles:eminem
Mahdi Baydoun
Mahdi Baydoun 5 hours ago
matt i have a question how do u not get fat
DeathEgg666 5 hours ago
Should have weighed 20 and done exponential maths haha
jdls12 5 hours ago
Omg his stomach He should start a vlog on his health. I’m curious
FRANCO franco
FRANCO franco 5 hours ago
Meásha 5 hours ago
Dude ain’t gained one ounce of fat . I’ve been watching him since I was 13 . I’m 20😭
stech 5 hours ago
video ideas: full mcdonalds menu (good luck) giant root beer float MLG challenge ( 3 large bags of Doritos & 2 Giant containers of Mountain Dew in under 4:20)
TheCrazyCanuck420 5 hours ago
For those bitching that he's not chewing them, try eating a bunch of chocolate and candy and see how sick you get.....
Mich Mu
Mich Mu 5 hours ago
You know... You could have just checked how many are in one packet you bought and multiplied them by the amount of packets you are eating💀
Gersonzero 5 hours ago
should have uploaded the entire video of you counting M&Ms
Emmad Ahmed
Emmad Ahmed 5 hours ago
Cavities and you know at night what happened 😂😣
Bunny cat Smoothie
Bunny cat Smoothie 5 hours ago
Even candy he can’t enjoy without suffering...
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