Rags2Riches 2 (feat. Lil Baby)

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2 months ago

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Rags2Riches 2 (feat. Lil Baby) · Rod Wave · Lil Baby
Pray 4 Love (Deluxe)
℗ 2020 Alamo Records
Released on: 2020-08-07
Producer: DAYSIX
Featured Artist: Lil Baby
Main Artist: Rod Wave
Producer: Zypitano
Author: Adam Janeček
Author: Adarsh Mani
Author: Dominique Jones
Author: Rodarius Green
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Erick M.
Erick M. 5 hours ago
Those who like know this song but not by tiktok
Nathan Leach
Nathan Leach Day ago
People who didnt come from tik tiok
KTRJ2011 2 days ago
Quanell Nixon
Quanell Nixon 5 days ago
Rod Wave So Underrated Bruh Him N Lil Baby❤
Shay Mcdade
Shay Mcdade 5 days ago
Alexas Briscoe
Alexas Briscoe 6 days ago
Love y'all
TheTrumimi 6 days ago
Anansa Leavy
Anansa Leavy 7 days ago
Lil baby part is the best part 😭😂
Denise Anderson
Denise Anderson 7 days ago
Why 5.7K dislikes?👀🤷🏽‍♀️
Abiel Ginting
Abiel Ginting 8 days ago
i want some fries and chicken, the side of biscuit, that aint enough for ne
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 8 days ago
amen rags to riches
Cristian Savage
Cristian Savage 9 days ago
that type of s does not faze a pllayer
Lu Dinero
Lu Dinero 10 days ago
Dis song gone hit diffrent when I’m actually on top 🤞🏽💰
Gerardo Dominguez
Gerardo Dominguez 10 days ago
True fact: you have listened to this song more than 2 times
Kam 6ix
Kam 6ix 10 days ago
This helps me thru my ruff days knowing it won't be like this 4eva
Kam 6ix
Kam 6ix 10 days ago
@2slattmir ski deff bro... 💯
2slattmir ski
2slattmir ski 10 days ago
no cap bro it won’t trust me
Hunter Conklin
Hunter Conklin 11 days ago
Who else wants fried and chicken
Boss Blake
Boss Blake 10 days ago
Cooking it rn
Beezy B.
Beezy B. 11 days ago
❤❤❤❤❤🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Rode the wave in 🌊🌊🌊🏝
Hott Redd
Hott Redd 11 days ago
2way Slasher
2way Slasher 12 days ago
Out of 540178 on survivor pick em for a guarantee 1mill only 30 thousand left and I’m one of em I hope I’m the last one left to win 🙏🏽
Hawk DOE
Hawk DOE 12 days ago
This song raw
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 13 days ago
play this with headphones on at 2
Maria Wilson
Maria Wilson 14 days ago
🖤🖤🖤 I love This Song... I feel this song
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell 15 days ago
his songs so fast cant even kill myself
Reba Gentry
Reba Gentry 15 days ago
Love this song got me in me feeling
Jojo Mejias
Jojo Mejias 15 days ago
LaTashia Simmons
LaTashia Simmons 16 days ago
Fat Nigga season ❤️❤️❤️
Tyearia Outing
Tyearia Outing 17 days ago
Thanks for the nexts CMC to me to k Rig and the kids and I are looking
Tyearia Outing
Tyearia Outing 17 days ago
Regards too late. Today is the first
shayystacks 17 days ago
Rapojr 17 days ago
Last night in Orlando he almost mad me cry first time back on stage in a while he remembered he is really leaving dreams 💯💨💨🥂🍿🎥💪🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Izolda Lomper
Izolda Lomper 4 days ago
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 i36899182.sexygirlsx.ru
Tyearia Outing
Tyearia Outing 17 days ago
To the other one is the one who is a little 😂
Tony Ross
Tony Ross 17 days ago
Love you
Anntalisha Tate
Anntalisha Tate 17 days ago
OMG is the time for Denteley
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 18 days ago
Everyone who hates this ya mommma a dead hoe 💀🤐
Martin Escarsega
Martin Escarsega 18 days ago
How about a rod wave and Juice Wrld
Jr weezy
Jr weezy 18 days ago
Autumn Fenton
Autumn Fenton 20 days ago
Charlin Lewis
Charlin Lewis 20 days ago
Literally nobody: me in the kitchen turning on the speaker and dancing along with the song and I get amd at my brother for staring ... 🙄🙄🙄👉🏼😒
AJ The Dude
AJ The Dude 20 days ago
who else is here from the popeyes version
Peace boi
Peace boi 19 days ago
ItsVishyBreh 21 day ago
0:39-0:44 hum game on point
LeAndrae Teague
LeAndrae Teague 22 days ago
MARIAH VICKERS 22 days ago
I love this song so bad
King Gangster
King Gangster 22 days ago
Foe real foe real
King Gangster
King Gangster 22 days ago
Pray for love
Joe Graham
Joe Graham 23 days ago
To all the young black Kings never let them tell you that you can’t make it ...rags to riches 🔑🤑
Yayla Marshall
Yayla Marshall 24 days ago
Good job rod wave I’m a big fan
taliyah jonhson
taliyah jonhson 24 days ago
Ashley Peralta
Ashley Peralta 24 days ago
It's funny how everyone be posting the same comments to see who gets the most likes
Deasia Miles-Walker
Deasia Miles-Walker 22 days ago
Tiara Puppy
Tiara Puppy 25 days ago
I love is song
Nijla Cassanova
Nijla Cassanova 25 days ago
this is lit
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson 25 days ago
This song litt
Christine Ochoa
Christine Ochoa 25 days ago
Fuck money I lost my ashy
Carolyn Powell
Carolyn Powell 25 days ago
Rod wave is the most underrated raper from da struggle
Marcus Talbert
Marcus Talbert 25 days ago
lit lit
Tayah Maldonado
Tayah Maldonado 26 days ago
nothing to me
Christine Ochoa
Christine Ochoa 26 days ago
Brianna from Rialto
Latasha Davis
Latasha Davis 28 days ago
]ppppppp Jhjijijuuijkllo0iiiiopookkojjkjkj
Charles Edward Drake
Charles Edward Drake 29 days ago
Charles Edward Drake
Charles Edward Drake 29 days ago
I LOVE IT777....
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 29 days ago
I’m grinding for fries and chicken
Kimbrrly Bufford
Kimbrrly Bufford 29 days ago
My grandson is a fan of rod wave
e money
e money 29 days ago
I want some fries chicken
Christine Ochoa
Christine Ochoa 29 days ago
Ant man I love you my friend lol going marry you Ash were are u
Kevin Chiles
Kevin Chiles 29 days ago
Chelsa Williams
Chelsa Williams Month ago
_vs_tutorials_ Month ago
giny1207 Month ago
Play this at 0.75 with headphones
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 13 days ago
this is nice
jonesboi804 19 days ago
Did it in my system ... Dumbbbbb I need a slopped not chopped version
Stephanie Brookins
Stephanie Brookins Month ago
It has the longest intro
jacoby Brewington
jacoby Brewington Month ago
I think I syncrowave is better than
Lyric G
Lyric G Month ago
My MF GRIND SONG! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️🔥 it’s ahh hunidddd
Christine Ochoa
Christine Ochoa 29 days ago
I love u 2 were are u I want see you
Christina Groth
Christina Groth Month ago
TikTok stole and this became the most used sound!!!
Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters Month ago
Funny because this song only applies to those who put in work on them streets
Priyanka Kumar
Priyanka Kumar Month ago
My favourite 🔥❤️, beat wow, sound wow, beat nice, sound , wording beautiful, sound wow.
Joseph Picard
Joseph Picard Month ago
Legendary opp
Legendary opp Month ago
Instagram @slxppingz
Legendary opp
Legendary opp Month ago
Instagram @slxppingz
Legendary opp
Legendary opp Month ago
Instagram @slxppingz
59 Mans
59 Mans Month ago
Toxic POPTARTS Month ago
Tiktok made this song onm
I'Ya Page
I'Ya Page Month ago
.......... what
The Love Of Jas
The Love Of Jas Month ago
My theme song 💪🏾
Camren Lang
Camren Lang Month ago
I cam from the ghetto to a boogie house so yall can do it too with hard work and perseverance.
Andrew Coffiey
Andrew Coffiey Month ago
To Everyone, i hope your life goes from Rags2Riches. Pray4Love, God Bless Everyone🙏❤❤🤑
Kassandra Reynolds
Kassandra Reynolds 27 days ago
nice bruh
Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters Month ago
This applies to those in The projects and people like me who put down for their team
Kevo Gee
Kevo Gee Month ago
Grind grind we some go Gettas! Everyone has a chance focus!! God bless everyone!!
Geraldine oliver
Geraldine oliver Month ago
Jahkyra Bailey
Jahkyra Bailey Month ago
i love your music i been listeing for a whole year when i was 9 and now im 10 and i every song u put out when i say every song im mean every but yeah thx for making music keep making music plz peace
Jahkyra Bailey
Jahkyra Bailey Month ago
@Everyday life With Olivia ok thank you and i say your youtube keep posting and i'll get u where u need to be be safe bye
Everyday life With Olivia
Everyday life With Olivia Month ago
Same I hope u have the best life U can youngin do u and don’t let ppl let u down jus keep yo head up and grind don’t let those ppl fill u with salt wish u the best youngin
YellowBone Queen
YellowBone Queen Month ago
Turned nothing to something. 12hrs Gotta get my money yea!
YellowBone Queen
YellowBone Queen Month ago
Melis Menta
Melis Menta Month ago
Peridot 💚💖💝💘
Flamr Month ago
eturnati dawson
eturnati dawson Month ago
god is the best
KingdomYT K
KingdomYT K Month ago
Y’all sup rod wave gang
Cameron Goodsell
Cameron Goodsell Month ago
Who else is here bc they really fucks with rod not bc of tik tok 👀
Cams hair channel
Cams hair channel Month ago
All the dislikes are haters
Tony House
Tony House Month ago
Jasmine Smithfield
Jasmine Smithfield Month ago
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I'Ya Page
I'Ya Page Month ago
lil rod
Kimyelle T
Kimyelle T Month ago
I liked it so much
Greg Richburg
Greg Richburg Month ago
Who else has come out Broward County Bottom 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
DevinBlox56 YT
DevinBlox56 YT Month ago
Did y’all hear the remix the fat one they did him wrong he might be over weight but he’s a GoAT
Thirty1Six Month ago
hottest song off the summer
Little_ Laylay
Little_ Laylay Month ago
This is lit 🔥
Felicia Colder
Felicia Colder Month ago
Swear I love and feel his pain
Joy Parker Official
Joy Parker Official Month ago
🔥🔥 keepin my mental health stable fr fr
YellowBone Queen
YellowBone Queen Month ago
Gurl me to.
TOKYO Month ago
i felt tht
Dereon Dantzler
Dereon Dantzler Month ago
david 9
david 9 Month ago
Most y'all from tiktok, stop det, y'all ine ridin the wave 🌊
Ronaldo’s Calloway
Ronaldo’s Calloway Month ago
shalena martin
shalena martin Month ago
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