She Got her Wisdom Teeth Removed & ADMITTED THIS ON CAMERA...

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RipTide Gaming
RipTide Gaming 20 hours ago
well I guess she was not liying about the boy
kiG 21 hour ago
I guess not
Ezekiel Ambriz
Ezekiel Ambriz Day ago
3:06 i guess she wasn’t lying we should’ve known all along
zavier_da_jeff / KindheartedZavier
zavier_da_jeff / KindheartedZavier Day ago
Who is here that watches this but hates Jackie after what she has done.
Bright days Only
Bright days Only 2 days ago
She faking it that doesn’t make u forget anything I had mine removed and didn’t act like a dumbass like her she lying. Lmao. This ain’t how people act she a fake ass
Kimberly & Ellie
Kimberly & Ellie 2 days ago
I bet Brandon paid
Sophielou Offical
Sophielou Offical 2 days ago
Now this all makes sence !! Feel so bad for brandon i cant get over how jackie as done this like ahe actually waited till he asked her out went threw all that trouble getting all the little thing they had on there first date etc... just hope one day brandon ull forget her and be with someone who deserves you ❤️
ximena sixto
ximena sixto 2 days ago
can you believe her what she just said and i do feel bad because Brandon had to go threw all that
KILLA.MODE.ONE.818 Beastmode
KILLA.MODE.ONE.818 Beastmode 2 days ago
Simpin at its finest 🤦‍♂️
Badabing Badaboom
Badabing Badaboom 2 days ago
Shes the kind of negativity you stay away from! Recognise it and dip asap when you meet one
Mikey Alvarado
Mikey Alvarado 2 days ago
Notice how as soon as he said will we get married in the future she got like annoyed smh she did him wrong
Bryan Meza
Bryan Meza 2 days ago
Well this didn’t age well
Films of alejandra
Films of alejandra 2 days ago
jackie is disgusting shes dating another man while flirts with brandon
yourdailyfucks 2 days ago
POV: looking in the comments for the time but I got u 6:00
Angel Delarocha
Angel Delarocha 3 days ago
3:07 When she said “ I am hiding things that’s why I’m nervous “ ..... smh
Christian Arauz
Christian Arauz 3 days ago
6:47 she says “u guys have changed my life and am so grateful for that”. she got all this clout from Brandon and then she do him like that smh😔
malcolm gibson
malcolm gibson 3 days ago
Realizing after the break up video. She is holding back from telling Brandon the amount of dates she has been in and such. its sad
Demon Dream
Demon Dream 3 days ago
He even got her wisdom tooth removed
InevitableSaad 4 days ago
Who found this is there recommend after Jackie told us she is seeing someone else.
caprisun123 5
caprisun123 5 4 days ago
If Jackie was with another man why didn’t she call him instead to pick her up not Brandon smh
Badabing Badaboom
Badabing Badaboom 2 days ago
Because brandon has a channel
Vanessa Merlos
Vanessa Merlos 4 days ago
yooooo this was 1 month ago and she is in a “serious relation” BS . “maybe we will maybe we won’t get back together “ she said
Alex Hairapetian
Alex Hairapetian 5 days ago
999marc 5 days ago
Even took her to the appointments
Tranxics Is a bot
Tranxics Is a bot 5 days ago
3:04 she said she was hiding something and she barely told Brandon about this guy 🥳
Tranxics Is a bot
Tranxics Is a bot 5 days ago
Wrong emoji
Marissa Cakuli
Marissa Cakuli 5 days ago
well this went bad real quick
Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards 5 days ago
Anyone else heard that I am hiding things 3:06
firefuzzball437 5 days ago
Why did I get a wisdom teeth ad before this
Agim Nastiar
Agim Nastiar 5 days ago
See brandon is always be there for jackie and jackie treats him like dat?wtf bro
Donjo Dan
Donjo Dan 5 days ago
Well ig she did lol
Hernandez 920
Hernandez 920 5 days ago
TeeqoLegend ➊
TeeqoLegend ➊ 5 days ago
Brooo She was kinda giving him hints 2:08 3:02 8:36 but she still for da
NBA’s Plug
NBA’s Plug 4 days ago
Streets mane
Entity HD
Entity HD 5 days ago
Streets dawg
Sebastien Sanchez
Sebastien Sanchez 5 days ago
she belong to the STREETS
Jonathan Becerra
Jonathan Becerra 5 days ago
Jackie was not cappin she actually did go on a date with somone else [F] in the comments for brandon
Talha Savas
Talha Savas 5 days ago
Thats why she was nervous
CC 2ndGen
CC 2ndGen 5 days ago
Does anyone knows Jackie Ig
AppleCore 6 days ago
I guess she really told the truth
Kai Delos Santos
Kai Delos Santos 6 days ago
she capped so hard to u bro i feel bad
Clipsッ 6 days ago
Are we idiots he posted the video of why jackie said no then LOOK AT THE THUMBNAIL!!!
game master8778
game master8778 6 days ago
After the video he posted about Jackie the thumbnail makes a lot more sense