D&D Story: The Obelisk Encounter

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

I tell the story from my Dungeons and Dragons game when the group decided to pick a fight with an enemy that was WAAAY out of their weight category.
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Azreal Dragon
Azreal Dragon 2 days ago
Well at least it wasn't a TPK
ericb31 2 days ago
oh, for a minute i was confusing this with the infamous "tomb of horrors". in the FIRST room, there's a large statue, a face with an open mouth. inside the mouth is...a Sphere of Annihilation. which PERMANENTLY destroys or kills ANYTHING that goes into it! here's a video ALL about it: usshow.info/watch/wkjAOMkDAOM/video.html
MGlBlaze 2 days ago
I think I like that head GM. "If they do something that monumentally stupid, they deserve everything they get. Wipe them out."
Fab Elger
Fab Elger 3 days ago
Dude...invite me...lets do an online discord D&D...
scifisyko 3 days ago
Can’t you summon a specific demon if you know it’s name, or am I making that up?
bryceio 3 days ago
Now that we know what these obelisk things are and what they’re capable of, I am exponentially more terrified of them.
Gooey Go
Gooey Go 4 days ago
I’ve watched more dnd than played dnd (I’m sad)
King Strojek
King Strojek 4 days ago
You know listening to you're story's remind me of when I played DND when I went to high school I managed to break the game through some loops holes from a sequel campaign so for starters in our first game ware my character was a werewolf dark elf rogue and my at the time GF was a high elf vampire archer but that's not the source of my chaos for our sequel campaign I managed to convince the DM to let me be both so through a combination of character sheet trickery we managed to pull if off but in tern I had to roll my stats and let's just say luck was not on the side of the warroir that day because I rolled an 18 for charisma and around 5 for everything else T-T so being the embodiment of chaos I was known to be I used this to talk are way through every encounter by literally cuasing every enemy I wanted to Kill them self's this worked all the way up to the boss which was a mind controlled Draco litch ware the dragon e ded up being the death of me
Fuzzthefurr 5 days ago
Oh my GOD, I saw this video ages ago and had almost forgotten it. I'm glad it's real, and not a figment of my imagination.
TheKingOfSton 5 days ago
my first ever time running the tomb i managed to drop them off in the WRONG SPOT and they had to find secret doors to get back on the main path because of my fuck up
Coolio 5 days ago
Matt Shannon
Matt Shannon 6 days ago
Came back to this after learning the truth about the Obelisks in 5e and it's all insanity.
Mark Green
Mark Green 7 days ago
I would love to see a Tomb of Annihilation series like your Strahd one! There are a lot of fun and crazy things that can happen in the jungle. That, and the death curse.
OldAndDumbAndNotRelevant 7 days ago
This is actually the worst D&D story I’ve ever heard. Wow.
Chaos Duel Academy
Chaos Duel Academy 11 days ago
That random obelisk will be really important soon, WotC is planning something big
TheBebop 13 days ago
Absolutely fucking cringe worst storytelling I've ever heard in my entire life least entertaining thing I've ever experienced.
Anthony Hartwig
Anthony Hartwig 13 days ago
Honestly, sounds like a metagaming bard. It just seems more likely that way
Dream Locatelli
Dream Locatelli 14 days ago
At least it wasn't a neutronium golem...
Mira Satyr
Mira Satyr 14 days ago
They shouldve come equiped with the light bow.
Lazarus Ken
Lazarus Ken 15 days ago
"I knock over the Obelisk" (Jazz Music Stops)
Чам Чам Ништяк
Чам Чам Ништяк 10 days ago
(Boss Music Starts)
BC Nation
BC Nation 16 days ago
Then why have the obelisk in the session if you don’t want the players to interact with it?!?
Saransh Khanna
Saransh Khanna 9 days ago
Tl;dr. It was foreshadowing. The frostmaiden campaign explains the obelisks
Zalied 18 days ago
all the comments "this is proof 5e sucks or this boss was weak look at how he couldnt even kill the players" that monster coulda killed the players easily
Tyler Emery
Tyler Emery 18 days ago
Sounds like the nalfeshnee was run incorrectly. Magic resistance is simply advantage on saves against spells and magical effects, not resistance against magical damage. It has certain damage resistances which would typically come from magical sources, but that's a separate thing. Also, it takes a full action to teleport.
An gus
An gus 26 days ago
Some of you guys might have heard of the gigantic obelisk in Melbourne in Microsoft flight simulator, let's just hope nobody casts identify...
renoloverxoxo 26 days ago
I have Tomb of Annihilation, they don't even give you a stat block for the demon because it's so unlikely you'll knock the obelisk over.
Christopher Parks
Christopher Parks 29 days ago
"Inconspicuous obelisk" how can an obelisk ever be "inconspicuous"?
Niels H
Niels H Month ago
I honestly hoped they killed it with vicous mockery (or is that spell i dont play alot of dnd)
Bad Content Inc
Bad Content Inc Month ago
you see here... we get called power players a few times and i think i just realized why when you said resistance to non magical weapons and magic.. i went "yea my tortle barbarian Cleetus can kill that in a few turns"
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount Month ago
The real problem here is...what narrative purpose did anything that happened in this story serve? The instant-kill-do-not-touch trap didn't actually do anything but waste a significant amount of the players' time. Like...the players being frustrated that there was literally no point in all the time they spent doing that is absolutely the correct reaction, I don't know how anyone could expect anything else.
Dale Month ago
I'm going to be running tomb of annihilation soon for the first time and I really hope my party won't touch the obelisk. They're a complete disaster party haha
marty nicholls
marty nicholls Month ago
What level was your group?
Fgbgob Month ago
Acerak and Xanathar are kind of just the BBEG mascots of D&D.
Iron Heade
Iron Heade Month ago
Sir puffin im doing a first time dming ToA just bc of this video XD loved it that much
Qu Jee
Qu Jee Month ago
Doesn't the Nelfeshnee do 1x 5d10+5 + 2 x 3d6+5 damage? How does that not atleast knock someone unconscious? Especially for a mid level group, kinda weird
Incompetent Nerd
Incompetent Nerd Month ago
Well PCs generally think anything is a Chekhov’s gun
Lucus Parmar
Lucus Parmar Month ago
why did you not say it has one hit moves
Just Jeff
Just Jeff Month ago
7:47 I like the background music, Ben really goes the extra mile .
Twisted Code
Twisted Code 2 months ago
Shit like this is one of the best things about D&D, and your storytelling was good enough that I ended up referencing this encounter just now when talking about party behavior with a DM I know
Fallen Deus
Fallen Deus 2 months ago
Youre telling me that it didnt have enough damage to down the mage? Im getting the feeling that you didnt actually play the demon well and just had it spread out its attacks to all characters instead of what it would actually do is down the characters that look frail first. It has a fucking 19 int, and does an average of 62 damage per attack action. Your wizard doesnt have that much health. The bard probably cant take much more damage than that. Honestly no matter how you slice it, you fucked up playing that creature.
legionofyuri 2 months ago
Probably healing spells and potions he mentioned. So unless the demon can alpha strike someone with enough attacks to take them to zero HP AND THEN make them fail their death saves on the same round, it's not gonna be able to put a PC down permanently before it goes back to the Abyss.
Marius Grimmel
Marius Grimmel 2 months ago
The obelisk monster shoud have been a tarasqe