D&D Story: Worst Games I've Run || A Whole Lot of Talking

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Puffin Forest

3 months ago

Hello! This is going to be a series of videos I'm going to be making when I have some time. It's about the worst Dungeons and Dragons games that I've run. This is one main story when I ran a game for a convention and two other smaller stories from me getting assigned modules. Hope you guys enjoy!
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jesternario 19 hours ago
It’s bullshit like this that make me hate living campaigns.
Silentline 7
Silentline 7 4 days ago
Poor players suffering terribly written content. 😔
Gara -bō
Gara -bō 4 days ago
People saying being talked at in the comments confuse me. My favourite parts of DnD are the parts that aren't explicit battle scenes, because those feel weird. I like the roleplaying nature of everything else about the game. We role to try and do a thing and sometimes it summons a world-eating monster and that's COOL
LainWest 5 days ago
How are the modules at conventions created? Are they official Wizards of the Coast ones or some kind of fan-made popular ones, or just stuff the people running the convention made?
123Jsimskie 7 days ago
4 games for free entry?! What a ripoff!!!
Jail Bait
Jail Bait 8 days ago
I only basically recently started playing DnD and I don't really understand, why can't you just make a module good? isn't the main rule to have fun? Couldn't you easily say like "A pack of wolves are spotted on the outskirts of the village" just to like add some combat to a bland thing? Or couldn't you just tell the players in a round about way that they should go to the next location?
Stephen Henderson
Stephen Henderson 9 days ago
I laughed so hard at this.
Akhetopnu 11 days ago
I have never played a D&D game but I'm curious: who the hell writes these 'modules'? Now obviously this video is about the *worst* ones but it sounds like the writer just couldn't conjure up any interesting plot points so he went for the 'an NPC appears all of a sudden because you unlocked an achievement' type of deal?
Furrylust 11 days ago
I am a huge fan of D&D, I have a ton of experience DMing games for folks, but these are the exact reasons I will never run an official game for an event. I will never run a module that throws in references to previous modules if I haven't run the previous one before, I will never run a module that goes out of its way to waste the players' time. Asking for the players to search around for like 10 minutes is reasonable, 45 minutes is insane and I would never expect a group to sit there and have me talk at them for close to an hour.
TheKenyonSquad 14 days ago
running the module 1. waste time for 45 minutes 2. waste time for 25 minutes 3. "hey, go to the lighthouse" 4. end
SlyFlySpyGuy 16 days ago
I now have a random bush in my setting that gives random tattoos for no reason what so ever. It is your fault, Puffin Forest.
FurryEskimo 18 days ago
Stuff like this is actually why I avoid D&D.. I know it Can be fun, but I don’t like the fickleness in quality.
the other ghost girl
the other ghost girl 19 days ago
A plague pit of stories if u will
Q 20 days ago
dude that “kill 45 mins with talking” is so dumb. Not your fault at all, just a trash module. Finding the gang leader and everything etc is cool and all, but spending SO MUCH TIME just spouting random unneeded info is so dumb.
Strawberry Melody
Strawberry Melody 21 day ago
Modules are weird, you are the DM, you make the story, modules are only guidelines.
Alaram Stone
Alaram Stone 21 day ago
4:45 ...It sounds like you should have just transplanted the info from the port into the place they currently were, or at least some of it anyway.
Simone The Digger
Simone The Digger 25 days ago
You can absolutely trash someone else’s work if their work is trash
KKlawm 26 days ago
That module reminds me of Divine Divinity and other garbage CRPGs. My heart sinks and I get incredibly bored when the game makes every single NPC give you a novel on themselves. Then they needle in a haystack not only important treasure but even the main quest in randomly wandering a giant town for HOURS. Reading every garbage poorly written (or poorly voiced) essay that comes spouting out of Joe Blows mouth. Then they add 2 gold pieces and 1 in 100 chance for a magic item in every single barrel, fishing net and crate in existence. Non-dungeon content in cRPGs has been done so consistently poorly for so long my heart sinks when I find I have to wander a town or city. Then you miss farmer Shit-heads hidden quest that sends you back to a dungeon you've already done to pick up the maguffin you couldn't find before you had his quest because it gives you 2x the experience of the entire dungeon you just did to get his garbage item back to him. Fuck CRPGs and their garbage talk-a-thons. Even worse if instead you need to traverse the world locating every vendor you sold garbage to find his garbage item you can't even recall if you obtained in the first place, because garbage is thrown at you so frequently you're only looking at the weight to sell value of the item and no one had the decency to chuck that thing in a quest category or pop-up a 'find out what x belongs to' pre-quest.
SerenityM16 26 days ago
Anyone else just wondering what these modules are?
Bradders 26 days ago
why wouldnt you give them info to go to the place they were meant to go?
Andrew Kerssens
Andrew Kerssens 27 days ago
That last bit is what Artus Cimber's role felt like to me in ToA
Chad Boyum
Chad Boyum 28 days ago
You need to name these modules... at least as a public service kinda message, so no one buys or plays these horrible things
DarkKingHades 28 days ago
This has always been my issue with running official modules/ scenarios. Even when most players agree it's poorly written or the encounters are poorly balanced, the official rules are that you can barely change anything. It's so dumb...
Tech Mean
Tech Mean 29 days ago
Holy crap... those modules sound BBBAAAADDDDD. Really bad.
Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays 29 days ago
Why would a convention have a game with a 1.5/5 stars module!???
Dudemitri Moxemberg
Dudemitri Moxemberg 29 days ago
Puffin no offense but given your track record why the hell do you like this game
Steel Rarebit
Steel Rarebit Month ago
I never did like to DM or play modules. I always felt they were too constricting and I would rather design my own stuff instead of some cookie cutter garbage.
Rouven Schweitzer
Rouven Schweitzer Month ago
I once was a player in a module where no matter what the players did, there were no good outcomes. Not because we made bad choices, but because the game was set up that way. At the end we talked to the DM what other choices we could have made for a better ending, but he said that pretty much everything we do gets us banished, imprisoned, killed, or our home town gets eradicated. And the setting wasn't even grimdark.
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen Month ago
You know it is a bad game when it causes puffin to drop an f bomb
ROL64 Month ago
first time I've heard him cuss
Nicolas Paradise
Nicolas Paradise Month ago
No offense but everytime I see a video where he GM's I just get the idea that he isn't a great GM and never fully prepared. A good GM can work through a bad module. Although I have never read or Run AL stuff so it could be that bad. I am spoiled by Paizo writing amazing Adventure paths and modules.
JARG 64 Month ago
i dont play DnD, all my info on it comes from videos like this BUT, if I did play a game and the talk to people one was my first "adventure" in it I would probably not be interested in playing more also while I am not sure if it would be allowed i would have started combat with the 2nd guy who wanted us to go see someone thinking this is some sort of Groundhogs day thing where you are just sent from person to person until you break the cycle. Also causing some combat in that do nothing but talk game would probably make some people (like me) happier.
Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson Month ago
Maybe you shouldn’t blame the module when it’s YOUR fault for not taking the time to read over your chosen modules. No one forced you to do these events. You decided to do it. This is on You mate. Perhaps you should go back to doing 1 campaign a week or less to have more time to plan.
Quirkyhndl Month ago
A good module can adhere to a strict plot OR allow for complete ad hoc. The only thing you need to do is get everyone on the same page first. All these people running into games with totally different expectations and then wondering why it doesn't work out. That's the DMs fault, but players could still suggest it. (Talking about normal games here, not this AL nonsense)
Dr.Bright Month ago
As soon as I realized that it was just 45 minutes of small talk, I would have asked a player to make a roll to see if an NPC gets offended by the questioning. Then it's easy to get a fight going. "Not my fault I had to make stuff up, the players asked some really offensive questions that anyone would get angry about."
Deckersb Month ago
My worst was when my players summoned one of tiamats servants, an ancient black dragon, and befriended them to complete the campaign, then it got killed and they got the exp
Avenus112 Month ago
Yies this wasn't even Puffin's fault. Maybe it works in a noncombat system but the module was plain bad.
Casey Brady-Gold
Casey Brady-Gold Month ago
Has anyone ever told you your voice sounds exactly like Sean Carroll's?
Kobe Pantel
Kobe Pantel Month ago
Sorry Mario the princess is in another castle
David Fournier
David Fournier Month ago
Git gud scrub.
BurgerHouseintheHouse Month ago
Pufffffiiiiin, you absolute dunce. The tattoo artists last name was Bush. There just happened to be some shrubbery around you silly goose!
Apple Bandito
Apple Bandito Month ago
This is why I stopped running AL, especially at conventions.
SupaDanteX Month ago
TL;DR "Your princess is in another castle"
Federico Santillan
Federico Santillan Month ago
Thomas Johansson
Thomas Johansson Month ago
When the one making the adventure have more fun than the ones playing it.
Non-Playable Character
Non-Playable Character Month ago
I think the worst game I have ever been in, the DM talked me into going to a convention with him so he can have a player ready to go to help fill the group. He put himself into the game as a deity on the pantheon and then proceeded to nuke the party, stating that time moves forward and just because we didn't get the XP we needed to properly combat him didn't mean we can just skip out on this fight. We spent the more important time discussing whether to teach the barbarian tribe we ran into reading and writing than his story that he wanted. Also, his character was mythic rank 4 and I was the highest level of the party sitting at Lv 12.
Daelyah Month ago
...and this is I why I want to do homebrew campaigns, when I start GMing...
IcedFate Month ago
an adventure module that literally just says "waste the player's time". . .wow
Renegadebane Month ago
That mystery sounds like a module for false hydra but never tells the DM what a false hydra is or does and just says "things are weird, people are disappearing and nobody notices or remembers them"
Kim Huliganga
Kim Huliganga Month ago
The quality in Adventures League has always been inconsistent. It really depends on the folks that write each module.
White_Zombie_539 Month ago
AL content is fucking trash. I'll never understand why people do organized play. Every random pick-up game I've ever done, even with pre-gens, was more concise and better written then anything I"ve ever done with AL or Pathfinder Society.
Jace Klein
Jace Klein Month ago
Your a true omg if you remember detective Clancy
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson Month ago
Reinforces my preference for sandbox and loose plot hooks.
SBaby Month ago
1:42 - That's what's known as a timeshare. Never get involved with those, because whatever you get out of it is never worth what they expect you to do.
SBaby Month ago
As for the worst games I've ever run, well, when I was first starting as a DM, I was what people referred to as a 'Monty Hall DM'. Basically, a Monty Hall DM is the kind of person who gives players tons of loot and magical items, because 'wouldn't it be cool if they had THIS?'. The problem with doing that is twofold. First, the players will eventually have godlike characters that can't be stopped by most enemies, if they can even be stopped at all. And this doesn't take as long as people think it does. The SECOND problem is if you're a Monty Hall DM for the first session of a campaign, the players kind of expect you to be such for any subsequent sessions, and it's odd to suddenly pull a 180 on them and try to change. So it used to be a big problem. Once I learned about that, I stopped doing it, but my first couple years were awkward with overpowered characters. I actually remember having to invent monsters just to challenge the party, and the monsters I created were the kinds of things that would even give some of the world's gods a run for their money.
SBaby Month ago
I've had parties spend 4 to 5 hours in town before even going out on the adventure. It's not that uncommon, and really if you're a good DM, you kind of have to do that. People often forget the 'Role Playing' part in Role Playing Game, and just want to go straight to the adventure and the combat. I am the kind of DM that will put players in a position where they HAVE to role play. Also I will say something about published modules. I used to hate them with a passion, but I don't really anymore. They're often good for getting new players started in D&D, and even if your players aren't new to the game, they can be useful for the maps.
MericanJoe Month ago
One of the modules literally just taking stuff from memento
Minodrec Month ago
I love to improvise while DMing. But doing it is impossible more than once a week and in a universe I truly care about. You need time to recover stamina and inspiration.
J H Month ago
Your storytelling is great...my ADHD mind strays not from the narrative structure. Your endings, perhaps purposeful, hate me.
ericb31 Month ago
this reminds me of a really crappy "choose your own adventure book" SO bad it put me off them for good. ok, the set-up is that "you" were born on a spaceship half-way through an interstellar journey between planets. so when "you" reach a certain age (20, if i remember), YOU are required by bureaucracy to choose which planet will be "your" official HOME planet, and travel there. so your first decision is which planet "you" will call "home". BUT...long story short, it's IMPOSSIBLE! NOT exaggerating. if you choose the first planet, there is NOT A SINGLE ENDING where you get to so much as set FOOT on the planet! there's one REALLY bad scene: something is chasing your ship, your captain goes to emergency power to run from it, and something else gets in your way, so the captain decides to fire a missile at the thing in front. if you let him fire the missile...the ship gets blown up BY the missile! (because it's accelerating at emergency power in the same direction) but if you stop him from firing the missile...the ship gets DISINTEGRATED by the thing in front! NO. WAY. OUT! and if you choose the second planet? well, there is ONE, and ONLY one ending where you make it "home"... "it was all a dream. on you go to the planet. THE END." NOT. KIDDING.
ericb31 Month ago
@Lynry Barkly i don't remember it if actually crashed into it's own missile, but it was definitely TOO CLOSE to the missile when it detonated.
Lynry Barkly
Lynry Barkly Month ago
How fast can that ship accelerate if it's crashing into its own missiles???
c99kfm Month ago
First war story reaction: 1. Don't sign up to GM 6 different scenarios for the same convention. 2. Don't then blame others for not telling you it was a bad idea. 3. Don't GM a module you haven't read and understood. 4. Don't GM a module until you've made the story make sense to you. The base concept of this module seems to be to have the PCs start in a town, investigate a bit, find a (false) trail, go to the (wrong) bandits and then finally find the clue to get to the real bad guy, who is not actually a part of the module. So it's basically a side-quest to get the next clue to the main quest. Fine. Have the characters arrive at a town freshly raided by bandits, with wounded people and still smoking ruins. Perhaps have an encounter where the village militia sees them coming, assembles and attacks, forcing the players to defend themselves. After the first round of both sides, the town sheriff shows up and attempts to stop the fighting - the militia stands down, unless the players keep attacking. If the PCs were defensive, the sheriff will explain the bad reaction and offer them healing services by the village priest. If they weren't, he'll still explain what happened, unless they kept the combat going. They were attacked by a bandit gang that the PCs will mistake for the bad guy they're looking for, so they will want to find them. Upon questioning the sheriff, he directs them to a captive bandit in the sheriff's office's jail cell. They're allowed to question but not torture him, but once they get into that, the town hunter will enter the sheriff's office, having followed the bandits to their lair. He has marked the way, but warns the PCs there are monsters/whatever that he barely sneaked past. Following his markings, they have to sneak/fight/route around an encounter or two. Then, they arrive at the big fight - the bandit's lair. They confront the bandits with attacking the town, which the leader freely admits, then the big bad's crimes, where he's clueless. However, since they have found his lair, he's not letting them leave alive. FIGHT! Once the bandits are defeated, they find some loot and a prisoner, who overheard their exchange with the bandit leader and in exchange for his freedom provides the clue to the next module/main quest. Possibly offering healing if they were't supposed to be at risk of taking damage. Does that sound altogether stupid? It might, but tastes vary. You should be able to think up something that sounds playable to you, and then run with that, while sticking to the main points of side-quest ending in clue to main quest. I used the locations you described as the basis, but then sprinkled on enough spice to make it sound vaguely like an adventure. Second war story reaction: Sounds a bit like reading Book of Lost Tales without having read anything else by Tolkien first. You're missing too many concepts to understand anything and the one who's put it together isn't even the original author. That's poor craftsmanship, but I'm not getting much to go on, here. If the tattoos and the bush are irrelevant to the big plot and the investigation, I'd probably just scrap them entirely instead of getting stuck on them.
Murdered Carrot
Murdered Carrot Month ago
The module should be called "The kingdom is Irrelevant."
Eskolol Month ago
I bet the BO in those conventions was worse than the actual game
Tokres Ali Ali
Tokres Ali Ali Month ago
Read and analyze modules before running them.
Jace Smith
Jace Smith Month ago
Lol weird fuck
Veto Bandito
Veto Bandito Month ago
was the first module waterdeep? lol sounds like it
Rafael Vazquez
Rafael Vazquez Month ago
In the 35 yrs of me DMingI never had this bad...if I ever see you, drinks are on me, buddy...lol
Rafael Vazquez
Rafael Vazquez Month ago
one word : WOW
Epic Slacker
Epic Slacker Month ago
Wow, this 2+hour mini-module sounds like hot trash, my condolences for you and the players who had to endure this sloppy boring mess
Vinx .909
Vinx .909 Month ago
rules for any good mystery to run: the explanation should be obvious once you have all information + the modual needs to give you as DM all the information. the trick should be in the players trying to collect enough information to be able to come to a conclusion. if you don't do that then you haven't put together a competent modual.
Seth G Bailey
Seth G Bailey Month ago
I have a feeling that all of the talking is supposed to be the setup to the adventure. It's where the adventurers meet and they develop their personalities so that even though there is no combat, the adventure itself is there to lighten the mood and let the players sink into the game slowly. this, I think, would've made more sense for newer players or for a long break from a campaign with lots of serious combat like Curse of Strahd. I see where they were going, and it seems like a good adventure, but the flow of the game is just as important as roleplay. that's why most movies these days are 3 hours long. we want to meet the characters, but we also want the plot to progress, so we give both more time to solidify.
Undying Zombie
Undying Zombie Month ago
Something I noticed about your vids for D&D.. You seem to rely on modules hard.. You should really think about just running your own thing. Of course you can always base the world off of a particular world or what ever but always using a module is a bit limiting in both how you run it as well as how the players go through it. ( Not to mention the obvious thing of players reading said modules and using said knowledge to their advantage. Of course you probably have changed some things but overall its going to be very much similar to the module. ) Also using modules all the time will kinda stifle your own creativity.. Something I find odd considering how much you seem to like being creative with your characters. Also the module you talk about seems like a bad one... and is also a clear example of a DM not being prepared at all for the game.. When as a DM you need to be.. That was terrible DMing at best man... Even then though if you can tell its a bad one, you, as the DM.. Can make it better by adding/doing some of your own stuff.. Once again.. Being creative...
Pixel Love
Pixel Love Month ago
Does anyone know the name of the first or second module he was talking about? I wanted to look into them.
Larry Wooters
Larry Wooters Month ago
"Has this bush always been here?" "Yes, I have." "Well, the bush would know."
Dimetime35c Month ago
I try and ask the coordinator before I run a game at a convention if I can only run the campaign that comes with the starter kit. I find a lot of the time new players will give D&D a try at conventions. I dont want to get into a situation like this one and give people new to the game an extremely boring first experience.
christopher george
christopher george Month ago
I'm going to create a ' Random Ass Bush' class for Black Hack.
radio Bisney
radio Bisney Month ago
Well, a lot of mystery stories have red herrings but that one seemed like a rabbit hole of a red herring
Dragon Unity
Dragon Unity Month ago
Every game in last 2 years was worst...
Ryan Barr
Ryan Barr Month ago
What I'm hearing is that AL is a total f*cking mess
mrhiblo Month ago
This is why I don't run modules if I'm DM. Unless it's Keep On The Borderlands
kyotokitsune Month ago
Reminds me of when I was learning to run Call of Cthulu. The beginning module you can play from the starter pack was interesting. It was fun, but it left so much open that as the GM, you could be thrown into a very difficult situation. This one had to deal with a spell book the players heard about. According to the module, the GM is supposed to do everything possible to prevent the players from accessing it. Well, the description and the letter they had made it very enticing. Per the module, it's locked away in the university library, and only a particular professor had the key. And they were gone. The players were supposed to move on after that. Nope, not my players. They had to have that book. They were rabid about getting their hands on that book. They waited until normal school hours. Honestly, i should've said that the professor didn't show up, but he wasn't part of the story and I didn't want him to be and create yet another thread I'd have to completely improvise. So the professor was just being an ass, refused to answer, refused to talk to them. So they broke into his office after he left to find the key. They never found it. The players were like, "wow, talking about being railroaded." They moved on. After the module, I had to explain. "The module literally says not to give the players the book. It gave me no avenues, so I had to get you guys back on track." Honestly, if I was used to running that game, I probably would've had the creature break free because they were taking so long to get there and it would've been game over, and possible do something after. But I didn't hahaha.
Adam Pittell
Adam Pittell Month ago
Who would ever play one of these modules? They are TRASH 🗑
Adam Pittell
Adam Pittell Month ago
@WhiskeyHound Thanks. I only use homebrew but maybe one of my players could use one if they wanted to DM some time. I'll check it out to see it they are any good.
WhiskeyHound Month ago
@Adam Pittell I'm pretty sure the first module in the video was community content from 2017, so the standards were pretty low. There's some good community content thats actually well written and has a good standalone story I'd recommend checking out A cog in the Wheel, it's part of a trilogy and being written by an actual company it's pretty well designed so it could be run straight out of the box.
Adam Pittell
Adam Pittell Month ago
@WhiskeyHound I'm "Forever DM" so a chance to play a PC would be cool, even with strangers. AL modules just seem like a bad joke.
WhiskeyHound Month ago
People that don't know any better, you turn up to a game where you probably don't know the DM, players or adventure, you gotta be pretty desperate for D&D.
Nakata Month ago
well, the problem in first story was that the module was a piece of trash. The module says the players speak with people randomly? WTF Finished the video WTF, who made this modules?
Kurtis Deakin
Kurtis Deakin Month ago
Milkshaketurtle79 Month ago
My worst DMing experience was when the roll20 servers kept going down, the players fought like 30 enemies in what was supposed to be a stealth mission, I didn't know that you could change the size of roll20 maps (meaning I was constantly having to move the map and tokens), and the mixed drink I made hit me way too hard.
lancourt Month ago
Please please please.... what was the second module. I must gaze upon this for myself!
Wil Garrett
Wil Garrett Month ago
I've never DMed a convention, just my own table with friends. Do you have to follow the modules verbatim? Why couldn't you just have the guy as one of the NPC. Hell, make him like the 5th guy they talk to, you know let them get a feel for the area and BAM, "as you walk by the town square fountain, you see a man standing nearby, dressed differently than most and eyeing you closely." Then just rope them into following this guy to said location by whatever means necessary.
Katherine Minor
Katherine Minor Month ago
That first module seems terribly written
WhiskeyHound Month ago
It's slightly better than what he described, if its the module I think it is, still way too reliant on callbacks to previous adventures and npcs that people "might" be familiar with, and the dialogue trees are there but there are a couple of npcs that are supposed to point you in the right direction and some monsters that can show up.
Shiro Hawke
Shiro Hawke Month ago
I have never played d&d. Watching your videos make me want to be a DM. Yes, I know what I said.
swapertxking Month ago
Who designed this? Eughwwww.... as an improv dm I always try to give a hook or play off pc skepticism...
Brendan Trice
Brendan Trice Month ago
I still remember the time I pretty much had to rewrite an AL module since it was just full of the players having to just assume shit. I’ve heard that more recent modules are fine but the older ones are just trash
Ricardo Blikman
Ricardo Blikman Month ago
You should've gone to day 1 and have fun then do 6 games in the remaining day and then call the organisation and say that you want to come but you have severe diarrhea attacks so they tell you to stay home :)
Marc Western
Marc Western Month ago
Good lord, who writes these modules?
0FraksGiven _
0FraksGiven _ Month ago
I'm fairly new to DMing, but couldn't you just fudge shit to make it more interesting for the players?? or does AL not work that way?? First dude in the town sends them to gang leader since none of the other NPCs have anything to say that will effect the narrative. Dude inside the cave (if you need to space out the module a little) is the random dude that shows up when you finally leave, again because he doesn't have anything important to say. or the guy in the cave is actually the leader (figure out your time restraints for the session). from there head to the lighthouse (or wherever) and fight the gang/leader and end the module by bringing him/them down. again im very new to DMing so pardon me if i'm completed off with how AL runs or if off base here.
WhiskeyHound Month ago
@0FraksGiven _ Sounds pretty fun.
0FraksGiven _
0FraksGiven _ Month ago
@WhiskeyHound aahh, gotcha. when i started playing D&D i went to jump in AL sessions at local game shops, but since it was a local small game shop every night was basically a homebrewed one shot. much better experience then :)
WhiskeyHound Month ago
AL's got a fairly strict set of rules, so it's basically the same adventure regardless of who DM's it.
Creeperjo7 Month ago
citizen: THE TOWN IS ON FIRE, PEOPLES BELONGINGS HAVE GONE MISSING, ALL IN ONE DAY! HOW COULD THIS HAPPENz!? Police: Don't worry, the evidence we have leads us to the criminal who did all this... Police: it must've been that bush!
Marcus Ager
Marcus Ager Month ago
Wait, was one of the PCs in this story a gnoll? Or, like, a shifter maybe? What race is the wookie-dog dude on the left? 0.o
clarkb2697 Month ago
The most unrealistic thing in this video puffin having abs while on vacation
Robert Silvers
Robert Silvers Month ago
These modules sound idiotic. "Make small talk with random NPCs for 45 minutes because I'm too lazy to write more plot" and "mystery where EVERYTHING is a red herring." Did the second writer never hear of Chekhov's gun?
I’m Tired Please Go
I’m Tired Please Go Month ago
Bush: living it’s best life, giving free temp tattoos Ben: WHY?
Jimmy Forrest
Jimmy Forrest Month ago
Sorry but if theres nothing to do theres nothing to do. You cant make up details in AL so basicly you might as well run anything else secretly. Everyone would thank you. If they disagree they can play/run it and see how it goes instead
Jimmy Forrest
Jimmy Forrest Month ago
Like fudging plot elements isnt sensible just make something new
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