Emma Chamberlain’s Day in a Life: Coffee, House Tour, Fortnite & More | Cosmopolitan

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7 days ago

Emma Chamberlain-USshow extraordinaire-took us along a day in her life where she used her VERY OWN, handy dandy, brand spankin’ new planner-The Ideal Planner-that she personally designed. 🔥
She went through her day checking off tasks in her planner that consisted of lots of coffee, a low-key house tour, a skincare/makeup routine moment, and a game of Fortnite. So, um, can we have Emma’s life? 👀Please and thanks? Her planner is set to be released on August 18th, but you can pre-order it now so you can have first dibs!! 💁‍♀️simonandschusterpublishing.com/emma-chamberlain-ideal-planner/?
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Lior Ron
Lior Ron 10 hours ago
Ok I love her
Sophie Ca
Sophie Ca 11 hours ago
the editing is killing me lmfao
Holly Smith
Holly Smith 22 hours ago
Does anyone know where her zip jumper is from?
Louisa Bicknell
Louisa Bicknell 23 hours ago
That warning was so shady on cosmos part lollll hunny she created those common USshow trends
Isslam Ben Salem
Isslam Ben Salem Day ago
Her skin got so clear omg, so happy for her!!!!
Madelaine Elenor Musk
Madelaine Elenor Musk Day ago
I love you Emma 💛
givepadthai Day ago
i want to talk to the editor
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Day ago
This is so realistic, This is literally how everyone acts in their daily life
Decent Parks
Decent Parks Day ago
KB Day ago
why does Emma always look dead inside lmao
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Day ago
Add 'play with cats' to your planner! You gotta pull a string or toss a mouse for them once in a while.
KB Day ago
okay this editing is absolutely TERRIBLE
bianca garcia
bianca garcia Day ago
that's urine not poop
Jennifer Ashley
Jennifer Ashley Day ago
there is just so much edits
Haylee Johnson
Haylee Johnson Day ago
I look up to Emma !
Divine Egh
Divine Egh 2 days ago
So if we buy the planner would it say “Emma chamberlain” on it to???😭😭😭
Alyssa Pena
Alyssa Pena 2 days ago
So she doesn’t eat
Jordan Holdaway
Jordan Holdaway 2 days ago
not a fan of whoever edited this buttttt next time let Emma edit this lmao
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 2 days ago
Siddharth Marla
Siddharth Marla 2 days ago
Sasha Eden
Sasha Eden 2 days ago
eating any kind of meal except coffee has left the chat
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 2 days ago
me going on youtube cosmopolitan: emma chamberlains day in the life: Coffee, okay House tour?! now we sit here
Alfie S
Alfie S 2 days ago
where was the house tour lmao
Cassius Block
Cassius Block 2 days ago
They didn’t even do a house tour lol
alyssa c
alyssa c 3 days ago
imagine having enough money to buy like five large floaties. not me💀
Jannah Ashraf
Jannah Ashraf 3 days ago
It seems like I’m the only one who likes this editing style it’s professional but still has that cute relatable and easy-going vibe
r e i l l y ! a n n
r e i l l y ! a n n 3 days ago
i love emma she doesn’t fake her life and what she does she’s so genuine and isn’t afraid to be herself on/off camera
Ella Corrigan
Ella Corrigan 3 days ago
Add 'play with cats' to your planner! You gotta pull a string or toss a mouse for them once in a while.
Ella Corrigan
Ella Corrigan 3 days ago
First thing I write on my planner: "Make a list" So I have something to cross off immediately lol
Carolina Berber
Carolina Berber 3 days ago
her planner actually looks soooo cool. She is so chill as always, love it emma
Jocelyn Reyes
Jocelyn Reyes 3 days ago
She could’ve at least brushed her hair. Geeze.
Karenna Eva
Karenna Eva 3 days ago
you can see how hard emma tried not to swear especially when she cleaned the litter box
Kallie 3 days ago
no but really... Emma should start a twitch stream!
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole 3 days ago
she’s so unproblematic
thomas8oD 3 days ago
nobody: Emma: getting gradually more frustrated because of how hot it is outside 😂
Amy Amay
Amy Amay 3 days ago
I feel like Emma had to give Cosmo notes on how to edit this vid
Cyra Redcliffe
Cyra Redcliffe 3 days ago
This is legit me everyday
oda nergaard
oda nergaard 3 days ago
me going on youtube cosmopolitan: emma chamberlains day in the life: Coffee, okay House tour?! now we sit here
Tanzim 3 days ago
5:25 'Make up makers my face feel Gross' , SHES MAKING SOME GHOOOD STATEMENTS HERE!
LIVIER 3 days ago
Now i understand how Emma or just people wear sweaters in the summer time, just because they have the ac on all day inside their houses haha
kendra wilcox
kendra wilcox 3 days ago
Where’s da house tour tho
Tiff's 3 days ago
Why do I feel like she doesn’t care about anything anymore
Rona Marie
Rona Marie 3 days ago
emma hasn’t eaten in her day in life 😭😭😭
Rhea Shetty
Rhea Shetty 3 days ago
I like your new editor
Ambermayy13 3 days ago
Ayyyye August 18th is my birthday!
Chapoula Aj
Chapoula Aj 3 days ago
emma is so relaxing i stg
joyce lee
joyce lee 3 days ago
how is someone so productive
Jemima Nash
Jemima Nash 3 days ago
trying to ignore the annoying editing bc i actually want to watch this video
Anja Bursać
Anja Bursać 3 days ago
I came just for house tour? Where is it?
Mare Jerković
Mare Jerković 3 days ago
anyone else notticed how she said "ladies and gents" just like her best friend olivia? cute
odelayrowe monkey
odelayrowe monkey 3 days ago
..before she went blonde again!
Kate Desingano
Kate Desingano 3 days ago
i hate the editing hahahaha bye
Krystal D
Krystal D 3 days ago
The fact that she didn’t wash her hands after cleaning the liter box. 🤢
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 3 days ago
She’s soo down to earth and doesn’t make everyone feel bad about themselves like other youtubers
Xander X
Xander X 3 days ago
Seeing Emma’s growth is insane to me. Like it’s insane! Mind blowing. She’s just her and doesn’t change that and is featured in like so much stuff and has millions. Crazy stuff. I remember when she was just driving in her car talking about coffee😂
Rehaf FJ
Rehaf FJ 3 days ago
if Cosmo edit by theirs own style that would be much better i mean whats the point of editing like Emma if i could watch her channel ? they did great honestly but they need their mark to make us wanna see theirs
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 3 days ago
she’s just so authentic and i love that
Brynn Marvin
Brynn Marvin 3 days ago
it comes out on my birthday 🥺
natalia 3 days ago
siiis we’re twinning
ImTryingOkay 3 days ago
There is no way I am paying that much for a PLANNER! The ✨activities✨ look alright but it everything else just looks very bland and boring. It looks a little bulky as well
Thalya Anzheta
Thalya Anzheta 4 days ago
Omggg!! August 18th is literally my birthday!!
yongie 4 days ago
this editting is so cute
Izzah Khairina
Izzah Khairina 4 days ago
i love emma
Armina Qurban
Armina Qurban 4 days ago
omg when she was about to put up the middle finger but remembered it wasn't her own channel and turned it into a peace sign
olaya pancorn
olaya pancorn 4 days ago
Whoever edited this needs to relax!
fatima 4 days ago
her room omg 🤩
Isabella Hurley
Isabella Hurley 4 days ago
#sponcon?? I know a millennial edited this video
Sophia DeLong
Sophia DeLong 4 days ago
Imagine playing fortnite against Emma chamberlain
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan 4 days ago
She got rich rich
acquaisaria 4 days ago
when you said that you wrote useless things on your planner to feel accomplished I FELT IT
acquaisaria 4 days ago
that cat poop was massive
CRD 4 days ago
Emma Chamberlain manages to not curse for 13 minutes and 49 seconds
Study Savvy
Study Savvy 4 days ago
editing is kinda weird and everywhere
angelina squeo
angelina squeo 4 days ago
she’s just so authentic and i love that
MATTHEW KRUSE 4 days ago
Valerie Kulikov
Valerie Kulikov 4 days ago
i want to be emma’s friend so bad. she seems so genuine
Sarah Zorc
Sarah Zorc 4 days ago
Who else clicked because it said house tour
Loren Allison
Loren Allison 4 days ago
Okay but we want you to stream on twitch playing fortnite
Yanis Roca
Yanis Roca 4 days ago
Wait her breakfast was a latte?
Sara Kay
Sara Kay 4 days ago
Shes the best
Andrew Roman
Andrew Roman 4 days ago
i like how hard she's trying no to curse lmao
weird flex but ok
weird flex but ok 4 days ago
when she said animal potty i lost it
Steezy.Danzzy 4 days ago
Emma please actually twitch stream 🥺❤
GeekyFleeky 4 days ago
her planner is cute af !!!!!
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