Nintendo 64: Nintendo's Best Mistake - Scott The Woz

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Scott The Woz

6 days ago

Scott digs into the Nintendo 64 and his own grave.
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Scatt 35 minutes ago
10:56 Says the L button. Thinking...... goes toward R button
Jose Moran
Jose Moran 41 minute ago
I just found out this guy was born in 97, he wasn't even born when the N64 launch WTF
Liam Hohertz
Liam Hohertz Hour ago
Fun Fact the console at 2:20 in the top left corner was made by Apple.
Bruno Panzero Schechter
Bruno Panzero Schechter 2 hours ago
16:27 didn't Rogue Squadron require it, too?
Funaoe24 2 hours ago
Nintendo: Nintendo Playstation Sony: N̶i̶n̶t̶e̶n̶d̶o̶ Platstation
gunnar jensen
gunnar jensen 3 hours ago
you should make a f zero or pikmin video
Evan Keil
Evan Keil 4 hours ago
I think Scott doesn’t like the Nintendo 64 controller
Chill Gaming Vibes
Chill Gaming Vibes 4 hours ago
although true the cd's had more data storage better graphics. The cartridges had (at the time) very fast load times near seamless. incase anyone never noticed :)
Thomas Beall
Thomas Beall 14 minutes ago
Actually N64 had a stronger GPU and had superior 3d specs. Smoother 3d with better models than its CD competition.
James Schafer
James Schafer 4 hours ago
19:32 QUAG
Perfectly Sliced Egg
Perfectly Sliced Egg 5 hours ago
I cant believe you made a Thirty Two Minute and Four Second video on the N64 and Didn't mention THREE of my FAVOURITE games for the system???
Perfectly Sliced Egg
Perfectly Sliced Egg Hour ago
1. *Mystical Ninja* 2. *Mystical Ninja 2* 3. *Body Harvest* You Fail Scott the Woz YOU FAIL!!!!
ghost245353 6 hours ago
The most surprising part of this video is that he owns a Nintendo Virtual Boy.
Thee125guy 6 hours ago
1.1M in 5 days.THAT'S NUTS!
Domisbeast 7 hours ago
Could you do the Warioware series?
yester 8 hours ago
Lacking in quantity, but it might have more entries in the top 10- 20 games of all time than any other console.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 10 hours ago
Can you even call this a retrospective deep dive without mentioning: ClayFighter 63⅓
Xoe Juliani
Xoe Juliani 10 hours ago
me when i see a new scatt vid jeeeeeeeees i love scatt!
Gems Villanueva
Gems Villanueva 11 hours ago
Scott, I would like a AVGN/Tennings/Scott the Woz/Pyrocinical/Russian Badger colab video.
G2 LTT 6 hours ago
Gems Villanueva He did avgn collab
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 10 hours ago
Great video! Always love to learn more about gaming history ! The N64 had a big impact on the development of 3D gaming.
C Ramirez
C Ramirez 12 hours ago
No thats Gooigi
KeMiro Art
KeMiro Art 12 hours ago
I remember playing Mario 64 at a wal-mart kiosk when I was like.. 11. I was completely floored. Completely and utterly. But my parents had bought me a playstation the year before and were like hell no hahaha.
137 12 hours ago
Not true, Duke nukem 64 made you use the l button while using the analog stick. It was quite annoying always had to use my chin.
Jaden Buck
Jaden Buck 13 hours ago
12:26 Oh my God! He has a face?! Now that's vintage Scott the Woz, if I ever heard it.
Wes T
Wes T 13 hours ago
I remember Christmas 1996 Nintendo 64 and tickle me elmos were impossible to find
Robert Lake
Robert Lake 14 hours ago
If i had a face herpes outbreak i might take a week off from making videos
Jace Hyman
Jace Hyman 14 hours ago
I never thought "at least I'm better than the Saturn" would be an uplifting sentence but here we are.
Mr.Ouest 15 hours ago
This isn't a video on Sonic and Knuckles.
PabloR 15 hours ago
Still waiting for the Nintendo 128
Power level vlog 1089
Power level vlog 1089 15 hours ago
9:46 me after the 1996
Derek Night
Derek Night 16 hours ago
Mom and dad got me a PlayStation as my first baby steps to video gaming... Thank GOD 11:33 yeah that was my reaction finally getting to play the system :P
atanoK Si
atanoK Si 16 hours ago
smash brothers 2D? you have to relearn some concepts about the rest great videos
dannycookie 17 hours ago
The N64 controller is my second all time favorite only for the fact that it was the first to use grooves in its analog stick. Those grooves make moving in cardinal directions so much easier. Yes, you can infer that the GameCube controller lies directly above it.
Han Solo
Han Solo 17 hours ago
N64 defined my gaming childhood and start as a gamer
Blue Toad Gamer
Blue Toad Gamer 15 hours ago
Han Solo I’m pretty young so mine was BOTW on the switch :)
Nicholas Antônio
Nicholas Antônio 17 hours ago
I heard that one-secound breath when you said Ogre Battle 64. I understand why.
Vasant Suresh
Vasant Suresh 18 hours ago
Great video! Always love to learn more about gaming history ! The N64 had a big impact on the development of 3D gaming.
Nenad Zdralic
Nenad Zdralic 18 hours ago
You didn't mention nintendo's second best fighting game MACE the dark age!
Thomas Beall
Thomas Beall 11 minutes ago
I'd have it in too ten, but not at 2. Killer Instinct was the best fighter it had. Flying Dragon was probably 2nd best. I'd even put the Fighters Destiny's over Mace.
mnb323 18 hours ago
Sometimes it doesn't matter if something is better, people gravitate towards different things for different reasons. Pc has cheaper games, more games, free online, better graphics, better performance, etc but there will always be people who choose consoles. And in the console world, there will always be people who choose Nintendo.
Thomas Beall
Thomas Beall 9 minutes ago
Pc has the least games of them all lol hardest to manage, most exspensive set up, most problematic.
Tak Hughes
Tak Hughes 19 hours ago
Yo why he cute as fuck tho
Ryuko Gaming
Ryuko Gaming 19 hours ago
Goldeneye and Perfect Dark? Thanks for the nostalgia. Pretty cool that Nintendo is the reason for Playstation, too. Gotta love Ninty XD
fazares 20 hours ago
i love the's in my top 5 consoles of all time...but..very good video eheh
Vincent Dinatale
Vincent Dinatale 20 hours ago
I always enjoy your videos! Keep it up!
Proteus 21 hour ago
Hey, great video. Most of my friends know about this guy but this is my first time watching his content and it's nice to see someone as interested in retro game systems as I am.