Getting Stepped On By An Elephant

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Scott Winfrey
Scott Winfrey Year ago
Gotta love how big cats act exactly like house cats.
Maria Grippo
Maria Grippo 29 days ago
It just me or does that cat kind of look like a fox😂🦊
Blue Mech
Blue Mech Month ago
@Tommy Rue don't house cats have sandpaper tongue too???
can i get 3 sub without videos
can i get 3 sub without videos Month ago
•S a t u r n G u t s•
•S a t u r n G u t s• Month ago
They do, now I’m less scared
Moon Maggot
Moon Maggot Month ago
Yeah 😂
Jack Tasker
Jack Tasker Hour ago
0:25 when the NBA players bullie the jockeys from racing
sanju15able 10 hours ago
I really clicked on this video to see how it feels to get crushed by an elephant and then i just watched this whole video . This guy would always get "complete video watched by all viewers"
Lucas Tartakoff’s Second Channel
Lucas Tartakoff’s Second Channel Day ago
Nobody: Lion: *_-CONSUME-_*
CreamyGuy Animations
CreamyGuy Animations 3 days ago
That Lyon be like “ it’s time to vlog”
Google Assistant
Google Assistant 3 days ago
My dog is that drama dogs cousin she absolutely refuses to get her nails clipped even if there is literally magazine on it
Zidane Playz
Zidane Playz 3 days ago
The fact that the cheetah litteraly tried eating the camera made me go 🤯
Israel McKenzie
Israel McKenzie 3 days ago
Let's appropriate how he never clipbaits us
can we get 10 subscribers with videos?
can we get 10 subscribers with videos? 4 days ago
Guys don't be scared the lion is trying to say hello
Bored Af
Bored Af 5 days ago
Where is this place 2:40
Sebastian Navarosa
Sebastian Navarosa 11 days ago
Daily Dose Of Internets Real Name is Name:Jason
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral 12 days ago
did the clouds just move? 0:52 or was that him shaking the camera
Literalicity. 12 days ago
0:51 mario fireballs
크리스탈 KRYSTAL 12 days ago
0:35 Me when I wake up
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 12 days ago
When elephants are so big they don't care
*itzRyderDaCat_* 15 days ago
2:01 how it feels like to eat 5 grains of salt
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry 17 days ago
Everything in the world was done to that remote control car. The elephant stepping on it gave me a headache.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 18 days ago
Most animals: what that? Lion: crknmch
Shadow_ YT
Shadow_ YT 19 days ago
seungminswifeu 21 day ago
0:31 *long live the king*
John 3:16
John 3:16 22 days ago
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
Gacha 4 Life
Gacha 4 Life 25 days ago
Adrian Valencia
Adrian Valencia 26 days ago
I hate it when a elephant steps on me
Rolando 239
Rolando 239 26 days ago
Saved a baby koala.... Only o e question, how did you feed it? Because last i checked baby koalas stomach can not digest eucalyptus so they literally eat their mothers shit..
Axtze 27 days ago
Elephant Eats Indian food
Zachary Gerring
Zachary Gerring 28 days ago
Me: What happened to the mother koala? My parents: emergency meeting.
Judah Zive Official
Judah Zive Official 28 days ago
This is how many people want you 2 👇🔽⬇️ Do at 10 million subs
A_CRIPPLED ON PS4 28 days ago
0:50 who shot a ki blast ?
Maryam Wafa
Maryam Wafa 28 days ago
NotNinja 29 days ago
base2style 29 days ago
That missile said nope to the show
Anup Paul
Anup Paul 29 days ago
1:07 was that Zach King?
hudor tunnel
hudor tunnel 29 days ago
That RC toy kissed a lot of guys.
Raphaël Gaudet
Raphaël Gaudet 29 days ago
2:01 cartoon physics belike
D x r k-D e m q n. 67
D x r k-D e m q n. 67 Month ago
Why did I say “Ow” when the Elephant stepped on the camera ,_,
Nathaniel Holmes
Nathaniel Holmes Month ago
Can we appreciate the fact that this guy has never click baited us
AlissaRose Art
AlissaRose Art Month ago
2:45 ... Push her, but keep the adorable cat and dog after
Night Month ago
“Nobody was hurt, as the rockets landed in the water” The fish: Yes
thatcynicalbastard somethingthatsoundslikerhine
thatcynicalbastard somethingthatsoundslikerhine Month ago
Alansar Trignot
Alansar Trignot Month ago
Did anyone see the baby koalas ears moving?? Or was it just me
cloudyxtears Month ago
Lol that cat one!
Aaron Odne
Aaron Odne Month ago
Gross. The guy was getting off that cat that was in heat...
Victor LAWL
Victor LAWL Month ago
2:38 some avatar training
Emily Baker
Emily Baker Month ago
0:39 looks like a muppet
Annie_Plays_Minecraft Month ago
The dog just gave up
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun Month ago
Do we need to feel bad about that guy that roasted himself
Rottweilers are the best
Rottweilers are the best Month ago
No one was hurt by the misseles: The animals in the water: ✖️👄✖️
alien_ qqueen
alien_ qqueen Month ago
0:23 my sibling coming in my room when I'm not home
Three R
Three R Month ago
Jungle guide? It’s Jungle Cruise at Disneyland
BlueCassio Month ago
Lioness go cronch
Stickman ANIMATION Month ago
Sub to Lambfire
Sub to Lambfire Month ago
The cat at 0:36 🤡
Evalyn Kantymir
Evalyn Kantymir Month ago
2:38 I wanna know where that is😂
Benjamin Christian Perez Guillergan
Benjamin Christian Perez Guillergan Month ago
execution by elephant.
I will defeat I will defeat I will Defeat Justin Y
I will defeat I will defeat I will Defeat Justin Y Month ago
Congrats to the Camera-man for getting stepped and knocked around by all those scary animals. 👍
Joaquim Oliveira
Joaquim Oliveira Month ago
2:51 is it just me or does that cat sound like the fluffy gremlin from the movie gremlins
Shahd Ashraf.
Shahd Ashraf. Month ago
I love how the two giraffes gave me an imaginary conversation between them 😂 Giraffe 1 : o dang the heck is this??? Giraffe 2 : o hey man- YO the heck is that??? Giraffe 1 : idk man i think its one of those magical human things idk Giraffe 2 : o:
Zinzy and Fish
Zinzy and Fish Month ago
0:09 ouch
Get 5k subs with no videos??? :D
Get 5k subs with no videos??? :D Month ago
5k subs
beatrice Month ago
the noise I made when I saw that kohala
Constant Chaos
Constant Chaos Month ago
The jumping one was just fucking annoying
Munna-gaming 902
Munna-gaming 902 Month ago
"Hello guys this is YOUR Daily dose of Internet"
Stefan Alexandru
Stefan Alexandru Month ago
2:39 so what is this? Just a view it's natural there nothing special
Revelin Caryn
Revelin Caryn Month ago
Guy: nobody was hurt as the rocket landed on the water Sea creatures: are you sure about that?
Peter Kim
Peter Kim Month ago
Small head
Peter Kim
Peter Kim Month ago
Lol the cat looks funny
Dennis Smeets
Dennis Smeets Month ago
oh yeah,step on me elephant daddy ohh yesss.. uhh.
Rain Nel Tolentino
Rain Nel Tolentino Month ago
An elephant who stepped on a rc truck that has many screws:..... An elephant who steps on a thumbtacks in tom and jerry: AlekdjKBDQLKiBijfkhI Wa
The Purple Guy
The Purple Guy Month ago
It was the dog at the end for me
EpyxlGaming Month ago
Fire T
Fire T Month ago
The koala is my fave part
WyllE Month ago
Just stepped on me already.
Renren Argote
Renren Argote Month ago
coooolest 0:21
manzour absari
manzour absari Month ago
0:31 lions are just big cats
no one in particular
no one in particular Month ago
And now we can all honestly say to people that 'I have looked down the jaws of a lion and survived'😄
kamalani Month ago
Jungle Cruise workers are the best :D
Bac0N Ha1r
Bac0N Ha1r Month ago
PolarSaurusRex watched this video
『 Gacha Pomeranians 』
『 Gacha Pomeranians 』 Month ago
Mini Crewmate
Mini Crewmate Month ago
Actually it'd be this is what it'd look like to be stepped on by an elephant because if you felt it you would be in a ton of pain
David Zea
David Zea Month ago
That dog at the end didn’t like that bc his nails were the only thing they clipped😭
bruh moment
bruh moment Month ago
1:58 I feel like I can hear pain in his voice
Katsu Ayanami
Katsu Ayanami Month ago
0:50 WTF
jetNinja 14
jetNinja 14 Month ago
The reason why I like this guy is that when I see an interesting thumbnail I know it's true
xxMrRandomxx Memesxx
xxMrRandomxx Memesxx Month ago
Did anyone else notice the skylanders music in the baby koala clip
AiyazLMAO RNB Month ago
Y m not subed
Waziha Rahman
Waziha Rahman Month ago
erick Johnston
erick Johnston Month ago
2:12 pause fast after clicking the number Cartoon cat human version
Aliyah Bonner
Aliyah Bonner Month ago
The elephant: doesn’t care about the toy car The lion: *ATTACK*
Tina White
Tina White Month ago
2:01 The Trampoline Man leaps at you!
Juliana S
Juliana S Month ago
I think baby koalas are cuter than the adults because adults have these big ass nose and this big ass head and they sound like pigs
SiZzyy18 Month ago
0:51 *me letting go off a fully blown up bloon*
Itz Gacha Zara
Itz Gacha Zara Month ago
Plot Twist: The dog was a paid actor
{ singing with sushi }
{ singing with sushi } Month ago
I love how the cat has a big brain
Compilation Central
Compilation Central Month ago
That cat was viben
skinny jason
skinny jason Month ago
You just know that hippo came back with a wedding ring
• Lion •
• Lion • Month ago
Has anyone seen that one video where a man starts making fun of an African elephant and he ends up getting stepped on and killed? I have.
TheCookieJarStealerUwU Areba
TheCookieJarStealerUwU Areba Month ago
The fith last one- Just no- No--- Why-
[PR] Dark
[PR] Dark Month ago
Why the fuck would you clip your dogs nails
Ledesma Family
Ledesma Family Month ago
The koala looked at me like eww what is that
ccappleapp88_2th Month ago
If u want to play with big cats, then use a RC car
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