7 Games That SUCKED in 2020 [First Half]

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Month ago

2020 is filled with surprises, but unfortunately some games did not live up to our expectations. Here are some examples.
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Sarb S
Sarb S 3 days ago
Kept repeating the same thing over and over to make the 10 minute mark IGN - 10 out of 10
G9 D
G9 D 6 days ago
I ain’t c 2k20
Littleman Romero
Littleman Romero 7 days ago
Gameranx: LOOK AT THESE GAMES THAT SUCKED Also gameranx: well, they don't suck, they're substandard.
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids 11 days ago
1:36 I appreciate the Spanish but that font is horrible. Like bad bad. 1:47 I will say I feel like it could work as a Agents of Mayhem kind of game, the feel is more to a single player or Co-op kind of game rather than an online game, so ninja theory better stay with Single Player, multiplayer is a guaranteed KO if not performed certain ways. Steam shows this. 8:04 for this game to fly higher it should put Multiplayer second and Single Player first, not because I am parcial to it rather because i feel like making the gameplay more big and inspired, and making ways for people to know this game is by having people test the system like a playground. But people are complicated.
BLKjedi10 11 days ago
Predator: Hunting Grounds should’ve been in this
N L 13 days ago
Was expecting the last of us 2 in this list but I bet they didn’t want people at each other’s throats lol
N L 13 days ago
I don’t think falcon makes the titles based on his comments lol
Justin Wyatt
Justin Wyatt 13 days ago
2:18 girl so thick she disconnected the server lol
Freifur 13 days ago
here let me save you 10 minutes: 7- Dawn of Fear 6- Bleeding Edge 5- Resident Evil: Resistence 4- Crucible 3- One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows 2- Disintegration 1- Warcraft 3 Reforged
James Younger
James Younger 17 days ago
Warcraft 3: refunded wasnt middle of the road. It was AWFUL. It ruined the original and flopped 100% as a re release. It was awful, misleading, and close to downright theft, the way they tried to not refund some people.. it was in many cases the final nail in the blizzard coffin for many, MANY people..
Ethan 18 days ago
These were way too vague
MR ICONIC 20 days ago
I spy with my little eye JORMA TACCONE
Trusty 21 day ago
If the last of us part 2 ain’t in here Edit: the tittle should be “top 10 Mediocre games if this year”
Brodie Matthews
Brodie Matthews 23 days ago
Yournotawhat 24 days ago
Life is a game and 2020 has been the ultimate disappointment.
XaviD 24 days ago
You know with Xbox series X and PS5 coming out at the end of the year, developers CANNOT drop games like One Punch Man and maybe My Hero(sorry)....you gotta think bigger and better
Jemma Scott
Jemma Scott 24 days ago
I was really sad about Bleeding Edge. I want it to do well but...
Johnnatan Da Cruz
Johnnatan Da Cruz 26 days ago
Looks like a clone of overwatch... copy/paste level
Navpreet Mehmi
Navpreet Mehmi 26 days ago
Division 2 is garbage now.
Russman 27 days ago
I was pleasantly surprised to not see The Last of Us II here. It doesn't deserve the hate, it has a lot to live up to and did a decent job.
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson 27 days ago
The art style of bleeding edge made me want to puke. Even if the game was amazing, which it’s clearly not, those characters looked awful, especially the diabetic motorcycle woman. I knew before it even launched that it was another Battleborn waiting to happen. Not sure what ninja theory and Microsoft were thinking, Xbox needs way better exclusives.
D0WNSINNER 27 days ago
Love the editing on these vids
Toke3164 27 days ago
The last of us 2 ..... Oh yes
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie 27 days ago
I feel like bleeding edge isn’t fun if you aren’t playing with people who know there roles it’s art style is unique doe
Cameron B
Cameron B 27 days ago
Kinda clickbaity to title the video "7 games that SUCKED in 2020" then just say "well they weren't bad, just kinda disappointing."
stratagematics 27 days ago
NBA 2K20
SheepKid12 28 days ago
Cube world. Do I really need to say anything else?
Dnekar 28 days ago
I could give a shit about multiplayer games.
Jace Crawford
Jace Crawford 29 days ago
And your sure there isn't ANY other games that were disappointing, maybe about a golf loving bodybuilder?
Kristián Praznovsky
Kristián Praznovsky 29 days ago
how could you forget last of us?
Smoll Child
Smoll Child 29 days ago
It’s kind of funny that the two biggest games of 2020 were DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Kritizism Musics
Kritizism Musics 2 hours ago
Legit XD
Hellhound Dead
Hellhound Dead 3 days ago
@Eren jeager the game sucked bud
Eren jeager
Eren jeager 16 days ago
@The Red Naxela dude ur just made about the story the gameplay was fun
Truth_810 16 days ago
Have you played Nioh 2? That was a damn good one
The Red Naxela
The Red Naxela 16 days ago
@Eren jeager not even on the same level mate
Jeremy Dubois
Jeremy Dubois 29 days ago
TLoU 2 sucks
serban dalia
serban dalia 29 days ago
I strongly disagree with half of this list
???????? Month ago
I had forgotten about Warcraft 3. I refunded that shit day one.
weckar Month ago
Soooo, don't release a multiplayer competitive game in 2020.
Wild Haggis
Wild Haggis Month ago
Put The last Of Us pt 2 on that list game falcon. The SJWs got to it and ruined the ending.
Over the Horizon Productions
Over the Horizon Productions Month ago
Am I the only one who likes REsistance
Mii Rich
Mii Rich Month ago
Potato Lover
Potato Lover Month ago
Idea; don't call the video "games that SUCKED", Because "games that flopped" seems more appropriate.
Revenge Month ago
that's me and my friends problem with Bleeding Edge. we played the Beta and loved it for a bit but progressively got tired of it because they kept changing things in ways that didn't need to be changed. the balancing issues are major
cursedex Month ago
Falcon, if you're going to use a clickbait title, at least own it. Don't chicken out at the start of the video by saying that the games didn't actually suck.
RizzaXP Month ago
I literally don’t remember any good game I played this year except FF7 remake
outcast 1
outcast 1 Month ago
The last of us part 2 should have been on that list ..
Llama the Rama2
Llama the Rama2 Month ago
Where is the last of us 2 on this list? 10/10 IGN
Unnamed Chorf
Unnamed Chorf Month ago
Very suprised that TLOU II isn't on this list.
Sarcastic Jhatu
Sarcastic Jhatu Month ago
Ghost recon breakpoint
Not Sure
Not Sure Month ago
The Last of Us 2
Eric McIntyre
Eric McIntyre Month ago
Dont forget Last of Us 2
Brandon Saunders
Brandon Saunders Month ago
Gee, Its like online only multiplayer games suck shit......wowie I'm shocked
ITMeCE Month ago
I love bleeding edge, people just suck ass at it, that’s what makes it bad.
LiL Boud
LiL Boud Month ago
Guts and glory - the game . Such a bad game thats it makes it good .
Garrett McBride
Garrett McBride Month ago
I liked RE3, but I definitely feel they should’ve scrapped resistance and focus on making RE3 Better. They should’ve done that when they saw the reception of resistance last December when it was announced, even more so when they let people play it early.
Send nudes
Send nudes Month ago
Tlou2 how could U forget this, U seem to love the sound of your own voice, just say it the last of us 2 sucked ass.
Soplet Month ago
This video came out before Last of Us 2... what a shame.
Fumes Month ago
Bleeding Edge got good It's like a slasher moba
Yalgor Month ago
it's interesting how the standard for bad game today is REALLY not what you'd think. if you have a good game, great! if you have an okay game, that's worse than a TERRIBLE game. because REALLY TERRIBLE games gain cult status and people enjoy them for how shit they are... but, at the end of the day, if people have to choose between their favorite Lays, and Lays Salt and Vinegar, sure, they'll try, and maybe enjoy vinegar, but at a certain point they'll just be like "why am I eating this? I have my favorite flavor in the cabinet..."
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 Month ago
RE Resistance was POS.
Sclusive Month ago
Resistance would be better with dedicated servers
Jo Baldo
Jo Baldo Month ago
I love the music in the background of disintegration can someone tell me the title of this sound
Cool Gaming
Cool Gaming Month ago
Wtf why is the last of us part 2 not no 1 let alone on this list