I Had a Date at a WATER PARK with Preston!

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I Had a Date at a WATER PARK with Preston! with Brianna πŸ‘Š
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Herrick Outdoors
Herrick Outdoors 17 minutes ago
You are doing bad on your date night
Zahria Isaacs
Zahria Isaacs 26 minutes ago
Nice,but when your on a date don't talk about your ex or past crush
Spicy Avacado Roblox
Spicy Avacado Roblox 31 minute ago
Preston just a loser abusing his wife to get views, Bad choice
XxPastel_SummerxX 32 minutes ago
Ummmm I think you done something called...Ok.
Gaming with Ella
Gaming with Ella 42 minutes ago
Vic G
Vic G 44 minutes ago
Well , the end was more a dateπŸ’“
ッLoaaf & SoleKeyboard136 Channel
ッLoaaf & SoleKeyboard136 Channel 50 minutes ago
Haylee Odgers
Haylee Odgers Hour ago
So cute πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‡
Macey Blackburn
Macey Blackburn Hour ago
I love your hurl friend
Yxng Ebz
Yxng Ebz 2 hours ago
Yxng Ebz
Yxng Ebz 2 hours ago
this is my brothers acount YEET
Yxng Ebz
Yxng Ebz 2 hours ago
i love when preston says hello butifull people btw i am bad at spelling
Gietka Kids
Gietka Kids 2 hours ago
I love seeing these videos
Philip & Cherisse van Zyl
Philip & Cherisse van Zyl 2 hours ago
romantik preston
Sandra Venters
Sandra Venters 2 hours ago
Eric Hullinger
Eric Hullinger 2 hours ago
Rainbow Fairy
Rainbow Fairy 2 hours ago
Your doing great :D
Liz Reynolds
Liz Reynolds 2 hours ago
Danie Engelbrecht
Danie Engelbrecht 2 hours ago
MrCrazyβœ“ be AMAZED cause I'm fan girling because I... Ship~ People Together...
Amelia Pearson
Amelia Pearson 2 hours ago
I would think it’s a sups,cute DATE! Hope Bri loves it. Love you to. Bye my peeps
Emsley Dunkerley
Emsley Dunkerley 3 hours ago
Pickles are a fruit
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 3 hours ago
Yasirah Mahomed Bashir 4D
Yasirah Mahomed Bashir 4D 4 hours ago
Nobody: Me:oooo so you see miraculous on Netflix
joseph the pro jose
joseph the pro jose 4 hours ago
joseph the pro jose
joseph the pro jose 4 hours ago
Sarah Akhtar
Sarah Akhtar 4 hours ago
Sooooooooooooooooooo cute sooooooooooooooooooo cool.
Vicki McFarlane Baxter
Vicki McFarlane Baxter 4 hours ago
i think it is a grate date
Bryan Soukhaphon
Bryan Soukhaphon 4 hours ago
im the 156k person who liked
Katie Pena
Katie Pena 4 hours ago
can i be in your video ples Preston and brianna
Margaret Cary
Margaret Cary 4 hours ago
Hi my name is izzy but I am on my moms Phone
Katie Pena
Katie Pena 4 hours ago
*Liz Playz* *Gaming*
*Liz Playz* *Gaming* 5 hours ago
I like nice on the date :D
Dana vlogs and reacting unicorn
Dana vlogs and reacting unicorn 5 hours ago
When will you guys have a baby please have a baby
BH G4m3r
BH G4m3r 5 hours ago
SOFIA PINEDA 5 hours ago
Me : watching the video the adds : can’t see the haters if you don’t got eyes
Diane English
Diane English 6 hours ago
I saw Tiko
Jackie_ Gamer
Jackie_ Gamer 6 hours ago
Colton B Hunter
Colton B Hunter 7 hours ago
You did ok Preston, but I wouldn’t know I am 14 and have never been on a date.πŸ₯Ί
Stephanie Roth
Stephanie Roth 7 hours ago
U bad
Amanda Wilcox
Amanda Wilcox 8 hours ago
i am a female and umm your date out of 10 is like a uhh 5 (by the way not talking about Brianna
Roy Scott
Roy Scott 8 hours ago