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In a series of interviews spanning more than two decades from 1991 to 2013, Patti LaBelle shares her take on Diana Ross.

Alexis Colby
Alexis Colby 6 days ago
oprah's lying ass heard this and sat them at the same table to stir up some drama, oprah can't help herself, shes the biggest diva of em all
bummy Ravioli
bummy Ravioli 7 days ago
These beautiful black queens 🥴 love Diana
Hercolezz 29 days ago
Ok Patti ok guuurl
Pudding Month ago
Diana is messy.
Naila Fanene
Naila Fanene Month ago
Patti is my absolute favourite. She is "The Voice". Nobody has Patti's class and personality!! She's just all round gorgeous
Paula’s Universe *
Paula’s Universe * Month ago
Read Patti Labelle's autobiography and you will get the "tea." ☕
Diamond Tribe
Diamond Tribe Month ago
Patti LaBelle goes back and forth with these Diana stories. Hard to hell what's actually the truth.
John London
John London Month ago
Diamond Tribe as do so many! The amount of people who claim to have witness the events first hand always amazes me...
Subrenna Evans
Subrenna Evans Month ago
Dianna Ross in my opinion was not the best singer when she was with the Supremes and even when she went solo. Patti can walk in her assertiveness and that voice? Phenomenal!! What they need to do is have a Patti Labelle vs.Diana Ross and see who wins!!🤨😉
John London
John London Month ago
Subrenna Evans there is so much more to the artistry of performance... and thankfully we are not forced to choose one over another.. we can like who we like... I love Diana .. love Patti... Love Gladys... Love Aretha .. love Witney... Love Annie Love Tina Love Mary J. Love Billie Love Ella etc... I don’t waste my time in comparison. I waste my time enjoying the differences they all bring...
Tiffany Lewis
Tiffany Lewis Month ago
Miss Patti threw that shade 🤗
Joanne Donnelly
Joanne Donnelly Month ago
Patti, all class, all the time
Gina Bell
Gina Bell Month ago
@CraigTheWriter Old Patti vs New Patti
Tony Negron
Tony Negron Month ago
🤔 Does anybody know if Donna Summer/Grace Jones or Aretha Franklin were at that get together at Oprah's in 2005? With so many beautiful talented women there. Just wondering.
Jacquelyn Davis
Jacquelyn Davis Month ago
Like Patti was saying people take little stuff & blow it up. Heresay, rumors, can all be cleared up face to face
Toppy Cat
Toppy Cat Month ago
Arsensio Hall laugh is so phony at -5:15! 😆
ronald huertas
ronald huertas Month ago
it so cute how she talk like cardi B..
ms lyci
ms lyci Month ago
Maturity saved them not the circumstance.... had it been earlier they may have not mended so easily.. if patti hadnt said anything would diana had felt comfortable with conversations?? If it had happened before they both matured enough would the transition had been as smooth?? Call it for what it was they both found their place and no longer had intimidation issues. That's why they were willing to exchange information and get down to the bottom of the beef
EFH Month ago
J. P Washington III
J. P Washington III Month ago
Aretha only Aretha‼️
newcreature2011 Month ago
Oprah know good and well she knew they had beef. Who didn't know that? And Oprah is in the business...come on. I am glad they reconciled though at "The Legends Ball" at "my house" as Oprah so humbly stated...😂
Reds Hands
Reds Hands Month ago
Damn patty got real Philly , see wanted too rumble
Matthew W
Matthew W Month ago
She gives her eyelashes out to the audience!? 💀
Jonathan Meadows
Jonathan Meadows Month ago
So shady lol.
Life is all about growth.
Damon Trent
Damon Trent 2 months ago
Is it true that Diana had crabs and gave it to Patti after loaning her a dress?
Mirabel Rose
Mirabel Rose 2 months ago
I hate patti because shes jalous and aretha shes arrogant woman ...
Dee 2 months ago
Patti: You know how people keep stuff going. Oprah: i know... Of course you'd know Oprah, you're the one keeping it going right now...
Rochelle Hendrix
Rochelle Hendrix 3 months ago
Oprah is so fake. Believe me...she knew where each person was sitting. It was strategic. And not because she was thinking about reconciliation. She's messy. Thank goodness Patti and Diana put that stuff behind them. They're too old for all that drama.
Triadafillos Orfanos
Triadafillos Orfanos 3 months ago
Patti Labelle must be the only diva in the world with only a few big hits, actually she is almost a one hit wonder
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 3 months ago
Mirabel Rose
Mirabel Rose 4 months ago
Two arrogant womens and diva 💩💩💩 i hate that
Business lady
Business lady 4 months ago
Patti is that aunt that always keep it real with you. When the rest of the family let's you get away slick shit. 😂
pietro0079 4 months ago
I don’t know the details of their dramas of the past. But when I look and listen to both, Patti seems more real and genuine than Diana. Diana seems to be on her show mode even when not singing.
sandra oss
sandra oss 4 months ago
I can't stand him
Jessica DarknessTwin
Jessica DarknessTwin 5 months ago
I like this there was no drama why can't every Diva just get along
mee mee the cat
mee mee the cat 5 months ago
david lasher
david lasher 5 months ago
Starting in the business these women's managers pitted them against each other for hits so, there is no escaping some feelings! ....
not pattis manager. berry gordy did that
pat gorden
pat gorden 5 months ago
Dirty Diana was something else back then she was cutthroat just to get up front and make that money, sad but true.
SDoesNotKnow 5 months ago
The gold suit was pretty bad, but it was just one small story repeated over and over. Labelle didn't seem that pressed about it really and seemed to only say that story because it was like the only story she had about Diana Ross back then. She was otherwise very respectful.
NwO 4LiFE 5 months ago
Patti may have that voice but Patti doesnt have the same career Ms. Ross has on a global scale and certainly on selling records so 🙄
melxnhead 5 months ago
NwO 4LiFE patti also didn’t steal other people’s work & claim it as her own
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 5 months ago
I've read a lot about Diana Ross from a lot of people and, honestly, she seems like the kind of petty, selfish person who would purposely pick the same outfits then go on first. Not surprised Patti wanted to swing.
david rivera
david rivera 6 months ago
Andy Cohen is a messy queen Oprah a lie saying she didnt know
baz1000 6 months ago
Wm Petroff
Wm Petroff 7 months ago
What a mature and noble Lady Patti proves to be the last minutes of the interview. Forgiveness.
Shaneice Jackson
Shaneice Jackson 7 months ago
She don't eat paper and she don't eat lashes 😂😂😂
robert rodriguez
robert rodriguez 7 months ago
Diana Ross... class! Patti ? 2nd class !
Raul Cabral
Raul Cabral 8 months ago
Miss Patty Labelle u are such a class u so much!!
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel 9 months ago
ICON. Nuff said.😀
Toxic States Of America
Toxic States Of America 9 months ago
"I wanted to pimp slap her" - lol
Narvia Williams
Narvia Williams 10 months ago
Brittani B
Brittani B 10 months ago
Mama Patti wants y'all to know that she don't eat PAPER or LASHES😭
Hercolezz 29 days ago
She aint lying
tincredible Month ago
Lmao....Right. Folks done spent years accusing her of eating all kinds of non-foods. Auntie Patti ain't having it!!! lol
xavier malcolm
xavier malcolm Month ago
Y’all don’t understand that Diana Ross tried to sabotage pattis career..... she convinced pattis group member to quit and join her, but Diana treated cyndi like trash she did not appreciate her talent nor her as a person. That clearly was just pure sabotage but it backfired
•••••• 11 months ago
"I wanted to pimp slap her"and "I wanted to beat her up" this is iconic 😂😂
Harborview Operations
Harborview Operations 11 months ago
Patti is my all-time favorite female artist
Gaynell Lee
Gaynell Lee 11 months ago
The Godmother of Soul.
Usure AboutThat
Usure AboutThat 11 months ago
Patti LaBelle seems very classy.
Tom Baker
Tom Baker 11 months ago
What a great set! Whose idea was that?
the unreal player
the unreal player 11 months ago
Musical mud fights.
Victor Carrington
Victor Carrington 11 months ago
Oprah messy with this question LOL. We all know what Patti put in her book so we know Patti snatched Diana for the GAWDS. Maybe as she is older, she wants to try to clean it up but Patti is my homie and she hood AF but classy. But do not get it twisted, she will SNATCH you
Elaine Donaway
Elaine Donaway 11 months ago
I don't like that nose job...its so hard.
pat gorden
pat gorden 5 months ago
you need to call your doctor back then an ask for refund 😂🤣😂
thewizboy 11 months ago
NO way in Hell Diana Ross with ALL her style and ICONIC fashion status copied the shit Patti and her bluebells wore. Patti was tacky then and tacky now. Diana Ross has always been glamorous and stylish. Patti STOP lying
HRH Kashogghi
HRH Kashogghi 11 months ago
I always laugh when female entertainers are commended for being so real, and all I see is somebody wearing sombody elses hair, fake eye lashes, expensive clothes bought to empress, etc,....but oh yes!.....they are very real and down to earth!,....yea Right!
Diamon. 5 months ago
Please go educate yourself.
Oh I wish u had found the one where she was pissed, and called her a bitch.
hustlemade C
hustlemade C 11 months ago
Patti might need to let that go.Im just saying
pat gorden
pat gorden 5 months ago
Apparently you wasn't paying attention she was talking about it and yes she has Let It Go she just said it to Oprah pay attention boo the attention apparently you need to let it go!
Kennis Bell
Kennis Bell 11 months ago
The original cardi b
xavier malcolm
xavier malcolm Month ago
Ummmm nah. Cardi could never
JAMBERRY 11 months ago
Diana don't scalp her own tickets and scam her fans though!
Big Trizz
Big Trizz 11 months ago
Patti is so GORGEOUS!
Olof Olofersond
Olof Olofersond 11 months ago
Patti the shaved head is bad on u. Everyone cant do a Halle berry
shades1902 Year ago
Patty you hated Diana, that pass around girl, with her highfalutin twang.
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Year ago
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson Year ago
Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing people do these things to keep people away from others didn't she say things like that not true but I heard it from jealous people are dagaranges because it sad Linda j ☮️❤️❤️💯💯💯🌈🌈🍀🍀🍀🍀
TYLIE116 Year ago
Patti n Diana were the Brandi n Monica of they era
Kelly Gibson
Kelly Gibson Year ago
What a bunch of shit!
Randy Blü
Randy Blü Year ago
Women constantly get petty, im glad they got mature about it.
Steeven Hyde
Steeven Hyde Year ago
I love that Patti and Diana put all the silly drama behind them.
Lois King
Lois King 11 months ago
to be jealous of anyone put you out of your element.You are unique and theres no one else like you on this earth.Live in who you were created to be.oeace.
E. S.
E. S. Year ago
MS Patti!!! ❤🎤❤ I have to tell you that..."Somebody loves's MEEEEEEEE" (flap my arms and kick off my shoes) 🎼🎵🎼🎵🎼🎵🎼🎵🎼🎵
Sandra Cabrera
Sandra Cabrera Year ago
No carbi these are divas carbi and nikki was not even out in that time this has to do with being women enough to edmire some one broken fence and still loving the for who they are not for what they did ....thats being a diva
C Truth
C Truth Year ago
I can tell you on good authority that Woolworth's NEVER sold any gowns---other than, cotton or flannel night gowns for bed time. She's lying about that. Ronnie Spector & the Ronettes were around BEFORE the Supremes. These old wenches were jealous of the Supremes who were from Detroit----not Philly. The girls had a wardrobe lady/stylist so, they didn't shop for the outfits Motown took care of stuff like that.
if that’s the case why i just watched mary wilson on joan rivers show and say out her own mouth that they bought gowns from woolworths
Lois King
Lois King 11 months ago
first. of all you don't know anything about me or where I come from where i've been or what i do.Second of all I would never disrespect God the creator your mother or father or you for that matter by saying that you or anyone else doesn't matter.I was taught by my mother that God created us all for a purpose,Most of us don't achieve that purpose because we are ingnorant of our reason for being here.everyone isn't here to be a singer although I can sing with the best of them I come from a musical family we sang in churches all across the missisippi delta. Walter turnbull the founder of the harlem boy's choir of New York is my cousin He taught me to play piano. I chose not to go in that direction because. too many people are destroyed by that enviroment.. My mother told me she did't think that was my calling so i went into medicine. To dedicate my life to healing people I was born in mississippi moved to Detroit Michigan,Mary wilson is my cousin I went to school with Flo ,Mary and Diana,also competed in the talent shows played piano, keyboard, but I perfered to do something else with my life.So instead of music and i am gifted not only in medicine I'm the mother of a fifty one year old son and the granmother of four grandchildren and the great grandmother of two grandaughters I design clothing, I am a caterer, party planner,married to my husband my sweetheart an attorney for fifty two years.And I left my profession to take care of my mother until her death. So I know God don't make nobodies.If we fail in life It's. not because we don't matter it't because we don 't know we matter. And I love everything that God has created.The knowledge of the truth shall make you free. And I never talk about things I have no. knowkedge about .The world can be a very small place.peace.
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 11 months ago
I’m from Philly and Woolworths did in fact sell gowns. She really tried it.
Crystal Andrews
Crystal Andrews 11 months ago
EXACTLY. Motown groomed all of their acts. They taught them etiquette, dance, stage presence, professionalism, the whole package.
Sandra Llewellyn
Sandra Llewellyn 11 months ago
Ok, but she said gold lamé suits
Lynny Moore
Lynny Moore Year ago
Boy she mad about them dresses😭😭😭😭
DA WORD Month ago
Every time lol
Calvin Terrell
Calvin Terrell Year ago
And so, Patti in a nutshell, three girls called The Supremes wore gowns, dresses...whatever when your group already had them, yet you only wanted to "pimp slap" one member, Ross? #Really?
and then diana ross stole a whole group member from pattis group lol
Lecuyer Dooley
Lecuyer Dooley Year ago
Her point is a simple one: Diana Ross was the ringleader of the shenanigans. She had a reputation for being contrary and catty with other female performers, not Mary and not Flo.
D. Chambers
D. Chambers Year ago
... both are legends, beautiful, talented and have stood the test of Time.
D. Chambers
D. Chambers Year ago
They are trying to Make Ms Patti Labelle talk bad about Ms Diana Ross. Let these beautiful black women uplift each other instead of tearing each other down.
J Denese
J Denese Month ago
They both were very young back then. A lot of the singers were just kids when they started out. They acted like who they were.
Lois King
Lois King 11 months ago
D. Chambers she was't talking vad sge was telling the truth theres a difference.
maryam mure
maryam mure Year ago
She's the flower on the masked singer. She got me when she said vision of love. Which is reference to Mariah Carey. She's Mariah's Godmother.
blaquediamond101 Year ago
green ghost
green ghost Year ago
I eat potato salad & chicken 🤣
Fourthgirl Month ago
Oh God, now I want my potato salad and Popeyes chicken!
Daniel López
Daniel López Year ago
Diana made sure Patty would not fall asleep in her musical career. Call it competence, others would call it "help".
William Mials
William Mials Year ago
There is no Drama here folks! Only made up stuff!
Gia L.
Gia L. Year ago
Patti is so beautiful & for real.Everybody I know love her pies,I wish I can try one,But with my vegan lifestyle I can’t indulge,But everyone i know they love love love her pies💜
Richard Salmon
Richard Salmon Year ago
..... Patti! Girl you need to head with dat. I funny wit it.
Gregg Price
Gregg Price Year ago
Always trying to pin women against eachother..smh
Master Sphinx is Royal
Master Sphinx is Royal Year ago
Nobody has to pit women against each other. They do that very well by themselves.
Chris Year ago
Ha! Got2BReal origins lol.
Adam Johns
Adam Johns Year ago
That was a cute clip.
Rolco X
Rolco X Year ago
That's very typical of Diana Ross, she's always been NOTORIOUS for the top position; She did that to humiliate them, not kool and definitely not classy. SHAME ON image driven Diana Ross.
Mercedes Year ago
Patti is a much better singer.
Rafael França
Rafael França Year ago
5:01 Mariah, Diana, Mary J., Chaka...
Arhonda Smith
Arhonda Smith Year ago
The both have their diva ways especially Diana, and we love them both..but I'm just have a thing for Mrs
elizabeth smalls
elizabeth smalls Year ago
OMG! Why we can't all git along.
Calvin Terrell
Calvin Terrell Year ago
If all three Supremes came out on stage, wearing the gowns Patti's groups had, why did Miss Patti only want to "pimp slap" Ross and not Mary or Flo? I love Patti, but she petty and she should really re-think the way she tells this story.
N Esq
N Esq Year ago
@pat gorden and to your point. Diana screwed the other members of the supremes and continued to try it with the failed reunion tour like a decade ago. So thats why Diana always gets the blame. But it is what it is.
N Esq
N Esq Year ago
@pat gorden ok. Yes. Patti was shocked when she found out she ditched. The supremes stole their outfits and then stole cindy! Patti held a grudge for like 40 years because of this.
pat gorden
pat gorden Year ago
Excuse me Diana Ross was over the Supremes her and Barry Gordy yes that is a true story what Diana Ross used to do she did it to other female singing groups back then Diana Ross used to be something else back then "if only you knew" stop trying to put dirty Diana on a pedestal! She is human also!
pat gorden
pat gorden Year ago
@N Esq remember it's not what you do it's how you do it I was always taught that by my elders Cindy Birdsong left the group without letting them know that was plain Dirt wrong! Wrong is wrong , if you going to tell the story tell it the correct way!
N Esq
N Esq Year ago
@Calvin Terrell facts. I dont blame cindy for doing what she thought was best at the time. Patti always publicly blamed dianna for stealing cindy. Although I'm born way after bluebells and labelle days, as you said it probably wasn't just Diana but she always gets the blame.
ray matthews
ray matthews Year ago
Patti is just wasted. Diana can still fill Radio music hall. Patti what can u fill?
Angela Hamlett
Angela Hamlett Year ago
Can we all just get along, my beautiful African American sistaha's? Please???...
Hank Rogers
Hank Rogers Year ago
Charlotte Ziggy
Charlotte Ziggy Year ago
Patti, always annoying AF.
mee mee the cat
mee mee the cat Year ago
ms. Blessed
ms. Blessed Year ago
I love Diana Ross she will always be my idol.God bless both ladies.
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