Patti LaBelle - If You Asked Me To (Official Video)

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11 years ago

Watch the official music video for "If You Asked Me To" performed by Patti LaBelle

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Music video by Patti LaBelle performing If You Asked Me To. (C) 2000 Geffen Records
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Hurricane Nicole
Hurricane Nicole 21 minute ago
Lol I have options that the black man doesn't understand
G Fernández
G Fernández 19 hours ago
This is the James Bond version the original version, unlike the Celine Dion copy sounding like a wounded animal lol. This version has good feeling too it.
DJ Eazy G
DJ Eazy G 19 hours ago
Imagine falling in 💕 Love with somebody in 80s with songs like this playing in the background ✨
edward anxs
edward anxs Day ago
white beast radio always played the version of celine dion, but patti Labelle i give you this big honor from the bottom of my heart, i know white people where jealous of your Godly voices... Grand Rising Patti...
Jackjude 2 days ago
This is a James Bond song, is it not?
Ddera Oj
Ddera Oj 2 days ago
UNN carver building physics.
J A 2 days ago
In high school, I secretly loved this song, now its not a secret any longer.
Willie Kearney
Willie Kearney 2 days ago
U show right in2020
Tasha Got It
Tasha Got It 2 days ago
Patti vs Fantasia
Cheryl Fairley
Cheryl Fairley 3 days ago
This is one of my favorite pattie labelle song's. She song this song with all her heart and soul
Krishna Booker
Krishna Booker 3 days ago
I love this women her voice is 🔥 I get chills listening to her music and when she get in her zone those shoes comes off 👏👏👏
luzia pereira
luzia pereira 3 days ago
Cirtis Sellers
Cirtis Sellers 3 days ago
Crystal Mason
Crystal Mason 4 days ago
Patti had some mean hair I want a wig like that 1!!!!
Y Chromosome 99
Y Chromosome 99 4 days ago
They don't even HOLD NOTES anymore.
Luca Focardi
Luca Focardi 4 days ago
After "For your eyes only" the best Bond song ever
mccoy1303 5 days ago
No Esle Can do this. Oh,... They can try, But there's too many Signature moves, And Improvisation done in Real Time. Just Don't.
PRATIDINA AJI Widodo 6 days ago
James Bond's classic soundtrack , it's timeless
Wayne Pistey
Wayne Pistey 7 days ago
A timeless classic. Absolutely love her voice,
Tanjila Palmer
Tanjila Palmer 7 days ago
Solange Ngono
Solange Ngono 8 days ago
Patti, very dinamique 😘😘😘
Quinn Beauford
Quinn Beauford 8 days ago
I am
urgent message
urgent message 8 days ago
check for jimmie northjenr brandon hildabratt karen patridge
K M 8 days ago
I dedicate this song to Jared Widman . I can't get over my feelings for you . When I gave you my heart it was complete . I wish you happiness in your life going forward and only wish best things for your son and any other children that may come . I hope having a child will change you for the better with the help of God. Love ya
Aldo 9 days ago
Brenda Toomer
Brenda Toomer 9 days ago
One of my Favorite by Patti....❤❤❤❤
Rosane Josir
Rosane Josir 9 days ago
Que arraso 😄 que voz 😍
KILO 137
KILO 137 9 days ago
Jed Kendray
Jed Kendray 10 days ago
Choooooooooooooooon ❤️❤️❤️
TRACEWORLD2 11 days ago
Patti at her utmost Xtremely Magnificent self!! This is Patti showing all of her skills right here😍❤️
Andy atherton
Andy atherton 11 days ago
Will never be replaced! No more covers better left as is Perfect!
Małgorzata Woroch
Małgorzata Woroch 11 days ago
swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala patti labelle
Naomi M.
Naomi M. 13 days ago
I love this song
Augustine Lark
Augustine Lark 13 days ago
Like her voice too
spiritosa0123 13 days ago
Love you Patti!
Wendy Ohman
Wendy Ohman 13 days ago
Haven't heard this in years, Love it!
margareth west
margareth west 13 days ago
i always patti's version better
Phillip Johnson
Phillip Johnson 14 days ago
Good music
Jason Eldridge
Jason Eldridge 14 days ago
Diane Warren writes so many great songs,especially film scores.
paul roppolo
paul roppolo 15 days ago
i'm asking you to, shirl!!!
Fábio Quadros Neves
Fábio Quadros Neves 17 days ago
Devrek Irvin
Devrek Irvin 17 days ago
Real music. Feel good music
Lesa Adams
Lesa Adams 17 days ago
Did you know Patti had just buried her sister the same day she was supposed to shot this video,.. the tears you see on her face are real.☹️
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 18 days ago
I recall her saying she was crying in the video because of her Sister. I cry now because of a good friend of mine losing his fight with addiction. I love you Brian!
Andrew 19 days ago
I was familiar with Celine Dion's cover which is great but there's no question, Patti is the OG!! WoW!!
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez 19 days ago
uff la cancion de los creditos de LICENCE TO KILL
R R 20 days ago
All these years I thought Celine was the original, Patti held her own but sorry since i grew up listening. Loving and going all teary eyed and gaga over Celine's version, i loved Celine's better. Right now just getting used to Patti's original version. Sorry y'all
mreynol1 21 day ago
She been doing that lil bird dance for the
starkid77 21 day ago
I love Celine but the original is the best😊
Mckever Lewis
Mckever Lewis 22 days ago
Tried the celine version her vocals lacked the umph and soul. Pattie is a diamond our Liz taylor. No knock on Celine I love her too but she holds back, she has the potential to be like Taylor Dane buuuutt.
Natasha Golding
Natasha Golding 22 days ago
Lady sing with her pretending
Platinum DeliciousR&B
Platinum DeliciousR&B 23 days ago
: DJ Platinum Delicious R&B you tube Thursday-Sunday 7:00-10:00 p.m. 💘 2020
A1441 23 days ago
This is the version that I remember and love, not the remake. This has got so much soul.
Shannon Green
Shannon Green 25 days ago
Songs for every generation💯
glory sutton
glory sutton 27 days ago
I love me some Patti LaBelle that's my girl you go girl that what music was music
Chris Crica
Chris Crica 28 days ago
I prefer in the voice of Celine Dion.
Dwayne Wayne
Dwayne Wayne 29 days ago
Ms Pattie is a firecracker ..just waiting to explode on every song she touch. God Bless her! Such a jewel and one of a kind even in 2020.
Tom George
Tom George 29 days ago
This will always be Patti's Song. Celine did a fine job with her perfect voice. The emotion that Patti sings with plus her amazing voice just can't be beat.
John Greener
John Greener Month ago
I love Celine Dion, but this was PATTI'S SONG GODDAMNIT! I think Patti's version has more emotion in it......
Jatisha Stallworth
Jatisha Stallworth Month ago
patti labelle so amazing geart voice
T W Month ago
Patti owns this song! Celine needs to sit down.
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker Month ago
One of the most beautiful song ever written & sung...
On Cusp
On Cusp Month ago
2 bars almost
On Cusp
On Cusp Month ago
How many Bars did she hold that note for?
Precious Williams
Precious Williams Month ago
THIS version is the ONLY version I acknowledge😒☕ #QueenPatti
Fábio Quadros Neves
Fábio Quadros Neves Month ago
Gray Gray
Gray Gray Month ago
I could relate her tears was for her sister.......Patti doesnt sing she can sang......the vocals👏👏👏👏
Jeffrey Anders
Jeffrey Anders Month ago
Lost My Heart in 80s
Sam Saunders
Sam Saunders Month ago
There are not words to describe this Soul Singer . The other young that sung this song ok, but Patti made you believe her when she singing" All you gotta do is ask me to." She makes a believer out of me . LOVE me some Patti Labelle
Lilarpspinkhair Rigby
Lilarpspinkhair Rigby Month ago
You still got it Patti. Old school queen. Luv yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Daysfan Month ago
I was so fortunate to grow up listening to music like this from musical legends such as Ms.Pattie LaBelle.💝
Sp Wallace
Sp Wallace Month ago
I’ve been here wbu
Gigi Lewis
Gigi Lewis Month ago
Yassssssss....I love them both but I really love me some Auntie Patti!!!🥰🥰🥰💕🎶🎵🎤💜
RodgersXLVmvp Month ago
" Id probably go to Jail for .... "
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Month ago
Someone comments that Celine Dion’s cover was good as well, I would say “say what”?
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Month ago
Ron Derrick no
Ron Derrick
Ron Derrick Month ago
Celine did a great job!
Marlene Brown
Marlene Brown Month ago
Ricardo Williams
Ricardo Williams Month ago
One of the greatest performance of our lifetime. If music was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this performance would have been now eight.
Salima NDulu
Salima NDulu Month ago
I'm really feeling this song today.
Naseer Lee
Naseer Lee Month ago
Sept 2020
Helena Katić
Helena Katić Month ago
80's are the best decade of music and there's no doubt about it!!!!!!
Torrance Williams
Torrance Williams Month ago
Damn versuz! This song will never be the same. #SadFace But can we talk about how snatched Patti was in this video. Thin Thin Thin waist. I know she wasn't NOTHING to play with. #WholeMeal #KickOffThoseShoes
furiousd36 Month ago
This was the song that me and my wife danced to at our wedding 4 years ago.
Lady G
Lady G Month ago
Needed to be free......
Sharon Solomon
Sharon Solomon Month ago
This should have been one of her biggest hits.. she's amazing..💯😍
Robert F Sullivan
Robert F Sullivan Month ago
RFS Israel *
devans00 Month ago
Definitely one of my favorite Patti LaBelle songs. So personal for her on so many levels. So much hardship in her life at this time.
K Moore
K Moore Month ago
Patti recorded this video right after she left her sister, Jackie’s funeral and repast. That’s why she has all black on and was crying like a baby ❤️❤️❤️
JayDesLaRae Month ago
That was touching when she mentioned that.
Mr Ambition
Mr Ambition Month ago
Classic Patti💪
Bianca Swart
Bianca Swart Month ago
The original song from a legendary singer! Brilliant voice!
TEALAZY Month ago
This song touched me after you explained your heart into this lovely song and 💪🏾😇🎶🎶
K Moore
K Moore Month ago
Tam Johnson
Tam Johnson Month ago
Go head Aunty.
Tam Johnson
Tam Johnson Month ago
What a timeless classic ❤️
marlene butler
marlene butler Month ago
Babe you already know...if you ask me to💕💕💕
Lenny Prosado
Lenny Prosado Month ago
I like the Celine version best. I like Patti, but in this song Celine is my pick 👍💪😉🤫
Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson Month ago
She's the butterfly the best the greatest voice in my opinion u go girl!!!!
andrei liver
andrei liver Month ago
No wonder Celine’s version is beautiful considering that the original was already topnotch and great to begin with. Queen Patti owns this song!
Ingrid Bergeron
Ingrid Bergeron Month ago
Is she just absolutely gorgeous or what!! How I love her!
Ferds Month ago
So moving.
christal cephas
christal cephas Month ago
Versus brought be back to this gem❤
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