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4 months ago

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As the release of the PS5 draws near, it's time we look back at Sony's flagship gaming console's best releases. Ranking the highest-rated #PS4 games ever released based on their #playscore, a rating that combines critic and gamer reviews. These are the titles that were widely-praised by both the gaming community.
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whatoplay 3 months ago
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Sweet's Channel
Sweet's Channel 2 months ago
You should have put actual gameplay and not CGI movies
Ahmed El Oufir
Ahmed El Oufir 57 minutes ago
no far cry or call of duty or assasin's creed games in that top chart ?
unsub 6 hours ago
Really wish you focused on only ps4 exclusives...
Zmurf 5 days ago
Days gone should be on top 10
Lungi The 23rd
Lungi The 23rd 12 days ago
Of course it would be god of war on top of the food chain
Bisong Ben
Bisong Ben 19 days ago
Why is devil may cry 5 Deluxe edition not there
creatorediillusioni 24 days ago
Ff7, monster hunter and colossus do not deserve this list. Ff7 the biggest rip off game of 2020 Colossus the most boring redundant game of 2020 Monster h is the biggest no stop hunting simulator of 2020. Phantom pain the most no story mashup just do some stealth game of 2020. The last of us is a masterpiece but is a remaster, more space should be given to original ps4 titles. Like ghost of sushima.
Deadboy Campos
Deadboy Campos 26 days ago
Sekiro ???
xxx s
xxx s 27 days ago
Bloodborne ,God if War,Witcher 3 ,RDR 2 are top 4
z theeater
z theeater Month ago
Im buying next week monster hunter iceborne
uganda90210 Month ago
Easy Shadow of the Colossus !!! 10/10 überalles
reed Johnson
reed Johnson Month ago
Lol I got a xbox add
kizunakun Month ago
Nier: Automata?
whatoplay Month ago
Currently, NieR Automata - Game of the YoRHa Edition gets a playscore of 8.89. Help it rank up by leaving a review at
Monado Boiii
Monado Boiii Month ago
But tekken has a 9.5 rate? So... Where is it?
damon albarn
damon albarn Month ago
Where is saint seiya soldiers soul? R u a joke ?
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus Month ago
Smart using Tifa to get views.
christian fox
christian fox Month ago
You put night of the woods before spiderman wth ?
Denibull Guantana
Denibull Guantana Month ago
Who likes these games with zx spectrum graphics ??? I don't get it at all...
Macoi Month ago
The reason why I’m going to get a ps5, the games!
Chew/zee Month ago
sekiro ? where sekiro ? where SEKIRO ???
BananaBerry Month ago
booo. HZD isn't in top 10
Kinetic Month ago
Batman Arkham knight is not 60 dollars
David Leng
David Leng Month ago
nice capture card, comes fast
Nero Scott
Nero Scott Month ago
Uncharted 4 is best Exclusive of all time
Razial Kain
Razial Kain Month ago
Bloodborne is the best
AkSe6ast1an Month ago
I thought Rdr 2 wasent there cuz I would be pissed
Fabrício Magalhães
Fabrício Magalhães Month ago
I really dont understand how people choose GOW over RDR2
Manu Barboza
Manu Barboza Month ago
I liked Dark Souls 3 more than DS 1 and 2. P.S Where is HellBlade???????!!!!
Razial Kain
Razial Kain Month ago
Dark souls 3 the best
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia Month ago
Cool video. Thanks man
whatoplay Month ago
Glad you liked it! Did you know you can influence the playscore? Sign-up now and showcase your gaming account! Create your account at
Karazu X
Karazu X Month ago
It saddens me that PS5 is already around the corner and yet I still haven't played and beat some of the best games of the current console. Currently playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and haven't bought any new games yet since 2020 started.
Lavi Month ago
In my opinion God of war shouldn't even be in this list. except for the title of the game. and the character of "Kratos" - there is not even a little bit of relation to the original series. it as might as well can be a completely new game with a totally different character instead of "Kratos" - wouldn't change a thing.
Timmy Squibs
Timmy Squibs Month ago
Shit list
RICK3LTH3GAM3R 2 months ago
dude i want the ps4 still keep on going . ps5 can wait still
Mider-Span Man
Mider-Span Man 2 months ago
A list full of ports and games that are not even the topics of today. I expected Spider-Man PS4 to be at least top 10 or 15.
Đại Phát Đèn Led Giá Rẻ
Đại Phát Đèn Led Giá Rẻ 2 months ago
i ill ill quere if they make bad part 2 ff 7
Cee L
Cee L 2 months ago
Some of the games on that list were straight garbage in my book. Witcher? I hated that game as soon as I started playing it. Journey, hell nah. That game was straight trash as well. "At least to me". Horizon isn't all that either but it's okay. This list proves not to go by other people's lists. It's all subjective and a matter of preference.
Storm Breaker
Storm Breaker 2 months ago
If god of war was not at no. 1, i am gonna say this guy is out of his mind😂😂 But still Detroit become human must be at no. 2
Masta Hakashi
Masta Hakashi 2 months ago
who here click this video to find out from which game the girl on the poster is????
abdou Capitain
abdou Capitain 2 months ago
This is my list for the best ps4 games Batman an Watch dogs 2 The last of us re Uncharted 4 Rise of the tomb raider Nier automata The witcher 3 Bloodborne Sleeping dogs Spider man The evil within Re 2 re Sekiro Rdr2 Far cry 5 God of war Infamous ss Ac black flag Hzd Days gone Star wars Jedi fo Metro exodus Ghost of Tsushima Final fantasy 7 Ac Valhalla WD legion Far cry 6 Dying light Wolfenstein the new order Detroit BH DMC 5 Hitman 1&2 Just cause 3 Darksiders 3
ANDRE MONROE 2 months ago
Am surprised Nioh 2 or Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order didn't make the list.
United Till I Die
United Till I Die 2 months ago
Final fantasy 7 Remake part one shouldn't be classed as a "Full Game" therefore, should not be on this list. By the time this actually is a "Complete Full game" The Ps6 will be out, so it's not a Ps4 Game. Never buying this Cash grab till they release it as a "Complete Game" I'm a diehard Final Fantasy 7 Ps1/Ps4 Remaster "Complete game" fan. This Teaser, that yes I've played, as I borrowed it off a friend is excellent don't get wrong. But to call it the one of the Best Games on Ps4 is a stretch as its not actually a "Complete Game". That is like saying for example, 1 of the levels, say Sapienza is the best Hitman "Game on Ps4" it's just one level. I can't believe so many people bought "Final Fantasy 7 The Extended Demo" as that's what it really is and the clowns that spent £50 or 60$, really want there heads checked.
Migogrreen :Re
Migogrreen :Re 2 months ago
I am not familliar with final fantsy or anything but I 100% agree with and this can work with many good games like persona 5 a lot more