Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle go head-to-head in Verzuz

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5 days ago

Matriarchs of R&B and Soul Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight faced off for a Verzuz on Sunday (Sept. 13) evening. Hundreds of thousands of fans - dressed in their Sunday’s best - of the living legends tuned into Instagram Live for the “Master class we’ve all been waiting for.”
#PattiLaBelle #GladysKnight #Verzuz
The virtual audience included everyone from Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyrese, Swizz Beatz - who was also celebrating his birthday, Timbaland, Queen Latifah, Brandy and so many more.
And while there were no Gladys Knight’s chicken and waffles or Pattie LaBelle pies, the Ciroc was definitely flowing, which fostered a festive vibe for viewers.
Watch the legendary Verzuz here!
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Emma Jones
Emma Jones 21 minute ago
OMG! These two lovely divas...
Karen Southwell
Karen Southwell Hour ago
Their singing together is so magical!!
Karen Southwell
Karen Southwell Hour ago
Karen Southwell
Karen Southwell Hour ago
They are so massive together!!
Travis C
Travis C 2 hours ago
Y’all better stop playing with miss Patti and that damn teleprompter🤣🤣🤣
InviteTheLight Readings
InviteTheLight Readings 3 hours ago
OMG - I missed this!!
Martha Darson
Martha Darson 3 hours ago
May God bless you both 🙏 ❤ 💖 ✨ ♥ 💕 and your love one's in Jesus name 🙏
Donnamaria Olivieri
Donnamaria Olivieri 4 hours ago
Lisa Stark
Lisa Stark 5 hours ago
Genuine friendship. Nothing manufactured with these women. Gotta love it!!!
Ni Ha
Ni Ha 6 hours ago
Gladys looks so much like my mama. I have receipts if you need it. They nicknamed my momma Gladys when she was young.
Ni Ha
Ni Ha 6 hours ago
Ms Patti has the energy of Brandy and Monica combined live and funny but she will cut ya! 🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 7 hours ago
Sword Fish
Sword Fish 9 hours ago
Glady and Patti these two beautiful ladies can sing. I must say I am truly a big fan of both of them.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 10 hours ago
JazzysClassicJazz 11 hours ago
They still can sang....Bless Them 💗 💗🔥🔥
T Henning
T Henning 11 hours ago
They cheating us out of some Gladys time, they have played 2 or 3 Patti songs back to back about 3 times. Still here for it though 🤣
J H 12 hours ago
Betta sing background Gladys.. Looovveeee this!!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 10 hours ago
I absolutely adore and love both women but baaaaaaby... Patti songs hit ya different... Yes sir❤❤❤
Benn Mendoza
Benn Mendoza 12 hours ago
If somebody wants to keep their job they better cut the lyrics on! 🤣
Benn Mendoza
Benn Mendoza 13 hours ago
Absolute ROYALTY. This gave me all the hope for 2020 to be ok. Thank you Aunt Patti and Miss Gladys. 🐼♥️💗💕
Nneoma Ogbuenyi
Nneoma Ogbuenyi 13 hours ago
I feel so grateful and blessed for this gift from Gladys, Patti, and Dionne. Oh Lord 😭😭
Terry Hunter
Terry Hunter 16 hours ago
Ladies ,Thank you, I love you both so, a lifetime of Memories oooxx
TheStarrShine 16 hours ago
What a divine celebration of music from those 2, then 3, beautiful, phenomenally talented, iconic performers!!! Holy heavens! I know "icon" status gets thrown around dese days, but when you have songs that have stood the test of time, proven by the fact that 30 years later millions of us can sing your songs word for word, you are indeed an #ICON! 💯 Wut! Woot woot! #GladysKnight #PattiLabell #DionneWarwick #QueensInDaHouse I
Vanessa Gibbons
Vanessa Gibbons 17 hours ago
Lawd !!!! When Ms Gladys got up!!! Umph umph . Brang it back yeah I meant B.R.A.N.G 😂 yassss Ms Patti know wonder them pies sooo good .Thank y’all wonderful
Ten Drago 444
Ten Drago 444 17 hours ago
I’m done, she did not play “on my own” with she and Michael Michdonald!! That was a classic!!! Did not enjoy this!!! Sorry
T Henning
T Henning 12 hours ago
Yes she did, it started at 41:00 in this video
Marlon Groenhart
Marlon Groenhart 20 hours ago
empress and empress!!!!{ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Jai DaMann
Jai DaMann 20 hours ago
Got to love this...
Barbara Crutchfield
Barbara Crutchfield 20 hours ago
Love It! Love these two women!!
Skeeb StillStandz
Skeeb StillStandz 20 hours ago
Betty Wright
Betty Wright 21 hour ago
Thank God that He doesn’t look on us as numbers, awesome 👏 ladies ❤️
Betty Wright
Betty Wright 21 hour ago
A 🥰 loving shout out to two beautiful strong legendary ladies who’s still got it going on, what an inspiration, voices so chrisp and clear.
Angelina Alford
Angelina Alford 21 hour ago
Gladys your voice, your sound....girl
T Campbell
T Campbell 22 hours ago
I absolutely adore and love both women but baaaaaaby... Patti songs hit ya different... Yes sir❤❤❤
Teresa Teale
Teresa Teale 23 hours ago
krayon w
krayon w 23 hours ago
Glad about this but grandmas talk 2 much 😆
malik alexander
malik alexander Day ago
I love yall my beautiful black queens
Charlie Hustle
Charlie Hustle Day ago
Put Ms. Patty's lyrics on the teleprompter next time =)
Tony Charles
Tony Charles Day ago
Put my lyrics up or you gonna get cut - legends 🙌🏾❤
New Old School
New Old School Day ago
Too much talking
sinister54 Day ago
Good battle for the #1 contender but the champ ain't around to defend her title and put them in their place. Still a good battle
tay ava tam squad
tay ava tam squad Day ago
This is so awesome I'm loving it
indoora Day ago
Ms. Patti is old enough to be my grandma and I also have a flip phone, lol.
Tih Shar
Tih Shar Day ago
Patti is a straight comedian!!