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3 years ago

Enjoy this Sci-Fi Action Short Film...In the not-too-distant future, a tenuous peace between humans and remarkably human-like “machines”-some don’t even know they’re not real-is tested when synthetics begin spontaneously exploding. A military-led search for these unwitting suicide bombers begins, sending a terrified machine woman and her human partner on the run. Directed by the talented Dassani brothers, Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani! For more information, please see the details and links below:
Also check out the fan page at seamfilm, or for updates, follow seamfilm
Oded Fehr ... Commander
Rakeen Saad ... Ayana
Khaled al Ghwairi ... Yusef
Ulka Simone Mohanty ... Controller
Stephen Au ...Lau
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Fred Jack
Fred Jack 4 days ago
That was brilliant
Tony Carver
Tony Carver 5 days ago
i come here to watch uninterrupted vids, no MSM ads ruining it...bbfn
miodrag beneš
miodrag beneš 7 days ago
So many feelings and empathy in such a short time + tension+ action = fun to watch.
Luís Antônio Marrega
Luís Antônio Marrega 8 days ago
Não gostei a garota linda no final morreu😢 Abraço 😷
Jane Siqueira m silva
Jane Siqueira m silva 9 days ago
Impresionante tan poco tiempo con excelente contenido el impacto de los efectos 🏆
Blackshack’s Bushcraft
Blackshack’s Bushcraft 10 days ago
I want more please 😀
Проект Венера
Проект Венера 13 days ago
странный ход мысли у режисёра. Главный герой готов убивать ради любимой, но не готов погибнуть вместе с ней....Люди опостылили друг другу и хотят дружить с "машинами"
Hdugxyssgf Hdhsushydud
Hdugxyssgf Hdhsushydud 13 days ago
Is my is my mother goose club out
CARL MOBLEY 18 days ago
Forgive me,are they speaking HEBREW or ARABIC?
CARL MOBLEY 18 days ago
It's that guy from the mummy.
Sonny Dean
Sonny Dean 21 day ago
Good short
Sonny Dean
Sonny Dean 21 day ago
Use a machine to hunt a machine. Funny
Sara Kristensen
Sara Kristensen 22 days ago
If anyone expanded on this short-film and made a full movie, I'd be the first inline at the theater ;D
Patrick Armstrong
Patrick Armstrong Month ago
That was Woahw
Cu Nguyen
Cu Nguyen Month ago
This is a sad story but great
edgardo soriano
edgardo soriano Month ago
Film of globalist cabal. Great
Алтынжан Абкеев
Алтынжан Абкеев Month ago
Еще одна говна порции
Robert M Acree
Robert M Acree Month ago
Amazingly well done! All due respect!
Charlene Lang
Charlene Lang Month ago
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luna kiwi
luna kiwi Month ago
Amazing action superb actors really believed girl when she said at en, I'm scared...almost cried for her. Need to see full movie...what a tease!
Niengtinchong Gangte
Niengtinchong Gangte Month ago
Will there be a sequel ir the continuation of the story
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts Month ago
Rule 1: Do not attempt to escape drones on a po dunk diet bike Rule 2: Cross the border. Its easier to get forgiveness than permission. Rule 3: Shoot to kill. Dead men don't complain Rule 4: If threatened, shoot first Rule 5: DO NOT fall in love with an alien. Rule 6: Always follow Rules 1 thru 5
Spicy Muffin
Spicy Muffin Month ago
Yawn, lost interest half way through
Arche Azamarin
Arche Azamarin Month ago
I need a movie trilogy, spinoff neflix special, rpg game setting and fanfiction right now.
Tanya Grushchenko
Tanya Grushchenko Month ago
John MacLean Motorcycling
John MacLean Motorcycling Month ago
Freaking awesome flick. Thank you.
Easter Mcgee
Easter Mcgee Month ago
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Heath Halfhill
Heath Halfhill Month ago
Damn...she is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous and a very good actor as well!
Martin Jamieson
Martin Jamieson Month ago
Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant short. Repeat all the positive comments - impressive: superb visual effects, intro
Lm Vietnam channel
Lm Vietnam channel Month ago
this is Laos's video?
Lion The Simba
Lion The Simba Month ago
Muito louco😱😱😱😱Adorei!!!!
Sara Mosley
Sara Mosley 2 months ago
shrtlink.ca/153xxxromanticmobi පළමුවඔබට අවශ්‍ය නම් මෙම වාක්‍ය ඛණ්ඩය සම්පූර්ණ කරන්න ඇක්විටස් අනුක්‍රමය
Eddy Sandland
Eddy Sandland 2 months ago
Excellent visuals, content & acted!!! Well done 👏
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez 2 months ago
Me gustan estos pequeños filmes👍
Fahad Ooof
Fahad Ooof 2 months ago
ابداع صراحه اخراج وقصه وتمثيل
Milk Carton Magic
Milk Carton Magic 2 months ago
Rarely have I watched something so short which has left me feeling so much. I never knew short films could be so good, this must be the exception. And the scenery, a backdrop to breathlessness. I like being held, gripped, then cast away. I WILL watch this again and be equally amazed. A like is not enough.
Al Sim
Al Sim 2 months ago
A pearl.....i love it🥰
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston 2 months ago
An oasis safer sager &
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston 2 months ago
I Caesar ur lactic
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston 2 months ago
W basham Tyler john young