Buffalo Herd Surrounds Lonely Lion

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Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis 36 minutes ago
Skunk looks like it had a skull shaved into its privates.
Tim Giraud
Tim Giraud 12 hours ago
Native Americans did not "own" anything, they came here over a land bridge across the bearing straits... if anything they were squatters... fueding and warring each other for land and reaources. We simply did what they did...
Ali 180
Ali 180 Day ago
The bike is like humping a girl in the ass
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran Day ago
Did anybody think of buffalo wings when he said buffalo
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran Day ago
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran Day ago
Because I did
ChiLing saysHi
ChiLing saysHi 3 days ago
2:55 "This is what a pilot sees while flying at night" Me(not pilot): Light Pollution.
Pafkata 3 days ago
2:51 pilot does not see all the stars like this. They are seen on the video,because it is time lapsed
NotMeowth 4 days ago
the buffaloes were like “come on show us your talent” like the lioness was doing a show
Tony Nameless
Tony Nameless 5 days ago
1:42 then why pedal ? Reminds me of SouthPark teacher created a wheel operated by a stick in your mouth and rear.
shivang bhatt
shivang bhatt 5 days ago
A day in the life of Lion, when he fuked up
LinkedMaple Gaming
LinkedMaple Gaming 5 days ago
"This bike is powered by pumping it back and fourth" 12yo me: 😏
Wall Cutter
Wall Cutter 5 days ago
Chris 6 days ago
1:30 nah bruh that's a fucking ghost leviathan
jonathan chan
jonathan chan 6 days ago
Lion: I'm gonna eat you! Buffalo: My whole family is here. Lion: Understood. Have a great day.
Border gangs
Border gangs 6 days ago
Skunk at last🤮🤮🤮🤢
Markinator 9000
Markinator 9000 6 days ago
Did that lion moo?
0_ 0
0_ 0 8 days ago
Buffalo: Dumb 0:13
Minya Ye
Minya Ye 8 days ago
When you do something embarrassing and everyone is staring at you.
ImmaGhostYou 8 days ago
This looks like something out of the Lion King
Gabriel Reed
Gabriel Reed 8 days ago
Native Americans conquered the land from the animals, then immigrants conquered them. See why we need walls? Don't want there to be a second mass conquest.
Dinxie 9 days ago
Buffalos: what now bitch! Lion: Sorry
Tobirama Senju
Tobirama Senju 9 days ago
Buffaloes: do you realized . . . . . . . . . . . . *HOW FUCKED YOU ARE?!*
PapayaLicous 9 days ago
Buffalos: Hey girl wassup Lion: 😐
Dr Mystery
Dr Mystery 10 days ago
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 10 days ago
that bike is gettin it
Shift Start
Shift Start 11 days ago
That lion is suffering from success
Killumi Ronnie
Killumi Ronnie 11 days ago
I'm got a bike like that. It's called your Mom.
The Show
The Show 12 days ago
So I have determined. This narrator is a liberal.
yusuf cassidy
yusuf cassidy 12 days ago
that is a male that is not mature you can see by the neck
guiguanyu 12 days ago
that lion subtlely gulped
Kushagra Sarswat
Kushagra Sarswat 13 days ago
0:05 When you are surrounded by the teacher who are asking home work
Yoav Rubin
Yoav Rubin 13 days ago
Sad to see the Native Americans' land being stolen forcefully
John Banks
John Banks 11 days ago
It happens. That's how other countries are made.
ALIEN MODE MEDIA 13 days ago
All the land stolen from native Americans...o shit we're all IMMIGRANTS!!!
Travis Lefthand
Travis Lefthand 14 days ago
That's so sad how much they took from us government's the true bad guys
Immi 14 days ago
I think that “lioness” is actually a young male
CubCubs Trooper
CubCubs Trooper 14 days ago
Did anyone else want fee the urge to poke the sea salp organism thing?
reckit ralph
reckit ralph 14 days ago
The original blm , buffalo lives matter 😂
Herbie 14 days ago
Best channel on USshow.
Eric Yang
Eric Yang 15 days ago
0:10 The buffalo starting st the lion: "So... are you thinking about eating any of us?"
Akshay Devadiga
Akshay Devadiga 15 days ago
*@**0:10* *Lion:......* *Buffalo:...SO....*
washington50 16 days ago
Buffalo, make our day
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