Prepare To Drop | Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 3: ODST

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4 days ago

Halo 3: ODST is arriving on PC as the fifth installment of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on September 22nd. Now optimized for PC, experience the fully remastered campaign and fight to survive as long as you can in a freshly updated version of ODST's Firefight!
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Alexander Barrera
Alexander Barrera 22 minutes ago
If only Jah was here to see this..
l v
l v 30 minutes ago
We're dropping into hell, time to grow a pair
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez 38 minutes ago
You should make it free
Eric Giesbrecht
Eric Giesbrecht 49 minutes ago
Stoked for Halo! I hope the online campaign is far better than the other games. Halo 3 campaign online is so laggy it's unplayable.
KINGatLIFE 56 minutes ago
This is just what we need when going into another lockdown. It has the chilled out vibes to it. ODST is basically therapy and will match the mood for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere who will be going into winter. Cold and dark nights and rain. Just what we need. Well played 343.
Passingoutthepieces Hour ago
That sax gives me chills. Well done you bastards.
Carlos Adrián Ramos lugo
Carlos Adrián Ramos lugo 3 hours ago
I remember those good times.
YonderTitan 261
YonderTitan 261 4 hours ago
Yes. Been waiting and it’s time to play be back in a couple hours...
braynt castellanos
braynt castellanos 6 hours ago
Just like the old days :’)
Yaël Para
Yaël Para 9 hours ago
The trailer is here to make us remember that the OST was a masterpiece Can't wait to play this game on PC
john villareal
john villareal 11 hours ago
This was my first halo game... so this hits different
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 12 hours ago
THE ROOKIE Occupied city center 6 hours after drop
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta 13 hours ago
ost @ 0:03 anyone?
a snowman that talks
a snowman that talks 6 hours ago
prepare to drop
The Swarm
The Swarm 13 hours ago
I have to wait until the weekend to play. So much work....
BluE Is hyper
BluE Is hyper 14 hours ago
Playing this on co op on Xbox one really eats your frames.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 12 hours ago
the big halo 3.
DosingBrick 14 hours ago
The atmosphere, aesethic and music is in this game is the best out of all of em imo.
Dr Muffin
Dr Muffin 14 hours ago
If they are gonna remaster a halo game please remaster ODST
Muffle 14 hours ago
you can literally make a battle royal with ODST troops and call it training. im not even joking lmao
C. S. Matlock
C. S. Matlock 15 hours ago
Those first few notes of Deference of Darkness will always send a rush of cool nostalgic energy down my spine.
sssweetnesss 16 hours ago
Shouldn’t all your effort be making halo infinite better since you guys literally delayed your main franchise for a next gen console rather than wasting time on games that already came out?
claming 27
claming 27 17 hours ago
My pp hard
Q-Tip 17 hours ago
Y’all didn’t need to hurt me like that
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 17 hours ago
Where we dropping bois
Sir Sir
Sir Sir 18 hours ago
Feet first into Hell
Joey Bearrunner
Joey Bearrunner 19 hours ago
God damn, beautiful.. If the heavens fell, we'd have these angels.
Gerardo Alonso
Gerardo Alonso 20 hours ago
halo infinite was supposed to come out the same day as halo 4 on pc because its nothing compared to the other games on pc just a theory
Mr. Samuel Woodward
Mr. Samuel Woodward 20 hours ago
i am a simple man. i hear ODST music, i like.
J. 21 hour ago
I think Bungie should just take the title back 343 just keeps butchering the franchise and the decent parts they can only remaster rather then come up with something on their own.
Muffle 14 hours ago
isnt jospeh staten overseeing the development for halo infinite? that already sounds good enough.
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 20 hours ago
Bungie won't do any better
Fernando Herrera Garza
Fernando Herrera Garza 22 hours ago
Josh Boucher
Josh Boucher 22 hours ago
Loved the soundtrack to this game, truly had an amazing feel to it compared to the other games. Did a better job in my opinion of telling the gritty details of events glossed over by the big halo 3.
Deep Inside
Deep Inside 22 hours ago
Anyone got an estimate for Halo 4's release?
Christopher Doubiago
Christopher Doubiago 23 hours ago
RIP the sleepy Rookie
Lucas J
Lucas J Day ago
Once the piano played... literal goosebumps Also, anyone else feel like some deep saucy radio host voice is about to welcome all you lovers out there to another Friday night love song request at the end? No? Just me? Okay 🚶
Umbra Lux
Umbra Lux Day ago
"Your momma never loved you. And she dresses you funny!" - Mickey, IWHBYD.
random edits
random edits Day ago
Fuckin goosebumps man...
Mostly Pixels
Mostly Pixels Day ago
MCC is now completed on PC! No more games to add. Not one.
Project Zell
Project Zell Day ago
Still taking credit for others work.
Armando Ocana
Armando Ocana Day ago
Please tell me y'all are working on a ODST battle royale. Dropping in on a drop pod would literally be amazing
Hollow Sirens
Hollow Sirens Day ago
Release Date-2009 it has been so long since it came out and I still love playing this game every now and then, the music baffles me by how great it fits it's story and design. Oof that piano tune around 0:50 and sax solo track insert what a nice duo ending.
Andy Day ago
the Noir style was just thats creativity...miss bungie.
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