D&D Story: Worst Games I've Run || A Whole Lot of Talking

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Puffin Forest

Month ago

Hello! This is going to be a series of videos I'm going to be making when I have some time. It's about the worst Dungeons and Dragons games that I've run. This is one main story when I ran a game for a convention and two other smaller stories from me getting assigned modules. Hope you guys enjoy!
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itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv 20 hours ago
AL only exists to sell product. Period.
Seacliff Day ago
AL modules can range from pretty creative and fun to some of the worst adventures I have had the displeasure of running or playing. I just don't get it. Were some of them even play tested? How were they even approved? I get everyone has to start somewhere, but maybe not start by making official modules. Or maybe if creating a cohesive story or writing roleplaying-heavy scenes for a table top game is a bit too challenging (which I totally related to), maybe create a more traditional campaign like a simple dungeon crawler or a combat focused module. I don't care if it's railroaded as long as it's fun to play.
CTMillan 2 days ago
What I want to know is, what did tey tell you when you said no, no no.... noooo....?
Vivee 3 days ago
Honestly at that point, just pay for the badge. It's not worth it.
BattleGhul 3 days ago
I'd love to know what these modules actually are, just so i can see the travesty for myself ^-^
lord buss
lord buss 4 days ago
12:15 That's me, reading SCP stories.
Sky Wolf USA
Sky Wolf USA 6 days ago
11:07 the funny part is that there's a real type of Bush that does literally the exact same thing
Tenebros 6 days ago
Well, improvisation is a skill you sadly just posess. I usually just make up what the player have to do and how I would do it. A friend of mine can't comprehend my way to run things and has to plan everything to the point.
Leon B
Leon B 7 days ago
“I don’t wanna trash the module too much, so I’m gonna fudge some details” in other words, the module is so horrifically bad, describing the actual scene feels like slander.
Ana_Nimous 8 days ago
(Sorry for my English) This video really cheered me up. I was running a horrible free modern Call od Cthulhu scenario few days ago (way more horrible it was the first time I actually was GM in CoC) and I got disappointed and that put me off a lot. So, thank you for sharing your experience! I'd love to be a pro GM in a future~
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 8 days ago
so you had one module that was given to you by the coordinators that basically made you waste the pcs time with random chatter for a certain amount of time, and another with a bunch of mundane clues that had nothing to do with the module you were running, and was highly un explanatory and also kept the dm/gm in the dark about what was going on. I'm honestly not surprised you didn't enjoy the experience as a gm, those sound like chaos waiting to happen. it's important that the dm at the very least knows what is going on, but it's also important that the pcs have something valid to do so the gm doesn't feel like they are wasting everyone's time and looking unprofessional, it sounds to me like those probably supposed to be good modules to play and run, however, the problem was how they were written. the module writer probably meant for everyone to have fun including the gm but the problem was everything was so vaguely written it was impossible for even the gm to know what was going on or how to run it. these are signs of difficultly writing in a cohesive manner and can be a bit of a problem for people who might be used to other modules. probably a budding young module writer who just had a cool idea and decided to give it a whirl, it happens ^ ^
SewingNoodle 8 days ago
I’m sorry...was that second module supposed to be run by the players, for themselves? At least I now know that I, apparently, never want to play in an Adventurer’s League game.
Spartan3101200 9 days ago
4:45 you can always do a surprise combat encounter in a town, you just need an npc to scream bandits. Bam, the module just became better, and it provides an easy lead in for the next step of the plot.
Ronnie J Dio
Ronnie J Dio 10 days ago
One of the worse dms I've ever heard of
Greg Gates Jr
Greg Gates Jr 11 days ago
Just wanna thank you. Your fun light positive animations inspired me, as I recently started to animate. I’ve been listening to campaigns as I draw, then rewatch some of your videos and other DnD classics from Zee and Dingo when I take breaks.
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 11 days ago
"The players are really, *really* trying to help me out....* Wow, you were LUCKY with that crew. A lot of players have no patience for a DM who is inexperienced or shows any sign of being ill prepared. They can turn really toxic really fast.
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 12 days ago
What if the Bush was covering a secret entrance to magic tattoo shop??
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 13 days ago
How do these modules get to AL? Doesn't AL have QA or something?
couchy rick
couchy rick 13 days ago
this reminds me of legend of zelda 2 .
couchy rick
couchy rick 13 days ago
balsy move i respect it i cant wait love your content bud!
xr7fan 13 days ago
As she's asking puffin "if that wasn't the worst game you ran, what was?" I'm picturing his eyes slowly pivoting off hers to stare into the distance as the low beat of battle drums begins and the sounds of clashing swords, and the screams of the dying start filling his head.
Bunny 13 days ago
Free your mind. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare 😏
Cpt Sp3zi
Cpt Sp3zi 14 days ago
Honestly, I haven‘t really run any full campaigns as a DM before but for that weird bush in the second story I had an idea of how to incorporate that into the plotline: Maybe the guy was joking about the bush (actually had no idea and just wanted to mess with the players)? Instead the bbeg pissed of a demigod or something that saw the pcs as the best way to bring him down without personally interfering in the natural order. So that demigod (or deity idk) gave them the tattoos to point the party into the right direction and when they found who they were supposed to talk to, the tattoos just went away. Tbh that whole story sounds like a nightmare and I‘m just trying to pull something out of my a** to make sense of it from a GM perspective...
Zinka Ghost
Zinka Ghost 14 days ago
Finish a modul in 2 hrs? Ohh god
KayleyAnna 15 days ago
I don't think I've ever seen a module actively tell you to kill time.
flamingrubys11 15 days ago
*laughter* no no no no NO AS A GM i relate to this spiritually
dailen caudron
dailen caudron 15 days ago
Imagine writing a module for dms to run that gives them no future info. smh.
Vetraeus 15 days ago
How about this, instead of using somebody else's garbage modules or campaigns; Make your own. Problem solved.
Guy Hudson
Guy Hudson 15 days ago
Anyone want to guess which modules they were?
Aellia 16 days ago
Or maybe "It's that bush" is simply the module bold faced telling you and your table that it is wasting your time. It just doesn't care. It might as well be mooning you and spanking itself at that point.
LuckyFox 17 days ago
If you ever wake up after passing out and your friends draw on you, you can go, “Aww sweet, bush tattoo!!!”
usndocjaysin8404 18 days ago
Puffin is the ultimate PSA on how not to DM/GM.
Mark 18 days ago
If it's the module I played the tattoo's were a curse. As you solved each piece of the puzzle that tattoo disappeared. But there was a time frame you had to meet, or the tattoos would kill you.
lordsqueak 18 days ago
re, the bush, it's an Ambush! but,, dude,, if these storys are true, then ,, do they write modules by randomly throwing darts at a monsterbook? (presumably missing the book and dart disappears in a bush)
TDS Composer
TDS Composer 18 days ago
Just listening to this gives me anxiety. Props for even attempting it!!
guy calgary
guy calgary 18 days ago
Wish I could go back in time and replay a weekend at CAL-CON(Calgary gaming convention) about 32 years ago , me and my group became a gang of murder hobo’s and we decided to slaughter everything we met . I remember how it was driving the young DM CRAZY!
KC Nham
KC Nham 19 days ago
Dungeons & Diplomacy
KC Nham
KC Nham 19 days ago
D&D got boring after joining "Diplomacy" D&D games
Lognog Logan
Lognog Logan 19 days ago
I agree it’s really hard to improve I do it with home brew and oh boy it’s fun but it can get messy
Chris McPherson
Chris McPherson 19 days ago
Most of my parties would have literally slaughtered the first gang on the basis of they are a gang lol
Lukasz Dluzak
Lukasz Dluzak 19 days ago
rouge 20 days ago
I cant believe I'm saying this but , this seems like dues ex- bushina
Dr Cowbell
Dr Cowbell 20 days ago
I have these issues with my Dungeons and Disney campaign I’m running. That wall analogy is perfect! I need to work harder on having a better skeleton for the story...
Weendigo172 21 day ago
Just playing through Lost Mines of Phandelver, I feel like I could appreciate a bit more talking and exposition, but at least SOMETHING happens in that thing. We just stormed literal castle full of baddies last night. Murder hobos have it good.
Argonaut 21 day ago
That module sounds like trash. Should have just trashed the plan, added info and some character relevant skill challenges, have the bandits attack the party once they've stuck their noses into the towns business. Plant some info on the bandits leading them to their hideout, routine stuff, I know, but 100x better than random info dumps and red herrings on the railroad.
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell 21 day ago
@Puffin Forrest, can you make those true/false dice for your merch store? I would love to own some!
Dragonic NovaLord
Dragonic NovaLord 21 day ago
How much are the details fudged exactly
Fuzzy Images
Fuzzy Images 21 day ago
when J.J Abrams wrights a table top game....
Abnormal Gaming
Abnormal Gaming 21 day ago
Where was that improv lesson when the first campaign i ever dm'd was 100% improv? a halfling got blasted off a tower because of you!
Edward 21 day ago
where can you view rating for AL Modules?
James Chapman
James Chapman 21 day ago
So what I am hearing is AL is about as good at making single session campaigns as an amateur DM but when it comes to more long drawn out campaigns that where AL and by extension, you shine
Recaru 22 days ago
That's just awful writing... like "backstory of every tree branch" awful... I'd rather take the important points of the story, and build it up to a climactic final battle.
KayfabeTactics 22 days ago
I keep hearing you say, "I can't," but you're the f'n DM, you can do whatever the hell you want
Silent Peet
Silent Peet 18 days ago
He can't, its AL As in, he isn't supposed to change anything that would have any real consequences.
Palad Pogfox
Palad Pogfox 22 days ago
I am in tears rn 😶😂
Palad Pogfox
Palad Pogfox 22 days ago
Seriously funny, but this humor is not very commonplace, thanks poster
IloveJell0 22 days ago
Ya I mean not everyone is a story teller, but wow those modules where poorly thought up.
Gage Allen
Gage Allen 22 days ago
Try the Red Dwarf module of D&D, it had me make the most in depth character I ever have.
Sr. Odriguez
Sr. Odriguez 22 days ago
Where are these massively confused modules? those are official ones? D:
Russell Morrisey
Russell Morrisey 22 days ago
8:28 I was given a Shadowrun module like this to run at a con. I managed to badger a company rep until they gave me enough clues and background to actually make it runnable. I ended up having to introduce a new scene at a new location from some splat book that wasn't even mentioned in the module at all, which the company rep gave me, in order to make the plot coherent. I don't know why, but I feel like whodunit modules in non-mystery game systems are universally bad. Oh, and spoiler: the murderer is required to get away at the end of the module, so they can appear in the next module.
Marc Redgate
Marc Redgate 22 days ago
Tattoos, see tv show Blindspot.
Sam Friedmann
Sam Friedmann 22 days ago
Damn. That must feel like shit. At least games that become a clusterfuck of mess-ups can be laughed at, but things like that just eats up time and makes it boring as hell. I’m glad that the players were trying to help you out, but in cases like that, the writers just completely misstepped what modules are supposed to be.