GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE Trailer (2020) Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd

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Movie Coverage

8 months ago

GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE Trailer (2020) Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd
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Mr.RioluRz 12 hours ago
David Brzezinski
David Brzezinski 23 hours ago
“Fuck it, the last reboot didn’t happen. Let’s just try again. But with that stranger things kid, he’s relatable right?”
Gül Zeynep
Gül Zeynep Day ago
I don't remember ghost busters being this scary
Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker Day ago
Oh yeah, my favorite part of the original Ghostbusters - all the children!
Umi Faizatul Joseph
Umi Faizatul Joseph Day ago
Aye isn’t that the girl who appeared on blackbear new mv?
Elias Ashoal
Elias Ashoal Day ago
Willis and Arnold were first to send up Ghostbusters.
Cameron East
Cameron East 2 days ago
1:01 me: No its a replica of Dustins handy dandy stranger things ghost busters toy from stranger things Q-Q
Lady World
Lady World 2 days ago
i was waiting for THE song all trailer. >:(
Hakan Kaya
Hakan Kaya 2 days ago
Can't get hyped without GhostBusters music.
ChillTea 2 days ago
mike are you trying to go to eleven?
e l e v e n
e l e v e n 2 days ago
Is finn gonna kiss some1 if yes byee
iłiKëc0wš tHAtsk00LwiTh.a.K
iłiKëc0wš tHAtsk00LwiTh.a.K 2 days ago
finn can’t escape from the 80s now he was truly born in the wrong generation lol
Riley Zhao
Riley Zhao 2 days ago
Mike wheeler decided to take his Halloween costumes to a whole new level
squid boi
squid boi 3 days ago
This reminds me of stranger things 2
•Kiara Kerastie•
•Kiara Kerastie• 4 days ago
Hey does Finn wolfhard mike/Richie is always in the horror movies or fighting a monster lol
anna g.
anna g. 4 days ago
Diego Zapata
Diego Zapata 5 days ago
E McC 6 days ago
Another frizzle-haired nephew of some nobody destroying another movie franchise.
King Beef
King Beef 6 days ago
No! No! No! Hollywood you fuckers!
frey frey sparkles
frey frey sparkles 6 days ago
Remember fin wolfhard dressed as a ghostbuster in stranger things.
lolwr456 6 days ago
Producer: how many weird acting gigs you want? Finn Wolfhard: Yes
Indiech4r 7 days ago
The fact that Finn wolf hard, Paul Rudd and McKenna grace are all in this makes me want to watch it even moreee
Magmnus Mackay
Magmnus Mackay 7 days ago
I’m glad that actress is finally getting a well written role.
LITTLE HORN 7 days ago
and still waiting for it to come out
d r
d r 8 days ago
ooooh boy here we go. looks like a good premise.
pro lambo77 nullis
pro lambo77 nullis 9 days ago
Stranger things and Ghostbuster Finn wolfhard a year literally the famous famous
Mary Rua
Mary Rua 9 days ago
Finn is talking to another girl and messing with creepy things? Eleven is on her way!
Bella Torres
Bella Torres 10 days ago
Ness 10 days ago
I hope all of the original ghostbusters are in the movie, in a flashback or a VHS tape and they say some lines about Harold Ramis' Death (actor for Egon Spengler)
Ness 10 days ago
Echo-1 Sirens bring back memories seeing the Terror Dogs ( the dogs that guarded gozer in the first film ) in the movie, means Gozer is COMIN BACK BABY! straight up hype
Kara Tiernan
Kara Tiernan 10 days ago
I bet this barn belongs to Egon Spangler since he died
K W 10 days ago
Schade drum....erst Star Wars und jetzt Ghostbusters.
Lilli Brewer 26
Lilli Brewer 26 10 days ago
I’m a simple man, I see fin wolfhard I click
Emmy HHH
Emmy HHH 10 days ago
i dont know but this mans grandpa died but the first ghostbusters movie was in 1994
shorT 33
shorT 33 11 days ago
It’s summer 2020 where’s my movie
M CC 11 days ago
I duno but Ghostbusters was my childhood memories and it supposed to be fun, happy, excited and humorous. Watching this trailer I don't see these vibes.
1,000,000 videos and no subscribers
1,000,000 videos and no subscribers 11 days ago
Where are the rest of the stranger things kids?
Tabi Tábita
Tabi Tábita 11 days ago
EVERYBODY talking about Finnn and Stranger things... I'm here bc of Mckenna
Tabi Tábita
Tabi Tábita 11 days ago
This movie has a cast
tommy greeneyes
tommy greeneyes 12 days ago
This movie is the spinoff maker for strangerer things season 1 on fentlix and fulu and dizmee ploos. Bill murray will be co hosting from his xmen chair in the land of cadillacs and dinosaurs. Slashy ashy will continue on with pablito on the search for the last action hero in bill&teds phone booth and riots will be paid by all the newly injected gates vchippers.
Muhammed Talha Öztemel
Muhammed Talha Öztemel 13 days ago
I gonna watch this movie for Finn
Annabelle Williams
Annabelle Williams 13 days ago
“Hey remember that one summer when we died under a table” I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard
Random Person
Random Person 13 days ago
Fenixz Filip
Fenixz Filip 13 days ago
Remember when they specifically said in the original Ghost busters movies, that those are dangerous for kids... WELL JOKES ON YOU, nothing matters it's 2020.
Jonathan Cortez
Jonathan Cortez 14 days ago
Thank god. The last movie I didn't even bother watching. It was a flop
Carter Eberle
Carter Eberle 14 days ago
I don’t like this It feels incorrect
james mac 123
james mac 123 14 days ago
They lost me at woke sorry .
MissionSparta 14 days ago
This trailer proves how important a great score is. Kudos.
Elijah Baldric
Elijah Baldric 14 days ago
If Finn and Mckenna in it....i'm watching. I know it's gonna be good.
AlsoFrightened 14 days ago
0:43 I mean, give Nora Durst a break too. Let the woman raise their kids without issues!
Ognyan WLR
Ognyan WLR 14 days ago
I think Ghostbusters should be Rated "R" movie
Isabella Bedford
Isabella Bedford 15 days ago
Me: **sees Finn Wolfhard** Also me: We all know its going to be an amazing movie
Eli 6 days ago
Me too
MajorX 15 days ago
its bad stop it
Bill Boucher
Bill Boucher 17 days ago
To the a'hole that turned GBs into Stranger Things. Thanks. Thanks a lot. What, 2016 wasn't bad enough?
Long Rod von Hugendong
Long Rod von Hugendong 17 days ago
I wanna say “no.” But maybe, yes?
salem eyasu
salem eyasu 17 days ago
What is this movie called because I don’t have Netflix and I am trying to watch it on soap2day
Shae Gonzales
Shae Gonzales 16 days ago
its not out yet lol
Dream Dream Serene
Dream Dream Serene 17 days ago
a 70s new wave band is missing its lead singer.
Albert's Flamingo
Albert's Flamingo 17 days ago
Jesus Christ every movie/show that finn is in is connected. IT is in the same universe as STRANGER THINGS Beacause bob was talking about a killer clown in maine. And STRANGER THINGS is connected to ghostbusters beacause MIKE Dressed up as a ghostbuster member and now finn is LITTERLY a ghostbusters member
bigggrickkk 17 days ago
S P 17 days ago
Why are chicks so desperate to destroy the Ghostbuster franchise. They already killed it off with the last abomination, and now they want to bury it.